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Plunder, Infamy, and Disrepute
Plunder - 4; Infamy - 3; Disrepute - 1
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I'm sure that some on the boat would gamble over pretty much anything, so feel free to offer up a game of your own

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

a swimming race about the ship?

Hehe...something tells me that would end badly

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Keel-Haul race
ready set go!

Jack, since that's essentially 2 actions, please give me a Con check DC14 to avoid being fatigued tomorrow, and a stealth check DC10 to avoid being seen investigating the Lab. By rule, you can take 20 on that perception check.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Just in case you didn't see it, I rolled a daily job (4).

eesh So many new faces to learn at my new job.

Male Human (Garundi) Shaman 2 Rogue 2

I've been at my current place of employ for nearly 7 years. There's about 150 people there but this is a university town, and there's massive turnover of staff on a regular basis, so to me, about a third of the staff seem like snowflakes. I know they're all individuals, but I really can't tell the difference. Of course, they feel the same about me ;-)

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Until just recently, I had been a graduate student at a univeristy in California....for a long long time. While I kept getting older and older, the undergraduates remained forever youthful. Now that Im working a post-doctoral position and have less interaction with undergraduate students, everyone seems so old :)

'tis a bit quiet: everyone still on deck?

Most Definitely.


I am trying to re-establish sanity and get back into the game. I will try my best to post tonight.

I am really, really sorry!!!

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

usre, ujst awiting.

Hey Sara. Glad you areback!!!

Sara Ran wrote:


I am trying to re-establish sanity and get back into the game. I will try my best to post tonight.

I am really, really sorry!!!

Yay! No rush Sara just glad to see you're still around! Sanity first, in any case ;-)

Thank you for understanding guys! :)

I hope GM Nayr is OK.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

It has been a while since the GM popped by. Wonder what is up.

Yeah, I'm worrying a bit, too. Has anyone heard anything?

I haven't heard anything. Nayr mentioned once that he was on a work related trip ( when his laptop was stolen). So maybe he is on another trip now, somehere remote?

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map


Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

Does anyone have contact info for our DM? other than paizo?

Unfortunately, no.

It is strange...mostly because GM Nayr does not seem the type to disappear on us with no word...since what was it, Friday morning when he last posted? ~5 days?

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Back! Sorry guys; unplanned business trip in which the boss was with me pretty much the entire time. I'm left to my own devices after this so will have us back up and running sometime tomorrow morning. Got some reading to do, I see.

Welcome back Sara! Please be sure to level up your character

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Welcome back!

Phew, glad you're back, I was beginning to develop withdrawal symptoms 8-)

Kerruk's bluff of 10 will indeed trump Grok's sense motive attempt, though only just barely. I'll post the results of that, then please just let me know if you want to follow through with the charm spell

Male Human (Garundi) Shaman 2 Rogue 2

If I don't have to, I won't use that Charm spell.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Just a heads up....for the far future.
July 15th thru 24th, I'll be on a getaway with my spouse in Budapest. I'll still try to post then, but umm you know.

btw, totally excited about this...I've never left the States, and haven't really left the kids at home on a trip ever either.

Hope you have a great time!

Sorry for my absence again guys, my workload has been crazy since my promotion. I am hoping for it all to become less demanding soon.

Take your time Sara, and congrats!

Updating this evening guys; been a crazy week so far

Can everyone see the map now? I granted permission where requested

Just requested.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4


Got it thanks.

Sorry a bit slow here guys I've been driving all day...just requested permission for the map

Darn holiday weekend...back at it now

Sorry for the confusion; you guys don't have to roll the fort save until you've been down here for an hour. So what's the plan?

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

If its my monkey familiar, don't kill it!

but of course!

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

A little confused. The rats are 10 feet away. Does that mean I can take a 5-foot step and attack without losing initiative/provoking?

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

I think, for the sake of time, we moved within range.

Sorry; should have worded that better - there's 1 square in between, so yes - you could do that

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

oops. what he said.
so moving in would provoke an attack of opportunity?
If so, might be better to assume a defensive posture Jack and let ranged spells work.
oil spell on water+fire=sunk ship

oops. Jake went. Now he gets attacked by three rats, I think.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

Pretty sure that a five step toward an opponent when you have the initiative does not provoke an attack of opportunity.


Provoking an Attack of Opportunity: Two kinds of actions can provoke attacks of opportunity: moving out of a threatened square and performing certain actions within a threatened square.

Moving: Moving out of a threatened square usually provokes attacks of opportunity from threatening opponents. There are two common methods of avoiding such an attack—the 5-foot step and the withdraw action.

Performing a Distracting Act: Some actions, when performed in a threatened square, provoke attacks of opportunity as you divert your attention from the battle. Table: Actions in Combat notes many of the actions that provoke attacks of opportunity.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

In other news, I hear the Cubs are playing the All Star Game this year. league-allstar-balloting

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Hmm. I thought mocing into a threatened square provokes.

Nope, you're good Jack. Moving into a threatened square with the 5 foot step does not provoke. Moving through it via a move action would.

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