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Thank you for the opportunity to apply to this game:

Name - Dorzu

Ancestry - Gnome
Background - Returning Descendant
Class - Druid (Animal Order)

Role (In Combat) - Blaster/Summoner with Animal Companion for melee
Role (Out of Combat) - Nature Knowledge, Scouting with Animal Companion, and tracking.

Dorzu was abused by his adopted human parents in Breachill and was driven to escape to a nearby forest where he realized his connection to nature and met his bear companion. Through fellow members of his Drudic order, Dorzu learned that his true mother was an adventurer who had been killed. Dorzu decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother. He faced his adoptive parents in Breachill and they were so intimidated by his companion that they promised never to interact with him without his permission.

Writing Sample:

Backstory from another character:
Rodlen grew up with his Human mother in Breachill. He was very studious as a child, but that lead him to being bullied by other children. Most of the people that Rodlen interacted with wanted to become valiant warriors and treated magic as cheating because it "requires no effort". Rodlen, however, believed that taking the easier route is better, but he also knew that learning magic required devotion to a god, hard study, or getting lucky and having a magic bloodline. The arguments in his friend group went so far that Rodlen felt the need to prove to his friends that magic really was stronger. The way he decided to go about this was by learning to use arcane magic through study and intellect. Rodlen's way of thinking drew him to worship Nethys, the god of magic. He was a very intelligent child, and his studies of the arcane arts not only led him to power, but also to developing a new thesis about arcane magic, titled "On the Method of Shifting Preparations Within Limited a Short Time" After developing this thesis, Rodlen needed to draw attention to his thesis as well as proving that his beliefs were correct, he decided that he needed to become a famous adventurer in order to finally prove himself right.

Character Sheet
Bear's Character Sheet

Elinda Hagborne wrote:

Elindra had been awoken in the middle of the night by two elder acolytes, taken to the council chamber and left alone. Noone had said a word.

She waited there for what she estimated to be roughly an hour and a half in the pitch dark before she'd heard three figures approaching. She'd been grabbed by two pairs of forceful hands which had ripped and removed her clothing, covered her in an unknown, sticky and pungent substance, and then forcefully lifted her off the ground. Elindra had to fight her instincts to defend herself, knowing that this must be some kind of temple trial.

Finally, a voice spoke: "She is ready" There was no doubt, it was the mistress of novices. Elindra sighed in relief. The relief faded however as she felt a sharp pang in her buttock. A dart? Poison? Before she could focus, she felt her consciousness slip away.

Elindra found herself awakening in a small clearing in the woods. She was still naked, and smelling strongly of what she now realised was bear musk. That was a problem. It would attract bears, but it would warn any prey animals of her presence. She found beside her a whip, Calistria's chosen weapon, as well as two small daggers. Underneath them was a small piece of parchment upon was written simply: come home, you have five days.

With no idea where she was, Elindra's first move was to find water, she discovered a small stream where she...

I want to know the rest... XD

I was lucky enough to be selected for one of the other games. Therefore, I'll be withdrawing from this one. Best of luck to all the other applicants, and I wish ICT GM a very good campaign.

Submitting Naura for your consideration.

Name: Naura
Alignment: CG
Ancestry: Human (Half-elf)
Background: Haunting Vision
Class: Sorcerer

Reason for Adventuring: See backstory below - the haunting vision’s call shall not be denied

Contribution to Party: Sorcerer build not afraid to get stuck in melee; eventual multiclass into rogue to support combat evasion and provide out of combat focus on thievery skillset

Backstory/Writing Sample:
Naura first saw a dragon at age seven. Working the fields with her family, as she had day after day since she could walk. The shadow passed over her in a moment, and looking up, saw the sun glinting off its majestic copper form, wings seeming to stretch from horizon to horizon. Elevhemior, her father called it, and went on ploughing. Protector of the hills of northern Andoran. A friend to humans, even. No orc horde or evil demon would dare set foot in Elevhemior’s demesne, he said.

Naura first spoke to a dragon at age eleven. By then, her power had begun to manifest. At the harvest festival, she had slapped Olthar, Meggin’s son, for lifting up her skirt, and by some strange magic had torn a chunk of flesh from his cheek. Olthar kept his distance after that, but so did all the other children. Playing alone in the woods behind the farm, a woman with lustrous copper hair came upon her. The woman touched her cheek, called her beautiful, and promised to look after her. After the woman was gone, Naura was, for the briefest moment, convinced the skin on her cheek felt just like a scale.

Naura first mourned a dragon at age fifteen. Long before word made it to her village from the larger holdfasts and townships, she felt her body grow cold and a shadow settle on her soul. She knew then that the great Elevhemior had passed from this world. Had somehow been slain. And that the connection to the copper dragon she had felt all her life had fatefully and finally been severed.

Naura first dreamed of a dragon at age sixteen. When she woke, screaming, she remembered nothing more than the feeling of flames consuming her body. The dreams came often thereafter. Always fire. Always pain. And beneath it, a dark, winged presence, like an evil reflection of Elevhemior.

A poor farmer’s daughter, cursed with powers she could not explain and visions she feared with each night’s sleep, had little chance of finding answers in the hinterlands of Andoran. Leaving home, she sought answers in the cities, in the temples, in the quiet of the wilds. She learned to harness her powers, to seek solace in the light of Shelyn, to control her fear. And she learned a name that might hold the answers she sought - Dahak.

But her latest dream was filled not with the visage of Dahak, but of a village in Isger, burning in the same flames she knew oh so well....

Check out all these cool characters. Lots of creative people in this lobby!
I wanted to ask two questions of our illustrious potential DM,before submitting a character.

1. Are you oppossed to differently able characters, such as those who are deaf?

2. I've been mulling the idea over for an adventuring cook who maybe runs a mobile Cookery. This may be silly, but as I'm not familiar with 2e, how would one emulate the cooking skill in game?

Thanks again for offering this community a chance at the new system!

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Hello! I've been super excited to try to find a chance to play this AP, and I look forward to your consideration!

May I present, Rizz!

The short answers to your concept questions:

1. Druid
2. Worshiping Gozreh, Rizz wants to do everything she can to preserve nature. After having Haunting Visions, she is pulled by the Call for Heroes to save not only her city of Breachill, but Golarion herself.
3. In battle, she will provide Primal spelcasting tuned to the needs of those around her, leaning at buffing and healing. Out of battle, she will provide natural survival skills and medicinal support, as well as a bit of gnomish comedic relief.

For an example of writing, I wrote a short backstory about Rizz in the spoiler, and feel free to look at the few other play by posts I've been a part of.

Rizz, in more detail:

A - Chameleon Gnome
B - Haunting Vision (Looking forward to having this interact with the chameleon gnome's traits)
C - Leaf Druid (If it would better fit the party, I'm also willing to look at animal or storm druid, this part of the build is flexible with the character concept. This could change exactly what she brings to the table both in and out of battle though)

Story Time
Rizz is a child of one of Breachill's lumberjacks, Wizzlefred Boughcrack. Growing up, she often got into arguments with her dad about their lumber practices, saying they over-harvest areas or should implement better practices for the animals of the forest, and most often fighting about how to prevent fires. As soon as she was of age, Rizz and her family parted ways, she abandoned her family name, and she devoted herself to Gozreh and protecting Golarion's natural beauty. The gnome set up a place for herself just outside of town, living in balance of civilization and wilderness.

Rizz woke up every morning with her skin hued the reds and oranges of fire. Most every night, she was plagued with nightmares of fires, both in the forest and in town. Years after she moved away from home, these nightmares started feeling more and more real. Rizz broke down and started trying to research the meanings of these dreams. She started at the Reliant Book Company, hoping to find some text on dreams. Instead, she was drawn to a tome on the dragon god of destruction, Dahak, and immediately knew that this fiery beast must have something to do with her dreams. She began researching this god in all her spare time, and started trying to document her own dreams, until one night, clear as crystal, she saw the town of Breachill burning to the ground. Rizz immediately joined the Call for Heroes, hoping to save the town that she feared would soon fall at the hands of Dahak.

Thank you for your time!

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Thanks for the offer to submit an application ...

Name: Barnabus Hedgehill

Race: Halfling
Class: Wizard
Why be an adventurer: Wanderlust
Contributions: In addition to his extensive knowledge of the arcane arts, Barnabus cooks extensively in his spare time, and is very generous with second helpings.

I've been playing most Starfinder lately, so both my examples are from Starfinder games. Here's an example of how I tend to flavor my magic, of casting flight as a reaction to prevent falling...

Writing sample 1:
Gletch raises her arm, barking a mystical word as her companions begin to fall. A trio of digitized blue wings fly from her hand, affixing themselves to each of the three allies.

For a more extensive sample, here's a character intro I did for a PC ...

Writing sample 2:
A small cart with the colors and iconography of the dwarven Laserforge Clan Holdings pulls up, driven by a dwarf in a business suit. Sitting in the passenger seat is a younger dwarf in a tweed jacket, holding out a holoprojector for the driver to watch.

The older dwarf frowns as the watches a holographic scene unfold. "Pause simulation," he mutters, and the holographic projection stops. "Keeps showing the same thing. Much as I like that new power armor, I still give more damage with good old dwarven muscle." He rubs a bicep affectionately. "Hmm ... A dwarf's armor says a lot about him. Not a hasty decision to rush into, Myron." He climbs out of the cart.

The younger dwarf also climbs out, nodding slight. "Yes, Uncle Brock, but ... your current armor is not cutting it."

Brock chuckles. "No, that it's not ... but I took that off the dead Azlanti who ran me through with this ..." He holds out his hand and a curved steel blade materializes in it. "So *that* armor definitely says something about this dwarf, m'boy." As he sheathes the sword in a stylish backpack embroidered with the logo of the holonet program Pact World Warriors, he mutters, "Course, I do wish it said 'Miss me' a little more often." He sighs. "Okay, Myron, I'll make a decision after the briefing."

He glances around at those assembled and says, "Hello there! Brock Laserforge, Chief Tactical Consultant for Aggressive Defensive Countermeasures with Laserforge Clan Holdings. This here's my nephew Myron," he motions toward the younger dwarf. "This the place for the Starfinder crew to muster, I suppose. Pleasure to meet you."

Good afternoon ICT, this is an alias of The KGB. I had earlier submitted James Roberts, Human Champion, but I just wanted to update my application a little. I've made some adjustments, including the name and some more details.

Submitting Lucius, Human Champion (Paladin) for your consideration (replacing James Roberts)

Name: Lucius Baradayne
Alignment: Lawful Good
Ancestry: Human (Versatile)
Background: Hellknight Historian
Class: Champion (Paladin)

Originally from Andoran, Lucius was raised in a militaristic household. Seeking to hone his skill further, he enlisted with the Order of the Godclaw, an order within Hellknights whose philosophy on law and order mirrored his own beliefs.

Enlisting with the Order of the Godclaw constituted a move to Isger to the Citadel Dinyar in the Aspodell Mountains. There he received his strict and difficult physical training, but also became a student of the Hellknight history (Age of Ash Campaign Background). After finishing his basic training, his interest in the Citadel Altaerein that was formerly held by the Order of the Nail peaked his interest. Seeking leave from Lictor Resarc Ountor, Lucius was approved to set out to Breachill to investigate what might have happened there.

Physical Description
Lucius is quite a handsome young man, having short tussled dirty blond hair and striking dark blue eyes. He is tall and athletic in build, though somewhat more lean and wiry than bulky. Lucius takes great pride in his outward appearance, never allowing himself to go more than a few days without shaving and grooming. He exudes confidence, and believes in himself if perhaps to a fault. He is rarely seen without his characteristic grin.

Reference Image

Lucius is the model of heroism and bravery, always the first to throw himself into harms way to protect the weak and innocent. He genuinely believes himself to be an instrument of justice for Iomodae, and is steadfast in his faith and conviction. He is often described as generous and kind, and is fiercely loyal to his friends.

Lucius is also known to be quite overconfident, and sometimes brash in the face of adversity. While he tends to have a great deal of personal magnetism that draws people to him, he also can come off as overbearing and cocky to some. Those who find his arrogance a trifle annoying feel as though he could stand to learn some humility.

Rough Build Idea

Good morning, all. Congrats to those selected in other games, and thanks for letting me know!

@Sancuris -
1. Not at all! I think that's super cool - but there will be challenges that come along with that, and you'll need to ally with other player(s) to help communicate.
2. 2e has some relatively interesting downtime mechanics for what happens in between adventuring. Assuming, of course, you don't want to be a mobile food truck vendor in the midst of battle. In that case, I'm not sure how it would work!

I've updated the list applicants with those who made it into another game, and added the new arrivals.

Nevynxxx - Ranzak - Goblin Alchemist

Javell DeLeon - Human Barbarian

Chapel Ty'El - Cal - Bard
Eyza Danver - Human (Half-Elf) Bard
Caps - Fuzbizzle Nokfigit Bramblequalmy - Gnome Bard

John Haines - Rivka Dell - Human (?) Champion of Nethys
The KGB - James Roberts - Human Champion


Robothedino - Mbende Tumbleup - Halfling Druid
DruidOfTheMoon - Dorzu - Gnome Druid
Roxxie613 - Rizz - Gnome Druid

Mefika - Tyras Carondil - Human (Half-Elf) Fighter
Daniel Stewart - Harold - Human Fighter


Ragashingo - Sparks Clearpath - Elven Ranger

Dickie - Tully - Human Rogue

Blue Symbiote - Malsheer Blacktusk - Half-Orc Draconic Sorcerer
Anthorg - Filona - Gnome Sorceress
Nauraki - Naura - Human (Half Elf) Sorcere

Vohamanah the Okay - Khoohi Words-Taker - Goblin Wizard

I'll be closing recruitment Friday, with the goal of having a selection that same day or Saturday. Please let me know if you have any other questions in advance! I've already started combing through the submissions, but no decisions have been made. So no questions about that. :D

Oh, just realized you posted the moment I did... made an update to my submission (chiefly the name, but added some other details). See Lucius Baradayne above.

This looks very interesting and a good chance to learn how the rules for this new edition play out. Below I have a concept I am interested in.

Name: Baolo Kasiger
Class and background: Human Fighter with the Truth Seeker Background
Why does your character want to be an adventurer? Raised on tales that seem to contradict the accepted history of Breachill, Baolo seeks adventure not for the fame and glory that most seek, but to apply his skills in order to root out the hidden truths of local history.
What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? As a fighter, Baolo would be able to lend his skill in weapons and defense to the fight. I will probably be trying out a weapon and shield focus with this character. Outside of combat, his understanding of town politics, and respect for the law, means that any investigation that occurs will likely be advanced by him, but done in such a way that only those unlawfuls who deserve to be embarrassed by what is discovered would be.

Brief Background:
Raised on the stories of his grandmother, Baolo learned early on that there were some inconsistencies between the stories of the town that he grew up with and the official accounts of history believed by those around him and held in the Archives. As such, from a young age Baolo would often get in trouble by challenging common beliefs held by the town. The belief he held that had turned him into the local black sheep of the town was that the town’s founder, as great of a man as he was...had been a con man on the run and had saved their ancestors as much to save his own ass as to help make the town what it is today. These beliefs, fueled by the stories he was told of his great-great grandmother’s life earned him the name Rumormill.

As a child, he didn’t take kindly to the name. However, as he grew Baolo became inured to such ridicule and learned from those few who still called him friend to better navigate the politics of such sensitive subjects. Indeed, it was better to be considered the black sheep of the small town, tip-toeing and charming when he needed to than to have to believe the alternative...that his grandmother’s tales were just the rambling of an addled old woman. So he began keeping his thoughts to himself, and conducting his own investigations into the town’s history as much to find the truth for himself as to clear his family’s name of the vile that was still directed towards him to this day. Comporting himself as such earned him a low position in the town guard, where he learned to use a variety or weapons and armor, and could keep his ear close to the local happenings.

Writing sample:
Baolo’s shift had been rather uneventful…which was perfect for the young guardsman. Not having to sort out a local brawl at Cayden’s Keg or help provide protection detail for Quentino Posandi as he went about council business meant that he had had time to pay a visit to Reliant Books. While there weren’t many books that Baolo was able to comprehend, a few Taldane history texts existed in their inventory that Vox allowed him to borrow. As someone who had made a name for himself challenging the local history of his hometown, Vox was one of the few who still talked to Baolo in a friendly tone. So he had been able to read through a manuscript Vox had received that day, “From Chitterwood to the Five Kings Mountains”.

Once done there, he headed to visit Jorell and see if a small bit of history he had picked up from that manuscript lined up with what was available in the Archives. Baolo just hoped that the half-orc archivist was either too busy or in the right mood for a debate to allow for the young man's presence in the building.

I'm excited for any opportunity to try out the new edition!

Concept: Reinsey

Class and Background: a Human Monk and Hellknight Historian

Why does your character want to be an adventurer?
A failed applicant to the Asmodean monastic order which raised her, Reinsey turned to adventuring as a different road to self-improvement, a road which involves false claims of noble upbringing and (she hopes) the acquisition of lands and titles to make her claims carry some weight.

What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle?
Never one to let her martial skills grow rusty, Reinsey is a dab hand with a bo staff and no less dangerous with her own hands. For more peaceful times, her upbringing gave her a thorough grounding in societal machinations and politics, which she uses to self-improve in a different sense and build a reputation and connections for herself and her companions.

Writing Example:

There's a certain way she learned to introduce herself, to give the right impression without actually saying much at all.

"Reinsey Kamen, of the Elidir Kamens, and please, call me Reinsey."

The name is her own invention, of course. It doesn't really matter what name you go by; having a name, and being forward with it, gives the impression of a family, connections, some amount of prestige. The impression is all she wants. Family is something that matters, even if you made them up.

Reinsey's real family was lost long ago, and her real name with it. She imagined her early childhood had been decent enough, before the goblin raids. There was a thankfully brief period of enslavement, which she preferred not to remember, and then she'd been freed, and alone. She was an orphan, just like half of everyone else in Isger.

She was raised in an orphanage, by the Chelish nuns. She could have been one of them, a Sister of the Golden Erinyes, if she hadn't lacked the knack for cruelty. Reinsey had the physical aptitude, the ambition, but did she ever have it in her to be properly cruel? Her time as a slave taught a lesson that the Sisters could never quite beat out of her. So they cast her aside instead.

The rejection bothered Reinsey more than anything, and once she'd left the orphanage behind, she redoubled her efforts to be a proper monk and improve herself, regardless of what the Sisters had to say.

If there was one thing she took away from Asmodean teachings, though, it was that there were more ways to improve oneself than the physical.

"I've heard of the Order abandoning their citadel, yes. But you say the fort's abandoned completely, no owners, no claims?"

Reinsey Kamen, the noble Reinsey Kamen, was certainly an improvement over some war orphan with no ties at all. There was a certain mystique to being a child of privilege slumming as an adventurer, and it wasn't like anyone expected her to detail her ancestry when there was a job they wanted done.

But odd jobs only did so much for her reputation. If she, if Reinsey Kamen, could delve into an old Hellknight fortress, and if what she'd once read in the monastic library was true? If the deed to the fort was there for the taking, and if she could become landed nobility as easily as that?

That would qualify as 'self-improvement' in anyone's book.

Liberty's Edge

Hey there...was accepted to another game, so I will be withdrawing from this game. Thank you very much for the opportunity and best of luck to everyone!!!

I've been selected to another game but thanks for the opportunity!

Good morning, all! Today is the final day to get in the applications.

Recruitment ends at 11:59 p.m. tonight.

I have no idea who I'm going to pick - this is a remarkably rich selection of concepts and players.

Here's the latest list, including the removal of our friends who were selected in other games.

Nevynxxx - Ranzak - Goblin Alchemist

Javell DeLeon - Human Barbarian

Chapel Ty'El - Cal - Bard
Caps - Fuzbizzle Nokfigit Bramblequalmy - Gnome Bard

John Haines - Rivka Dell - Human (?) Champion of Nethys
The KGB - Lucius Baradayne - Human Champion


Robothedino - Mbende Tumbleup - Halfling Druid
DruidOfTheMoon - Dorzu - Gnome Druid
Roxxie613 - Rizz - Gnome Druid

Mefika - Tyras Carondil - Human (Half-Elf) Fighter
Dathom - Baolo Käsiger - Human Fighter

Reines Kamen - Human Monk

Ragashingo - Sparks Clearpath - Elven Ranger

Dickie - Tully - Human Rogue

Blue Symbiote - Malsheer Blacktusk - Half-Orc Draconic Sorcerer
Anthorg - Filona - Gnome Sorceress
Nauraki - Naura - Human (Half Elf) Sorcere

Vohamanah the Okay - Khoohi Words-Taker - Goblin Wizard
azjauthor - Barnabus Hedgehill - Halfling Wizard

I'll be checking in a bit more today, so please let me know if you have any questions!

Surprisingly, we don't have a cleric application in the mix. If Lucius doesn't make the cut as a Paladin, it'd be a simple matter to redesign him as a cleric... his backstory would still work well for a martial cleric of Iomedae.

Sovereign Court


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Caps' character's name?

Fuzbizzle Nokfigit Bramblequalmy

The rest of us could learn a thing or two.

@The KGB - I'll keep that in mind!

@Chapel - It IS a solid name. It inspires me to consider a gnome for my next character, just to be as weird/extravagant.

The KGB wrote:
Surprisingly, we don't have a cleric application in the mix. If Lucius doesn't make the cut as a Paladin, it'd be a simple matter to redesign him as a cleric... his backstory would still work well for a martial cleric of Iomedae.

There was a cleric of Calistria posted, guess they got cut out.

ICT GM wrote:
@Chapel - It IS a solid name. It inspires me to consider a gnome for my next character, just to be as weird/extravagant.

If I ever make a male gnome, I look forward to coming up with a prominent, unpronounceable name. But in the CRB, it says the shorter the name, the more feminine it is in Gnomish culture. Thus, Rizz. ^.^

GM, I realize my posted writing example is entirely OOC backstory. If you'd like a submitted more in-game writing style, I'll be able to post something in a little while. I also have a handful of PbPs I've played in that you are more than welcome to look through.

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Chapel Ty'El wrote:


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate Caps' character's name?

Fuzbizzle Nokfigit Bramblequalmy

The rest of us could learn a thing or two.

Thanks. I tried. :-)

Liberty's Edge

Name : Oathun Direbeard

Class : War Priest Cleric

Race : Dwarf

God : Torag

Weapon : Warhammer and Shield

Background : Haunting Vision

Why Does Your Character Want To Be an Adventurer : From a young age Oathun has been groomed to be a war priest of Torag! His training has been long and brutal in the extreme but it has all lead up to this moment when he can put all of his drilling and learning to use. Recently the fires of his church forge have revealed haunting visions to him of a small village burning. Every time the vision comes more and more clearly until now he can see exactly what village it is he needs to lend his aid to. Given the nature of the vision Oathen believes deeply that this is a message from Torag that this is to be his calling.

What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? : Oathen will be where the fighting is thickest swinging his war hammer and singing his praises to Torag! When his allies are injured he will give them healing and when his enemies beg for mercy he will give them naught but death! Out of battle Oathen will be a source of wisdom especially about religious matters and the evil dragon God he believes to be responsible for whatever is about to happen.

: Oathen is a fanatical cleric of Torag and has been drilled from the youngest age to follow his commandments with passion and obedience. He was raised by the church at Five Kings Mountain after the high priest selected him and a number of other individuals from a group of families who could not afford to raise another child. His family was well recompensed for their sacrifice and continues to be so as Oathen has shown to be a worthy investment.

Trained in the arts of combat, forge craft, and religion, Oathen had no family but his masters. He never knew his mother's loving gaze or his father's pride. He has only known the harsh voice of the forge master, the brutal beatings of his combat instructors, and the passionate teachings of his priests! Never have they given him a complement, always have they pushed him to excel further and try harder. This has created a man who has lost touch with society to a frightening degree. The only love he knows is the silent love of Torag.

Oathen has never left his mountain home before this journey and he has only read about other races in books and seen them in drawings. Only time will tell if he has what it takes to survive in the real world where everything is not always black and white. His only goal is to prevent suffering and destroy evil wherever he finds it but he may soon realize that there is more to life than this!

Oathen is tall, for a dwarf, and has eyes that almost appear to be coals. His hair and gloriously maintained beard are raven black and his skin looks like granite made flesh.

Due to his odd training his face is often totally blank of expressions, never having interacted with others on a social basis. He does smile from time to time but often for reasons that wouldn't make sense to others.

His armor and shield are covered in Torag hammers and he has hand written scriptures sealed to him with blessed wax in many places. Any time one of these scriptures is damaged in combat he will take great pains to recreate it and reattach it during downtime.

@Roxxie613 - your example is fine! I just wanted to get a sense of how someone writes/thinks in the game format.

Liberty's Edge

If you're interested in how I post as a player in a game I play Levi in this game. I would suggest reading backwards from newest to oldest as we didn't get very strong setting information from the GM and it took us all a while to get comfortable.

Myst FTL on Rolegate

If you're more interested in my writing style in general I'm the GM of this game.

Wrath of the Righteous On Rolegate .

If you have any other questions please let me know! I appreciate your time and consideration and hope you find the best players for you first game online!

Thanks for responding ICT GM! I'm glad you are open to both possibilities. Some Gms I've encountered are not as favorable to the idea. I also looked into what could serve as a cooking skill and I like the downtime idea but I was curious as to how I could keep the theme in combat as well by providing items made from monsters. So I thought I'd pitch the idea of using Craft Alchemy and just play an Alchemist!
I'm open to your suggestions and hope you find her submission to your liking. Theres some stiff competition here so I don't envy you.

Name: Poppy Cotton (Born Ida Papaver Kschessinska)
Ancestry: Sensate Gnome
Class: Alchemist
Background Reputation Seeker

Why does your character want to be an adventurer?:

Poppy NEEDS to finish her cookbook. Her publisher can only wait so long and this isn't just any book deal. This is a publishing deal with StormHearth! The PREMIERE publishing house throughout Cheliax and even a little beyond, which recently sent out a call to complete their legendary New Tourism Bookset called 'The True Chelish Adventurers Guide'. This would be the most recent reprinting of the famous Box Set since 40 years past. The rest of the volumes are completed from other (more experienced) adventurers but the cookbook section had yet to be decided on after the recent passing of it's former contributer, Archibold Winthrope the third, who had held position since the booksets inception. She hoped the recipes derived from her experiences in the serving a missionary company in the Darklands would bring her the edge in being selected. BUT she felt it necessary to provide a segment with a more personal touch, to help make her more relatable. She hadn't been home in years and felt attending 'The Call for Heroes' would be an amazing opportunity to write a selection of courses spawned from her adventures with those she joined during her home town tradition!

What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle?:
 Though combat is a necessary evil of adventuring and acquiring rare product for her recipes, Poppy would personally prefer to write or cook. And while she's become adept at launching homebrewed inflammatory shells from a distance and keeping enemies at bay with her Banner longspear, she's turned her passion of cooking cultivated beasties into various concoctions to aid her companions both in and out of combat in the form of delicious meals! Yellow Spore Tea! Bunyip Dumplings! Beholder stalk kebabs! Sweet and Sour Roc with rice! Nature has a bounty, and Poppy means to collect!


Cheery, relentless, undaunted. Eternal optimist with a can do attitude. She's not immune to discouragment but very much has the, "I can do this all day", type of attitude. This may be a result of being Deaf since birth, introducing hardship early in her life, but she accepts it now as part of who she is. She works well with others and prefers providing support rather than leading. Adventuring appeals to the entrenched curiosity of her ancestors and she carries the tradition ever since her near Bleachening before setting out for the Darklands. On the flip side, she has a tendency to steamroll others, even if it's in an effort to help them and her energy can be a little exhausting and she gets grumpy without a project in front of her. That being said she's gotten better with boundaries and learning the value of taking a moment to slow down.

Character Description:

An enormous mane of tied back Blood Orange locks bounce constantly as Poppy twirls her pear shaped self around the tiny kitchen. Sweeping across cutting boards, mixing bowls and chemical flasks with purpose, leaving expertly prepared product in her wake. Taking notes and scratching out others with one hand in an overstuffed tome stained and slightly burned at the edges, as her other crawls across used instruments for a tool that's no longer where it should be. Her wide set, hazel eyes drink in rows of strange tools, rare spices, animals both dried and pickled, in search of her favorite tasting spoon, her thick arched eyebrows furrowing at the thought that it might be lost. But her pouting peaked cupids bow breaks into an infectious grin as her slender fingers scratching her head in confusion, suddenly grip the hidden tool nestled in the singular streak of white(left over from nearly succumbing to the Bleeching) amoungst the mass of red tresses.

While generally favoring the more pragmatic form of dress, she recognizes that stylish flair will get her more customers and recognition. Her outfit which favors a teal and gold color pallete, consists of a small kokoshnik to hold back her hair, a vyshyvanka embroidered with geometric patterns, and simple round toed leather shoes she often fit into elaborately beaded chopins to keep her dress out of the mud as well as a little boost in height.

Rough Character Approximation:




There are a few ways in which Poppy has learned to communicate complicated subjects with others. While she can lip read, gestures can only convey so much but the first alternate method being a chalkboard, usually reserved for food orders, which she has less patience for in a casual conversation. The second is sign language, which few people have the patience to learn, thoughshe often offers to teach whatever party she travels with. The third option is using her innate gnomish wild magic to cast the cantrip Prestidigitation to craft temporary ethereal words in the air.

Cotton's Cookery Coach:

Poppy claims to run Isger's most authentic gnomish themed Food Wagon, 'Cotton's Cookery Coach '. The "Foodtruck" is themed towards satisfying the creative hunger pangs of even a gnomish customer, notorious for enjoying exotic foods. As such, the majority of their menu consisted of ingredients from various fauna/flora encountered by adventurers. Food most average folk would never taste otherwise. The restaurant also, as it tends to move around, provides typical local cuisine to ingratiate themselves with regional customers with less curious palates.

Writing Sample:

(Unrelated to Poppy but here's a writing sample from another character of mime from a game that ended too early)

Freydis's humming voice echoed across the high stone walls of the church, and a rhythm emerged, built by the tapping of her heavy metal boot. Intermittently the sound of tearing paper punctuated the eerie tune as Freydis ripped page after page from holy tome of Shelyn, piling them onto a growing pyre that was once a podium. The pale woman's face wrinkled into a soft smile as she watched the flame take the blasphemous parchment, bits rising into the air, almost dancing in the light cast through stained glass windows. The whimsical sight inspired her to recite in slow song form, a verse she learned in childhood from the forbidden canticle of Lady Graves.

"Eyes sorrow-blinded, in darkness unbroken 
Foul and corrupt are those who bear false witness, 
And work to deceive others, know this;"

The last page smoldering, Freydis tossed the binding of the book and surveyed her handiwork, the pews filled with fresh corpses, the ages of which ranged from young adult to seniors. The lumbering armored woman took a soft stride along the aisle patiently blessing the nearest people with holy water from her Combat Aspergillium. Flecks of anointed liquid dripped across the lifeless faces of the dead, but otherwise seemingly uninjured crowd.

"There is but one Truth. 
Whatever your maker, 
The Ebon City calls to all, "

The cleansing had ended in a second. Upon first entering the church, she’d been received warmly, but only responded with stoicism until hearing the preachings of the so-called priest. His words were sin. His teachings poison. With a gesture of her gauntleted hand and holy symbol of Pharasma, Fredyis released a flash of concordant energy before the patrons knew what had happened. The souls of the congregation were torn from their form retrieved by her spectral hounds, bound to her call, and promptly delivered to her godly mistress in the underworld. There was no time for screams, and in a moment the once lively church had fallen silent. She was glad they had not suffered.

"o’ Lady mine, my enemies are abundant, 
Many are those who rise up against me, 
But my faith sustains me, I shall not fear the legion"

Continuing her lilting hymn, Freydis exited the temple into the snowy hamlet of Valeroot, descending the stairs with piercing amber eyes fixed on the only signs of life left in the winter town, ample fields of wheat rolled out across a nearby plain. Rows upon rows of golden full stalks pierced through several feet of snow in a bizarre juxtaposition of the season. Removing her glove, her exposed fingers traced lightly across the yellow plants. She could feel the tug trace of necromantic energy that sustained the plants, stolen from animals and occasional human sacrifice.

“Suffer not the work of a heretic.”

Gray colored flames suddenly poured from the anointed weapon in her other hand and she dipped it into the straw lengths. Freydis watched quietly as the blaze took hold, and left only after the ill-gotten plants had fallen to cinders. 

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Hello! New to play by post, have yet to do a game in this fashion. Hope you like Davor! I’ve had about ten sessions since PF2e came out, so I’m feeling rather comfortable with the rules.

Name: Davor Halenbor

ABC: Human (half-orc), Local Scion, NG Cleric of Erastil

Abilities: Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 8, Wis 18, Cha 14

Reason for adventuring: Davor was raised by a very devout follower of Erastil, his halfling “grandmother” Gilly Halenbor. He is unsure of how he ended up in her care so young, but he has never let it bring him down. Growing up learning the teachings of Erastil, Davor is very devoted to the people of Breachill and their safety; the Call to Heroes is an event he has aspired to participate in since he was a child. He is rather short and stocky for a half-orc, and his reading skills could certainly use some work, but Davor is a friendly and perceptive lad who is good with his hands.

Party Contribution: Large focus on healing, both in and out of combat. Spellcasting would be used on mostly healing and crowd control, probably would take Druid dedication for some more nature-focused spells as time goes on (also I just like the aesthetic). Might occasionally use a longbow if enemies are far enough away.

Writing Sample:

(cw: mentions of violence against children)

In her younger years Gilly Halenbor’s idea of retiring from the Pathfinder Society came in two forms: running a temple of Erastil in a hinterland village of her own or dead. That was, of course, while escaping from an expedition into the Hold of Belkzen she witnessed a ritual that shook her to her core. An infant, laying atop an altar, had an eye plucked from his head by a shaman of the Dead Eye tribe. Despairing for the child, Gilly and her companions fought those that took part and stole the child from his tribe.

This was the last straw for Gilly, and she decided she was going to retire early. Being a devout follower of Erastil, she looked for a small town that could use some help and settled on Breachill. It has been nineteen years since then, and though she expected a struggle raising her half-orc ward it turned out to be a pleasant retirement.

He should have been home by now, Gilly thought as she wandered around town. There’s only a few places he could be, assuming he’s alright.

Passing by the Pickled Ear, looking into every building’s windows for signs of her adoptive son, she saw the young man that she’s looking for through the front window of Lamond’s Lament. As she made her way to the door to talk to the young lad about calling it a night, a loud belch echoes from the bar accross the street. Who in all the Hells thought it was a good idea to put a soup kitchen across the street from that horrid place?

Entering the front room, Gilly saw a sight that only seemed possible in a close community like Breachill. Davor, his one green eye intent on the scrap of wood in his hand, wiped his other hand through his sweaty close-cropped black hair. I make one more, he said, picking the small whittling knife up from the floor on which he sat. Then you all go to bed. Davor very tired.

The children in the small circle around him nodded their heads and admired their prizes—small wooden figurines of stags. Gilly could not help but smile and as she approached she could see Davor’s ears twitch while he focused on his craft. Sorry gram, he mumbled. Almost done for the night.

Gilly shook her head and sat in a circle with the children. It’s quite alright, dear. Now, let me tell you all a story about a brave hooded champion and all the little towns he watches over...

Surprise submission at the end!
Name: Aerel
A- Human (Half-orc heritage)
B- Out-of-Towner
C- Rogue
Alignment: LG

Aerel was born an orphan in the city of Korvosa. He was raised in an orphanage run by a kindly elf, which led him to take an elven name. Aerel was very mature for a child, and always insisted on following the rules and behaving, often to the annoyance of many of the other orphans. Perhaps it was this love of the law that led Aerel to join Korvosa's city guard. Despite his orcish ancestry, he was not very physically strong, but possessed a keen mind and quick hands. As a result, Aerel was trained not as a soldier but instead as an investigator and covert operative for the guard. He served well in this capacity for the Korvosan guard for many years, until the day he dug too deep into a particular case. What seemed at first a mere series of petty thefts led him to uncover a web of corruption, bribery, and collusion between a powerful crime lord and several high-ranking officials in the Korvosan guard. Knowing the extent of the conspiracy meant he could not reveal what he knew without retaliation, Aerel posted his findings in a public place and fled the city. Aerel has been largely on the move ever since, passing through the nations of Nirmathas & Molthune, and most recently arriving in the town of Breachill in Isger.

Why does your character want to be an adventurer?:
Aerel is becoming tired of constantly being on the move, and sees the Call for Heroes as not only potential employment, but a way to do something, anything, other than flee.

What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle?:
Aerel has picked up a wide variety of skills from his training and practice as an investigator in the Korvosan guard, and from his time fleeing the city. He can navigate social interactions with ease, find and disable traps or other hidden things, and move about quickly and covertly. Aerel is capable in combat as well, preferring to use lighter weapons and attack from hiding.

I couldn't get my head around a fun character based on the concept I mentioned earlier and as such am putting that one on hold. Instead I'd like to offer this character for your consideration.

Name Giuliana Tabari
Race Human(Half-Elf)
Class Barbarian(Animal Instinct) with Monk dedication
Background Returning Descendant
Alignment Neutral

Many years ago Giuliana's grandfather lived in Breachill. He was one of the many adventurers that helped keep the town safe back then. After many successful adventures he considered himself to have outgrown Breachill and decided to seek his fortune elsewhere.
After many successful and equally many less successful adventures he ended up in what was then the Chelish colony of Sargava. After a few more years of adventuring he settled down there together with the Ekujae(jungle Elf) woman who had served as his guide in the past and whom he had fallen in love with. While he initially was content, living with his wife and three children he eventually discovered that she was not the love of his life after all. Adventure was. So he left his family, abandoning them in the night to never be seen again. Giuliana's father was only 6 years old at the time.
Shunned by her own people for choice to marry a human, Giuliana's grandmother moved to one the many Half Elven villages in the Mwangi Expanse, together with her children.

There Giuliana's father, the son of the man from Breachill, grew up and met the woman that would in time become Giuliana's mother. Once they were old enough to look for work they moved back to Sargava together to work in the same line of business as his mother had, a guide for the colonists. After Giuliana was born she was clearly marked as an outsider within the Half Elf community as a result of her bright red hair, a sign of her Chelish ancestry. This, combined with a general unwillingness to leave their child behind, was the reason Giuliana's parents chose to bring her along though this was not without danger.
Never was that danger more obvious than when she was stolen during a skirmish with some Charau-Ka. Immediately a rescue mission was started and managed to arrive just in time to save her from being sacrificed to Angazhan, the Charau'Ka's demonic patron. Yet all was not well as the Charau-Ka priest cursed Giuliana with his dying breath, dedicating her to his demon lord.

For many years it looked as if the curse had had no effect but when Giuliana hit puberty she started suffering from bouts of rage combined with blackouts. With help from local shaman and priests she managed to attain a measure of control over her fits of rage and she no longer blacked out. It however appeared the curse would not be contained and the more control she gained the worse her rages became when they did happen.

Afraid she'd hurt her friends and family Giuliana left. The fact Sargava freed itself from Chelish rule and became Vidrian only made the choice easier as all those that had helped the colonists in the past were looked upon unfavourably and that also extended to their children.
So Giuliana left and she headed for the only place away from home that she knew: Breachil, the town her grandfather came from.

Why adventuring?:
Giuliana sees no other options. She never learned a trade and does not trust herself to be calm enough to work as a guard. She does know how to fight though and so adventure seems a logical choice.

Character role in and out of combat:
In combat Giuliana is very much an in your face kind of fighter using her unarmed attacks to beat up enemies. She'll supplement this by offering some battlefield control in the form of grappling and other manoeuvres.

Out of combat she'll be a scout and a tracker. In addition she'll have knowledge of both the natural world and the treating of wounds

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Name: Ateris
Ancestry: Half-Elf
Background: Returning Descendant
Class: Rogue

Background and Description:

A lithe, brown-haired half-elf that appears in his late twenties, Ateris moves with a grace attributed to his mixed heritage. His piercing golden-brown eyes shine with a sparkle of amusement and he tends towards nondescript clothing to better blend into whatever surroundings he might find himself. Though sometimes described as "a bit full of himself," overall he is incredibly cheerful and somewhat sarcastic comedian with a heart of (occasionally ill-gotten) gold.

Ateris has been adrift for most of his life. He barely knew his mother and grew up on the streets where his quick wits, quicker hands, and uncanny vision lent him to become an exceptional thief. Yet even with his success and meager savings, he was still an outcast in search of answers of his ancestry and a place to call home. Among the only reminders left of his mother was a small, battered gold locket that she had strangely never sold despite living in squalor. She never would explain to her inquisitive son what its significance was, and the only means he had to go on was word "Breachill" inscribed upon it. Seeking to discover more of his past, he made his way to the town he knew only by name.

Adventuring: In his travels, the transition from thief to adventurer wasn't much of a stretch for Ateris, as skilled trapspringers and scouts are always in short supply (especially given that those who were less skilled in those subjecs tended to not have a chance for additional ventures.) The chance for "legitimate" gold was strangely appealing even if it came with added danger and the Call for Heroes somehow felt right for him.

Party Contribution As a rogue, Ateris is skilled in numerous pursuits including the valuable roles as scout and trap-disabler/tripper. In combat, he doesn't shy from the front lines and moves to take a strategic position that bolsters his allies (potentially taking a Bardic Dedication depending on the class makeup of the party.) Moreover, though, Ateris has a sense of humor that will remain undiminished despite whatever adversity the group might face.

Writing Samples:

You can check out many of my previous campaigns of characters, though I have a few that I'm particularly proud of.

Combat Posting Sample: Contains Proactive Posting, Complex PbP conditionals, and Vegemighties! I tend towards humorous and somewhat sarcastic characters

Song Parody / GM posting Sample: Minor Siege of Serpents Spoilers, but this is one of my favorite PbP games I've run.

Okay, this is what I've managed: Joran ;)

Name: Tristiago
Ancestry: Rock Dwarf
Background: Acrobat
Class: Monk

Why an Adventurer? Tristiago wanted more than to be just part of the show troupe his parents were a part of. So he has set out to see more of the world.

What will your character contribute to the party? Tristiago has a knack for performing, which he can use to help keep morale up. In combat, he cooperates with the rhythm of his team, I guess old habits die hard.

Dark Archive

I remember I didn't post anything about my writing style...

The spoilers in this post I'm quite proud of... I have quite a few games I've run and played in in my profile linked to this user too....

Good morning, everyone! Recruitment is now closed, and I now have the monumental task of selecting the party. Thank you to all who submitted. I'm going to spend the next hour or so giving the submissions another read through, and then I'll be back to post the final list.

Here's the final list as I have it - please, please, please let me know if I accidentally skipped over your submission.


Nevynxxx - Ranzak - Goblin Alchemist
Poppy Cotton - Gnome Alchemist

Javell DeLeon - Joran Bravestone - Human Barbarian
Cuàn - Giuliana Tabari - Human (Half-Elf) Barbarian/Monk

Chapel Ty'El - Cal - Bard
Caps - Fuzbizzle Nokfigit Bramblequalmy - Gnome Bard

John Haines - Rivka Dell - Human (?) Champion of Nethys
The KGB - Lucius Baradayne - Human Champion

Valosar - Oathun Direbeard - Dwarf Cleric
Arrannai - Davor Halenbor - Human (Half-Orc) Cleric

Robothedino - Mbende Tumbleup - Halfling Druid
DruidOfTheMoon - Dorzu - Gnome Druid
Roxxie613 - Rizz - Gnome Druid

Mefika - Tyras Carondil - Human (Half-Elf) Fighter
Dathom - Baolo Käsiger - Human Fighter

Reines Kamen - Human Monk
Fallen_Mage - Tristiago - Dwarf Monk

Ragashingo - Sparks Clearpath - Elven Ranger

Dickie - Tully - Human Rogue
Captain collateral damage - Aerel - Human Rogue
Wolfspirit - Ateris - Human (Half-Elf) Rogue

Blue Symbiote - Malsheer Blacktusk - Half-Orc Draconic Sorcerer
Anthorg - Filona - Gnome Sorceress
Nauraki - Naura - Human (Half Elf) Sorcere

Vohamanah the Okay - Khoohi Words-Taker - Goblin Wizard
azjauthor - Barnabus Hedgehill - Halfling Wizard

I'll be back soon!

Good luck everybody!

Sovereign Court

Good luck!

The town hall council chambers were quite full this morning, as a large crop of adventurers were gathered, nearly outnumbering the locals in attendance. The meeting had gone well, if a bit short. It was clear there were more capable adventurers than needed for the tasks presented, a fact which caused a small amount of stress to the council members. They hated turning help away, but they had to be realistic about their needs and resources.

After a short period of discussion at the council table, a stern, dark-haired woman raps her gavel on the table and stands. Her rich voice washes over the room.

”Thank you all for your attendance today. We know that any one of you would be able to provide a valuable service to our community, but, unfortunately, we must narrow our selection to only a chosen few. Please understand we didn’t come to this choice lightly. It is our hope that if you were not chosen, that you will return and try again another time.”

She coughs gently before continuing.

”That said, we have made our decision. We would like to invite the following six to provide their assistance.” She smoothes the parchment in front of her and begins reading the names loudly.

The following players have been chosen:

  • Nevynxxx
  • Roxxie613
  • Javell DeLeon
  • Caps
  • Wolfspirit
  • Captain collateral damage

    I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to those who applied. I enjoyed reading your applications and look forward to running into all of you on the boards here.

    For those selected, please head over to the Discussion Thread and check in.

    Thanks again, all!

  • Liberty's Edge

    Thanks again for the consideration! It was a fun process to create a character on such short notice. Have a great time!

    Before people wander off, I wanted to say that I'm excited to see that there are quite a few newer players / posters in this thread. I was thinking about doing a "New PbP Friendly" PFS2 scenario, maybe for the upcoming Game Day.

    If interested, I just made a quick list to track interest HERE

    Sovereign Court

    Congrats to the chosen!

    @GM Wolfspirit that's awesome! I hope some of those that are new to PbP take you up on your offer.

    Have a fun game folks!

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