To Live in Infamy - a Skull and Shackles AP

Game Master Nayr Trebrot

Plunder, Infamy, and Disrepute
Plunder - 4; Infamy - 3; Disrepute - 1
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Ship combat
The Shackles
Ricketys Squibs
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Captain Pegsworthy

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Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

oh, so Jack can only try to assist Tap's throw?

Taps throw was successful. Now we are trying to pull tilly in.

Right indeed, if you have a Str bonus, pile on. If not, try to convince the biggest guy you see. Owlbear is also on deck, by the way, helping steady the mainsail.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

oic. you posted while i was writing. so i missed that.

Moving day. Only 39° C.


Clarification on sea shanty. Sorry. Its you get to make the roll as if you were tap, using tap's perform check. So none of your bonuses apply. Tap has a +7 perform check.

Also Tap did two rounds of sea shanty. Those that failed the CON check and are now fatigued can make one more roll using my.perform check to save to recover.

Thanks for the clarification, and sorry for not updating yet - traveling all day, but should be able to update soon

Moving far sub?

Just across town.

Sorry guys; travel day yesterday. Back home today

M Human Barbarian/4

Hey everyone. I'm a work colleague of SubiculumHammer and I heard that there is room for another player here. I'll need to take some time to read up about the campaign but I'm thinking of trying to put together something tank leaning. Is there anything else to do to prepare besides putting together my character?

Looking forward to playing!

Hey Belliott!
A tank would be great. We could definitely use one of those in this campaign....just don't fall off the boat in that plate armor. :)

Hi Belliot, and welcome! That's about it, please make your char start at 2nd level. Feel free to write up some simple history/motivations for your char, but keep the backstory open, as we'll have to find a creative way to introduce you to the party.

Glad to have you "onboard!"

Welcome Belliot!

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4


hey Belliott, welcome indeed.

Just confirming, waiting on you guys. We can move along when everyone is ready

These are cool sion/dragon.pdf

fine by me to move along

Check this auto-gen fantasy map maker

that looks pretty cool, actually, might come in handy for my Rolemaster campaign

Here we get into a bit of a gray area. So, its assumed that you would at least know the Shackles geography and major history and places since you live here. Please feel free to read the Pathfinder wiki for the shackles. As far as checks go, I'll treat them as searches for information specific to the current topic. Please check out the wiki and let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know...aside from "Where are we going," of course:)

Let me know when ready and we'll move along

ready to move along. and thanks for the info.

Feel free to roll quite a few times

MrApollinax: Rolemasters a fun system? gets a bad wrap - unnecessarily - from many because it's so chart-heavy and has 'lots of maths', but nothing more complex than PF. And the combat tables are very cool. Its a d100 system rather than d20, which puts some people off: apparently its harder to do 56 + 15 + 10 than 12 + 3 + 2...

Tap, feel free to help some of the others...your bucket is full

some of us need all the help we can get...

PF is cool, but I'm open to other systems. I am kind of interested in systems where magic might feel a little bit more special, but limited.
I was reading through Ars Magicka 4th ed last night. Kind of interesting approach.

Anyone try 13th Age? It got a bit of hype a couple of years ago:

haven't played 13th Age, but have read just about every Old School revival game ruleset, and have run/played Fantasy Hero (complex but good), Warhammer (quite good) and looked at Chivalry&Sorcery (reallly complex)
Lots of games look pretty good, but I still rank RM (2nd ed) as the best I've run/played, with RMFRP (basically RM 3.5)as a close 2nd.

RM marketing pitch:
Magic is ultimately pretty powerful in RM, but not at low levels, and hardly anyone pushes through to past level 20 anyways. 1st level magicians have such gamebreaking spells as Projected Light, Boil Liquid, Ventriloquism and Shrink Self. The big damage spells kick in pretty slowly, and the caster-martial disparity is nowhere near so bad. It's also a non-Vancian system, which is IMO better.

RM is much more skill-based (1st/2nd ed RM had a monstrous amount of skills by the time all the Companions were out. I rather liked it, as it made for EXTREMELY nuanced characters). A lot of RM ideas found their way into D&D 3.0 via Monte Cook (who worked on RM for quite a while), but at this stage, I still think RM is better.

what I DO like about PF is the phenomenal range of options and some of the funky character ideas.. but RM has that too, so there you go... maybe I'll run a PbP here sometime if i can drum up some interest ;-)

You bring a drum, and I'll play guitar.

I only have a set of bongos...and a guitar missing the top all seriousness, I'd love to try RM as PbP. RM can get bogged down in combat, but Pbp can smooth out that problem. I also think my GMing style would lend itself better to PbP than a live table (I like rich descriptions and complex dialogues between characters. And my games are always pretty low magic).

That said, I'm quite busy at the moment, having been contracted to write an adventure for RM, but when that's done, I'd be keen to try it out, so long as it doesn't detract from our PF campaigns, as I'm enjoying them immensely.

Congratulations on the contract! That is pretty damn cool...and play testing is always a good idea...although it might need to be hosted on a private forum depending on the contract, maybe.

If you ever do though, I hope you invite me to the PbP table.

Absolutely! My regular RM group is playtesting via Skype at the moment, should be done in a month or so. I can't playtest on a public forum, as you surmised, but I have no shortage of ideas...and I'd run a highly-modified version of RMFRP (3rd ed., effectively) rather than the ruleset I'm using for the contracted adventure. Will keep you posted!

Thats awesome Mr Apollinax, congrats!

Thanks, Nayr!

Congratulations MrApollinax!

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

Very cool.

Is this your first campaign that you've written MrApollinax, professionally?

Yes, it is. I've run RM off and on for, well, decades, but hadn't thought about publication. There was an open call for writers to develop a particular hook into a full adventure module, and they liked my proposal. It's being written using the beta rules for the new RM edition (not sure of when the new rules will be released), and, if they accept it, will come out sometime after they're released.

Reefclaw ac is 14

lol. I thought kava was a eastern European word for strong coffee, but apparently kava is a sedative of the Pacific islands.[/ooc]

Had me fooled

At some point in the future, its inevitable that I'll run the Strange Aeons AP. It'll probably be a few months from now, but if anyone would like to run through that one, let me know

Kava tastes pretty rank, as I understand it, but I've never been to Fiji, so cannot confirm.

Strange Aeons looks like creepy fun.

That's what I was the creepy wake up in an institution thing

Hi. Sorry I have not been posting! I am away with work and will probably be back next week. Just catching up now with my online peeps! :)

Strange Aeons looks exciting!

Nice one Jack

testing rss

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