Sic Semper Tyrannis! (Thrune's Hell's Rebels Revived)

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GM Screen:

'[dice=Perception (Aldren)]1d20+1[/dice]
'[dice=Perception (Arcos)]1d20+1[/dice]
'[dice=Perception (Lubella)]1d20+5[/dice]
'[dice=Perception (Talvek)]1d20[/dice]
'[dice=Perception (Kenji)]1d20+3[/dice]
'[dice=Perception (Sidius)]1d20+0[/dice]

'[dice=Initiative (Arcos)]1d20+5[/dice]
'[dice=Initiative (Lubella)]1d20+4[/dice]
'[dice=Initiative (Talvek)]1d20+5[/dice]
'[dice=Initiative (Sidius)]1d20+6[/dice]
'[dice=Initiative (Kenji)]1d20+2[/dice]
'[dice=Initiative ()]1d20[/dice]

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"Though the petals of the Rose have withered and fallen, the bloom remains vibrant and strong"

Thinking about a Human (Chelaxian) Cleric (Evangelist) of Milani, or a Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Urban Ranger). Will need some time to put thoughts to page.

Keante wrote:

A little more thought on my Order of the Torrent Hellknight idea:

** spoiler omitted **
GM, does your background knowledge of the AP allow you any insight based upon which you could advise me here?

I’ve been considering something similar, actually. Interested to see what the GM thinks.

Keante wrote:
GM, does your background knowledge of the AP allow you any insight based upon which you could advise me here?

Actually there is a part for the Order later in the AP, so it would fit thematically.

Keante wrote:

A little more thought on my Order of the Torrent Hellknight idea:

** spoiler omitted **
GM, does your background knowledge of the AP allow you any insight based upon which you could advise me here?

Were you thinking more combat or healing? If you aren't looking to be a healer, the Armiger Fighter Archetype is specifically meant to represent low-ranking Hellknights. I'm thinking about doing a warpriest myself. Could be our characters are two armigers who managed to escape detection, then somehow came into contact with the rebels?

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Ouachitonian wrote:
Were you thinking more combat or healing? If you aren't looking to be a healer, the Armiger Fighter Archetype is specifically meant to represent low-ranking Hellknights. I'm thinking about doing a warpriest myself. Could be our characters are two armigers who managed to escape detection, then somehow came into contact with the rebels?

I was definitely leaning toward the combat role they want, though I hadn't decided yet whether to do it as strong power attacker or as an archer.

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Lubella Heathertoes wrote:

Recruitment for two 2nd lvl PCs

Our previous Gm had to withdraw from the game due to work circumstances. We have recruited a new GM, and are ready to get moving again, but we need to top up our player complement.
We are looking for 2 new PCs. One will be a healer (not a heal-bot): someone capable of removing adverse conditions (stat loss, disease, blindness, death etc). The other is more open: we could use some more damage output (could be melee, ranged or spells); other abilities that complement the party will be considered. We are already strong on skills, so they won't be a major consideration (exception: Heal would be considered an asset).

The recruitment will close 11:59 PM PST (GMT-8) on Wednesday, Feb 14.

• Posting Expectations: Once per weekday, and once per weekend.

• Level: 2nd

• Races: Core, plus Tiefling, Strix and Tengu.

• Classes: Paizo only, no Occult. Unchained classes should be used where available.

• Alignment: Any non-evil. Your character should be willing to overthrow the legitimate government. Team players only, please.

• Abilities: 20 point buy.

• Skills: We are using Background Skills.

• Traits: Characters will start with two traits. One must be a campaign trait listed in the Hell's Rebels Player's Guide. You may take a third trait if you take a Drawback.

• Hit Points: Max for first lvl, half rounded up after that.

• Starting Gold: 1,000 gp.

• You do not need a Reason to Protest (the Aria Park protest has already happened).

• It is three days after the Aria Park protest. The events there are common knowledge (see the start of the gameplay thread).

I don't have the story stuff written out yet, but wanted to present a character sheet for a look-over: Myth Weavers sheet

This is Variel, a ranger with the Ilsurian Archer and Urban Ranger archetypes. While he probably won't ever take the Hellknight prestige class, he is an affiliate of the Order of the Torrent and had (has?) aspirations of attaining true membership by passing the Test (single combat with a devil).

Thinking over a paladin. Seems to fit your desired roles well as well as good flavor.

The one thing I'll say is that I'd avoid being a paladin of Abadar. I could be wrong, but my impression is that you could end up being in conflict with your church, which would be an impossible situation for a paladin.

Thanks for the heads up, that was exactly what I was pondering. The Player's Guide doesn't say Abadar isn't a choice but I will change my approach.

Again, thanks.

I say that because of the following in-game response from Laria Longroad:

DM Barzillai Thrune wrote:
But the Abadarites? Ha! Don't make me laugh. They're not quite the lapdogs of House Thrune or the Church of Asmodeus, but they seem to be loyal to the office of the Lord-Mayor, regardless of the person in charge. All I've seen them care about is that the House of Golden Veils' coffers are full, and the rest of the city be damned.

Paladins in general would seem to be a good fit fighting against the evil devil worshipers of the city. However, the devil worshipers are the legal authorities so the paladin code could be a balancing act. I actually like to play paladins, but just be prepared to have some moral tests as a rebel-raiser. :)

...Well, since I can't think of a way to make starknives work without being a bard (and being a bard would be redundant), guess it's time to figure out a paladin of Shelyn becuase LOVE TRUMPS... uh... DEVILS.

Yeah. Okay.

Okay, I made a paladin who is... she bores easily, she's questionably competent at anything that isn't playing a violin or talking people into going along with one of her crazy schemes, and her favorite forms of artistic expression involve artistic puzzle blocks because you can break them apart and put them back together, making it an art form that can give even the unartistic a way to experience the joy of creation.

She's not sure yet if she's 100% on board with the REVOLT train, but she know something needs doing since Kintargo's lost the love, man.

Also because the rules involving Shelynites are sort of annoying to actually follow... she liked being able to just play her violin in peace, but since it's basically how she prays for an hour a day... /shrug

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm involved in another HR game with a crazy CN wizard lady who is... basically nothing like this nerd. Luckily for us all, I have the memory of a goldfish if necessary. :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would like to re-apply with Iacobus Sarini

Background review:
Iacobus Sarini has been something of a disappointment to his family for at least the last five years of his seventeen-year-old life. Five years ago he turned his back on centuries (decades at most, really) of filial tradition, leaving behind a promising opportunity as apprentice to a well regarded Egorian Diabolist to join the Church of Iomedae as a lay-squire.
Only national pride (and the potential of a family member with access to the Churches stores of knowledge) kept him from being disowned then & there. As the years passed, Iacobus' reputation within the family steadily declined even as his standing within Iomedae's church continued as little more than one amongst many. His constant drive to prove himself to his peers & faith served merely sufficient, not exemplary. He found refuge in his faith however & looked forward to the day he would stand equal in the ranks. The day he might set forth with his brethren against the evil encroaching against the world. Curiously, both church and family supported him in his espoused goal, either joining the Mendevian Crusade, or the forces at Lastwall.
Sadly, such was not to be. On the eve of his departure, mere days after his investiture, word reached the academy that a force of Iomedaen crusaders had shattered the defenses of Citadel Dinyar & proclaimed themselves a 'Glorious Reclamation' with overthrow of House Thrune their ultimate goal. Though his opinions & values had deviated sharply from his family's over the years, Iacobus still acknowledged Thrune as the lawful (though obviously not just) sovereign of Cheliax. That followers of his goddess would not only attack a military order under such flimsy pretext, but then compound this perfidy with an assault against that pillar of Law proved an indefensible blow to both his faith & his ambition.
Worldview shattered, Iacobus returned to the city of his youth, hung up his armor & armament, and vowed to live out his life as naught but an itinerant scholar. Eschewing contact with his family, Iacobus told himself he was content to end his days as merely 'Iacobus', no longer 'sir' nor 'Sarini'.
This lasted less than a week, for less than a week later came the 'Night of Ashes' and with it, came Barzillai Thrune. With Thrune came...
All Iacobus' doubts, self-recriminations, unanswered questions. All the hopes he denied & fears he ignored. Presented with undeniable evidence of the utter injustice of the Thrune regime, Iacobus found himself adrift.

Seeking answers, Iacobus found himself one amongst many in the square fronting the Kintargo Opera house.

Rather than re-apply with my december idea, I decided to try something new. So I present Kaden Thade (Shield Champion)

One of Kaden's earliest memories was the night his family was taken to the town square in Egorian. Taken by Asmodean Inquisitors, they were tried in moments and condemned to be tormented and sentenced to an eternity of torture in Hell. Their only crime was to give thanks to an unapproved God when his sister recovered from a horrid fever. This was crime enough to sentence them to death and torment. All the while Kaden watched with a family friend who had taken him to safety from a vantage point overlooking the square. Seeing his family impaled on the tines and screaming in agony.

He was taken from the city and lead across the country. Eventually they met a man at the boarders who promised to take the boy and keep him safe. With his white hair and pale grey eyes despite his apparent youth, Kaden had never seen one like him. In the weeks of travel that slipped them and several others secretly over the boarder, he came to understand that his kind were not well liked in Cheliax. And that most would have liked very much to kill him for the simple purpose of pleasing Asmodeous.

When they reached Andoran he took Kaden to a quiet monastery, giving him over to monks and clerics to help tend with the rest of the orphans he'd help smuggle from the wretched country. Over the next several years he learned and worked there in the small monastery, sometimes venturing into the port town nearby to gather supplies. There he became enraptured with the idea of the Eagle Knights, and dreamed of seeing them sweep through Cheliax, freeing its peoples from under the thumb of the horrid Asmodeons.

When he did come of age he left the monastery despite protests from some of his closest friends. Their worry was that he would return to the place of his birth and be killed. Instead he attempted to join the Eagle Knights, but his many days playing with the old shields in the monastery hadn't prepared him to use a proper soldier's steel. When he was rejected he took up with a merchant ship as a guard. In the harbors they encountered he heard word of Kintargo in unrest of late and took the first ship heading to the tense city, intent on finding the fabled Silver Ravens or what was left of them. Since arriving he's done his best to hide among the locals and find someone who could lead him to the rebels without exposing himself.

Kaden Thade
Male Human Brawler (Shield Champion) 2
NG Medium humanoid (Human)
Init +2; Senses: Perception +6
AC 17, Touch 12, Flat-footed 15
hp 22 (2d10+6)
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +1
Defensive Abilities:

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Attack Block:
Heavy Shield (One-Handed) +5 (1d6+3/20x2)
Unarmed (One-Handed) +5 (1d6+3/20x2)
Ranged Attack Block:
Special Attacks:
Brawler's Flurry
Racial Abilities
Skilled: +1 skill point per level

Extra Feat: 1 extra feat at first level
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk +2; CMB +4; CMD 16
Improved Shield Bash (1st), Fast Learner (Human), Combat Expertise (Brawler 2)
Historian of the Rebellion: +2 to Operational Rolls, +1 to Stealth and its a class skill

Snowstride: +1 to Acrobatics and can bull rush or trip creatures up to 2 sizes larger

Shield-Trained: Heavy shield is considered light weapon and simple

Acrobatics: 7, Climb: 7, Craft (Armor): 6, Escape Artist: 6, Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate: 4, Knowledge (dungeoneering): 6, Knowledge (local): 6, *Linguistics: 3, Perception: 6, Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive: 5, Stealth: 8, and Swim: 7.
*Non-Class Skill
Languages: Common, Strix, Infernal, Taldane
Dagger x2 (Light One Hand) 1d4 19-20x2, 1lbs each, 10 ft range (4 gold total)
Masterwork Studded Leather +3 AC, +5 Max Dex, -0 ACP, 20lbs (175 gp)
Masterwork Heavy Steel Throwing Shield (shield spike) +2 AC, -1 ACP 20lbs (230 gp)
Caltrops 10 lbs (5 gp)
Full Essentials Kit
Backpack 2 gp 2 lbs, Bedroll 1 sp 5 lbs, 1-pint flask 3 cp 1.5 lbs, 7 days’ trail rations 3.5 gp 7 lbs
Total Cost: 5.63 gp
Total Weight: 59 lbs
Remaining Gold: 580.37
Special Abilities
Brawler's Flurry (two weapon fighting)
Favored Class Bonus
Brawler: +2 Hit Point/+2 Skill Points (Fast Learner)

Build Progression:
I was going to work on trip and bull-rush maneuvers as well as maybe dip into Chevalier at some point (undecided). I figured a melee/ranged battlefield controller would work well in the group, and being flexible with combat could take some tension off. And putting a little umph into skill points never hurt either. No skill monkey, but he's not a big dump lump either.

I'd like to submit Julessa Emberlain, a cleric of Milani who hides her worship behind the floury facade of her Owl Bakery, a mainstay in Old Kintargo.

My long term plans for her would be to take the Rose Warden prestige class, which I think would work well in this campaign, as well as positioning her to eventually become the group's Strategist or a Partisan.

@Julessa: I think you overlooked your alignment (needs to be within one step of CG — CN, CG or NG). It says N on your sheet.

Thanks for the catch. I meant for it to be CG - the N is from my template.

Oh right. Long term plans.

Step 1: Stand Still at 3rd.

Step 2: ???

Step 3: TANK!

GM Aarvid, how do you feel about multiple submissions from one player? I'm torn between my two characters and if I had to choose one it would come down to a coin toss.

@Vanulf. I do not have any problem with a second submission if our other three players do not. As long as it is in by this Wednesday for the cutoff. If there is any objection, we will just take the first submission.

Submissions List:

Brydan Blackbury stats rakshasa-spawn tiefling bard (arcane healer) no background yet
Meridas half-orc life oracle (spirit guide)
Aldren Halfblood half-elf cleric of Calistria
Variel elf ranger (Ilsurian Archer and Urban Ranger)
Lila Fiorin Human Paladin
Iacobus Sarini Human (Chelish) ex-Paladin/ Vigilante 1/1
Kaden Thade Human Brawler (Shield Champion)
Julessa Emberlain Human Cleric (Milani)

Please let me know if I've overlooked you.

@Julessa: The Rose Warden prestige class doesn't appear to advance spellcasting. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of that.

@Lubella: Right. It's pretty rogue focused, but I might dip into it both for flavor and for some of the lower level abilities. To be honest, I would have to see how the group's doing by that point: if I could get away with some thematic dipping I'd go for it, but if the group really needed me to focus on cleric spells, I'd give it a pass.

I (Jace Nailo, from the previous recruitment) would like to resubmit Kotack. However, I have changed him from being a barbarian towards being a ranger instead. I also changed him to use a bow instead of melee combat. As a ranger, his primary role would be putting out damage output. However, he does have a good heal skill, and will eventually be able to cast some healing spells at higher levels. Going ranger also opened him up to having more skill ranks, and thus more skills able to be used.

Born into the tribe of Strix who reside at Devil's Peak in the mountains of western Cheliax, Kotack was one of the points of pride of the flock. However, when he was young his wing was injured having been broken during a routine outing to hunt for food. When the other Strix on the outing found him, they decided to abandon him in the wilderness to fend for himself, as the flock was only as strong as its weakest wing. Kotack was resigned to his fate, but when he started to run low on food he became desperate. He snuck into Devil's Peak, climbing the cliffs up to the Strix village, in order to aquire some food from the tribe. He was lucky, as the rest of the flock were either out or sleeping at the time. However, food was not the only thing he acquired that day. The other major objects he took was his bow, one of the finest in the entire aerie, and one of the oidian knives used by the tribe. It had been taken from him when the outing he was part of abandoned him. Once he finished gathering these items, he glided away from Devil's Peak, knowing that he would likely be unable to ever return there.

Forced to interact with humans and other races in the surrounding area, he was forced to learn the Common tongue in order to better communicate with them. During this time he also began bringing in game to the villages to trade for things he could not easily make or scavenge himself, such as extra arrows, replacement clothes, and even (eventually) his armor. Gradually he overcame his racial suspicion of other races, learning that certain members can be trusted as long as you place your trust in them as well. One of these people was a gnomish cleric of Desna, who taught him the faith of the Starsong. This gnome, who simply called himself 'The Traveler,' traveled with Kotack for a time until their paths diverged. During this time, he also taught Kotack that each person views their faith as the primary one, but that they are all in fact equal, and that life is much easier if you simply look past the differences between people.

However, he is still distrustful of humans on the whole, as they typically despise him simply because of his race. This was particularly shown in one of the small villages he was passing through. While there he had brought a couple of deer carcasses to the local blacksmith in exchange for a morningstar. As he left the village, however, a group of thugs ambushed him and tried to beat him to death. He narrowly escaped the conflict by climbing up a nearby building and gliding away to safety. He has since prepared himself in case another group of humans turn against him in order to better defend himself against further aggression by humans.

After several years had passed, he heard of Kintargo, a city up to the north where the people are more accepting of individuals of different heritages, such as himself. He proceeded to work his way north, traveling past the various villages and towns along his path that would likely object to his presence. He only arrived in the town about two months before the protest. During this time, he became progressively more and more obsessed with the Devil's Bells, which ring out randomly from above the Temple of Asmodeus. Every other day, he devotes a certain amount of time, typically between half-an hour and two hours, trying to determine the true pattern of the bells. During the meantime, he has continued to support himself through his skill at hunting.

Reminder: Recruitment for two 2nd lvl PCs closes tomorrow night — 11:59 PM PST (GMT-8) on Wednesday, Feb 14.

Recruitment Details.

Recruitment closes in 16 hours.

Just saw this today, I am in the process of formatting and finishing the character. it should be ready by tonight but due to haste I wont have time to double check my numbers. let me know, thank you.

this is a new avatar but a have played PbP before. and took a hiatus. I will provide my former avatar if needed.

Recruitment is now closed.

Thank you for your patience while the DM and players confer. We'll post our choices once we have completed our deliberations.

Thanks Lubella and all those who submitted profiles. I hope to get started with the two new additions tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

The dust has settled and the recruits have been selected. It was a tough decision with many excellent candidates. Thank you for the interest.

Would the following please report to the discussion tab:

* Aldren Halfblood (SnowHeart) half-elf cleric of Calistria -
* Julessa Emberlain (electricjokecascade) Human Cleric (Milani)

For the others we were not able to take at this time, thanks again and good gaming.


GM Aarvid

Recruitment for two 4th lvl PCs

We have just completed book 1 of Hell's Rebels, and are looking to fill a couple of vacancies. Our cleric of Calistria dropped out (and was run as an NPC through the last part of book 1). We also had a cleric of Milani who dropped out earlier.

We are looking for one PC that can handle healing and adverse condition removal (stat loss, disease, blindness, death etc). The other slot is more open: we could use some more damage output (could be melee, ranged or spells), and possibly some battlefield control ability.

• Posting Expectations: Once per weekday, and once per weekend.

• Level: 4th

• Races: Core, plus Tiefling, Strix and Tengu.

• Classes: Paizo only, no Occult. Unchained classes should be used where available.

• Alignment: Any non-evil. Your character should be willing to overthrow the legitimate government. We will be engaging in subterfuge, launching surprise attacks, and ambushing government forces. Team players only, please.

• Rebellion Rules/ Benefits: We are using the rebellion rules printed in the Hell's Rebels Player's Guide. New PCs get the following benefits (included in the relevant sections following):
-Training 1: 1 extra skill rank (not 1/lvl), which can be applied to any skill.
-Gift: a single potion worth 300 GP or less.
-Title (Guardian): One bonus feat, selected from Alertness, Deceitful, Persuasive, or Stealthy.

• Abilities: 20 point buy.

• Skills: We are using Background Skills. One single bonus skill rank from the Rebellion Rules that can be assigned to any skill.

• Traits: Characters will start with two traits. One must be a campaign trait listed in the Hell's Rebels Player's Guide. You may take a third trait if you take a Drawback.

• Feats: One bonus feat from the Rebellion Rules (either Alertness, Deceitful, Persuasive, or Stealthy).

• Hit Points: Max for first lvl, half rounded up after that.

• Starting Gold: 6,000 gp, plus one potion worth 300 GP or less.

• You do not need a Reason to Protest (the Aria Park protest has already happened).

Please read the free Hell's Rebels Player's Guide for background information.
Important background note: The player's guide gives the impression that the Silver Ravens has been an active organization that you could have links to. This is not the case — it has just been revived after being dormant for many years. There are rumors that the newly revived Ravens are responsible for stopping a serial killer in the Devil's Nursery, and broke up the Red Jills gang in Jarvis End.

Current Party Members:
Talvek Drassed — Tiefling Investigator (empiricist) 1/Swashbuckler (inspired blade) 3. Officer position: Spymaster
Lubella Heathertoes — Halfling Bard (dawnflower dervish) 4. Officer position: Demagogue
Arcos Vadreis (The Blue Warlock) — Human Vigilante (warlock) 4, working towards the Arcane Trickster prestige class. Officer position: Strategist

We are very strong on skills, and are resilient in melee combat. Our damage output isn't the highest, but we haven't had significant difficulty taking enemies down.

GM Aarvid will answer your questions, and will be the final arbiter about what's allowed. He will be the one making the selection (with input from the current players).

Grand Lodge

I have a Halfling Healing Oracle from a game that got to 5th level, I know a bit of the second book if that is a turn off.

Silver Crusade

Would you be open to a paladin of shelyn?

image of Aria


Aria was found on the outskirts of town near the hinterlands when she was but a young child hardly able to walk. By a cleric of Shelyn who had been wandering the countryside for inspiration. When she was found, she amazingly wasn't malnourished, and already had raven black hair to her shoulders. Her piercing red eyes were seen for the wonder they were. The cleric sought about her family, but found none, and so decided to take her in at the church. What other reason would he have found her for, for surely the child was blessed by Shelyn due to such beauty at a young age. The cleric, by name of Daren, would care for her like a father would his own child. Teaching her the values of Shelyn, and, against the will of some of the clergy, taught her the art of combat, particularly that of the glaive, his deity's favored weapon. As of now, Aria still believes herself to be a human, completely unaware yet of her divine heritage

As the years past, it became obvious that the child had indeed been blessed by Shelyn, for when she was a teenager, her beauty was unmatched by any within the church, and possibly within the city (though this was quite debatable depending on who did the talking). Not only was she beautiful however, but she had been blessed with a wondrous singing voice and she grew into a very humble attitude that has been tempered lately by a growing pride.

She loves all art, and is a prominent promoter of the idea that anything can be made an art, even the dreadful business of war and battle. And that should times demand such horrible actions, to do them as elegantly as possible. Though, her personal taste is favored more towards that of music and practical art. She finds the greatest joy in both hearing, and making music. To her, music is the most powerful form of art, able to evoke a plethora of emotions in people, even ones they try to hide or do away with, and even can affect some animals. She also sees music as the truest, if perhaps, simplest form of expression of ones soul. At least, when ones creates music that is influenced by their feelings at the moment. Even bad music can move a persons heart, as she has seen with many couples. Her second preferred art is making the mundane and practical beautiful. Such as embroidery on armor and weapons. It does not lessen the quality of the item, but gives it even more value for beauty it adds to it. Though, she does understand the beauty of simplicity as well.

She also goes to great lengths to master combat, treating it as both an art, and a way to defend the ideals and beautiful things shes holds dear in the world. Her favored weapon is the glaive, though she easily make use of a sword and shield as well. Every morning she spends time practicing with her glaive in a ritualistic way, more to ingrain the movements in her muscles, and to help her clear her head for the day, than anything else. Much how a monk may meditate while practicing their movements.

While Aria was deemed blessed by Shelyn, she is still young and even by her admission has much to learn in some respects. She holds some sway in the decisions of the church of Shelyn in Kintargo, particularly those involving her adoptive father Daren, but holds no real place power as of yet within its clergy.

Recently, her few feats have been that of deflating a dangerous situation involving two hellknights and a civilian, managing to convince the knights to spare the man death and torture. She also created a painting of minor renown within the art community depicting a beautiful rose that bled blood, symbolizing the beautiful city of Kintargo that is being drained of its life and beauty by the oppressive rule of Thrune. She has also, away from prying eyes, urged the church of Shelyn to consider doing something, making points that, at the present state hardly any true art could be created, and even less could seek to create. She even made the outrageous claim that the rule of this Barzillia was suspect, if not outright unjust in so doing. The clergy of Shelyn were not even allowed to express themselves with their clothes due to all fine clothing being outlawed for any save a select few, or those that pay exorbitant sums of gold. The clergy, particularly Daren, have warned her to keep such thoughts to herself and close members of the clergy. However she is finding it ever harder to do so, not only in respect for the arts, but for the people of the town. She feels a rebellion may be close, their is a stiffness to the air and a hanging sense of dread. The thought of so many lives lost troubles her, she hopes a peaceful solution can be found before that happens that both keeps blood from being shed, and brings life and beauty back into the city. Though, if there is nothing that can be done to stop bloodshed, Aria has already made up her mind which side of that battle she would stand on.

Personality: Aria is contemplative most of the time, however this doesn't stop her bubbly nature from overflowing often. She is kind and caring to most everyone, always trying to bring cheer to folk. She has a tendency to easily get lost in thought, even at very inappropriate times. She can come off cold at first due to this and her piercing red eyes, however, any conversation with her quickly removes any thoughts of that sort as her friendly nature comes out quickly. She always looks for the best in people, sometimes to her own detriment (often times overlooking obvious flaws, particularly in those that seek her affections). Though, she does sometimes indulge in a bit of fun due to the cool demeanor that many seem to get from her. Acting the part of a cold, if almost abrasive, woman. Over time, this too, has turned into a sort of Art for her.

Appearance: Aria is of athletic build, and much more muscled and toned than an average woman. She isn't particularly tall, but she is mildly taller than the average human female. She has pitch black hair, a soft, pale complexion, and the only thing that would even hint at an angelic ancestry would be her red eyes, and sheer beauty.

some other facts about her:

She lives within the temple of Shelyn. It was they who took her in after she was discovered as a child on the outskirts of town.

2. She guards and helps with the temple of Shelyn, aids in their gatherings and proceedings, and frequently sings when possible. She also paints when she finds the time, however due to the martial law and utter oppression she has been unable to do either for awhile. She also has tried her hand at smiting, or, more aptly, etching and embroidering of armor.

3. She is closely tied to the church of Shelyn, and is well acquainted with many folk of the Opera and enjoyed their shows, or did. Until Barzillia all but closed it down and so was known within the Opera society.

4. Aria often can become lost in her thoughts, even walking around town, many times she has wandered past her destination due to becoming so lost in her own thoughts that she all but stops paying attention to things. While she isn't always lost in "sentimental" thoughts, I felt it was the best option to take to represent this. If you have a better fitting one, I'd be happy to look over it though!

5. No family, at least not blood family. She considers many in the church close to her, and while she loves the idea of love, she has never truly taken with a suitor, be it male or female. Though she often will at least accept and spend time with those that pursue her. She hasn't yet found one she feels "right" for her.

6. Well, they would gain closer ties to the church of Shelyn for one. Aria also has a level-headed mind, usually, has proven to be a natural leader of others, and is well respected by many of the cultured folk in town. She is a great mediator and diplomat, as proven when she managed to convince a couple of hellknights to not torture, or possibly kill, a poor man in the streets. She brings a kind perspective to things, and is defiantly no slouch with her Glaive or blade.

If this doesn't seem like a good fit, I've got an idea for a barbarian mercenary as well.

@Raltus: Personally, I don't think that will be a problem, assuming you can separate player knowledge and PC knowledge. You didn't get that much further than where we are now.

@Rorek: The second part of the Shelyn paladin code could be problematic:

Shelyn paladin code wrote:
I am peaceful. I come first with a rose rather than a weapon, and act to prevent conflict before it blossoms. I never strike first, unless it is the only way to protect the innocent.

We will be trying to strike first when we can (surprise attacks, ambushes)!

Silver Crusade

The way around that is simply to say that the first blow has already beem struck and or, they clearly have refused all other approaches.

But like I said, if ya'll prefer, I can try and come up with something else.

I should note that we're trying to win the hearts and minds of the people of Kintargo, so wanton destruction will not be helpful. Blowing up the Kintargo Opera House, or poisoning the city water supply would be counterproductive.

Here's a bit more information about my character, for reference:

Lubella is a devout Sarenrae worshiper. She takes the Dawnflower part of her Dervish very seriously. :)
She tries to follow the paladin code of Sarenrae, although she sometimes falls short.

Paladin code of Sarenrae:
• I will protect my allies with my life. They are my light and my strength, as I am their light and their strength. We rise together.

• I will seek out and destroy the spawn of the Rough Beast. If I cannot defeat them, I will give my life trying. If my life would be wasted in the attempt, I will find allies. If any fall because of my inaction, their deaths lie upon my soul, and I will atone for each.

• I am fair to others. I expect nothing for myself but that which I need to survive.

• The best battle is a battle I win. If I die, I can no longer fight. I will fight fairly when the fight is fair, and I will strike quickly and without mercy when it is not.

• I will redeem the ignorant with my words and my actions. If they will not turn toward the light, I will redeem them by the sword.

• I will not abide evil, and will combat it with steel when words are not enough. I do not flinch from my faith, and do not fear embarrassment. My soul cannot be bought for all the stars in the sky.

• I will show the less fortunate the light of the Dawnflower. I will live my life as her mortal blade, shining with the light of truth.
Each day is another step toward perfection. I will not turn back into the dark.

She does tend to interpret rules depending on what she thinks they should be, given the situation.

She can get along with people of other faiths, as long as they aren't doing blatantly evil things. She had a reasonable relationship with our CN cleric of Calistria, for example; they had their differences, but largely put them aside, in favor of working towards their common goal of overthrowing Barzillai Thrune.

She will be trying to show mercy towards those that she thinks could be redeemed (she did attempt first aid on fallen Asmodean Redactors, for example), so she will likely take a dim view of those who kill surrendered foes.

Thinking I might submit an alchemist. He’ll be a bit of a jack of all trades, but with the Infusion discovery I can hand out Cure extracts as well as brewing potions, so there’ll be some healing, and I can add to it pretty good attacks and plenty of skill points (including Disable Device to be the back-up Rogue).

Silver Crusade

The mercenary idea I had would be much more brutal than Aria, obv. But oddly enough wouldn't really want to poison or explode things either, though that comes not from a moral stand point, but a more "I want a good fight" stand point. He could eventually grow into a caring leader, depending on how things turn out in the story, but would start out as a rather aloof, semi pragmatic hired killer.

Aria obviously would be against poison and the like, but would also treat "war" as an art, so conduct herself in the most effective manner. And as her code states, would prefer NOT to kill people. She could function as an additional figurehead in winning over people. And would be more than willingly risk herself if there are ever any diplomacy options/missions (I have no idea. I doubt there would be a lot, but IDK)

This was the Alias I used before, I feel Like I will keep the same one I will just change up the stats since he was 15 pt buy before.

Recruitment will close 11:59 PM PST (GMT-8) on Sunday, Jun 16.

Hopefully that will give those interested enough time to finish off their submissions.

Hey there, dotting for interest. What would you think of a poison happy alchemist? He would play mostly like a rogue, could build him either as ranged or as melee

Dotting. Just need to decide if I should bring in one of my poor orphaned characters who started a Hell's Rebels or go with a new idea.

I’m thinking about a cleric of sarenrae headed to dawnflower dissident. I’ll try and write it up tomorrow if work allows.

I notice the original GM nixed tieflings rolling on the variant ability chart, but there seems to be a new GM in town. that still the rule? I'm happy to take the Fiendish Heritage feat if need be.

@Moonwave: Lubella isn't really keen on poison use; something that puts people to sleep would be OK, but most other types, not so much. I'm not the one with the final say on who gets picked, but keep that in mind.

here is Aria, she should be mostly finished.

I should also mention that we've run into fire immunity on a couple of occasions so far, including the last boss battle. Given House Thune's known infernal allies, I expect to encounter it on an ongoing basis. Alchemists would be wise to have an alternate damage type.

Here I submit Darien Essense, Barrister, and Hidden Cleric of Sarenrae for your consideration. I'm still working out background story and equipment, but the overall is done with the crunching...

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