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Hello, Paizo boards! ICT GM here. I'm new to the Paizo boards and excited to connect with this community. I’ve spent most of my gaming life in the real world, but life, time, and adult schedules have made it remarkably difficult to find time to play. One of my players recommended that I check out the Paizo boards when I was unable to convene a group for a new 2E campaign. So here I be.

But enough about me. On to the gaming.

Recruitment Details
The game up for recruitment is the brand new AP Age of Ashes. I'm sure most players here are familiar with it, but just in case you're not, you can download the Player's Guide here (you’re going to need it anyway - so go ahead and click that link!).

I'm looking for 5 players - maybe 6.

To apply, please complete the (hopefully minimal) steps below.

0. Download and read the Player's Guide.
1. Develop a character concept using the criteria/questions below.
2. Share a brief writing example. This could be your character's backstory, an example from another game you're in or an excerpt from an old term paper (please don't). Just let me see an example of your style.

Character Concept:

I don't really want people to spend time building a full character (unless you want to!), so I'm just asking for a general concept. I've posted the character creation guidelines just so you know what you're signing up for, but don't feel pressured to go through all the rigamarole of creating a complete character until you're selected.

As for your background, put as much or as little effort into fleshing that out as you want. I prefer characters with deep backgrounds, but also understand the effort associated with building something creative/interesting. If you have one you'd like to share, great! If not, no worries.

1. Pick a Class. 

2. Why does your character want to be an adventurer?

3. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? 

Character Creation Guidelines:

NOTE: You do NOT have to go through all the steps of creating a character before being selected. I just wanted to lay the ground work so people knew what to expect. And I stole borrowed from another recruitment thread, and wanted to keep this section.
We’ll be doing the standard method as outlined in the Core Rulebook - ABC, adding ability scores as you go. While it’s not a requirement, the backgrounds in the player’s guide do create a nice foundation for why you’d care about any of the things. If they don’t work mechanically or thematically for you, we’ll figure out a way to make something else work.

Recruitment will run until Friday, August 16 or until we have enough applicants to flesh out the party.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to the applications!

I keep thinking I should get in on the first 2e adventure path, so I'm going to dot in here and go read the player's guide to come up with a concept.

The hard part is figuring out what to put in the "writing portfolio" you're requesting, lol.

I'm intrigued. Two questions, at this point:
- Do you have an idea of the pace you'd like to set for this game? How often would you expect players to post, and how often can you check in?
- Have you considered how to do maps? Both Roll20 and Google spreadsheets seem common.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

@dickie - Don't stress too much about it. If you have an in-character post from another game you're in, or just a bit of background for your character, that will suffice. I'm not looking for a novel - just a taste!

@Iff - In response:
1. Ideally, a post or two a day would be my minimum. I have a flexible job, so I can check in all day, but I realize that's a luxury many may not have.
2. I think I'll do Roll20 or Dropbox. I think Roll20 seems like the easiest option, though. I've used it a little in real life, so I'm mostly familiar with it.

One or two posts a day would be perfect, I like games to have a decent pace. Some of my posts will probably come from smartphone during my lunch break, which makes Roll20 somewhat inconvenient. Probably wouldn't be insurmountable, though.

I have a rough idea for an easy-going Dwarven ranger who's not quite your typical follower of Cayden. Ties in nicely to the 'temple' in Breechill and the proximity of the Five Kings mountains. I could have the concept and background up tomorrow or Thursday.

Hmm...even on the player side of the screen that might be a little too quick for me. I check-in on the boards at least once a day, but RL can be distracting, so sometimes I do more reading than posting.

That being said I might still be putting in an application. Have a general concept for a human or half-elf rogue with the out of towner background. He or she genuinely likes to tackle challenges and enjoys helping others, making them easily attracted to the town's policy on adventurers as general troubleshooters.


I’m down for this! I’m also in the running in another AoA recruitment, but somebody already made a character that was too similar to the one I was initially going to make, so I might as well move my first guy here and make something new for the other one. Hope that’s okay!

I’m gonna do a half-orc sorcerer, Draconic bloodline. Will post details later, but the rough idea is that he’s the bastard of an orc, grandson of a dragon, and a burgeoning “champion of the people” type.

That's fine, Blue!

And @dickie - we'll go at the pace that works for the most people. I don't want folks to feel pressured to post more than they're able/comfortable!


Thinking about playing a nerdy Dragon Sorcerer that unsurprisingly has the Dragon Scholar background.

Concept: "Because it's there!" Tully is always eager to face new challenges with positivity and a desire to learn from his mistakes and goes out of his way to find a new challenge.

Tully doesn't want to be an adventurers, he feels called to it like a priest is called to their vocation. He wants to solve problems and overcome challenges.

In combat Tully works to harry the group's foes for m behind or waiting in ambush, outside of combat he is negotiating and carousing.

Tully is a Human Rogue with the thief racket. But he isn't a thief, more like an investigator in application of his skills. He has the out of Towner background.

I'm still working on the full crunch. Can someone post a link to a good sample profile for 2e?

I'm not for sure on the name, just needed something in my head.

From Tully's diary:
"Amazing day! It started when I saw some kids nearly step in a bear trap on the trail. They were concealed just off the road, not safe! I snipped the springs. Kids were freaked. They said it was the crazy mountain man. So I went looking for 'CMM' and he really wasn't so crazy! Just a weird hermit worried because some wolves were hunting in the grasses near the roads. He said he was trying to protect the kids! Nice, weird old man. He didn't realize the kids played on the other side of the road. So me and CMM went out to find the wolf den, which we did! Don't worry, Sis, we just scared them away. I miss you, Sis."

1. Pick a Class. Mad Scientist Alchemist
2. Why does your character want to be an adventurer? To prove that I AM the greatest genius who has ever lived!
3. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? The real question is: what will this group contribute to me!

Seriously though, My character will be a classic mad scientist, complete with forehead goggles and bombastic-ness. As long as the group doesn't mind being her guinea pigs, she is more than happy to follow and help out where needed. I plan on being able to heal and throw bombs in combat and provide knowledge outside of combat. This character should NOT be the face of the group, no matter how much she may want to.

Day 17:

Again, the serum's effects show little promise, even with the addition of bodily fluids of the Chimaera. While there was an 8.7% increase in physical strength, the subject suffered heart failure after the treatment wore off.

Note to self: I must speak to Igor about securing stronger subjects, whose bodies can handle the strain.

DAY 42:



Sovereign Court

I would like to ask question that I plan on asking in the other recruitment threads as well. The feat Virtuosic Performer gives examples of other uses of perform, specifically Comedy: Puppetry. As there is no "puppet" listed in equipment, I was wondering if you might consider using the same cost and bulk for a musical instrument (handheld)?

Banjo costs the same as a banjo?

Sovereign Court

I had no idea this existed lol

My idea was actually a Bard with a ventriloquist dummy that told jokes for his performance. Having the Enigma muse would lead to a very literal version of "Many a true word is spoken in jest."

Tyras Carondil
A Breachill local with a plucky attitude and a big heart, eager to make a name for himself.

1. Pick a Class [Fighter taking Cleric dedication]
Well I'm a pretty good in a fight, but I'm still working on my training up at Desna's temple in town with my uncle Kellen, he's the head priest of the temple *cough* even if he's maybe still a little cranky with me.

2. Why does your character want to be an adventurer?

It's kind of a family tradition, and y'know, adventurers always get to go around doing the most exciting things all over the place and getting to help people out at the same time! From the last letter my sister sent she's somewhere down in Osirion, said something about finding a lost temple of Sarenrae, can you imagine?

3. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? [2H Melee, Medicine & Craft:Blacksmithing skills, friendly local tour guide to new adventurers]

I'm not at my best with bows or crossbows, it's not that I'm bad though, it's just that I prefer getting into a physical close-up sort of fight with a weapon in hand, like my handy glaive. Outside of a fight I'm pretty handy at patching up people and equipment, I've also been learning how to make them myself as well. Plus! I can show you around to all the best pubs and stores in town.

@Chapel - I'd be a downright jerk if I didn't. I love the concept, so I'll even let the little puppet go for 7 sp.

You need access to an animate object spell, lol. Who needs animal companions or summoned beasties when you have a puppet as a charmie?

Not sure what "other culture" Tully spent time with prior to the start, but he could easily be traveling with someone from another race heritage. Some of the altered terminology will take some getting used to...

@dickie - You're telling me. The first 6 months of the game will be spent clarifying what we ACTUALLY mean.

I'd love to join your upcoming Hellknight Hill Campaign.

My Character Proposal:

Rivka Dell, NG

1. Pick a Class. I am a Champion of Nethys, a redeemer and illuminator of mysteries. My parents, locals of Breachhill, raised me in the faith and my arcane bloodline has never proved as strong as theirs. Instead, I seek to champion those fragments of Nethys that serve good and truth.

2. Why does your character want to be an adventurer? For Rivka Dell, this is not a small desire, but a calling. Nethys' fragmented being swells within her soul, calls her to seek out knowledge and to reveal it. She cannot turn away from this calling. To do so would be to deny her god, her family, and her self.

3. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? With a staff in hand Rivka Dell is an able combatant, with her god's gift to preserve and protect. Outside of combat, she is a charming and kind young woman able to navigate diplomatic situations as easily as the library of a magus.

NOTE: I am interested in testing/playing with the Sorcerer Multiclassing rules and taking those feats as time passes.

Writing Sample, an example of a "copywight" a cross between a scroll and a zombie:

The Legacy was Tremble Jane's gift to her hometown of Crab River. Her tower, on its outskirts, is still maintained in her honor. Like most magic-users, in her old age she became eccentric and a little power-mad, but in her, this took an overwhelming desire to help Crab River. She left behind more than a few minor magic items, but the Legacy was the final sign of her patronage and protection. She sought volunteers from the town, who provided the bodies of their family, and then put every single of the spells she could prepare into them before the wasting disease rendered her unable to go on and eventually killed her. The 36 Legacies all have their own names (their own family names) and some have been expended. These have been rehumed (un-exumed? Re-interred?) in a special tomb. The legacy containing the 9th Level Spell is Tremble Jane's Mother, Bonnie Jane, a withered old zombie who occupies a rocking chair at the top of Tremble Jane's tower. They contain the most useful spells Tremble Jane knew, and the command words are shared among the town council.

This looks pretty interesting to me. I made a pretty detailed post over here looking for a new play by post game to join. I think it includes most everything you asked for from class choice to several writing samples, but let me briefly reiterate for the sake of having everything easily accessible:

1. Pick A Class. I'd like to go with a Elven Ranger with the Woodland Elf Heritage and Field Medic background.

2. Why does your character want to be an adventurer?

My character, Sparks Clearpath, was nearly killed when her family's home burned to the ground several decades ago. She emerged from the fire traumatized but without a scratch thanks to the intervention of her mother, who was a powerful cleric. Her mother had the power to save her daughter, but not herself and was very badly injured. Sparks set out into the world seeking the means to heal her mother.

3. Share a brief writing example.

As per my other thread, I'm something of a writer and a storyteller, so I have six short stories describing points in my character's background, all of which would be set a few decades in the past so as not to interfere with the current adventure. And again, for the sake of having something more easily accessible, here is her original character backstory (that can certainly be tweaked if need be):


Sparks Clearpath first appeared in the town of Sharlstown over twenty years ago at the beginning of the spring thaw. She came looking to trade the furs and crops on her small horse drawn cart for farming tools and other manufactured goods that neither she nor her mother nor father could easily make for themselves. People were wary of her at first for being a stranger, for her unusual dark eyes, with their bright flakes of orange and red, and for the ornately decorated longbow she wore across her back, but they soon found they had little to worry about. Patient and quiet to a fault, though certainly good natured, the white haired elven maiden would only stay in town long enough to trade for the items she wanted before heading back into the nearby forest.

Though her activities brought relatively little to the town’s economy (the total size of her trades were never very large, she only ever bartered never wanting to deal in hard currencies, and she never so much as rented a room for the nights she was in town preferring to sleep in her cart and eat her own food instead) little by little Sparks built up a good reputation through her honesty and her generous dealings. For a time it was thought that Sparks was distinctly timeless. Those who were mere children when she first appeared grew up, got married, inherited their family’s businesses, and had children of their own all while she barely seemed to age. For most, dealing with Sparks Clearpath was like dealing with a lifelong friend. It came as quite a shock, then, when she disappeared!

Sparks always arrived with the coming of each new season. She always had and she always would, or so it was thought… until it did not happen. Her usual vendors began to look for her as a stormy winter transitioned to a lovely new spring but she never appeared. Spring passed to summer and then to fall and back to winter all without her presence. Slowly, it became apparent that she was not coming. A year passed and then another and another as rumors of her disappearance began to circulate. Some said she had been killed by animals in the forest. Others told how they were sure she had married, or gone to fight a war, or been arrested and executed. Some even claimed she was a spirit that had fulfilled it task and gone on its way. But everyone knew, deep down, that those rumors were just that, and that she had vanished for some real reason. And that she was missed.

Some three years later, Sparks reappeared. She walked into town with no horse, no cart, and only a handful of furs to trade. No longer looking to barter and leave, she began to seek out jobs and, in an unexpected change, would only accept hard currency and room and board in exchange for her work. Though still quiet and reserved, living among the town folks has seen her lower her guard, if only somewhat. She seems more opinionated now than she ever was before even if some subjects, such as why it took her so long to return, are clearly off limits.

Over the last few weeks the people of Sharlstown have discovered what they long suspected about Sparks Clearpath: That she is a hard worker, a skilled hunter, and a kind if occasionally naive soul who has some talent for trade. Most would say they are blessed to have her in their town but privately there is a new wariness surrounding her. Why did she vanish? Why did she returned? And what is causing her to spend nearly every waking hour working herself ragged in exchange for the money she would hardly have touched just three years before?

4. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle?

In combat, I wanted to try and go down the ranged Flurry and multi-shot perks as a Ranger. Sparks would provide long range fire with multiple, accurate bow shots and the occasional even more impressive well aimed shot. I also want to build up her medical skills over time. While not a divine healer, she would still be someone who would help treat wounds and sicknesses.

Out of combat, Sparks would have crafted most of her own gear so I would try to also pick up some crafting skills to help the party out. She is also earnest, helpful, and willing to do what it takes to protect people in need, though her sheltered life and lingering phobia of fire would make her somewhat ineffective at things like diplomacy, deception, and more involved social activities.

I've got the stats (mostly) ready to go. I can post them here if you'd like me to, but from the sounds of things I'm figuring you're more interested in fluff than crunch. Without further ado...

Malsheer Blacktusk
1. “Pick a class/the ABC.”
(Decided to roll these together for the sake of convenience.) Half-Orc, Returning Descendant. Sorcerer (draconic). In reference to the background, I’m kind of figuring Malsheer and the archivist, Jorell Blacktusk, are either half-brothers (same wandering half-orc father?) or distant cousins. Either way, if the relationship doesn’t work because of GM knowledge, let me know and I can change things.

2. “Why does your character want to be an adventurer?”
A number of factors, but primary among them is that he wants to find a new place to call home, as his last one just declared him a most-wanted criminal for staging a mass slave pen escape. And the mayor of the one before that did much care for having his illegal dealing exposed. And then there was the bandit captain who tried to sell his brothers out to the law...actually, his primary reason is he can’t stand corrupt authority, and it keeps getting him in trouble. Plus, he always has an ear out for any info about where his draconic great-grandfather might have gone to.

3. “What does you character contribute to the party in and out of battle?”
IN BATTLE - Malsheer tries to avoid fights if possible, but he does have a few tricks for them. Using some spells he can actually act as a pretty decent dodge-tank, and Shield enables him to take the edge off a lot of hits. Furthermore, he can bust out the Dragon Claws to really lay into people in melee, but given the limited nature of the ability, that’s more of a finisher/last resort. He also is 100% the best enabler of a quick getaway from a fight that’s too tough, with illusions and the Entangle cantrip to throw pursuers off.
OUT OF BATTLE - Malsheer is a face, pure and simple. I’m planning on cranking up his Diplomacy any chance I get, and as time goes on I will pick up some of the other social skills I missed at Lv 1. However, he’s also the one most likely to get the party embroiled in something, because he refuses to let corruption go unpunished. Granted, his form of “punishment” is less vigilante actions and more practical jokes, but I have been considering archetyping him into Rogue for some grade-A sneaking skills. We’ll see how the party comes together and what’s needed then.

Writing Sample/Backstory::
(As spoken by Malsheer.)
“My story? Eh, well, it’s a little long, so, y’sure?...okay then. HEY BARKEEP! Two more rounds for my new friend here!...nah nah nah! I insist! I can...okay that is a lot of coin. The drinks were how much?...shit. Okay yeah, you’re paying.

“Now then, from the top! I was raised in an orphanage in Elidir, didn’t know any family other than the other kids and the pricks running the place. Figured out pretty damn quick that I did not like that ‘priest’ and his little lessons on Asmodeus. (Side note, Old Azzy sounds like a douche, no matter how they try to spin things, I swear!) I started telling the other kids not to listen to him, worked a bit better than I expected. Turns out I’m kinda handsome and people like to listen to me, so the priest was pretty surprised when I got everybody to pelt him with their shoes during lessons. Being totally honest here, still pretty proud of that one.

“Bad news is, we were all like 5 or 6 at the time, so all it took was some wrist slaps to get the others to talk. I didn’t blame ‘em though, the b&&#* who monitored us was a nightmare. I swear she had some kind of archfiend in her family tree. So she got her clutches on me, and decided a few lashes would be a good punishment. (Side note, WHAT THE HELLS I’M SIX!?) But I’m kinda happy she did, because it fast tracked me into finding out about my grandad. See, while that whip hurt like fire, it did split my skin enough to reveal a few growing dragon scales...I’m not lying man! Look, right here! You can even see the scars!

“So anyway, this started a little bit of a war between me, my brothers and sisters who were still loyal, and the priest and his mooks. We’d cause trouble, they’d try to stop it, they’d punish us, we cause more trouble because they dealt out dickhead punishments, on and on and on till I turned I wanna say 12-ish. Little reminder here that half-orcs grow a bit faster than you humans do, so me and the handful of other greens were roughly mid-teen in development at this point. Aka, finally old enough to stage a break-out.

“Skipping over the details here, we not only got everybody who wanted out out, but we also convinced the guard that the priest was a Sarenrae worshipper! How great is that!? Oh the look on his face was pure gold! But, during our little escape, I got the chance to look at my records and hey! I’ve got not only my last name, but my mom’s name to! So the others start going their separate ways (most of them left town, few of them stuck around to form a gang, thankfully nobody went back), and I get the bright idea to go find my mom and try to start a normal life. Problem is, that’s kinda hard to do when you’re twelve and everybody’s gonna ask what the hells you’re doing in a public records building.

“It’s right about then, thank the Dawnflower, that I figure out that having dragon blood in you gives you more than some shiny lizard bits; it comes with some magic too.

“Again cutting things down here, casting spells when you don’t know what you’re doing is really hard and messy, I can spit acid, archivists apparently don’t give a crap about spontaneously appearing bookcases. It was a wild few months, but a successful one. Turned out my mom was still living in Elidir! So I went to see her and found...I found somebody who wanted nothing to do with, no, don’t apologize. I was just a stupid kid who wanted a regular life. It was just a mistake.

“But, heartbreak notwithstanding, I am happy I did go see her at the very least. She helped clear some stuff up for me, like how my grandad’s a full-blown copper dragon, and how my dad was an adventurer who was just passing through and wanted some company. Specifically, a half-orc from Breachill. That didn’t seem too important at the time, hell, nothing she told me did, I was just furious that she’d, and I can’t believe I actually said this, ‘stole my normal life away from me.’ Seriously. Like, hey, Young Me? You’re one-quarter dragon, a half-orc, and a fugitive at 12. Life was never going to be normal for you.

“So after that emotional axe to the face, I decided to do something with my life. I went and started learning how to survive. I figured out how to pickpocket, how to beg, how to earn some coin as a handyman, and all the while I kept practicing my magic. Of course, old habits die hard, and I started figuring out pretty quick that A, I don’t like pricks in power, and B, I can’t let pricks in power stay in power. Thus began an ever-growing list of me getting hired for a job, finding out my employer was in some way abusing their power, and me either personally undercutting them or riling up my fellow workers to give me a hand. All of this to say that, over time, Elidir got to be a pretty, eh, unwelcoming place for yours truly.

“After a few years of that, I decided to pack up what little I had and head out of town. Thankfully at this point I had a cooler head, and remembered what my mom had said about your little town of Breachill here. No before you start getting ideas, I did not come here looking for my, seriously! I’ve got no interest in finding the guy! But if he finds, let’s not talk about that right now. Point is I came here because I’d heard that adventurers could actually make some decent coin and not be run out of town ASAP. And hey, it turns out I actually have a half-brother! Y’know Jorell, the archivist? He and I got the same dad! Still don’t know if he knows that or, hell, if he wants to know that, but being upfront here, it’s nice to have a legit brother to call brother, y’know?

“...hah! Thanks man. Say, I don’t think I caught your name?...heh, nice to meet you too. Say, when’s that Call for Heroes thing happening again? I think it’s about time I used this magic of mine for more than infiltrating archives.”

I have a great feeling about this game- partly due to the consistently excellent command of English shown in the posts thus far, but much more so for the inviting and unpretentious tone. Count me in!

1. Mbende Tumbleup , NG Halfling Druid

2. Mbende hails from faraway Garund, a member of a reclusive jungle tribe from the region of Chelish Sargava. While still a youngster apprenticed to the tribe's shaman, he was taken into slavery by Chelaxian raiders and brought in chains to Kintargo. Since the liberation of Rahoumel, he's regained his freedom, and is intent on working his way back home- but not before he has a grand tale to tell his people, and the power and wisdom to make sure they can never be preyed upon by the greedy tallfolk of the Inner Sea again!

3. Mbende is a consummate trickster, and endlessly resourceful. In combat he relies on evasion, deception, and creative use of terrain to hinder and frustrate enemies while his bigger brothers deliver the felling blow. Outside of combat, his bizarre (by Inner Sea standards) appearance and endless repertoire of folklore, along with a shaman's flair for ritual drama, make him adept at capturing the attention of anyone he chooses. Whether scouting ahead on silent feet, provisioning the party with the fruits of the land, offering unorthodox counsel for unfamiliar problems, or entrancing a crowd with tales of the faraway, he's a veritable Swiss army knife of novel solutions.

Writing sample: Let me get back to you on this!

Good morning, all! Thanks for all the interest - it looks like we should be able to put together a solid squad!

I anticipate keeping the recruitment open until next Friday (because I said I would), but we'll see how that plays out.

Here's the list of applicants so far. Please let me know if I messed up your concept or accidentally skipped over you!


  • Dickie - Tully - Human Rogue
  • Vrog Skyreaver - ??? Alchemist
  • Mefika - Tyras Carondil - Human (?) Fighter
  • John Haines - Rivka Dell - Human (?) Champion of Nethys
  • Ragashingo - Sparks Clearpath - Elven Ranger
  • Blue Symbiote - Malsheer Blacktusk - Half-Orc Draconic Sorcerer
  • Robothedino - Mbende Tumbleup - Halfling Druid

    Great stuff so far!

  • I just got the new 2E rule book, so I'm really keen to join an Age of the Ash game. I'd like to play a champion, but here is a Hellknight themed character I'd like to go with:

    1. Pick a Class
    James Roberts, LG Human Champion (Paladin of Iomedae), Order of the Godclaw Hellknight

    2. Why does your character want to be an adventurer?

    Originally from Andoran, James was raised in a militaristic household. Seeking to hone his skill further, he enlisted with the Order of the Godclaw, an order within Hellknights whose philosophy on law and order mirrored his own beliefs.

    Enlisting with the Order of the Godclaw constituted a move to Isger to the Citadel Dinyar in the Aspodell Mountains. There he received his strict and difficult physical training, but also became a student of the Hellknight history (Age of Ash Campaign Background). After finishing his basic training, his interest in the Citadel Altaerein that was formerly held by the Order of the Nail peaked his interest. Seeking leave from Lictor Resarc Ountor, James was approved to set out to Breachill to investigate what might have happened there.

    Reference Image

    3. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle?

    Front line warrior, backup healer. Typical Paladin-like things!

    My earlier concept of a dwarven ranger didn't work out as I had hoped, so I have drafted another character to submit for this campaign.

    Benthe Ravinet, LG Female Human Alchemist (Chirurgeon)

    It was shortly after her 45th birthday that Benthe took stock of her life. She'd been quite young when she had fallen in love with Harald Ravinet. He was smart and charming and it didn't take her long in deciding to move to Breachill, after he asked to marry her. They had raised two wonderful children who were now old enough to stand on their own. She was known around town as a modest woman, friendly to everyone without being really outspoken or having really close friends.

    She had learned enough from Harald's alchemical expertise to be able to assist him in the shop. Until his fateful accident in the forest. She had mourned him and had tried to pick up life as best as she knew how. After a while she reopened the shop on her own, but it wasn't the same. She eventually realized that she was living Harald's dream, not her own. As the Call for Heroes came - like it had come occasionally in the years before - the idea suddenly came upon her like being struck by lightning. She would answer the call this time!

    Benthe isn't a young and dashing adventurer, but she's prepared her arguments and is ready to volunteer. She's a capable alchemist who knows how to make a variety of beneficial tinctures and even a few explosive substances. She knows her way around the wilderness. She has a keen sense of people and is supportive of others. And most important, she's had decades worth of life experience and has the common sense to handle any unforeseen circumstances.

    I think that the above should suffice for what the character will add to the party and for why she wants to set off on adventure. It's also a taste of my writing style. If you have any questions or want to read more, just let me know!

    Additional notes:

    Full disclosure: There's currently a number of recruitments open for Age of Ashes. I've applied to one other recruitment thread, albeit with a different character concept. I won't run the campaign twice. If I should be selected in the other recruitment before this one is over, I'll withdraw my application here.

    If I may, I also have someone to put in the hat:

    Khoohi Words-Taker!
    goblin wizard

    Mad with power and bursting with destiny, Khooni is fated to bring honor to her tribe and join the Five Goblin Hero Gods in divinity. She thinks.

    Wizard. Unless she gets distracted, then maybe bard or sorcerer

    Khoohi has no choice. Ever since her great great granduncle became boss of the Stickknife tribe nearly twenty-three years ago, they had been marching towards this resolution. Her great great grandfather, the first of the Words-Takers, captured enemy tribesmen to use in experiments with writings and readings. Her great grandmother and her friends snuck into human settlements to steal their scrolls and books. Her grandaunt became a cleric of Iomedae, then promptly fell after robbing the temple and spiriting away their 'secrets'. Her parents were the first of the Stickknife wizards. Yes, writing will steal the words right out of your head, but reading will trick other peoples' words into yours.

    Khoohi's ancestors have prepared for this: stealing knowledge from longshanks towns, tricking longshanks into giving them free food for useless rocks and plants, learning the tricks of being strong bosses, amassing power. It is now down to Khoohi (or one the three backup 'destined' ones) to put all of it together and take over the world!

    There is no turning back, no failure allowed. After all, her song has already been written:

    dogs are mean and fire's neat!
    longshanks are a goblin's treat!
    but when that's done and we're all beat,
    d'you know what's our biggest feat?

    Zorengel and Venklevore!
    Hadregash and Lastbreath's four!
    One more goblin god in lore:
    Newest goblin can't be ignored!

    Stickknife sticknife doing duty!
    Making spells and guns that shooty!
    lamashtu promised*: dest'ny's looting!
    Prophet-child, (Mogbart/Patgus/Rodza/Toenugget)'s (luli/khoohi/loohi/grudy)!

    *Lamashtu has made no such promise

    Utility mage. Khoohi will have a variety of options that will allow her to play a supporting role in and out of combat. She is a collector of eclectic items and tactics.

    Sovereign Court

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    Well, in that case...

    1. Pick a Class. Bard with the Enigma Muse
    2. Why does your character want to be an adventurer? Cal is in it for the story. Well, to be more precise, the truth of the story. The way he sees it, there is no way that a ragtag band of adventurers took on an ancient Thassilonian wizard-king or that a few years later another group somehow ascended to demigod status and fought demon lords. People must be exaggerating. The only way for Cal to know what really happens is to do everything he can to put himself in any adventure he can.
    3. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? In battle, Cal will be (hopefully) controlling the flow of battle with some party buffs and by disarming/tripping opponents. If need be, he can always pull out his shortsword and be a secondary fighter. Out of battle, expect Cal to talking the group into and out of situations whenever possible. In and out of battle, Cal will be providing the group with much needed knowledge.

    Writing Sample/Backstory:

    “I swear to you, fine sir, I am not the one responsible for your, er, current predicament,” Callinsil stammered. The half-elf took a step back from his would-be assailant. No sense in letting him get too close, he thought. And judging by the size of those arms, if he did get close, Cal might wake up with a few broken bones...if he woke up at all.

    “An’ I says that you are,” the big man said. He was a half-orc and just based on the muscles that strained against the threadbare shirt, the man clearly favored his orc heritage. “I saw you watchin’ me last night ‘n’ now I got the citywatch lookin’ fer me.”

    Callinsil held out an open palm while keeping the other tucked behind his back, “A simple misunderstanding, I promise.”

    “I’m sure!” the man snapped as he lunged forward to grab Cal’s other arm. “What’re you hiding?” He wrenched Cal’s arm and revealed a doll of elven man propped up on Cal's hand.

    The elf had intricately designed robes carved from the same wood as its body and its shoulder length hair was made from tightly spun, yellow yarn. In one hand the elf held a simple black wand and in the other he gripped a purple tome. The elven features on the doll's face forever gave a condescending smirk and seemed to peer down its pointed nose no matter which direction one looked at the figure.

    "Wh-what in Asmodeus' name is that?" the half-orc sputtered.

    "My name," the doll's mouth opened and a breathy voice ushered forth, "is Faieroneousises Aumouruthial Saleyorzwylyn, and I demand you return to whatever pile of sludge from out of which you crawled."

    The half-orc gawked at the doll. Then at Cal (who was once again taking several steps backward). Then back at the doll.

    Cal shrugged and nodded to the doll, "You should probably do what he says. Faieroneousises was powerful wizard in Kyonin and even though Treerazer turned him into...this, he can still cast a spell or two.”

    “I saw your lips movin’ when the puppet talked,” the big man said, composure returning to his voice.

    “Nonsense! I’ve all but perfected my craft!” Too late Cal realized his mistake. He stumbled backward desperate for a new plan. Cal lifted a shaking hand to point over the shoulder of the man. “Uh, what’s big, ugly, and covered in mud?”

    When the half-orc turned to see what Cal had been pointing toward, the half-elf snapped his whip at the legs of his attacker. The end of the braided leather tangled itself around the man’s ankles and Cal pulled the man’s feet from under the half-orc. Cal belted out a quick limerick as he did.

    “A half-orc once filled his purse
    By travelers who he did coerce.
    A noble lady was killed.
    Now someone else's purse will be filled."

    The puppet's voice finished, "As long as he comes home in a hearse.”

    The carved elf waved its wand and held the book before itself as Cal uttered a few magical syllables. Three beams of pure energy pelted the man in his chest causing the man to curse. The half-orc climbed to his feet and pulled a cruel looking dagger from his belt. Before the half-orc could close the gap again Cal lashed the whip across the brute’s brow. The force, combined with the magical blasts, was enough to knock the man unconscious.

    The breathy voice came again as Cal moved to tie up the criminal , “This beastly man said he saw your lips moving.”

    “He was bluffing.”

    “What would you prefer, Callinsil, that you are not as talented as you think you are or that this,” the wand hand motioned at the snoring half-orc, “thing outsmarted you? Hmm?”

    “Oh, be quiet for once, would you, Sal?” Cal said as he shoved the puppet into his pack.

    The muffled complaints of Faieroneousises Aumouruthial Saleyorzwylyn followed Cal as he dragged the big man through the city streets back.

    Back with a character update, no definite sheet together quite yet but have done a character creation test and it seems fairly straightforward.

    Name: Tyras Carondil
    CG male Fighter
    Ancestry: Human (Half-elf)
    Class: Fighter (taking Cleric dedication)
    Background: Local Scion


    A Breachill local with a plucky attitude and a big heart, Tyras Carondil has decided that he is ready to follow in his families footsteps and take part in the towns Call of Heroes and make a name for himself as an adventurer. Even though he knows that it can be a difficult and dangerous road to follow, and one that can be cut tragically short, he is determined to make his own mark on the world and make his family proud.

    With his older sister Tyrene having left town the year before to join up with an adventuring company, and their mother having been absent for a few years before that searching for something or someone up in the northern countries, Tyras has been living and training with his Uncle Kellen the head priest of the Desnan temple in town 'The Great Dreamhouse'. Though he has managed to cast a cantrip a time or two, Tyras does not yet have Desna's favour and knows that even once he does, that he probably won't be quite the priest that his uncle is and so has focused on more martial training.

    Pathfinder Adventure, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Dotting for interest.

    Dark Archive

    Hi ICT! Welcome to PbP on the boards!

    You'll find (I guess you already have!) that finding players on here is easy. There are loads of us up for playing in this AP! I will be up front, I have this character created as a PFS character, because I wanted to flesh something out. But she's created based on this AP. I've also pitched this character into the other threads. That could show enthusiasm, or an annoying shallowness. Take it as you will!

    Personally, I've been playing on these boards for over a decade. I've been in short running modules, and long running APs. I've run a fair few, so I know the struggles and I'm happy to help out. I'm the kind of guy who sets up a wiki to track the info that so often gets lost in this medium. I'm also running a PFS game at the moment on here, so guaranteed to check the boards a few times a day.

    But enough with that! Let's talk about Ranzak.

    A - Goblin
    B - Dragon Scholar
    C - Alchemist (Bomber)

    Ranzak is a friend of the Goblin described in the AP, and from the same tribe. She longs to find dragons to study, and although moving away from her tribe scares her, the lure of that lore is too much to ignore.

    Party wise, Ranzak is exactly what you'd expect of a Goblin Alchemist. Her second love is fire, and causing as much mayhem as possible with it. Fire support, check, alchemical item support, check. Dubious decisions, check.

    Hello and welcome ICT GM!

    I'm submitting Filona, a gnome Sorceress (Fey) who is born in a merchant family and likes to craft, especially mechanical trinkets. She tries to sell them, but she's not very successful with her own goods, despite her deep understanding of engineering.

    All in all, she dreams of travelling and seeing the engineering wonders of the world. Although friends with Fadelby Vusker, the town wainwright, and helping him with his craft, she thinks there is much to see in the world, especially in terms of ancient architectural knowledge. So this is a main reason to go out adventuring.

    In combat, Filona will contribute with primal magic, both helping her friends and hindering their foes. She has abismal physical capabilities, so she'll try to stay clear of any physical combat. Out of combat, she knows how to talk to people, as well as some things about the arcane, nature, occultism, society, engineering and a little bit about haggling too.

    Filona has lived most of her life in Breachill. Her mother Penny died of an illness just before her 18th birthday, so Filona knows life mainly as a merchant's assistant, that is, her father Pamon. She quickly learned her crafting skills, although while not particularly agile at assembling small parts, she did know the workings of most mechanical machines. People often said that she was a building genius, especially when she was not assembling small parts.

    One day, Filona's father Pamon noticed that she was particularly good with customers and put her on the selling task. At the same time, a highborn elf named Malanor noticed a magical aura surrounding the young gnome. With Pamon's reluctant permission, she spent a day with Malanor learning that she had powerful and natural primal magic pulsing within her. Clearly that was not enough for her to become a renowned Sorceress, but it was enough for her to be curious about it. The bad news was that she became a daydreamer. Pamon could do nothing to prevent his daughter's ever more frequent visits to the noble elf.

    After a few years, Filona grew powerful enough to give shape to some simple spells, but to her teacher's dismay, she used it mostly to play pranks on the elders and embarass her master. An elder elf warned him that she would never cease to be a simpleton. Filona knew this as well, since along with the teaching of magic, Malanor taught her about society and nobility, and she became aware that she was only a pawn for him. Little did she know that he actually cared for her, but he never had the chance to tell her, as one day she just stormed off without warning.

    She reached her father's shop with fresh tears on her cheek and started to sell goods, without saying a word. Despite his worries, Pamon's heart was warm as he felt she was staying for good. The next day she told him she was leaving to start her own shop, identifying herself as a true merchant. However, she didn't stray too far, staying at her friend's Fadelby Vusker, helping him fix wagons and mechanics.

    Hi, I'm super-intrigued by the Age of Ashes games popping up. I love the Bard beyond all classes and would love to see how it plays in this new edition.

    Ancestry: Half-elf
    Role: Skill-monkey, utility/support caster, mild combat, social stuff.

    Eyza Denver is effervescent and dilettantish. He claims that a human relative of his joined the Hellknights but cannot say which order. While he has no intention of joining them, Ezya would love to compose an epic about a suitably dark and brooding Hellknight hero. He loves doing research but his tendency to get distracted is slowing things down. For instance, Ezya can make magic! It came up entirely by accident but a lot of the esoteric he'd been perusing added up to telekineticslly throwing a pebble at a poor rat. But he is still very much focused on the Hellknight...

    ...actually Ezya has been figuring out how to handle an even curve blade. One would think it were just the same as a scimitar but no! He thought of asking his Elven great grandfather but they're not that close...

    ... He has been practicing paleography. People wrote so differently in the past! There are hand written texts which almost come across as another language entirely...

    ... Ezya always likes to quote how the Varisian words for 'home' and 'journey' are the same. He loves that! Di you know he has Varisian Ancestry on his Mother's Father's side? Home is what he can carry with him as he travels Golarion. Although, that old Hellknight castle might be nice to shack up in for a while...

    Very interested in this campaign.

    I'm thinking of an interesting character concept to submit. I've already submitted characters in three other recruitment threads for this AP, I hope this isn't a problem.

    I'm thinking maybe a cleric would fit well in the adventure, given the presence of three different temples in Breachill. Maybe a cleric/bard of Desna/Shelyn, or a cleric/fighter of Cayden Cailean.

    Liberty's Edge

    Interested and looking to try out the new 2e system. Here is my character idea/application.

    A - Human (Versatile Heritage)
    B - Guard
    C - Fighter

    1. Why does your character want to be an adventurer?
    Harold has always looked for the easy way to get by. He left his families farm in Elidir when a travelling merchant's guard filled his head with stories of the "big" city and how cushy the job of Town Guard was. Leaving behind the hard work of a farmer, Harold travelled to Breachill, as he had heard that they were looking for new recruits. Being naturally strong, he was able to meet all the physical requirements and soon was training to become a guardsman. At first, it was all new and exciting. Learning to use weapons and wear armour while getting to bully around the "common" people appealed to Harold, but soon the monotony of the job began to weigh on him. He turned to drink and soon found himself with few prospects and the guard ready to toss him out. It was only a stroke of luck that the town council Call for Heroes arrived when it did! Deciding to throw his lot in with a group of strangers, the ex-guardsman submitted his name to join the party, much to the surprise and pleasure of his superiors.

    2. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle?
    Harold might be lazy and a drunk, but there is one thing he is good at...and that is fighting. He took to the training like a duck to water and surpassed all his instructors' expectations. It was his prowess and strength that were the saving grace for him when he began falling out with the town guard. In a battle, Harold is out front and in the thick of it, trading blow for blow against any enemy he comes up against. A better "meat-shield" you could not ask for.

    Ok, I've got an interesting concept for this table.


    Kimi Breachcreek, NG female gnome champion of Shelyn

    A. Gnome
    B. Local Scion
    C. Champion of Shelyn

    1. Why does your character want to be an adventurer:

    Kimi believes in the power of art, beauty, and love, and thinks that the best way to spread the word of her goddess is to become a renowned adventurer, traveling the world, seeking souls to redeem with the power of Shelyn. She also believes that maybe if become famous, her heroic deeds will echo throughout the land and catch the ear of her long lost father.

    2. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle:

    In battle Kimi will face her enemies with her glaive, trying to redeem those worthy of being redeemed, and quickly destroying those beyond redemption. As she become more and more powerful, she will also be able to inspire her allies and make them better fighter with abilities and spells. (Basically, she is a melee first/second line fighter, who will take Bard Dedication at second level to become somewhat of a buffer).
    Out of battle, Kimi is an herald of the word of Shelyn, able to mediate with her words peaceful solutions where these can be found. She is also an artist, able with the brush as well as with many form of performance. She has also a passion for jewelrycrafting. (Basically, she is mainly a face, who can earn some money with her Performance and Crafting skills).

    3. Writing example:

    This is an excerpt from a Strange Aeons campaign I am currently playing.

    Sebastian Lazar wrote:

    The half-elf clutches the scarf around his neck, and even if he doesn't know why he did that, touching the fabric gives him a sense of peace. He also finds his holy symbol beneath it, a silver-colored butterfly carved in wood, but touching it only amplifies that bad feeling deep inside of him. Did he anger his goddess? While passing his finger on the symbol he starts to feel a small sense of relief growing deeper, like when a mother forgives his child after a very stern lecture.

    What are you trying to tell me, Desna? he asks himself, but right as he tries to find an answer in his head he realizes that he has no idea of WHO he is. How is that possible? He recalls about his faith, but not his own name? Or how he got there? He tried to recollect his memories, but everything in his mind is dark and hazy, like an heavy velvet blanket is covering everything.

    Lost in his thoughts, he almost didn't noticed what is going on around him, then he sees the the thick yellow fog crawling on the floor and he returns to the real world─If this IS the real world he thinks─to assess the situation. He notices two other figures to his left, a woman with a shield and a creepy, strange-looking man. To his right he sees a small figure walking down a hall, seems like a little girl, or perhaps a gnome or halfling.

    "You" says Sebastian to the girl, grabbing her by the shoulder, "Don't wander off all by yourself." He then turns to the other two people "I don't know who you─ who WE are, or what we are doing in here, or where 'here' is, but this isn't obviously a safe place. That mist, or whatever it is, looks rather sick and unnatural, and I suggest we stick together and find a way to avoid it."

    He pauses, thinking about the best course of action to take in such a strange situation. "You, girl with the shield. Choose a path and lead the way. If anyone of you has a weapon draw it, and be prepared for anything" he says, and his right hand goes to grab a starknife hanged on his belt.

    So after trying to make my previous entry work (I started working on her character), I am going to withdraw that character and create a different one instead. I should have it posted shortly...

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    Pathfinder Adventure, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    I am pleased to present Fuzbizzle Nokfijit Bramblequalmy. In terms of ABCs, he is an Emancipated (B) Fey-Touched Dragon-Obsessed Gnome (A) Enigma Bard (C). He uses a shortbow in combat and does useful bardy things. I have a full (or mostly full) crunch in Pathbuilder 2e that I will transfer to plain text and post here upon request or selection.

    I am cross posting to other Age of Ashes campaigns with the same character.

    How did Nokfijit become a Bard?
    He wants to know everything. And he likes to share what he knows, including poetry, stories, and songs. But also lore and random facts.

    What does Nokfijit look like?
    He wears glasses, but he refuses to use goggles so they are always sliding down his nose. His brightly colored hair sticks in all directions, as he never combs it down. His limbs and fingers are more spindly than a typical gnome, enhancing his alien and feylike appearance.

    How does Nokfijit behave?
    He is somewhat flighty in social settings, but years of research has taught him how to settle down and focus on a single task. He is kind hearted when it occurs to him, but he is motivated primarily by knowledge (true neutral).

    Why is Nokfijit on this adventure?
    To learn more things, of course! Experiences, treasure, etc. Are nice too.

    Which nation did Nokfijit grow up in? How did this nation influence them?
    He was a bit of a wanderer before he was captured and ended up enslaved in Kintargo.

    What does Nokfijit love?
    Spicecakes. Books of all kinds. Stories about dragons.

    What does Nokfijit hate?
    Goggles. Hobgoblins. Chelaxian slavers.

    How does the race of Nokfijit influence their views? Is Nokfijit a stereotype of a certain race? How are they different from most characters of their race?
    His gnomish, fey heritage gives him an alien perspective and a powerful hunger for new knowledge. Although he seems flighty in conversation, he is actually very steadfast when he sets his mind on something. He does not frequently change his mind, nor rush into things anymore than an average human might. In these ways he is different from other gnomes, who tend to flit from interest to interest.

    What is Nokfijit afraid of? Does Nokfijit have any phobias or worries?
    He is terrified of being enslaved again. His time as a slave very nearly bleached him.

    What is the most treasured possession of Nokfijit?
    His freedom.

    What are at least 5 background and concept elements for Nokfijit?
    Hungry for knowledge of all kinds.
    Fascinated and inspired by dragons in particular.
    Has a nearly perfect memory for book knowledge, facts, and the like. But he doesn't necessarily remember things about living people around him very well--unless his brain can find a way to store them as facts that might be important on the future.

    What are at least two goals for Nokfijit?
    Become the most knowledge person alive.
    Meet and talk to a dragon and live to talk about it.

    What are at least three people that are tied to Nokfijit?
    He is not close with his family.
    He is fast friends with a halfling that was a slave with him. She helped him avoid the bleaching by telling him things she knew and sharing poems, stories and songs.
    He has traveled in the past with a human fighter.
    He is quite upset with a wizard that stole a tome from him before he could finish ingesting the knowledge in it.

    What are at least three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that Nokfijit has?
    He frequently has to shove his glasses back up his nose. While his hands are there, he will then rub his nostrils with the back of a hand or finger.
    He distinctly remembers the moment he was made a slave. He also remembers the moment he learned of his freedom.
    He holds a finger up and nods when reciting facts.

    So I realized in another thread that I forgot to add Ezya's alignment and background. He is a Neutral Good Hellknight Scholar.

    Happy Monday, everyone! And thanks for all the welcomes!

    As originally posted, I'll be wrapping up recruitment this Friday. You guys have given me quite a task to sort through and choose a party. Thank you, I guess? :D (No, seriously, thank you.)

    Here's the updated list. Again, please let me know if I've missed you. I've put the classes, just so everyone can see the breakdown before (or after) submitting their concept. Don't let the list stop you from submitting what you love, though!

    Iff - Benthe Ravinet - Human Alchemist
    Nevynxxx - Ranzak - Goblin Alchemist


    Chapel Ty'El - Cal - Bard
    Eyza Danver - Human (Half-Elf) Bard
    Caps - Fuzbizzle Nokfigit Bramblequalmy - Gnome Bard

    John Haines - Rivka Dell - Human (?) Champion of Nethys
    The KGB - James Roberts - Human Champion
    Diaz Ex Machina - Kimi Breachcreek - Gnome Champion


    Robothedino - Mbende Tumbleup - Halfling Druid

    Mefika - Tyras Carondil - Human (Half-Elf) Fighter
    Daniel Stewart - Harold - Human Fighter


    Ragashingo - Sparks Clearpath - Elven Ranger

    Dickie - Tully - Human Rogue

    Blue Symbiote - Malsheer Blacktusk - Half-Orc Draconic Sorcerer
    Anthorg - Filona - Gnome Sorceress

    Vohamanah the Okay - Khoohi Words-Taker - Goblin Wizard

    Vrog Skyreaver - Something New and Exciting!

    Please to let me know if you have any questions!

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    I'm working on his backstory now, but while I wanted to make a Goblin cleric of Zarongal, that's not an option atm. I will instead make him a cleric of Sarenrae, cause fire cause that makes good sense.

    Okay, here's my completed character plus backstory/writing submission. Enjoy.


    CG Male Unbreakable Goblin Cleric of Sarenrae 1
    Background: Acolyte

    STR 10
    DEX 14
    CON 14
    INT 10
    WIS 16
    CHA 14

    HP 20
    AC 15
    Perception (T) +6

    Fort (T) +5
    Ref (T) +5
    Will (E) +8

    Speed 25'

    Athletics (T) +3
    Diplomacy (T) +5
    Lore (Scribing; T) +3
    Medicine (T) +3
    Religion (T) +6
    Survival (T) +6

    Class Features:
    Deity (Sarenrae)
    Divine Spellcasting
    Divine Font (Heal; 3/day)
    Doctrine (Cloistered Cleric)

    Languages: Common, Goblin

    Spell Attacks (T) +6
    Spell DCs (T) 16
    Spells/Day: -/2 (+3)
    Focus: 1

    Focus Spells:
    Fire Ray (pg 392)

    Spells Prepared:
    Detect Magic (pg )
    Divine Lance (pg )
    Guidance (pg )
    Prestidigitation (pg )
    Stabilize (pg )

    Bless _ _
    Holy Font _ _ _

    Backpack (- bulk) -1 sp
    Climbing Kit (1 bulk) -5 sp
    Explorer's Clothing x2 (L bulk ea) -2 sp
    Religious Text (L bulk) -1 gp
    Scimitar (1 bulk) -1 gp
    Silver Religious Symbol (L bulk) -2 gp
    Wooden Shield (1 bulk) -1 gp

    9 gp, 2 sp
    Total Bulk: 3.3
    Bulk Limit: 5
    Max Bulk: 10

    Burn It! (pg 48)

    Domain Initiate (Fire; pg 121)

    Student of the Canon (pg 267)


    "Moogg tell Moogg's story to longshanks.

    Moogg was born in cavey-caverns below big mountain. Moogg soon learned that fire lady in sky much powerful, as she hurt Moogg's eyes with light.

    Moogg was sad that fire lady wanted to hurt Moogg, so Moogg began to cry. fire lady stopped hurting Moogg's eyes, and he then saw that lady was pretty. She said name is Saren Rae, and she want Moogg to go help people with fire.

    Moogg agreed, and became priesty of Saren Rae, helping people with fire.

    When longshanks ask for help from heroes, Moogg and Saren Rae come to help.

    Now Moogg here."

    CN Male Human
    Haunting Visions
    Cleric of Gorum

    Okay, gonna throw this in here just to get it in here. Will figure more out about him during the week. Like, you know, his name. :P

    CG Human Barbarian
    Local Scion

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------
    2. Why does your character want to be an adventurer?
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

    "Because it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, bay-bee! Wait, is that a thing in the fantasy world? Sliced bread? ;) I've been chomping at the bit for this Call of heroes seeing how I missed the last eighteen and now it's MY TIME! Yessir!" The large warrior then angles himself slightly to the side and forms a letter 'C' with his arms, flexing his huge biceps. "You see that, ladies and gentlemen? That's raw power right there. Don't be jealous, fellas, it's unbecoming. And ladies ... enjoy the show," he says, grinning while giving a wink before looking off into the distance with a look of smoldering intensity. ;)

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
    3. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle?
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

    PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER! Okay, okay. Maybe just regular pathfinder 1st level power. But hey, you never know. ;P

    Seriously though, thinking about going with Giant Instinct. Definitely two-handed weapon of some sort. Straight up melee. Probably going to be fairly handicapped when it comes to ranged combat. He'll have something to throw but it sure won't be his bread and butter that's for certain.

    Out of combat: If you read Giant Instinct under the Barbarian class, it says towards the end: "You could instead seem like a giant to other people due to your exceptional strength or larger-than-life emotions and ego."

    Bold emphasis is mine obviously and I can totally see him with this type of persona.

    Writing sample:

    To explain a bit about these links this is a Dwarf Barbarian I'm playing who is kind of... what's the word... ditzy? I think that fits him fairly well. And he's a big softy. But don't ever tell him that. He'll deny it to the end of his days. ;)

    And to set it up for you, he just had Enlarge person cast on him.

    Here's another where a dragon's actually got him grappled in his mouth high in the sky.

    Okay that's all. He's easily one of my favorite - if not the favorite - characters of all time so I couldn't resist. He's been a ton of fun. :)

    Good morning, all! It looks like another recruitment thread is about to wrap up today. I know many of you have characters in the running for that game, so if you do get selected for that one, please let us know here. While I know you could buy and read the AP on your own, I like to at least maintain the illusion that my players are going in blind. :)

    Also, I've been reading through the applications in a little more detail. You guys are killing it. It's been a blast to read.

    Thanks everyone!

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    I'd very much be interested in joining this game.

    I'm still working on the character but I'm thinking of a town watch recruit loosely inspired by Carrot Ironfounderson from the Discworld series. In short, he'd be big, strong, heart of gold, and not quite as stupid and naive as he appears.

    1. Pick a Class. 
 Cleric, Warpriest of Calistria
    2. Why does your character want to be an adventurer?
 Elindra was trained in the temple to be a Warrior for her cause. After completing her training she's been sent out into the world to prove herself.
    3. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? In battle, Elindra provides a strong hand, especially against undead and fiends. She's also able to help keep allies in the battle. Outside battle she is good in medicine, as well as having an extensive knowledge of religion. She's also well versed in surviving in the wild

    Elindra had been awoken in the middle of the night by two elder acolytes, taken to the council chamber and left alone. Noone had said a word.

    She waited there for what she estimated to be roughly an hour and a half in the pitch dark before she'd heard three figures approaching. She'd been grabbed by two pairs of forceful hands which had ripped and removed her clothing, covered her in an unknown, sticky and pungent substance, and then forcefully lifted her off the ground. Elindra had to fight her instincts to defend herself, knowing that this must be some kind of temple trial.

    Finally, a voice spoke: "She is ready" There was no doubt, it was the mistress of novices. Elindra sighed in relief. The relief faded however as she felt a sharp pang in her buttock. A dart? Poison? Before she could focus, she felt her consciousness slip away.

    Elindra found herself awakening in a small clearing in the woods. She was still naked, and smelling strongly of what she now realised was bear musk. That was a problem. It would attract bears, but it would warn any prey animals of her presence. She found beside her a whip, Calistria's chosen weapon, as well as two small daggers. Underneath them was a small piece of parchment upon was written simply: come home, you have five days.

    With no idea where she was, Elindra's first move was to find water, she discovered a small stream where she washed off the smell, then she quickly oriented herself. First step was to obtain some form of clothing, food and something to carry water in.

    I got accepted to another game, so I'll withdraw. Thank you!

    Vrog Skyreaver wrote:
    I got accepted to another game, so I'll withdraw. Thank you!

    Same here. Thanks for the opportunity, and good luck with your table!

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