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About Cathirix

CN Male Human (Versatile)
Haunting Vision
Cleric of Gorum (Warpriest)
Perception (T): +6
Languages: Common
Skills: Religion, Athletics, Acrobatics, Dahak lore, Crafting, Medicine
Stats: 16, 12, 12, 10, 16, 12
Trained in light and medium armor, and unarmored defense
Expert in Fort and Will, trained in Ref

AC: 18; Fort: +6 Ref: +4 Will: +8
HP: 18
Speed: 25
Trained in simple and deity's favored weapon, and unarmed attacks
Greatsword: +6 (1d12+3)
Trained in Class DC, divine spell attack and DC

Equipment (150sp): Chain Mail (60sp), Greatsword (20sp), Adventurer's Pack (7sp), wooden holy symbol (7sp)

Feats: Student of the Canon, Shield Block, Natural Ambition - Domain Initiate, Toughness

Healing Font - heal 2/day
Might domain (Athletic Rush) - Focus points: 1
Cantrips: Detect Magic, Divine Lance, Light, Shield, Stabilize
1st: True Strike, Bless

Cathirix spent several years traveling with mercenary companies acting as spiritual adviser, healer, and combatant. Since having nightly visions of fire he believed to be representing eternal conflict he joined the clergy of Our Lord in Iron, Gorum. Using his pay as a mercenary he would buy tomes and scrolls of various faiths and legends in hope of gaining insight into his visions that still haunted him.
After participating in a particularly nasty siege of a fortified town Cathirix stumbled upon a cache of scrolls pertaining to Dahak, the dragon god of destruction, and was overcome with a sense of foreboding. That night Cathirix had a dream of the town of Breachill burning to the ground, in the morning he headed straight for the town in search of answers about his dreams.