To Live in Infamy - a Skull and Shackles AP

Game Master Nayr Trebrot

Plunder, Infamy, and Disrepute
Plunder - 2; Infamy - 3; Disrepute - 1
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Ship combat
The Shackles
Ricketys Squibs
Combat Map
Captain Pegsworthy

Rush + ship
Opposing ship

Mwangi Expanse

Starting date - 20th of Pharast 4716 AR (Starday)
Current date - 21st of Gozran 4716 AR (Starday)

Ship modifications:
Base refitting - 2000GP
broad rudder - 500gp; (+1 sailor checks)
Silk sails - 1500gp; (+1 bonus opposed sailing checks; waterborne speed is increased by 10%.)
Ballista - taken from the fishermen who had found it - mounted
Total = 4,000 GP, less 500 GP Rickety deducted for the ape problem = 3,500 Gold. As agreed upon per Rickety's deal below, he'll collect a total of 4,655 GP from your plunder till you're paid off EDIT - Paid!

Rickety's deal:
Third - I underwrite as a shareholder in The Oncoming Storm. That means I get one third of all your plunder till you've paid a third over the refitting cost total for squibbin' your ship. And, I'll throw in a five percent discount for any future refitting of ships in your fleet.

The Mans Promise

B12 Main hold, with stairs leading up to the main deck and a trapdoor that leads down to the Bilges
B13 Secure storage - is not now locked, and is empty
B11 Cooks cabin, with 2 hammocks and a single porthole, as well as a trapdoor leading up to the captain's cabin
B10 Galley, with a large stove, single porthole, trap door to the secure storage below. There's a derrick here that can lift fairly heavy cargo
B9 Crew berths, with room for 20 hammocks
B8 Middle deck and armory, currently stocked, if sparsely
B7a Captain's storage - has a sliding door, but doesn't appear to have a lock
B7 Captain's cabin (Owlbear is manacled to the mast here)
B6a Officers storage, unlocked
B6 Officers quarters, with a trap door to the middle deck
B5 Ships boats, each with 4 oars and a single mast
B1 Main deck with foredeck on one side, aft deck and sterncastle on the other. There are a pair of ballistas on the sterncastle. The main deck has 2 hatches that open into the middle hold

Captain Harrigan
Wormwood map 1
Wormwood map 2

Oncoming Storm:
Requires a crew of 20 sailors (officers not counted)

A 3-masted sailing ship, 105 feet long and 30 feet wide. It has 2 boats – a cutter and a gig, hanging from davits on the gunwales just forward of the aft deck. Each boat has four oars and a single mast. There are officers quarters with 2 storage rooms for them

There’s a middle deck and armory, which has been restocked since the battle, and crew berths for over 20 hammocks.

There’s a sizable galley with a large stove against the bulkhead and a single porthole in the starboard wall. In one corner, a derrick stands next to a trap door into a secure storage area locked with a padlock. There’s a cook’s cabin adjacent with 2 hammocks. There’s a small trap door leading up to what may be the Captain’s cabin, based upon where it is on the ship. The trap door is locked.

Colossal ship
Squares: 3
AC2, Hardness 5
HP:1,620; Sails 360
Base save +6
Max speed: 90 feet (+10 for modification)
Acceleration: 30 feet
CMB +8 / CMD 18
Ramming damage: 8d8
Cargo/passengers: 150 tons / 120 passengers
Ballista - broken

Current Crew:
20 crewmen
Captain - Taptap
First Mate - Jack
Boatswain - Rush
Surgeon - Malvessa Arol
Carpenter - Wynn
Cook - Ambrose (Fishguts) Kroop
Master at arms (security and fitness) - Belliott
Kerruk - Shaman
Conchobar Turlach Shortstone
Burly half Orc Jaundiced Jape - mute
Sandara Quinn
Jack Scrimshaw
Ratline Rattsberger
Tilly Brackett
Rahadoumi man
6 new crewmen from coastal village
Irwin - friendly fellow from Rickety's
Qinyarus - an aloof elven woman who frequently spends days in the jungle. Well known for archery and fine woodwork; her precision stain/varnish mixes are second to none

Regdrum - a dwarf - smith's apprentice. He's really good, and knows it. He'll want officer pay, but has a portable anvil and oven that he can use if Rickety could add proper venting and fire-guarding 200 GP

Farley - Irwin's best friend - a bit...rotund and not much for the physical nature of pirating. But, he's just found a talent for sorcery - an old bloodline he's only just discovered.

Chelish ship:
Chelish Cutter
Init +2

AC 14, touch 2, Hardness 7
HP 1,620 (sails 120)
Save +12

4 light ballistae +3 (3d8/19-20)
CMB +20
CMD 30
Ramming damage 8d8

Minimum 20 non-officers to pilot

48 bolts, 30 squares of sails

1 point for the ships stores and gear

Current crew = 14

Min bet = 1 gp; max = 20 gp. If you have no gold, then you can bet 1 “chore”, which means you have to work double the next day(s) and take increasing fortitude checks to keep from being fatigued. 1 chore = 2 gp.
Games: Arm wrestling – done on barrel tops, with glass, knives or caltrops to effectively punish the loser…and sometimes the winner…this is a battle of opposed strength checks.
Hog lob – heaving a lead ingot covered in a greased piglet skin across the deck. Takes a CMB roll; result = feet thrown. This acts as an improvised weapon, so take -4 penalty unless you have the proper feat (like Arden does)
Heave – a sometimes deadly drinking game in which you put down ½ pint of rum in one swig, then roll DC15 fort checks or suffer nonlethal alcohol damage; last one standing wins.

The Shackles:
The Shackles is a stretch of land and a number of nearby islands in western Garund, directly to the south of never-ending hurricane known as the Eye of Abendego. It is the haven of the notorious Shackles Pirates, built on the ruins of an ancient civilization.

The leaders of Shackles society are the Free Captains. Most command only a ship or two, but the most powerful each control one of the region’s ports and/or islands and make up the Pirate Council. The leader of the council is Kerdak Bonefist, the Hurricane King.

The winner of the annual Free Captains' Regatta is offered a seat on the pirate council.

The Free Captains of the Shackles have long been a
thorn in the sides of the nations of the Inner Sea, and
no country has chafed under their predations as much
as Cheliax. Unfortunately, removing the threat of the
pirates by invasion is made almost impossible by the
howling winds and treacherous currents of the Eye of
Abendego, the permanent hurricane that rages just north
of the Shackles. Since the defeat of two Chelish f eets in
4643 and 4660 ar, respectively, the House of Thrune has
longed for revenge and the chance to eliminate the pirate
confederacy once and for all.

People and places
The Formerly Maid - drinking establishment in Port Peril
The Wormwood - 3-masted sailing ship, 100 feet from stem to stern and 30 feet wide amidships.
Captain Barnabus Harrigan - Captain of the Wormwood
Mister Plugg - First mate; attitude - hostile DEAD
Riaris Krine - Master Gunner - hostile
Master Scourge - Boatswain - hostile DEAD
Cut-throat Grok, the quartermaster (friendly)
Rahadoumi man, rigger (hostile)
Plumetown - a town on a volcanic isle of prophets called The Smoker. Very, very few know of that place, as the only people who ever want to go there want to hear their future from the oracles - the hags known as Keeba's Eyes.
Deathknell - ghost ship that is said to appear and disappear at will, apparently manned by a captain Scourge

Party XP:

1 suit of leather armor- won't fit me,
3 heavy maces- also too large for me),
a buckler,
a nice handaxe,
a vial of water, sealed and stoppered..holy water perhaps?
a tanglefoot bag,
two tindertwigs, and coin:
21 gp, 12 sp.

From chest:
Several hundred gold pieces
Several thousand silver pieces
Various pieces of fine jewelry
An elaborate chain shirt (radiates magic)
A quiver of arrows (radiate magic)
8 vials of differing liquids (radiate magic)
3 scroll cases (radiate magic)
3 pieces of cloth with odd runes drawn on them (radiate magic)

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