The Council's Chosen - Age of Ashes

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The Town of Breachill:

Map of Breachill

Breachill Locations

1. Breachill Archives
Kept in a sprawling (if stuffy) facility just across the fence from Breachill Town Hall, the town archives consist of official records and historical accounts dating back to the settlement’s founding.

2. Breach Creek Lumber
This facility on the edge of Crimson Tide Wood serves as a logging mill and a carpenter’s shop. One of the largest logging companies in Breachill, the business provides lumber for much of the town’s construction needs and regularly sends contingents of lumberjacks into the nearby wood—though the aggressive boars, cougars, and even wargs and owlbears often make this a dangerous prospect.

3. Breachill Town Hall
In addition to the chamber used for Breachill’s public meetings—including town council meetings and the Call for Heroes—Breachill Town Hall includes the offices of all staff members who support the town’s government and its myriad municipal functions, as well as its town guard and courts

4. Cayden’s Keg
This rousing, well-kept tavern is one of Breachill’s most popular places to enjoy a hearty meal and a pint of ale, and it doubles as a temple of Cayden Cailean, the freewheeling Accidental God.

5. Crimson Wood Furs
Despite the specificity of its name, Crimson Wood Furs is a comprehensive haberdashery known for its high-end tailoring, gorgeous cold-weather outerwear, and fine cobbling. The establishment takes pride in its origins as a luxury supplier to high-ranking Hellknights, and portraits of early Order of the Nail leaders wearing the shop’s fine clothes line the store’s mahogany walls.

6. The Great Dreamhouse
One of the few dedicated temples in Breachill, the Great Dreamhouse is a monastery-like establishment dedicated to the goddess Desna. About 30 priests and acolytes call the place home, living, working, studying, and praying in the temple’s peaceful lounges and verdant indoor gardens. The Great Dreamhouse offers a place for weary travelers of all stripes to rest, and most of its resident faithful are willing to provide healing at a reasonable price.

7. Lamond’s Lament
Located in one of the most hardscrabble parts of Breachill, Lamond’s Lament is a soup kitchen and place for the downtrodden to rest. The operation is funded through a mix of public money and donations, and its staff consists of volunteers from throughout the community.

8. Monument Circle
This marble-paved circle is the visual centerpiece of Breachill. Around it stand six deep wells that the nearby residents and businesses rely on for fresh water. In the center of the ring is an elegant, 15-foot-tall bronze statue of the wizard Lamond Breachton, Breachill’s founder and the town’s most important historical figure.

9. Morta’s Mortuary
This imposing, black-painted building with heavy onyx-colored curtains serves as the home and place of business for an eccentric woman whose daily fashions include elaborate mourning gowns, gauzy black veils, and elbow-length satin gloves.

10. Pickled Ear
This rough-and-tumble dive bar and tavern is frequented by locals and hardscrabble adventurers alike—many of whom clash in rowdy and sometimes vicious brawls that take place far too regularly for the town guard’s liking.

11. Posandi Bros.
Located on the shores of Breach Creek for more than five generations, this masonry business has provided most of the bricks for new construction in Breachill for the past 50 years. Posandi Bros. is a family-owned business, and all of its employees are somehow connected to its titular clan, whether they’re direct scions, cousins, or have married into the family.

12. Quarters and Bits
This dual storefront is home on one side to a general store called Bits, and on the other, a weapon and armor smith called Quarters.

13. Reliant Book Company
This niche retailer buys and sells rare tomes, though its selections are known for being rather stuffy and academic, ranging from ancient history texts to the personal diaries of long-dead heroes in myriad languages.

14. Shelyn’s Smile
This segmented building on Breach Creek is both the headquarters of Breachill’s artisan guild and a temple to Shelyn, goddess of art, beauty, love, and music. In one wing, the faithful worship the Eternal Rose through sculpture and painting classes as well as via choirs and orchestral performances, and priests offer healing to those in need. In the other wing, representatives for Breachill’s artisans and tradespeople are available on most days of the week, and customers can pay a small fee to be matched with the right proprietors for all their renovation, building, and decorating needs.

15. Tuskhead Stoneworking
A new venture in the last decade, Tuskhead Stoneworking does brisk business building limestone foundations and walkways, installing landscaping stonework, and carving gravestones. The business is known for importing large barges of quarried stone straight into its building on the banks of Breach Creek, and management’s strong relationship with the town council has ensured that all permit requests are readily approved.

16. Vusker’s Carts & Wheels
Located just inside the Breachill town limits, Vusker’s Carts & Wheels is the go-to wainwright for the many traveling merchants and adventuring caravans that pass through the town.

17. Wizard’s Grace
Owing to its proximity to Breachill Town Hall, the Wizard’s Grace tavern is the favored establishment of many adventurers who wish to seek work from the council in the town’s monthly Call for Heroes. Here, adventurers and municipal workers regularly mingle, exchanging stories and generally enjoying the atmosphere created by the diverse clientele.