To Live in Infamy - a Skull and Shackles AP

Game Master Nayr Trebrot

Plunder, Infamy, and Disrepute
Plunder - 0; Infamy - 3; Disrepute - 1
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Ship combat
The Shackles
Ricketys Squibs
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Captain Pegsworthy

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Please discuss your potential character creation here. Use the following:

20 pt buy
2 traits (one campaign)
Core/base books, unless you really want something else - please just run it by me

Hi GM Nayr and everyone.

Thanks for the invite. I'm excited to play.

Just to be clear.
By base do you mean Adv Class, Adv Player, and Adv Race books?
I'm happy to do straight Core, being my first campaign.

I'm leaning toward a bard...but flexible on the class still if it doesn't work with the party...also I will need to read the players guide before settling in on anything.

Hey guys.
I haven't decided on a class yet, so I can just kinda go with the flow and make what we end up needing. If everyone else has the same attitude, then I'll just choose something so we can figure out our group make up.

Hi guys; welcome and thanks for the interest.

Yes, all Adv are fair game; I'd just rather steer clear of the 3rd party stuff that will make me learn all new rules.

A bard would be great for this! I'm sure the player's guide has some good direction for it; I have to go back in and refresh myself on the PG as well.

I think that our third may be making a monk. Our 4th isn't confirmed yet.

Female Half-Elf Unchained Monk / 2


I'm looking forward to playing.

I was unclear with this AP. Do we start with any equipment?

Hey hammer, are you making a bard?

Yeah, I was thinking Sea Singer Bard variant. What do you think?

Yes and no; purchase equipment as you normally would. You just may not be able to keep it;)

So an unchained monk and a sea bard.
I've not decided on a bard build (archer,melee, ctrl focus). This will depend on the choices by our other players, maybe?

Still unsure about the unchained rules, but I'm digging into it. I'm still waiting for our 4th as well, so we'll see

Female Half-Elf Unchained Monk / 2

I am happy to play a "standard" monk if you like Nayr?

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I'll let you know; I think Im cool with it, just want to make sure we're all on an even keel...pun intended

Alright I'm gonna make a sorcerer I think.

Hi everyone...

so: Bard, Monk, Sorceror. That leaves me quite a few options, although I think I'll rule out Cleric for this one....

Male Human (Garundi) Shaman 2 Rogue 2

Animist Shaman, I think...

Hi MrApollinax! :)

Welcome MrA; sounds like a diverse group.

Male Human (Garundi) Shaman 2 Rogue 2

Actually, on reflection, a Garundi Shaman sans archetype, bonded to the Spirit of the Heavens, intoxicated by light and colour and all things sidereal and searching for ancient treasures...

Sweet, I like it! Though, I'm ashamed to admit that I had to look up sidereal. I'm thinking we get started this weekend or early next week; I'all start adding campaign info in a bit.

Yeah I'll have my sorc done soon. Most of it is done, just need to buy equipment I think. I'll finish it tonight hopefully and tomorrow I'll put everything on the alias.
He's a human/varisian sorcerer with fey bloodline and he's got a pretty good intimidate bonus.

Male Human (Garundi) Shaman 2 Rogue 2

I also hope to have everything finalised soon. Not much of a healbot, I'm afraid, more ivory tower mystic with a 'Do Not Disturb' sign hung above the door. Unwelcome visitors beware...

Male Human (Garundi) Shaman 2 Rogue 2

Is it OK if I have an Osprey as a Spirit Animal?

Durdrik: Fey bloodline=awesome. I was toying with that for the Carrion Crown AP.

It looked like one of the least confusing starting off, plus he can make people laugh so much they can't attack. That sounds fantastic.

Osprey works

Lol Durdrik; sounds good

I'm almost done with my fleetfooted (racial trait swap for normal movement) halfling sea singer ... archer build. I need to transfer it from my paper sheet into a profile.

At 2nd level sea singers get a familiar monkey...probably the same size as my char.

As far as equipment budget? Book rules or equal alottment?

Man, that'd be classic if you had a monkey

Max gold for your class please; that'll give you more equipment to lose

Is it okay to pick up an archetype for the unchained monk, or would you prefer if I took standard monk with an archetype?

Apologies Sara; I meant to respond about the unchained. Please feel free to use the unchained monk. I can't find anything in the rules that prohibit an unchained having an archetype, unless I'm missing it. So, I'm fine with that as well

Cool, thank you! :)

Of course, Sara:). Everyone please just post here when your characters are ready for me to review, and I'll give them a quick once over. I'm a bit busy this weekend - moving; but would still like to get this up and running by the beginning of the week.

My guy should be done.

Hiya Sork! A few things:
Please add spells - I think it's 4 0 level and 2 1st
Please add your bloodline power
Please add your perception bonus to skills, as we use that alot

Hi. I'm out camping and wireless has been spotty...and I'm typing everything with my phone.
Here is my Sea Bard TapTap.

Oops, let me change aliases.

FleetFooted Halfling 34/39 hp |Loot|The Shackles Map

OK. I'm still working on background. I just typed it out real quick on top of this hill where I get signal on my phone.

I need equipment (to lose), but I'm not sure I understand the procedure...just get whatever I can afford from any equipment list in the standard sets of manuals?

Is there a way to delete my campaign post so I don't show up ASA character in the campaign?

oh woops lol , I never wrote the spells in. I think I left perception off because it's a 0. I'm adding everything now.

ok it should be all there now. Laughing Touch from fey bloodline counts as a compulsion spell because it forces someones actions correct?

FleetFooted Halfling 34/39 hp |Loot|The Shackles Map

Hey Sork.
Profile doesn't seem to indicate race...did I miss it?

I can see why people play in person. I keep forgetting to write something from my actual character sheet to the alias

FleetFooted Halfling 34/39 hp |Loot|The Shackles Map

I believe that my Sea Bard is complete. Man..I wanted to play the Sea Singer bard, but the loss of Bardic Knowledge and Versatile Performance is gonna hurt skill-wise...Makes me think that a human sea singer might have mitigated this a bit. Ah well.

I took Cure Light Wounds..Would change if we have a better healer around.

FleetFooted Halfling 34/39 hp |Loot|The Shackles Map

I'm inexperienced at this game..will we do OK without a classic meathead fighter soaking up DMG?

Yeah; it'll be fine. A balanced party is best, but you guys have enough melee power to make it work.

Looking good Tap tap; I'll dig into it a bit more before we get started. This week got away from me

Male Human (Garundi) Shaman 2 Rogue 2

Sorry folks, I still have to buy equipment and write a background, although everything else is there. Should be done by tomorrow (NZ time)

FleetFooted Halfling 34/39 hp |Loot|The Shackles Map

I keep trying to make TapTap my default alias, but it keeps reverting to SubiculumHammer? Anyone know why?

nvr mind. Multiple logins (three computers) kept reverting the default I think.

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