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'[dice=Perception (Arcos)]1d20+1[/dice]
'[dice=Perception (Lubella)]1d20+5[/dice]
'[dice=Perception (Talvek)]1d20[/dice]
'[dice=Perception (Fhingle)]1d20+3[/dice]
'[dice=Perception (Sidius)]1d20+3[/dice]

'[dice=Initiative (Arcos)]1d20+4[/dice]
'[dice=Initiative (Lubella)]1d20+4[/dice]
'[dice=Initiative (Talvek)]1d20+1[/dice]
'[dice=Initiative (Fhingle)]1d20+2[/dice]
'[dice=Initiative (Sidius)]1d20+6[/dice]

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Iacobus Sarini has been something of a disappointment to his family for at least the last five years of his seventeen-year-old life. Five years ago he turned his back on centuries (decades at most, really) of filial tradition, leaving behind a promising opportunity as apprentice to a well regarded Egorian Diabolist to join the Church of Iomedae as a lay-squire.
Only national pride (and the potential of a family member with access to the Churches stores of knowledge) kept him from being disowned then & there. As the years passed, Iacobus' reputation within the family steadily declined even as his standing within Iomedae's church continued as little more than one amongst many. His constant drive to prove himself to his peers & faith served merely sufficient, not exemplary. He found refuge in his faith however & looked forward to the day he would stand equal in the ranks. The day he might set forth with his brethren against the evil encroaching against the world. Curiously, both church and family supported him in his espoused goal, either joining the Mendevian Crusade, or the forces at Lastwall.
Sadly, such was not to be. On the eve of his departure, mere days after his investiture, word reached the academy that a force of Iomedaen crusaders had shattered the defenses of Citadel Dinyar & proclaimed themselves a 'Glorious Reclamation' with overthrow of House Thrune their ultimate goal. Though his opinions & values had deviated sharply from his family's over the years, Iacobus still acknowledged Thrune as the lawful (though obviously not just) sovereign of Cheliax. That followers of his goddess would not only attack a military order under such flimsy pretext, but then compound this perfidy with an assault against that pillar of Law proved an indefensible blow to both his faith & his ambition.
Worldview shattered, Iacobus returned to the city of his youth, hung up his armor & armament, and vowed to live out his life as naught but an itinerant scholar. Eschewing contact with his family, Iacobus told himself he was content to end his days as merely 'Iacobus', no longer 'sir' nor 'Sarini.
This lasted less than a week, for less than a week later came the 'Night of Ashes' and with it, came Barzillai Thrune. With Thrune came...
All Iacobus' doubts, self-recriminations, unanswered questions. All the hopes he denied & fears he ignored. Presented with undeniable evidence of the utter injustice of the Thrune regime, Iacobus found himself adrift.

Seeking answers, Iacobus found himself one amongst many in the square fronting the Kintargo Opera house on that fateful day when Barzillai Thrune 'let the dogs out'. Having set aside his warrior's mantle, Iacobus was unprepared for the cruel savagery of the Archduke's responce. Forced to flee for his life, Iacobus found new resolve. Never again would the House of Thrune rest easy with their boot upon Kintargo's neck. Simple Iacobus the scholar might have little he could do to thwart them, but another might touch them roughly, teach them the meaning of justice. Where once Silver Ravens flew, an Iron Crow would stalk.

I'd be looking at submitting a former dottari with a love for running the night shifts. He handed in his resignation after the Night of Ashes, in which his normal patrols were changed so he'd stay out of Thrune's way.

He is the son of a retired Hellknight of the Order of the Scourge and his childhood crush. Like many within the Order of the Scourge his father isn't too fond of house Thrune, which is why he and his wife moved to Kintargo from Egorian. His father functioned as a contact with the Order of the Scourge for both the dottari and the previous lord-mayor until he retired a few years ago.

My character would have been born in Egorian but has grown up in Kintargo, having moved there at age 3. He would have been raised with a healthy distrust of greater Cheliax but also a love for the Law. This even resulted in a brief stint as an Order of the Scourge armiger but the character would have only lasted a few months. In his opinion they are still too blind in their obsession with Order and forget that the law should serve the people and the people shouldn't just serve the law.

He would be Lawful Good but be more about Law than about the laws and he'd see what Thrune is doing as perverting the Law for his own gain. He'd see himself as the conscious of the group, keeping wanton behaviour in check and making sure they don't lose sight of their goal.
I'm not sure on class yet. I'd be looking at Cavalier using the Constable archetype (order of the scales), Slayer using the Vanguard archetype or just Fighter. In case of the Cavalier I might also end up multiclassing as Fighter.

Silver Crusade

Taliesan's submission here with Morvious Krupt, a human originally native to Kintargo who left in order to work for House Thrune elsewhere. After a mistake that led to him being caught by a number of worshippers of Zon-Kuthon in Egorian, he was left marked as an Egorian Denatsate. After this, he was disavowed and unceremoniously tossed aside by the Thrice Damned House of Thrune, leading him to swear to undermine their efforts. He returned to Kintargo, and seeks to work against Thrune in any way he can.

Morvious holds a great hatred for House Thrune now, and if word reached him about people working against it, he would gladly seek them out to render assistance. Despite his hatred, he doesn't hold any great grudge with those who only work for Thrune to keep food on the table, as he himself once worked for them. Instead, he reserves his hatred for those who take pleasure in their service to Thrune.

Since his return to Kintargo, he has mainly worked as a trapper operating out of the city, and so has mostly escaped the effects of Barzillai Thrune's edicts, however, he recognises that the edicts do leave him a golden opportunity.

Morvious Krupt crunch:

Morvious Krupt
Male Human Slayer (Guerrilla) 2
CN Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +6; Senses Perception +4
AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15 (+5 armor, +2 dex, +0 shield)
hp 20
Fort +5 +1 vs Drugs or poisons, Ref +5, Will +0 +1 vs Mind affecting
Speed 20 ft.

Melee Longsword +6 (1d8+3,19-20/X2) or Longsword +4 (1d8+3,19-20/X2), Shortsword +3 (1d6+1 19-20/X2)
With Power AttackLongsword +5 (1d8+5 19-20/X2) or Longsword +3 (1d8+5 19-20/X2), Shortsword +2 (1d6+2 19-20/X2)
Ranged Shortbow +4 (1d6+2)

Special Modifiers9
+1 to attack during surprise,
+1 attack and damage against agents of House Thrune or worshippers of Asmodeus
+1 attack and damage against studied target
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +2; CMB +5; CMD 17
Traits Ex-Asmodean, Secret Revolutionary, Unpredictable Reactions
Drawbacks Foul Brand (Bears the marks of an Egorian Denatsate)
Feats Power Attack (Human Bonus), Improved Initiative, Two Weapon Fighting
Skills Adventure *Acrobatics +7, Bluff -1, *Climb +8, Diplomacy -1, Disguise +5, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (local) +6, Perception +5, *Stealth +7, Survival +5. Background Craft (Traps) +5, Lore (Asmodeus) +3, Profession (Trapper) +4
ACP -3

*ACP applies to these skills
Non-Standard Skill Bonuses +1 Stealth while motionless,
+1 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks attempted against studied Target

Languages Common, Infernal

Alternate Human Slayer Favoured Class Bonus: Gain 1/6 of a new slayer talent.
Slayer Talents: As a slayer gains experience, he learns a number of talents that aid him and confound his foes. Starting at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter, a slayer gains one slayer talent.
Ranger Combat Style Feat:Two Weapon Fighting
Strike First, Strike Last (Ex): A guerrilla adds half his level on Stealth checks when remaining motionless and reduces the penalty on Stealth checks when sniping by an equal amount. He also gains this bonus on his initiative checks in surprise rounds whenever he is aware of the surprise round and at least one enemy is unaware. This replaces track and swift tracker
Studied Target (Ex): A slayer can study an opponent he can see as a move action. The slayer then gains a +1 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks attempted against that opponent, and a +1 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against it. The DCs of slayer class abilities against that opponent increase by 1. A slayer can only maintain these bonuses against one opponent at a time; these bonuses remain in effect until either the opponent is dead or the slayer studies a new target. If a slayer deals sneak attack damage to a target, he can study that target as an immediate action, allowing him to apply his studied target bonuses against that target (including to the normal weapon damage roll).

Combat Equipment Masterwork Lamellar(Horn) Armour, Masterwork Longsword, Shortsword, Composite Shortbow (+2), Potion of Cure Light Wounds (2), Arrows (40)
Non Combat Equipment Travellers Outfit, Artisans Tools, Backpack, Bedroll, Belt pouch, Flint and steel, Iron pot, Manacles, Mess kit, Rope, Torches (10), Trail rations (5 days), Waterskin, Scarf (Worth 1 gold) .
Carrying Capacity
Light 0-76 lb. Medium 77-153 lb. Heavy 154-230 lb.
Current Load Carried 91 lb.

Money 70 GP 0 SP 0 CP

There is further appearance and personality details in the Alias, as well as slightly more background info.

Liberty's Edge

I'll be dropping out of this recruitment, I have too many ongoing games. Good luck to all!

Bale Fire wrote:

How do you feel about Aquatic Elves? They're mentioned in the Player Guide, but they're also not Core, so I wanted to be sure. :)

Totally cool with aquatic elves in this AP.

Dodekatheon wrote:

GM, I came up with a concept I really like for a Tiefling; I feel she’ll have plenty of hooks to Kintargo and motivation to ally with existing players. I do want to make sure of one thing though; you mentioned nixing the variant ability tables. The alternate heritages (Onispawn and so forth) are stilp viable though, correct?

Yep, the alternative heritages are fine. Onispawn away!

Liberty's Edge

Here is my character, Kotack, a Strix Invulnerable Rager Urban Barbarian who was cast out from his tribe when he was young. He has been traveling the coast of Cheliax up to Kintargo since then.

DM Barzillai Thrune:

Peet wrote:
I have a character, Hryvnas Raszamy...

For the record, Hryvnas is a Plumekith (Garuda-Blooded) Aasimar, but has the Scion of Humanity trait so he looks human. Is that allowed? If not I could possibly switch it with something else.

Other than a few touch ups in the alias, here is my submission. Lonan is a front line combatant with a broad skill range (including trap-finding), a big mouth and a heart of gold. I've scribbled some background notes below, I intend to expand on them before the deadline.

Background notes:
Lonan was born in the slums of Kintargo. A troublesome child, he found himself on the wrong end of a beating for stealing or vandalism more than once. It wasn't until Shea Vestari found him and took him in that his life seemed to find purpose. Raised among the tieflings of the cloven hoof society, he became something of an unofficial champion for their cause.

Lonan has worked to uphold the rights of his brethren for years. He is a little reckless and undisciplined though, and his love of booze and gambling has gotten him into trouble countless times.

Though I am still making a few adjustments, including finishing up gear purchases and some tweaking to personality and description, the profile for Baolo Halden is ready for review.

Here is a rundown of the submissions to date:

Beorn The Divine Half-Orc Bard (Arcane Duelist) stats are lvl 3
Sora Tsukiga human (Tian-Min) samurai (sword saint)
Seannon Starfall Halfling Swashbuckler (Flying Blade)
Ove Dyrendal Human (Varisian) warpriest of Calistria
Hryvnas Raszamy Plumekith Aasimar Warpriest (Cult Leader) stats are lvl 1
Madok Bonecruncher Human Barbarian Needs Background
Talvek Drassed stats background tiefling investigator (empiricist) /swashbuckler (inspired blade)
Weller Helfdane Human Slayer
Arkthor Oni-spawn tiefling unchained barbarian
Reynard Freeman Tiefling fighter (armiger, mutation warrior)
Nilly Fratz Dwarf fighter (two handed)/cleric
Hargrev Melissenos Human brawler
Val'Kresh Manbreaker Tiefling (Pitborn) Primalist Steelblood Bloodrager
Iacobus Sarini Human (Chelish) ex-Paladin/ Vigilante
Morvious Krupt Human Slayer (Guerrilla)
Kotack Strix Invulnerable Rager Urban Barbarian
Lonan Hark Tiefling (Pitborn) Slayer
Baolo Halden mythweavers sheet Human Fighter

Please speak up if I've missed you.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Holy cow thats a lot of options for a replacement. Like, multiple full campaigns worth. Its always a little impressive on this site. hah

Lubella Heathertoes wrote:
Hryvnas Raszamy Plumekith Aasimar Warpriest (Cult Leader) stats are lvl 1

Oh, right.

That isn't too hard to fix.

I'd like to wait to buy things like rations and bedrolls until after I find out if I am picked, though.

Hells rebels is always a big draw of players

I was using Mira Longustus in another HR game, when the GM sort of disappeared on us?


She's yours if you want her--I'm in another HR game but Mira and that character are super different. I'll be more than happy to redo the gold for her as well, and will have to mess with stuff like feat choices or whatever to mesh, but it'll be an easy fix.

Throwing my hat into the ring here, albeit a little late into the game. Any game Lubella's player is in and enjoy's is one that I would like to be in as well.

Lonnie is an Id bloodrager (Kindness focus) 1/ Splintersoul vigilante 1 (Having just gained the level of vigilante as a coping mechanism when he had to kill people during the riot.) who is a teamwork focused melee bruiser. If your standing next to him you're likely getting +5 AC and an extra attack every round along with his usual damage. He's also a fair diplomat, but that's aside point.

Roleplay wise Lonnie is just about the nicest person you'll find in Kintargo, his family is well liked in their neighborhood and are a major part of Lonnie's life. In his social identity he only uses non-lethal means of combat. In his vigilante identity he is mostly the same with one key difference, brutal efficiency, he'll hurt his enemy in any way he can to win the fight or hinder them. He's also a purveyor of recreational drugs such as fleyleaf, beladona and tobacoo.


Hope I get good consideration, started this guy in a hell's rebels game that fizzled out and would really like to play him again.

I've updated Lonan's backstory and appearance in the profile tab of the alias; I plan to try and flesh him out a little more before we hit the deadline. Is it still December 11th? If so, which timezone?

Lonan Hark wrote:
If so, which timezone?

I think DM Barzillai Thrune is in either the Central or Eastern time zone. I'd assume EST (GMT-5) to be safe.

Just over a day to go. Updated list:

Beorn The Divine Half-Orc Bard (Arcane Duelist) stats are lvl 3
Sora Tsukiga human (Tian-Min) samurai (sword saint)
Seannon Starfall Halfling Swashbuckler (Flying Blade)
Ove Dyrendal Human (Varisian) warpriest of Calistria
Hryvnas Raszamy Plumekith Aasimar Warpriest (Cult Leader)
Madok Bonecruncher Human Barbarian Needs Background
Talvek Drassed stats background tiefling investigator (empiricist) /swashbuckler (inspired blade)
Weller Helfdane Human Slayer
Arkthor Oni-spawn tiefling unchained barbarian
Reynard Freeman Tiefling fighter (armiger, mutation warrior)
Nilly Fratz Dwarf fighter (two handed)/cleric
Hargrev Melissenos Human brawler
Val'Kresh Manbreaker Tiefling (Pitborn) Primalist Steelblood Bloodrager
Iacobus Sarini Human (Chelish) ex-Paladin/ Vigilante
Morvious Krupt Human Slayer (Guerrilla)
Kotack Strix Invulnerable Rager Urban Barbarian
Lonan Hark Tiefling (Pitborn) Slayer
Baolo Halden mythweavers sheet Human Fighter
Mira Longustus Human Unchained Rogue (Scout)
Lonnie Maldron Human Id Bloodrager (Kindness focus), Splintersoul vigilante

Grand Lodge

Madok! A member of an especially isolated Barbarian tribe up north, the Bone-Cruncher earned his nickname both by his ferocity in battle and at mealtime. Sent to the city of outcasts "to prove his might" (to keep the rest of the tribe from starving, in fact), this none-too-bright barbarian is ready for action. He's far from the smartest, and he's not even the strongest, but not many men take a hit quite like Madok.

Okay, checked over your first discussion page and I made a miniature list of stuff that'd need changing should Mira get picked.

-Items, needed to be redone for 1000gp, not actually an issue.

-Skills, she'd need 2 more skills since we weren't using Background skills rules. Sleight of Hand and Linguistics are background already, so these could be any skill in the book really.

-HP, We rolled for ours, so that'll need to come back down just a tad.

-Feats, I’d change her skill focus from acrobatics to perception. Her acrobatics was already fine, and you guys didn’t have anyone with trapfinding so this will help more in the long run.

-Slight background tweak, she's still against Thrune for an incredibly petty reason (my favorite bar burned down and you closed my god's church, how dare you), but this time I assume she would have joined the ravens after the fact rather than accidentally starting them. She was at the protest, probably ran like hell because she's got a cowardly streak.

-I also noticed that your player who vanished and my gm who vanished were the same person. That's not actually a change, that just struck me as a weird coincidence. Hope his new job's treating him right.

With that great list of applicants I'll step out. Good luck all and enjoy the game.

And after further thinking about it, the extra skills would be as follows:

-Appraise (1 rank)
-Knowledge Local (1 rank)
-Survival (2 ranks) - she's got Heart of the Slums, so I might as well give the party an option to track things, avoid getting lost, and know what the weather is going to be a day out or so for as long as we're within urban or underground settings.

Recruitment is now closed! Thank you to everyone who has submitted a character - I'll be conferring with my players to make the final determination. That won't be easy, since there's a lot of good work to sift through.

Thanks again!

Cool, can't wait for the results. Who ever gets in, I hope fun is had!

Silver Crusade

Good luck one and all!

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Nilly Fratz wrote:
Good luck one and all!

What he said.

Any movement on decisions, friends?

I've communicated my notes to DM Barzillai Thrune, and he is going through the applications. His stated intention is to finalize the selection by the end of this week.

Excellent, thank you for the update!

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Lubella Heathertoes wrote:
I've communicated my notes to DM Barzillai Thrune, and he is going through the applications. His stated intention is to finalize the selection by the end of this week.

Do you know if he means tomorrow, or some time over the weekend?

I don't have any further information on the time frame, sorry.

Sorry about going AWOL like that - work has sapped my ability to check the boards during business hours, and I got hit with a nasty cold and automotive issues over the weekend, which soured my mood to doing anything but lie on a couch. However, I'm taking advantage of the servers being down today to FINALLY get this resolved!

And let me tell you, you guys didn't make this easy. There's a lot of well-crafted and well-written submissions, so this was not easy. In the end, I had to go with what I thought was missing mechanically from the group, and what would create the best story possible moving forward.

Talvek Drassed - welcome to the resistance!

Everyone else, I hope you find homes for your characters - there's plenty of devil fascists out there, and they all need to face justice at the point of your sword!

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Congrats Talvek

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Attention GMs: There were a lot of great submissions to this recruitment, and only one slot to fill! If you're looking for another PC for your campaign, there are some strong candidates here.

[larger]Recruitment for two 2nd lvl PCs[/larger]

Our previous Gm had to withdraw from the game due to work circumstances. We have recruited a new GM, and are ready to get moving again, but we need to top up our player complement.
We are looking for 2 new PCs. One will be a healer (not a heal-bot): someone capable of removing adverse conditions (stat loss, disease, blindness, death etc). The other is more open: we could use some more damage output (could be melee, ranged or spells); other abilities that complement the party will be considered. We are already strong on skills, so they won't be a major consideration (exception: Heal would be considered an asset).

The recruitment will close 11:59 PM PST (GMT-8) on Wednesday, Feb 14.

• Posting Expectations: Once per weekday, and once per weekend.

• Level: 2nd

• Races: Core, plus Tiefling, Strix and Tengu.

• Classes: Paizo only, no Occult. Unchained classes should be used where available.

• Alignment: Any non-evil. Your character should be willing to overthrow the legitimate government. Team players only, please.

• Abilities: 20 point buy.

• Skills: We are using Background Skills.

• Traits: Characters will start with two traits. One must be a campaign trait listed in the Hell's Rebels Player's Guide. You may take a third trait if you take a Drawback.

• Hit Points: Max for first lvl, half rounded up after that.

• Starting Gold: 1,000 gp.

• You do not need a Reason to Protest (the Aria Park protest has already happened).

• It is three days after the Aria Park protest. The events there are common knowledge (see the start of the gameplay thread).

If you submitted a candidate to our December recruitment, you may re-submit the same application, or make a different one if you wish.

Please read the free Hell's Rebels Player's Guide for background information.
Important background note: The player's guide gives the impression that the Silver Ravens are an active organization that you could have links to. This is not the case — it is about to be revived.

Current Party Members:
Talvek Drassed — Tiefling Investigator (empiricist) 1/Swashbuckler (inspired blade) 1
Lubella Heathertoes — Halfling Bard (dawnflower dervish) 2
Arcos Vadreis — Human Vigilante (warlock) 2

dotting. Time to hmm. :\aa

What is your GMs feelings on the divine fighting technique feast, particularly for Desna and the hideous things it can do with starknives?

Resubmitting Argentina: skill monkey with decent damage output.

Hmmm hmmm hmmm.

I'm gonna toss out this crunch portion of the character idea for the time being. I'll come up with the backstory specifics soon enough but I'll be using a lesser known Bard Archetype.

Crunch for Brydan Blackbury:

Brydan Blackbury
Male rakshasa-spawn tiefling bard (arcane healer) 2 (Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of Fiends 23, Pathfinder Player Companion: Faiths & Philosophies, Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 264)
CG Medium outsider (native), Human (Humanoid)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +3
AC 16, touch 13, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +3 Dex)
hp 13 (2d8)
Fort +0, Ref +6, Will +2; +4 vs. bardic performance, language-dependent, and sonic
Resist cold 5, electricity 5, fire 5
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)
Melee whip +4 (1d3 nonlethal)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft. (15 ft. with whip)
Special Attacks bardic performance 10 rounds/day (countersong, distraction, fascinate [DC 15], inspire courage +1), channel positive energy 1/day (DC 14, 1d6)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 2nd; concentration +6)
1/day—detect thoughts (DC 16)
Bard (Arcane Healer) Spells Known (CL 2nd; concentration +6)
1st (3/day)—charm person (DC 15), cure light wounds, discern next of kin[ACG] (DC 15)
0 (at will)—detect magic, message, open/close (DC 14), prestidigitation, spark[APG] (DC 14)
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 18
Base Atk +1; CMB +1; CMD 14
Feats Weapon Finesse
Traits canter, natural born leader
Skills Acrobatics +0 (-4 to jump), Bluff +9, Disguise +13, Intimidate +9, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +7 (+9 to navigate underground), Knowledge (local) +7, Knowledge (nature) +7, Knowledge (nobility) +3, Knowledge (planes) +7, Knowledge (religion) +7, Linguistics +7, Perception +3, Perform (sing) +9, Sense Motive +6 (+11 to intercept a secret message), Spellcraft +6, Stealth +5, Survival -1 (+1 to avoid becoming lost); Racial Modifiers +2 Disguise, +2 Sense Motive
Languages Common, Elven, Infernal, Shadowtongue, Strix
SQ bardic knowledge +1
Other Gear mwk hide shirt, whip, abacus[APG], billow cape[ARG], compass[APG], courtesan's kit[ACG], disguise kit, masterwork backpack[APG], mug/tankard, sewing needle, snuffbox, bone[ACG], spell component pouch, waterskin (2), 494 gp, 4 sp, 8 cp
Special Abilities
Bard Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (1/day, DC 14) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.
Bardic Knowledge +1 (Ex) Add +1 to all knowledge skill checks.
Bardic Performance (standard action, 10 rounds/day) Your performances can create magical effects.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Energy Resistance, Cold (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Cold attacks.
Energy Resistance, Electricity (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Electricity attacks.
Energy Resistance, Fire (5) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Fire attacks.
Pass for Human (Racial) Discrimination against tieflings with horrifically fiendish features is so intense that even tieflings look up to those precious few of their kind who can pass as human. These tieflings have otherworldly features that are so subtle, they aren’t often noticed unless the tiefling points them out (for example, eyes that flash red in the throes of passion, or fingernails that are naturally hard and pointed). Such a tiefling doesn’t need to succeed at a Disguise check to appear to be human and count as humanoid (human) as well as outsider (native) for all purposes (such as humanoid-affecting spells like charm person or enlarge person). The tiefling does not automatically gain his associated outsider language (but may select it as a bonus language if his Intelligence score is high enough), and he may not select other racial traits that would grant him obviously fiendish features (such as the fiendish sprinter, maw or claw, prehensile tail, scaled skin, or vestigial wings alternate racial traits). This ability alters the tiefling’s type, subtype, and languages.

I'll be vying for the role of healer. I won't be able to really ramp up my ability as one till next level. (I can function as one right now, but I won't be able to do much with my spells apart from saving them for CLWs for now as I only have one Channel. I'll be taking Extra Channel at 3rd Level, then 5th level will be Skill Focus (Sense Motive), and then likely one more Channel at 7th to bring me to 6 Channels per day. Couple that with my Spells per day and I should be able to keep up reasonably so long as the dice gods just aren't for us.)

Oh course, being a bard I'll have plenty of skills and Knowledges to help the group, however I'll be leaving the DPS to the rest as the best I'll manage is using a whip for trip or disarm purposes and leave proper combat to the rest of you guys. Of course, there is also Bard buffs as well.

I prefer to at least get my crunch up quickly in case there are any mistakes that need to be corrected but everything in it is Paizo material and I can offer sources if needed/requested.

Quick question, is VMC allowed?

Well, I got something up. Here is Meridas.

Half-Orc Spirit Guide Life Oracle. He should have plenty of healing pop, and his Spirit Guide stuff will give a lot of versatility and access to hexes. Conceptually, Meridas was once a paladin of Iomedae that has forsworn violence for personal reasons. He's a realistic pacifist; he doesn't believe that enemies will just roll over and talk because you ask them nicely, but believes that if he truly follows his convictions he can inspire otherwise.

If anything looks janky or you want something expanded on just let me know!

Dodekatheon wrote:
Quick question, is VMC allowed?

Not knowing much about how VMC plays with the standard version, I will take the advice provided in the PRD and avoid it since we already have multi class characters.

"...It is probably a good idea to use either this variant system or normal multiclassing, but it's possible for the two systems to be used together..."

I think I'll split the difference and put together a Warpriest of Milani (intending to eventually go Sentinel). Unless I talk myself into an Armiger of the Order of the Torrent, like I submitted in December. Probably go Paladin there and still aim for combat+healing.

Sounds good GM! I decided not to anyway :p

Trinam wrote:

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What is your GMs feelings on the divine fighting technique feast, particularly for Desna and the hideous things it can do with starknives?

In general, I do not have a problem with it, and like the flavor. At higher levels, it looks like it can become more complex, but then again so can pouncing bat-riding barbarians. :-)

If after playing awhile, the players notice a feat combination becoming a problem for the collective "group-fun", then I would suggest toning it down or strike a balance to contribute in other areas.

@Argentina: I should point out that Aasimar is not on the list of playable races, unless GM Aarvid decides otherwise.

Ahh peas. I've been recognized. WELL, I might as well see what I can come up with anyways. 8D

@Lubella: Oh, ooops. I must have made her for a different recruitment. Good catch!

Repeating from the previous recruitment:

We're going to be trying to build popular support for the Silver Ravens, without alienating people we don't have to. This applies particularly to the dottari — they signed up to serve the city, and aren't necessarily thrilled with doing Barzillai Thrune's dirty work. We'll want to avoid killing dottari when we can (sneaking into a barracks and slitting throats is probably counterproductive).

Scarab Sages

I'd rather like to make a Hellknight member of the Order of the Torrent. This is a very small order (23 members, I think I read) that has never had an evil-aligned member, and they're famous for rescuing victims of abduction. The leader of this order, Lictor Octavio Sabinus, has not been heard from since Thrune brought in the Order of the Rack, sacked the Order of the Torrent's Citadel Vaull, and declared all their members outlaws.

Would there be a way to work that in, or would it be too complicated (perhaps if this order has a significant part written into the future plot)?

Hmm... I was in a campaign for this but it abruptly ended shortly after we hit level two. I loved the character and the feel of the AP, so...

I'll submit Aldren, a half-elf cleric of Calistria, smart ass with a cute ass. Despite some dark touches in his background, he is not evil and despises the Thrunes and their lackeys for abusing the people of Kintargo and taking over the local Calistrian temple. He holds grudges but is also fiercely loyal to those who earn his trust... and all too happy to exact revenge against those who've wronged his friends.

Some tweaks I would make include switching his channel to positive energy (without a variant), increase spend to 1,000gp, and drop his Wisdom to 18 to conform with the 20-point buy.

Depending on house rules, I can also drop the Alter Self ability. It comes from Blood of Shadows as the "Flexible Half-Breed" alternate racial ability.

Scarab Sages

A little more thought on my Order of the Torrent Hellknight idea:

While under normal circumstances a Hellknight most certainly wouldn't work with rebellious types, the circumstances for the Order of the Torrent are very particular right now. Even if the character has a lawful alignment, I think he'll be so opposed to the actions taken by Thrune that working toward rebellion is perfectly justifiable. I'm not sure yet whether it would make more sense for the character to be working toward restoration of the Order of the Torrent (and perhaps have some contact with Lictor Octavio Sabinus?), or to believe it's hopeless even if others are trying to restore it, and turning his back on it completely (perhaps not having a lawful alignment any longer, then).

Furthermore, we're too low-level for the character to actually have any levels in the Hellknight or Signifer prestige classes, anyway--and given the recent tumultuous events he may not be able to go that route when he levels up, either.
So his former (and possibly current, depending on how he sees it) membership in the Order of the Torrent is more a story thing than something that has any bearing on his class choice.

GM, does your background knowledge of the AP allow you any insight based upon which you could advise me here?

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