The Fall of Plaguestone

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The Fall of Plaguestone
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Plaguestone ; Map

- What's the code word?
- You'll know it when you hear it!

Plaguestone ; Map

I just realized something interesting.

Since you just "build" enemies as you want, giving them powers and such, they have no classes.

Thus, though this Orc Sculptor guy is obviously an alchemist, and (as you must have surmised) a bomber--

His stats say, for example:
• Ranged [one-action]: alchemical bomb +X (range increment 20 feet, splash), Damage varies by bomb
• Alchemy: The Sculptor has used his alchemy ability to create X moderate frost vials. These are infusions. He can spend an action to create an additional vial of any XXX
• Quick Bomber [one-action] The Sculptor can use Interact to draw a bomb and then Strike with it.

--he is not really an alchemist, in the sense that he has no levels in the class.
Which means that although he is a bomber, he will not have anything the bomber has that is not specifically spelled out.
So he cannot, for example, reduce the splash damage and avoid hurting his allies as bombers normally do.

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Small mistake that can save Sitril: "You don’t multiply splash damage on a critical hit."

Plaguestone ; Map


Edited in the main post

Ah, I wondered, but only looked up the general description of crits' again (did not look for specifics on splash dam').

So, you do not know that the ooze is immune to crits!

But this gives Sitril a chance to roll a 2 or 3!

Female Kitsune Champion | HP 45/45 | 1 Hero Point | 1/1 Focus Points | Perc’ +7 ; Stealth +7 ; Speed 20 ft. | AC 20 ; 22 w. Shield Raised | Fort' +9 ; Ref' +7; Will +7 | Active conditions:

Think I got the bug that’s going around :/ posts will be not as frequent

Feel better Nat! All the best!

Human Cleric 3| HP 32/32 AC 16| F +7 R +6 W +11| Speed 25| Perception +9 | Focus 1/1 | Heros Point 1

Hope you get quickly better!
Stay safe Natsume!

Plaguestone ; Map

Stay safe!

Get better quick, Nat!

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Plaguestone ; Map
Btw. an alchemist with more than +12 to hit and at least 20 AC, ;) yeah right

Do not exaggerate! xD

He only has +12.
It's the bombs themselves that give the extra bonus.

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NG Male Dwarf (Strong-Blooded) Barbarian 3 | 25 ft. | Active Conditions: --- HP 55/55 | AC 20 | F +10 R +7 W +9 | Perc +9 (Darkvision) | Stealth +7 |
A GM that tries to kill me wrote:
But the Dwarf still stands!

Singing "I'm still standing!" :D

NG Male Dwarf (Strong-Blooded) Barbarian 3 | 25 ft. | Active Conditions: --- HP 55/55 | AC 20 | F +10 R +7 W +9 | Perc +9 (Darkvision) | Stealth +7 |

Tamerius I would suggest that you don't cast shield and move away from the blob. It moves 10ft per move and has reach. So you need to move to be at least 35ft (two full moves = 20ft and reach) to not be attacked. Where you stand the blob can move once and do two attacks at you.

It attacks with at least +12 to hit and 1d12+8 damage. It is most likely going to crit you (by rolling anything more than 14 I believe), and it hits you at 4+.

If instead of shield you move for the second time it will not attack you. I will use my 2 moves to be away from it, in third pulling out a weapon or a healing potion.

Just my few thoughts. BTW. thanks for healing me, appreciated.

Plaguestone ; Map

1910 XP is your total when the Blood Ooze dies.

Plaguestone ; Map
Do I need to be expert in Religion to lead the ritual?

The best I imagine is to conduct the Ritual back at the Town, in the church?

I'll read up on it there, but we can wave you becoming Expert.

Plaguestone ; Map

You can all start preparing your leveling up to 3... at what time you might start encountering monsters that are not so easy?.

Is there new things to buy in town?
I'll check with all vendors.

Plaguestone ; Map

What vendors?
I told you what few things are at the Inn.
Then just see what you want and if it is something basic enough the caravan might have bought it to distribute.

Also, you speak about our level 3, but first, the question is:
What happens with the 4th of us?

Plaguestone ; Map

Well, we shall see what happens.

Plaguestone ; Map

+30 xp for the Leopard
+80 xp for the Sculptor

2130 xp total

Plaguestone ; Map

The Sculptor had 54 HP.
He was down to 22 HP when he fled.
He had used a first lesser elixir of life before the one you saw him drink.
Those heal 3d6+6 Hit (so he drank two total).
He had nothing left except one daily batch that he could use to make an elixir and heal up one last time (but since he did not before leaving you, I went by the scenario saying you got him under 1/2 his HP and had him stopped ; otherwise, at 1/2 life or more he would... reappear later!).

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So my last arrow killed him!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry, super happy...

Plaguestone ; Map

Yes it did!

Plaguestone ; Map

I put the information on slide 35 also, as well as on the smaller slides.

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Human Cleric 3| HP 32/32 AC 16| F +7 R +6 W +11| Speed 25| Perception +9 | Focus 1/1 | Heros Point 1

Only one dead for this fight, not that bad after all!

Well, on paper, it was a trivial one...

Plaguestone ; Map

You are level 2, and the "boss" fight is vs. two CR4s (so two x level+2).

Human Cleric 3| HP 32/32 AC 16| F +7 R +6 W +11| Speed 25| Perception +9 | Focus 1/1 | Heros Point 1

I don’t think « trivial » applies for this fight :P

Plaguestone ; Map

Me neither.
A friend of Tamerius and Giggett's players and I ran Plaguestone this week-end, and will give me the tally of how many deaths per player he got.

(I think they totally recreated their group before Part 3 w. different classes etc.).

Yeah, Plaguestone is brutal in that sense. What is more, I feel like fights vary a lot. Like fighting those two alchemists in the cave before the boss seamed simple (we might have been lucky) but the enemies didn't hit hard, there were only two of them etc. And then we are heading into a fight with so many critical hits.

I like the story and all, but yeah, brutal

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Plaguestone ; Map

The fight w. the 2 alchemists is more fun if you attack them further in.
They kick their tables over, splash things but not more lethal.
More of an attrition of resources I think.

Tamerius Archilus wrote:
I don’t think « trivial » applies for this fight :P

But it was. One of the monster is unable to do anything as soon as you realize he has 10 feet of movement. So, it's just one monster, which is strong but not overmelmingly strong, and has limited resources (he used nearly all of them against us).

I think the proper strategy in PF2 is to wait for the monsters unless they strongly outdamage you at range. If you do that for Plaguestone, then our last fight is a breeze, Hallod is a breeze, and even the wolves were easy because we did that (if we had enter the cave to look for them, there would have been dead characters for sure considering how violent they were and how the cave was hard to navigate).

In my opinion, if we apply this strategy, the difficulty drops by a level. The more I play PF2 and the more I think it's the way to play: force the monsters to use the actions to move to us one by one and obliterate them through 3-actions sequences once they are here.

Human Cleric 3| HP 32/32 AC 16| F +7 R +6 W +11| Speed 25| Perception +9 | Focus 1/1 | Heros Point 1

In theory you're right. But some monsters surprise you.
The blob was hidden in the dead man corpse. We could have been all in its reach when he appeared and then...

So yes, it's easier to fight from afar and let the enemies come to you but it's not always possible.

That's why I've taken a new cantrip (not from my tradition) that will help us when I don't heal.

Also, one challenge of this adventure is that we are the one who going to attack we come to the enemy, not the other way around...

And then... we will have all survived.
What killed Natsume is not the fact that the blob attacked her. It's the fact that the blob attacked her away from us. The blob attacked Sitril, too, and he survived, because the blob had to move, so only one attack, and Sitril was at range from healing and not in the middle of the monsters.

Anyway, we have 2 characters that are not good at range, and I don't see how we could change that. So I'm not sure we can really change our strategies...
And I'm not sure the end of the adventure is supposed to be simpler :D

Human Cleric 3| HP 32/32 AC 16| F +7 R +6 W +11| Speed 25| Perception +9 | Focus 1/1 | Heros Point 1

Level 3 done :)

Plaguestone ; Map

The Sculptor used everything he had.
(he only had 1 non prepared batch from the start, that he did not use, which would let him make one of his bombs/elixirs).
But if he had used that he would have escaped and reappeared later (which you probably do not need!).
(Technically he has plenty of time to use it before arriving before the Ranger since he can even it drink the round Giggett stops shooting and moving after him).

As for waiting for things to come to you, the only reason the Blob came out is because the Sculptor wants to escape.
I debated whether he should just close the door when you exit and then wait to have the Blob bash anyone opening the door etc..

As for Hallod, he is easier at range, but far from a breeze.
I think he did 1d10+2 or s'thing like that @range.
And if feeling bad, he just runs out the back into the forest and disappears (which would still be fine for your PCs since by the scenario you do not need him for info', but you do not know that when you go after him).

So I am not sure that going all ranged etc. would have changed things that much.

But you can change things to fit that strategy if you wish.

Though Tamerius' crossbow seems broken: it never hits anything, Better buy another one.

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Human Cleric 3| HP 32/32 AC 16| F +7 R +6 W +11| Speed 25| Perception +9 | Focus 1/1 | Heros Point 1

I hit once!

Plaguestone ; Map

I have not really analyzed PF2 that much yet.
I was just trying to think back.
I've played nearly all the scenarios and quests that are out (one tier 1-4 and one tier 3-6 scheduled but not done yet).

I do know that I have seen extremely few ranged-weapon wielders.
Just a very few Rangers w. the 1d20+2 Crossbow.
And not one Archer I think (oh, other than our French friend Philippe L.).
This only in tiers 1-4.

I do find that there is a big difference in what I experience in Tier 3-6.
I felt Rogues dropped down a lot in damage (w. everyone having Striking the 2d12 damage makes a big change vs. 2d6 especially w. they crit', and w. Barbs w. Expert they do it more) except if you Flat Foot but this did not work out that much.
Sorcerers and Wizards do a lot of damage too now. So spell ranged damage works well, but they often do drop in one hit or one round of hits.

And nearly everyone and their cousin has a boosted version of Battle Medicine etc. and does it a lot in combat (I saw a good deal of Assurance in Medicine to avoid using Crying Angels).

And it is fun, with people dropping down and getting back up.
I've played with two or three dedicated healers who do nothing else at all and are quite busy.

My Rogue being my only one over level 3, that's the only class I am getting to know a bit.
And am having to rethink things: being Expert in four skills (and thus Follow the Expert appearing) and having Assurance in two is totally new to me (vs. PF1 & Starfinder) and had a big impact on certain situations (the level 6 guys crit' all Medicine Healing w/o rolling).
I was happy to realize, for example, that Quiet Allies works quite well w. Follow the Expert, because the lowest level untrained in Stealth person will get a +7 (before Dex) and you can spend a single Hero Point to reroll for all if needed - so was able to sneak all the untrained etc. by.

The main think I like in PFS... is that we have the free rebuilds waiting for us (if they ever come out with the rebuild rules) to try things out once you think you've figured it out a bit.

Human Cleric 3| HP 32/32 AC 16| F +7 R +6 W +11| Speed 25| Perception +9 | Focus 1/1 | Heros Point 1

How could you crit Medicine at level 6?
Expert give you +4, so +10 total which give you a 20 total to your Assurance roll...
The thing you can do is to give 2d8+10HP without rolling.

Plaguestone ; Map

Sorry, not a crit', I meant the higher level one. The one you said.

Level 3 done!

Plaguestone ; Map

You guys have a bunch of gold and items, so feel free to say what you wish to purchase.

Plaguestone ; Map

Since Tamerius asked if one had to be Expert, I imagine he is not raising that.
Will wave the requirement in this case if that is correct.

I've purchased 60 arrows.
I'll also buy 1 scroll of Soothe I, and I would like to have a scroll of Soothe II if it's possible ?

Oh folks I need an advice. I need to decide on the general feat: I was thinking about
fleet - increasing my movement speed by 5 ft, the short dwarven legs at sometimes killing me.
Shield Block - as a backup, meaning I would fight mostly without a shield but if needed I could be the a shield dwarf
Toughness - as apparently you may never have too many HP in this story

Other suggestions are apreciated

Honestly, I think we need the maximum firepower. Every fight where we have put a lot into the damaging side of things have been quite fast and efficient. We already have a shield bearer, I really don't think we need a second one.
Fleet, when you have 20 feet of movement, seems like an action saver to me.
Toughness is not bad, but you already have a truck load of hit points.
Also, remember you can take Ancestral Paragon if you want an Ancestry feat instead of a General one.

Plaguestone ; Map

Fine for the scrolls for Giggett.
Just tell me how much to remove from the loot list gold if you did not do so yourself.

Human Cleric 3| HP 32/32 AC 16| F +7 R +6 W +11| Speed 25| Perception +9 | Focus 1/1 | Heros Point 1

I start to get Master in Religion, but with the fiery animal at my eels I've decided to get trained in Nature... and as I wanted to have an offensive option during combat, my general feat is dedicated for another thing than getting trained in Nature.

Except if our wonderful GM accepts that I trade one skill for another, it will stay that way.

@Sitril I would say the same as SuperBidi

Plaguestone ; Map
Except if our wonderful GM accepts that I trade one skill for another, it will stay that way.

What skill for which skill?

I have no problem w. you using the Ritual w/o Expert in Religion.
This is quite OOC since Natsume could come back as another character or whatever, so no "need" for the ritual (as in she would not be dead and out of the game for good if you could not use it).

So I have zero problem w. you using w/o being Expert in Religion.

If you want to be Expert in Religion, just tell me what you want to swap or whatever.
But Nature seems a good idea if you want to use the leopard.

Human Cleric 3| HP 32/32 AC 16| F +7 R +6 W +11| Speed 25| Perception +9 | Focus 1/1 | Heros Point 1

Switching Performance for Nature.

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