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Sorry team, I've been incommunicado for a while: all three of us had the flu and then my wife (some of you may remember her brief cameo as Anyi) was hospitalised with Type 1 Diabetes - this was a considerable surprise as it doesn't usually just show up in middle age. Life back on track now!

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Ooooh, in case I forget:

I am going away on my annual roleplaying/boardgaming retreat (the somewhat euphemistically named 'Men's Health Weekend') this Thursday (NZT) and back the following Wednesday.

We've hired a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, but it does have wifi, so I will appear, but only sporadically - due to heavy GMing (Pathfinder instead of Rolemaster this year, after years of lobbying by me!). Feel free to bot Zaz where needed

Zaz is now at 4 CON, and reduced to 11 hp (new max of 15). Doesn't look good...


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Zazaria raises her hands again, this time clasping them together then bringing them down as if with a double-handed thrust of a blade - but the blade is one of positive energy, flaring out, seeking souls.

Channel Energy: 2d6 + 4 ⇒ (6, 2) + 4 = 12

Waiting for Rufus, but will either channel energy or cast cat's grace on Gur, to boost his AC

Good, then the buff should hopefully be decisive. Shall we proceed?

OK, so we proceed to the home of the undead kids, Zaz buffs Leeoli, Rufus, Dura before we go in? That'll give 3-4 rounds each of max. damage I guess. Sort of a rolling assault, buff>enter, buff>enter, rinse & repeat? How much damage do these things take?

OK well that stymies the burst of radiance idea for now. Zaz will beef up the weapons of whosoever is going in first, I guess, then settle for channeling much positive energy. Who's it going to be?

Many volunteers! as I said, it lasts 4 rounds, and Zaz can ping it off once a round by touching the weapon (or bolt/arrow/whathaveyou). assuming we get a bit of warning, she could start with the frontliners and then go from there. It's half damage vs. incorporeal or full damage if the weapon touched is a magic one. Is Gur staying out of harm's way?

If Zaz can ping off burst of radiance before they get close, they'll (hopefully) take 4d4 damage. I'd also like to cover Gur with protection from evil as well, might help him out a bit - for four minutes, anyways. Who wants their weapons enchanted via Touch the Spirit World?

Zaz could also try bull's strength the following day. Again, it's not prepared. +4 CON might be quite handy for Gur right now.

Is there anything Zaz can do for Gur? Looks as if lesser restoration won't help, and it's not prepared in any case. There are also some useful spells like weapon of awe that she can cast on a weapon if someone wants that done. It lasts 1 minute per level.

Same...pulling extra night shifts, but should settle down next week

Nayr, Hammer, Dura, thanks very much for your kind words! I'd love to resume Carrion Crown, if there's a place for me. Did Zaz die or is she able to make a comeback?

I should also apologise for disappearing as I did. It was a tough year, my Dad being in and out of hospital until he passed away in September. I should, however, have let you know.

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hey, Hammer!

All well here, hope you and yours are doing fine! Just popped by to say hello. Apparently someone wants to hire a cleric?!? ;-)

Just bumping this in the hope that new folks are browsing and might be keen.

Hmm..that should read "in the Campaign info thread".

And ready to go.

Hi, just opening this up, but naught to report right now.

I've put in some info in the recruitment thread for this campaign to get a clearer idea of the setting and flavour.

I should also add, that if I can't garner any interest for FH&W (my preference) or B&T (which would be a very great shame), my arm could be twisted without much difficulty to run the setting for Pathfinder, AD&D 2e, Labyrinth Lord or OSRIC. If using PF, I'd be making considerable use of 3PP stuff, Ultimate Intrigue, Occult & Horror Adventures, background skills from Unchained and - ultimately - the Kingdom building rules from Ultimate Campaign.

As a caveat to that: I've never run PF before (I have played), so it could get messy, until I find my feet.

Hi all,

I'm looking at putting one of these lesser-known - but very good - OSR games through their paces. Both lean towards older styles of play but successfully incorporate mechanics from later editions. My homebrew campaign setting, the New Kingdoms, has been around for a long (long!) time, mostly as a Rolemaster setting. It's straight fantasy set in a world that is slowly, but quite literally, falling to pieces. I'm looking at running a sandbox-style campaign set in a Tsarist Russia-type nation.

The FH&W rules are available for free here
Blood & Treasure is available on OBS, and is pretty reasonably priced.

Gosh, sorry I missed this!

Agreed. Zaz is low on channel power.

Zaz leveled up now, am good to go!

Hmmm, just in time to level up!

GM Nayr wrote:
Are you interested in diving back in, MrA? Either with Zazaria or a new character?

I'd very much like to if everyone is OK with that. If Zazaria yet lives, I can start playing her again. I think/hope life has settled a bit for now. Unfortunately, I can only commit to one campaign for now.

Hmmm...life is stabilising a bit, after some herculean efforts! Family stuff and extra work has thrown me a bit (bizarre injuries to co-workers: one guy fractured his shoulder trying to get a cat out from under a chair). I also burnt my hand (not badly) on a stovetop, ow, duh. My brain is a bit less addled than pre-Christmas, though.

Hi all

just popped in to say howdy! Hope you had a good holiday season. Sorry I've had to bail on you without much communication but hope you're all well and good.

Hi y'all

Life's been a bit crazy lately, for diverse reasons, as evidenced by my pitiful degree of participation. I'm going to have to bow out, as I'm unable to effectively contribute at this time.

All the best!

Hi folks, life has been more than a little hectic lately - covering many odd shifts for sickness and such, and coming to terms with some family stuff (illness and other things)

Hey team, went on holiday then had my Mum go to hospital. She's out now and totally fine, but did require my attention for a bit.

oh. drat, then. It's labour Weekend in NZ, but I'm working anyways.


I'm a tad busy right now but will get to you next turn.


Varinder does not look forward to going insane with you. However, he shall happily chronicle your descent into madness...recording and savouring every symptom...laughing as your pain and despair deepen...ahem...sorry. Varinder has a few problems arising from the past he cannot remember. He is - seemingly - lousy at throwing knives, yet handy withal.

Dang, forgot...2 damage, mwahaha

Some good, some is just...challenging 8-)

Thanks, Hammer!

Sorry again guys, life is going a bit crazy right now...I'm fine, but there's a few things going on that are a) hectic and b) challenging. Will try to keep up.

Levelled up. A second level in Rogue. A bit better in combat - especially on a ship - and now with Disable Device...

hmmm....levelling up? Great! Except I now have to decide whether to level up as Shaman or Rogue....

Back now. Family - and co-workers - unwell, so extra shifts too. Sigh...

Back again folks...family have been sick and extra shifts at work. All good now I trust.

Gosh, things move fast around here...sorry guys, wife and son have had cold/flu type issue PLUS I've been pulling extra shifts covering for sick people at work too. All good for now i hope.

Wow, that's grand, Ulfric! Congratulations.

Thanks Hammer!

Howdy! Sorry folks, life has been a bit odd and a bit tiring lately. On the plus side, looks like my adventure module is going to be accepted.

Sorry folks, I've been driving all weekend - feels like, in any case - just got back home.

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