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If Leeoli can reach the next guy can I just reuse the roll?

Could you add a link below the combat map link?

Cool, Id love to shoot Jack in the bum.

Sounds good.

It would be hard to cover our ship with the illusion size Tap is capable of creating at this level...but I am all for finding ways to make the ship more stealthy in the future.

Oops missed that. Nope, no two ahnded rules and prone that I know of anyway.

Creature is interesting but already started with a ship


Please bot today and tomorrow

Please bot today and tomorrow -Leeoli

ditto here.

Did you do that on a keen cutlass/rapier or sword? Thr rapier has 18-20 crit range naturally. Doubling that makes it 15-20 crit range...

Through wat appears to be double doors to the north?

I've been waiting for us to land in a major city for so long. I'm disappointed that I've been so work busy.

Tap is gonna hold on to his gold

Sorry. Ive been swamped.

Thanks Nayr for wading through that. Now that we can go to ports readily, we won't build up ancient loot piles as often.

AryaSunyata wrote:
xeyed-jack wrote:

Some of our last combat episodes let me with the impression that we are in need of some upgrades, and maybe a tank who can soak up a lot of damage.

Can Sunyata copy her character sheet into her profile? Would help.

Can you access the link in my profile? I tried copying over the full character sheet but gave up as I'm working right now and it will take me a good while to fix the formatting as it all gets separated and discombobulated

Sunyata full character sheet

I can access it.

Im swamped 11

T'eron, also I am assuming you dropped your sword, because sheathing a sword is a move action also.

Time for a charge

Sounds good to me.
It will get me to more accurately keep up with all my conditions.


That is a move action, definitely.

yes. very busy. apologies.

are we up?

Her spear is a long spear, so yeah striking from the back. I'm not sure if cover rules apply and all that, or when they apply.

sorry all, I've been swamped.

Sorry guys, i've been swamped.

Florida right? Good luck Nayr.


Sounds fun.

Sorry. Super swamped at work. The cost of going on vacation I guess. Gonna try to post.


Just got back.

Hey all, I am going on a camping trip for the rest of the week, please just bot me.

All right!

Well ive played good or neutral characters, but I dont see how how to be a least bit ethical and be a pirate.

Evil is easy here, and I suppose neutral would be played as, " business is business, sorry chap"

Well, yes. We learned something.

Yeah. We should do those checks.

Two more checks Rush!

I added a ship icon to your map. When you have chance, could you move it to the place that we are, approximately?


and against teron

proceed, I think.


The map is highly spoiler-intensive since it gives the precise location for over 150 islands, towns, and sites of interest throughout the Shackles.--so says the source of the map.

Perhaps we should be given bits a and pieces at a time, except for major islands, major ports. My memory is not so great as to have memorized it.

and again, Tap would be willing to step down as captain anytime people get unhappy.

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You are correct. But often in Play by Post, exact ordering is less important than not making other people I decided to post early...battles can take a long time.

Ask Ellsa if she liked to read Taldan poetry to the beast.

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