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1. Pick a Class. 
 Cleric, Warpriest of Calistria
2. Why does your character want to be an adventurer?
 Elindra was trained in the temple to be a Warrior for her cause. After completing her training she's been sent out into the world to prove herself.
3. What will your character contribute to the party in and out of battle? In battle, Elindra provides a strong hand, especially against undead and fiends. She's also able to help keep allies in the battle. Outside battle she is good in medicine, as well as having an extensive knowledge of religion. She's also well versed in surviving in the wild

Elindra had been awoken in the middle of the night by two elder acolytes, taken to the council chamber and left alone. Noone had said a word.

She waited there for what she estimated to be roughly an hour and a half in the pitch dark before she'd heard three figures approaching. She'd been grabbed by two pairs of forceful hands which had ripped and removed her clothing, covered her in an unknown, sticky and pungent substance, and then forcefully lifted her off the ground. Elindra had to fight her instincts to defend herself, knowing that this must be some kind of temple trial.

Finally, a voice spoke: "She is ready" There was no doubt, it was the mistress of novices. Elindra sighed in relief. The relief faded however as she felt a sharp pang in her buttock. A dart? Poison? Before she could focus, she felt her consciousness slip away.

Elindra found herself awakening in a small clearing in the woods. She was still naked, and smelling strongly of what she now realised was bear musk. That was a problem. It would attract bears, but it would warn any prey animals of her presence. She found beside her a whip, Calistria's chosen weapon, as well as two small daggers. Underneath them was a small piece of parchment upon was written simply: come home, you have five days.

With no idea where she was, Elindra's first move was to find water, she discovered a small stream where she washed off the smell, then she quickly oriented herself. First step was to obtain some form of clothing, food and something to carry water in.