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Got it figured now Tap?

We're up and away! Please post in character in the gameplay thread, and put anything you want to discuss out of character in ooc tags, or post it here.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Do you recommend keeping my character's profile char sheet up to date for your reference...e.g., change my equipment to my one item, or do it privately?

Male Human (Garundi) Shaman 2 Rogue 2

ready to go, sorry for the delay

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I keep calling my char 'tat', when I'm meaning to say 'tap'.

Lol; both have a memorable quality to them

No problem at all Kerruk! No, you do not sense your osprey

Tap - yes, please put actions in standard text.

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I'm starting to think this could be a lot of fun...and a nice thing to look forward to each day

Definitely agreed; I always check my games with my morning coffee - I'd sure miss the routine without it! Etiquette wise, you're doing just fine. Now that you wrote a reply, I wait for the others to log something, just in case they "act"at the same time as you, then I'll post to move it along. It can seem painfully slow at times, but it's the only way to keep players from getting lost in the shuffle. It's also why many players have multiple games going on at once.

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Indeed. and thanks.

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Funny. Character thoughts are in plain italics, while whispered messages to another character are put under a spoiler tag. I could do

My Secret Thoughts:
I'm not a Kender...I'm not a f@!~ing Kender.

but that is just funny.

Lol; I use a lot of spoiler tags, relying on the honor system.

Dragging along here; guys still out there?

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Can one make a craft Alchemy check if not trained in the craft alchemy?
Also, I thought craft checks were to make items, and did not count as an action because they were made by the day or week.--Just curious.

Yep, you can use the craft check unchained. When we're not in combat, you can make any skill checks you desire - they do not take up any action, unless you were trying to make something.- like a potion or alchemical device. The only time rounds/turns matter is when we're in combat; I'll let you know when we're there:)

Guys, Sork got too busy with school and is going to have to bow out; want me to put out a recruitment thread for another, or does anyone have a pal that may want to play?

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I have a good friend who has been following along this thread for a week now, and would like to take this opportunity to join.

He's new to Pathfinder like me, but is a professional IRL and can keep commitments. He is a good creative writer, and I think he'd be an asset to our game.

He has a big presentation tomorrow, but can soon join paizo to say hi himself. I will help him roll up his character—perhaps as a cowardly barbarian.

Love a cowardly barbarian; sounds great. Look forward to meeting him. I'll keep us moving in the interim; he can certainly post before his character is fully rolled

Taptap and Arden - you can roll craft alchemy or knowledge nature if you like, since you succeeded with the perception check

Sorry, I am flat out with work this week. :(

No problem at all Sara! I definitely understand real life constraints; just hop in when you can.

And - yes! Sorry; forgot to mention; you each start with 1 hero point

Hey, just a head's up: my home internet is down, possibly for a couple of days (I'm at work at the moment), but I'll check in where possible.

Thanks for the head's up, MrA!

Sorry Tap; I'd figured we cross-posted - hate when that happens

Arden - let me know if you're using your hero point

I want to use it for her Climb roll.

Figured; just wanted to make sure;)

I'd use the bonus of +4 instead of the reroll since the DC is 10

Okay, thank you. So her result for that roll is now 14.

Ha! There's other hope for you Tap, but rigger may not be in your future. I'll update soon

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map
GM Nayr wrote:
Ha! There's other hope for you Tap, but rigger may not be in your future. I'll update soon

Tap would be pretty good at mending sails, ropes, and sailors clothes with his mending cantrip. No reason for pirates not to look their bests..

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

Hi everyone. Tap said that you are maybe looking for another player.


Hi X, and welcome! Feel free to jump right in; I've already half-written the next post, so please don't worry about climbing the rigging. Need any help with your character?

I know that the falling damage is not per PRD rules, before anyone brings it up. If I used to real rules; there's a chance the fall may have killed you;)

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Could have I took 10 all the way up to the crows nest?

I need new dice. ugg

No, not for this challenge

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Hey XIJack. You char looks pretty good, but still. somethings need to be completed I think

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

I am sure, dear Tappity! But, if you are asking whether my cooking ability is no where mentioned, I would just add: neither is there a ship called the Merry Jackal.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

You'd better hope your bluff check obviates X from rolling up a profession check with no bonuses. In any case, I think riggors and deck scrubbers alike expect X-eyed-jack to climb up that pole first—else dub you Pole-less- Jack.

Sorry guys; ton of info in the next post; I'll have it up tonight

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Just having fun :) ...much funner than the book chapter I'm writing right now. ugg make it stop.

Guys - I added quite a bit of info to the campaign tab. First, you'll see I added to the people and places; I'll continue to do so as you progress. Secondly, there is a structure to a pirate's day that we'll be adhering to; you can see the mechanics in the life of a pirate. In addition, there are some rules specific to this adventure - influencing NPC's. You'll find that on this raft, it's who you know that keeps you alive, so read them over. I'll of course guide you through it.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

Quick question: is shirking a ship action? and if instead of working, I choose to try to influence a NPC, i.e. using my ship action for the day on that, does that mean I shirk by default? I mean, I can't give Master Fishguts a compliment on his fine set of teeth, *and* scrub the pots?

My apologies Jack! You indeed need more detail; mechanics below:

Shirk: Take a –2 penalty on all checks for a job’s daily task and take time exploring one area of the ship. The PC can take 10 on a single Perception check or other skill check, but must make a check to avoid being discovered (see below).

Sneak: Make normal checks for a job’s daily task and briefly explore one area of the ship (the PC can make a single Perception check or other skill check with no chance of detection)

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Hey, question. Kerruk and I have damage; I can cast cure light wounds up to twice daily I think.

Is the upcoming swaab job occurring on the same day as I fell?

Can I cast it?

Male Human (Garundi) Shaman 2 Rogue 2

Actually I think I succeeded in my Acrobatics roll so I avoided damage

Correct; and yes you could certainly heal it. However, it's nonlethal damage, so it heals at 1 point per hour

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Thanks. I wasn't aware of the distinction.
Well, if I'm asked to do some really dangerous mopping, that will be my first order of business.

Posted some targets of influence on the campaign thread.

Arden - if you want to roll a new perception, you could use that darn good perception roll for something else. Let me know what you're looking for

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Can I use this for this check?

Sea Shanty (Su): A sea singer learns to counter seasickness and exhaustion during long sea voyages. Each round of a sea shanty, he makes a Perform skill check. Allies within 30 feet (including the sea singer) may use his Perform check in place of a saving throw against becoming exhausted, fatigued, nauseated, or sickened; if already under such an effect, a new save is allowed each round of the sea shanty, using the bard’s Perform check for the save. A sea shanty has no effect on instantaneous effects or effects that do not allow saves. This ability requires audible components.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Also: I am a little confused by what each of these ship actions mean or their potential benefits etc.

In terms of shopping...did I wake up with any of my coin left?

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Kerruk: If GM rules that I can use Sea Shanty, there is a possibility that I can help you with your roll if you happen to be near me.

Male Human (Garundi) Shaman 2 Rogue 2

Sounds good, but I suspect 1 is an auto-fail with or without Bardic help...we'll soon know!

You sure could Tap!

Additional details added on mechanics of ship actions. No, the store definitely wouldn't help you right now.

Which brings up the fact - Jack and Arden, Imm not sure if you let me know what one item you wanted to keep with you; you lose all other of your possessions upon being press ganged into service.

Sorry Kerruk, that's surely a fail. You can spend a hero point to add 4 to the roll if you like, or you can see what the consequences are.

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