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Full Name

Baolo Halden




Cleric (Hidden Priest) / 3 | AC 16 T 11 F 15 | HP 26/26 | F +5 R +2 W +6| | Channel Energy: 4/4 | Agile Feet 6/6 | Init +2








Chaotic Good


Cayden Cailean




Common, Halfling


Brewer and Innkeep

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Strength 15
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 17
Charisma 12

About Baolo Halden

Baolo Halden

With the Church of the Drunken Hero having burned to the ground during the Chelish Civil War and its worshipers hunted to near extinction, it is indeed Kintargo's strong spirit and the former Lord Mayor's light hand that ensured an underground resurgence of the Drunken Hero's worship. Born to two such worshipers, one a guard in Jilia Bainilus' service and the other a priestess to the Drunken Hero who quietly expressed her faith through a small inn called "The Plentiful Tankard", Baolo was secretly raised to respect Cayden's tenets of freedom and bravery. A native Kintargan, that inn that was his home in the seedier part of the city, his first work was assisting his mother in running the inn where at night he would listen to his mother tell tales of the history of Kintargo's rebellious spirit. It was these stories that fueled the young human's interest in the history of the rebellious groups that came before. As he grew, Baolo applied his mother's lessons and hid his faith behind the brewing done at the inn. In this brewing, he found a closer connection to the Drunken Hero, eventually becoming a priest in secret. Baolo continued to help in the running of the inn, keeping his head down and his thoughts to himself. The inn itself was rather simple, and offered a place for the common working man to retreat too after a long day's work. Indeed, the only discreet sign that the inn held anything more than a friendly and boisterous atmosphere was the silver tankard that shared a place among the other wooden and iron tankards gracing the tavern's wall. However, about two weeks before the protests that overran Aria Park, his life changed. His father disappearing at the same time as the former Lord Mayor and the new Lord Mayor Thrune levying ever harsher edicts, Baolo decided it was time to do something about the new Thrune who had the gall to stifle Kintargo's freedom even further. Recalling his mother's stories, and growing tired of seeing the image of Queen Thrune in the window of his family's business, he decided to protest the government. Hearing rumors of such a gathering forming at Aria Park, he decided to go and let his voice be heard.

Standing at 5'9" tall, Baolo is broad-shouldered and decked out in a heavy plated coat. In contrast to his sturdy form, a slim rapier is sheathed at his hip and he holds a clay tankard in his left hand, which he occasionally takes a drink from. Under his armor is tough, durable clothing though his boots are soft-soled. Fully equipped, he looks nothing more than a mercenary. When not wearing his armor, a simple innkeep's apron is tied off over his stained clothing.

Cheerful and boisterous, Baolo often acts if he doesn't have a care in the world. Though, deep down, his love of his home city keeps him up at night. He often grows impatient and is one who prefers to react instantly to a situation. This impatience does cause him to get riled up at times and some who don't know him well think that he is short-tempered. To his friends however, he is loyal, and endearing. Slightly superstitious, he can often be seen taking a drink of good, strong alcohol to steel his resolve.

Progression Plan:
Will continue in cleric and later multiclass into the Brewkeeper prestige class, if allowed