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I changed the class I dotted to Cipher investigator instead of vigilante because I feel it will be easier to DM rather than constantly shifting back and forth. (Wait! I gotta change, lol) and the class still thematically fits the idea with less fuss.

- Class Investigator (cipher)
- Alignment (LE)- will do a Moral compass on his personal code. (I saw a paladin character so this will help to work with anyone he isn't a screw everyone type, he wants to destroy only one person and his family for what they did to him, eye for a eye.)
- Valarain is a disgraced noble that after his family was disgraced and executed he went to live in the narrows in squalor, eventually turning to Norbegor in his hate (he worships the Secrets aspect; the skinwalkers are crazy.) he sees the gathering as his only chance for revenge. (count of Monte Cristo style)
- Livelihood: Valarain poses as a scribe/historian, In reality he is a assassin out for revenge
- Motivation: History repeats itself, I will be playing a Quiet, meek, historian that will be seen but not heard, secretly he is a worshiper of norbergor that his family was disgraced when he was younger, he is looking for vengeance.
- Rollplay vs Roleplay: He will be a skill monkey, and a glass cannon in combat. I was inspired by Batman Gotham by gaslight, and assassins creed ripper. I want to stay as true to the character as i can thematically a single weapon fighter that depends on flanking and surprise, with traits and feats that also follow the theme.
- Progression: I plan on dipping in (unchained) rogue (discretion specialist for the Obfuscation (Su), and Evidence Disposal (Sp)), which I will use to set up the people who executed my family.
- Background: Ultimately he will be searching for vengeance of his family. Valarian feels responsible for it, because when he was young HE was the one that caused the death of his whole family by bragging, now he prefers to stay under the radar in many situations (I worked this into his Drawback, he will always talk in whisper. and his class cipher)
2) typically I check in morning and once in evening.
3) I have about 5 years experience in PbP, 30+ F2F. I only do 2 PBP at a time because I found it is my sweet spot where I am engaged. this avatar is new, and it doesn't look like I have experience (I'm willing to PM my old one if necessary) I believe that a PbP player needs to be proactive to help DM's in PbP (getting to know others in character and have side conversations) rather than just being reactive to what the DM posts.

I will tentatively Dot a "jack the Ripper" type Vigilante stalker (Serial Killer) that will be taking the Disgraced Noble Trait, because I think that will be the only way to have that class and Alignment work (ill also have a personal Moral Code list for my Alignment LE that he will follow), he will only be interested in brutally killing the people responsible for his family downfall, but not everyone else (because he is a Patriot. where he will work well with a group. I will have the character up once I decide on everything.

I would be down for it, would you be using the soucebooks for ideas. or do you currently have a idea on where you are going, and what area are you looking at on the maps of ustalav or reskinning the campaign traits.

Is this a new avatar? I like looking at DM's post history and style before posting, and would you be willing to disclose your old one.

Out of curiosity, would you be accepting classes like hunter, or summoner, druids, with a tank animal companion? don't know if dotting just asking questions and seeing what options are.

I would like to dot, Do they mention what the Ramgate massacre was?

Yes I got it I’ll message you in a few days it’s crazy when you first set up a campaign thread

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To play devils advocate on this, I think Gweenth would let them take Daren, "he was breaking in, with no just reason." and she is lawful.

I would look back on other conversations with the barons son, to see exactly what kind of authority you have. because if he is the authorized sheriff of the town its up to him to enforce the laws.

If they are the authorized representative of the baron, Sheriff/tax collector etc. they have authority. however if you want to give them the writ. then yall might be able to talk them down, however it would 100% blow any cover you have. lol. choices, choices.

I don't like thinking the towns in terms of the civilized world currently. its very much always a power struggle with those who have power and those that don't.

So yes they "could" easily have the power to do that, but they are in the same boat as you. because you were warned also that the baron better agree with how your handling things.

10:00 PM

Sorry about the delay I’ll be posting tonight , my daughter has been useing my computer almost non stop for a project the last three days and I hate posting from the phone anything long than a sentence or two

I think we might have lost virid , possibly also mor and Freya. I’m planning on continuing playing , just with smaller CRs I’ll flesh out Gweenth better where I have her stats for combat

To those that don't know me I prefer being up front I struggled with this the last few days,

I would personally like to apologize to everyone who posted a completed character (Vrog, Noenblues, Kertuffle, Helkin, and the rest that started but have not completed them.), I just wanted to explain that I will be opening Curse of the crimson throne recruitment instead in a few days, the reason for this is that my table group voted on me to run COCT for our next campaign in about 6 months.( after we finish up Gaintslyaer) So I would prefer to run COCT instead to try out ideas for the table campaign. Because I cant foresee me having enough time to run 3 campaigns, ( I promised myself I would not DM/PC more than two campaigns of the PbP that means one has to go and unfortunately Ash vs Evil dead has to go. I understand if feelings are hurt and I'm offering my apologizes to anyone that feels upset after making a character and it falling flat, sorry It was not my intention for this to happen, but those that are used to PbP they know that things can change in a instant and I felt the sooner letting people know the better.

Same as regular pathfinder rules

Robert Henry wrote:

Oh my :-)

dot, dot, dot,

yeah, a gun-toting undead hunter... I'm so in. Would it be more 'steam punk/early 20th century' or more 'modern setting/late 20th century'?

Its going to be close to Deadlands setting. where not as much steampunk, but will have tech elements because the evil in the world slowed down the technology or sped it up in other areas. but a very western early Unitied States ol' west style where people expect you to have gun, and the rules of the west apply. (ownership being 9/10ths of the law,) (Wyatt Eerp or Billy the kid could make a appearance.)

Johnny Mash wrote:
I would love to take a go at this and redo this character into a rogue duel wielding hand guns...

Gun smuggler comes to mind for that....

I will probably also use Called shot variant rules. because I want people to fear and do called shots to hack off limbs for a very gritty and gory setting.

So also be prepared for Crotch shots (improved dirty trick), missing limbs, And I'm working on my own variant of Deadite right now. Where you have to kill it with decapitation. after taking it down or with a called shot at the beginning.

carrion crown interest check (ash vs evil dead feel)

Using Commonplace guns rules- (there will be advanced firearms)

Wild west alternate earth setting. (deadlands will be the most closely related map wise.) where people know that there are evil things roaming the streets so its very much a mix of gothic, steampunk, wild west. Gods will be any you want, you will need to write a background to them, if you don't want to be a catholic priest or Christian.

Races allowed will be Human, dhampier, skinwalker, tielfing, Dwarves, Fetchling, asimar, (if using a varient teifling/Aasimar ability roll twice. one is your abiltiy and the other your physical feature, you chose which number is which, fetchling wont get Shadow blending, to bring down their power. or you can use a feat to get it.) I chose the races that I felt most closely looked human for the feel.

I'm looking for very much a Ash vs evil dead feel. their will be some tech elements, but you wont start out with them, but they will be introduced at different times. (lighter, Flashlight, advanced shotgun, chainsaw, to name a few.)

I will be changing a little to the AP. so I don't care if you played it before. you don't have to take a campaign trait just write your background on why your going to visit lorrimar I am using that it will be his 50th birthday party. He is a former monster/undead hunter. you can use the campaign traits as ideas you can have up to 3 traits if you choose a drawback. I am also open to story feats. (with DM permission)

here is a example of some archtypes that I think have a good feel for the campaign to give ideas, Savage technologist, Constructed pugilist, Maverick, Cad, Lycanthrope hunter, Archeologist, Amnesiac, Battle host, Seige gunner, Tortured Paladin, Vengeance hunter, Vizer, Drunken master, Sensei, Skinshaper, Blight Druid, Roaming exorcist, channeler of the unknown, living Grimoire, beastmorph, gun chemist, vivisectionist, etc........

Classes ideas that would be good fits-
Pryokentist, Vampire hunter, Occultist, Mesmerist, Barbarian, Cleric, ranger, Shifter......

Just checking on interest..... if I get a lot of response ill probably open it. I will be looking more for RPers that are into inter party talking so if that wont interest you were you post a line or two all the time please don't apply or DOT.

I'm with daren, the spoilers are best used to have "side" conversations because they are out of the timeline to prevent confusion. basically what was said above. lol.

I would also like to throw my "hat" in the Ring. I have several obstacles in the way however, shown below.

1. I don't have herolab nor want it currently. However I will be more than happy to format my character like herolab to make it easier after I find a poster that has used it before.

2. I'm not interested in PFS character so originally I was out on this thread however after watching for the last few days it seems like you are pretty much open to a lot of things, with the understanding that it will count against me.

So with that, I decide I would go ahead with my character concept, knowing that it is a longshot but because I enjoy creating characters and backgrounds I figured the worst you could say is No, I which case I will, "Talk to my emotional support animal, Fluffy the Snake for help." I know by my profile that it seems I'm new, but this is a new avatar and I'm willing to give you my old one if you need to look up other posting examples.

Ulif was born to One of the best carpenters in the region, even at a young age he was helping his father make beds, cabinets, snowshoes or even longbows to help hunt stags in the Fell Woods north of his home. When not helping his father he was always found in the woods seeking a rare Wytchebark tree, you see the leaves of the wytchebark were a striking blood red where the trunk was as black as the deepest night only his father has ever seen one and Ulif was bound and determined to find the sight that only his father has ever seen. Myths of it was that if you ever touch the tree a curse would befall you, but Ulif didn't believe in curses. finally one fateful day Ulif was traveling in the woods looking for another haul of firewood and Oak to complete a job for a local woodsman. When he came across a clearing with the Wytchebark tree even knowing that the myths surrounding the tree were fake Ulif couldn't help but be amazed. It was more beautiful than he could ever imagine. That's when he knew that he wanted it to make his masterpiece to honor his ancestors. so he took a axe and chopped it down. felling the large tree Ulif was surprised to see snow start to fall..... (start of the adventure)

build idea-
Ulif will be a Sylvan Trickster unchained Rogue (or regular rogue) at level five if the campaign lasts that long, he will take Master carpenter (craftsman) feat to enhance his weapon of choice, his Quarterstaff. Ulif will be a charismatic storyteller with a down to earth feel of a working man, he will not be the dexterous rogue due to the brutal hard life in the woods. He is enamored with storytelling, folklore, Spellcraft, and magic even though he cant cast a spell. (might change later) he carries a quarterstaff and a very long knife, (S.sword) and a handaxe.

Signature moves- (masterwork Black Wytchebark staff)
Warded against witchery. (from the encounter with the Wytchebark tree)

weapon focus- quarterstaff
skill focus- UMD-

If you like the Idea I will be happy to expand on the character and the history I gave a short summery and not the full background.

I have a few questions before I submit a character-

1. I was thinking about submitting a vampire hunter Farmer I know that vampires are uncommon and if there is at least one in the adventure, I want to know if you would be willing to expand the role.

2. do you have any problem with someone playing the AP before? i made it through the first 3 books before TPK....

3. i also debated on a heritic worshiper of Asmodoen inquisitor lawyer, based apon that you could have a different aleignment and as long as you dont have another religon (and don't atone) you could stay a heritic throughout the AP. where he was corrupted to good after being a lawyer in a case from the devils nursery.

An inquisitor who slips into corruption or changes to a prohibited alignment loses all spells and the judgment ability. She cannot thereafter gain levels as an inquisitor until she atones (see the atonement spell description). An inquisitor who becomes an ex-inquisitor can, with the GM’s permission, take the heretic archetype, replacing her class abilities with the appropriate archetype abilities. If the character atones or joins a different faith, she loses her heretic abilities and regains her previous inquisitor class abilities.

I have two questions,

1. Can we play and class after taking 1 level of vigilante, or is it a xpected that you only go vigilante.

2. would you allow a one time feat that would simply be a home brew (extra social talent feat) that would only be for duel identity using the same rules as vigilante, that way someone could go raven ranger class or some of the others that were clearly made for the hells rebels that would use the same basic premises of a all vigilante group with more options, because I figured since you would lose the feat if you did it that would cost the person that truly want d to play something else.

I’m of the Opinion that if you don’t ask you won’t know

I'm going to go ahead and close the recruitment, if anyone posts within the next hour I'll consider it, but nothing beyond that. thank you everyone for the time and effort everyone put into your characters. I'll Pm anyone that I might have any questions on. I APPRECIATE you. Check back Monday for whom will start the adventure.

in case anyone is wondering as I'm looking at the characters I have a point system that your characters are graded by consisting of four categories in a scale of 1-3 stars. The people with the most stars are in (with any tie breaks my choice). I know you cant tell by my alias but I have been doing this for a long time. (I quit a while ago completely and am just getting back into it, but I don't want to make the same mistakes I originally did by running to many campaigns that why I am trying too only do one.) I developed this process of choosing but never sharing with anyone over trial and error. If you cant tell by my posts I'm meticulous and analytical on almost everything I do. And this time DMing I'm trying to be more transparent and open about expectations.

The four categories I grade by.

Background- (including how closely people followed the premise, and how many hooks I can use)

Character- (including build, need for group, amount of mistakes in build)

Posting history (I reserve two spots for new players. the rest are based on frequency, posting history and number of campaigns.)

How I feel About your character (this one unfortunately is completely arbitrary based upon any willingness to work with/friendliness/overall feel for the Poster or super cool concepts)

Ok I started up the thread and will be starting to look through people's submissions if anyone wants to look they will see some additional info. Because this will be my only DM adventure I will try to make it stand out with major NPC pictures and other things to try to immerse the group as best I can.

I will be closing the recruitment officially tomorrow at 10pm CST taking the weekend to ask any additional questions that I might have on people, and making the decisions with the plan on starting Monday 8th.

Any last moment submissions? one day before closing......

Those that are interested I completed a outline to about 10th level on how I expect the campaign to go, along with a couple of sidetreks for those that wish to follow other tangents if they run into people they like. so I will give some rough summeries because I feel that on asking people to look at their characters to better fit the campaign I might need to give a little more to where in planning on taking you. this is subject to change depending on your choices, and it can go a whole different way. I told everyone that all my creativity will be going into this so i expect daily posting and excitment for this becuase i planning on this to be more of a choose your own adventure and if it goes to the left field and everyone is cool with it we are going with it.

Chapter 1 (lvls 1-3)- the honorable barron Felldane land is attacked by a menace of goblins along the way you find out clues to why the goblins have just started attacking after a farly somewhat long peace. wildrerness explotation and a couple of specific random encounters for foreshadowing.

possible sidetreks- (investigate the barrony, hear of other problems in neighboring towns, a bounty hunter going rogue, monks of Ilmater)

Chapter 2 (4-6) - a rogue druid exile from a rare Order of druids causing confict, choose a side for the campaign, a harsh winter, stop a worshiper of Malar the beastlord for a hunt. Romurs abound for the Zentariem making a move to the north.)

possible sidetreks- (help a evil dragon, Join the druidic Order, join the barronry, find what happened to the Town.)

3 days left to submit- I'm working on the start of the adventure right now and all the major NPC's list-

I'm looking for characters that are following the setting the best and RP wise. anyone who wants to make any changes on their character if you feel like you could do better to get it in line with the setting should do so. RP and setting is more important than builds and stats in this adventure path that I'm writing I got several ideas just looking into some characters, but you have until the submission date ending point to make any changes (I'm the author, y'all are the main characters, you wouldn't find Raistlin in wheel of time so I would recommend everyone to look at your characters and make sure they fit as best they can.).

Fire drake- Cavalier
mardaddy- witch
Rayner black- Paladin
The Vagrant Erudite-gunslinger
Helikon- Druid
Exiled mimic- fighter-
psionichamster- Ranger-
Awbattles- Warpreist
Xunal- Fighter

interested -
harms way

@Pietro Morvan- I saw him as a young bella's father in beauty and the beast, where the town kinda sees him as a quack who has goggles and always trying to come up with something, and lives a little out of town where his "experiments" don't blow something up. (is that Kinda what your going for?)

@Xilfae- the free feat is the (Imperial conscript feat)- the description is given in the thread.

4 days until I end recruitment.

Fire drake- Cavalier
mardaddy- witch
Rayner black- Paladin
The Vagrant Erudite-gunslinger
Helikon- Druid
Exiled mimic- fighter-
psionichamster- Ranger-

interested -
harms way

None really , because with coming from a small town in the middle of nowhere your not expected to campaign wise.

Its cool, stop by if you hear from the others. TY

So far this is what we have-

Fire drake- Cavalier
mardaddy- witch
Rayner black- Paladin

interested -
Exiled mimic- cleric kelemvor-
Tick in barrel

@black- what I meant by crunch is the stats, Feats, traits, the background questions Etc, currently the rough idea is not considered a submission on my PbP games. sorry I've always called it crunch.

I don't know what the treasure pamphlet says so ill be waiting on the DM to read it.

@mimic- we are counting the multiplier. so a fighter would have 50.

@black- do you have the crunch? and is Heishiro from the silk way? what archtype are you thinking about on paladin?

Its good, I like it.. It fits really well with the possibly to either good or evil.

Looking for a post a day besides weekends , with the exception being battles , I don’t have a minimum number of submissions on this one just whomever is interested, this is my first campaign I ever ran so I made my own maps of dungeons that I’m trying to dl. I dicidcied this will be the only campaign I will run so I’ll be pouring a lot of my creativity in it. So some of the themes will be very iconic for those with nostalgia for the old days. And those who RP the fact the you aren’t adventures will find the most out of it.

@ the DM, this will be a PbP

@DBH- yes that is correct, your groups of farmers, shepherds or masons, were picked up "off the street" so to speak. to take on the goblin horde.
there are some things that i would allow for free like, a quarterstaff or club or some other things but the story will take place right after the selection. so you will have a chance to talk to your parents and they might give you some stuff before sending you off.

@ cloud- we are not using the race builder to create your own race. please use one of the accepted under descriptions. (essentially using race builder you got additional ability stats, 4 feats, and special abilities that cost a feats. )

@hawk sorry I forgot- May I ask how half breeds are treated, as well as magic?

Half breeds are treated fine, your all part of the same small community, you just need a reasonable background to as for why. along with magic, some people might know some taught by their parents or grandparents.

@Mardaddy- Yes, the premise of the campaign is basically raising from farmers and small town folk to heroes. you get caught up in something bigger than you are used to. I was expecting role play on learning the ways of the city, war, and friendship. very iconic Dnd experience.

(I would actually submit Lucien in DA HORDE recruitment, and see if the DM will allow it because the Thay are willing to work with evil humanoid races. It could work with this one also, because you could work towards becoming Thayish built apon listening to your great grandfather or something. because you could say that you have never seen his tattoos under his hair because he had to grow it out, and like I said evil characters can work as long as they realize that they are evil towards others not their friends that helped work the fields or helped their family through the harsh winters, because small villages are like families.)

@hawks- for some reason its under Imperial Conscript if you type it in google search. but listed under conscript on the SRD.

Imperial Conscript
Prerequisites: Imperial serf in service to a lord
Benefit: When wielding a farm implement (such as a hand axe, pick, pitchfork, or scythe) as a weapon, you get a +1 bonus on damage rolls. When fighting alongside other conscripts you get a +1 bonus on initiative checks.

@exiledmimic- it will be after time of troubles but before the Spellplague so Kelemvor would fit. (I'm not a stickler on the domains/inqusitions of the Forgotten realms gods as long as it plausible based off the disruptions.)

@mardaddy- forgotten realms asmodeon would be in the hells and not a Greater god. So you would be worshiping a demigod in forgotten realms is that cool? Plus it seems the character concept is Pushing to the side one of the main points of the Campaign, he wouldnt be from thay, his parents would be (and possibly exiled?) and taught him a few things befitting a Peassant boy that he wants to retake his birthright maybe bitter about his parents leaving?

the main 7 core races. Human, Halfling, Dwarven, etc... just you gotta be creative on the background if not human in the isolated area village.

This campaign will be in Damara in forgotten realms. This campaign will not follow a AP it will be fluid on the choices you make. There will be a recruitment after every stopping point that I have determined. Those that play will have first choice to continue, and a say on any others joining after the first adventure.

story so far-
The small village of Knobs Mine has not heard from the outside world in awhile, once a year the Barons tax collector stops by to gather the years taxes. nothing ever happens in the small village, once the mine many years ago produced bloodstone ore for the Country of Damara. now its nothing but a after thought. Kids grow up dreaming to one day leave the village, but few ever do. Even fewer ever return. Your characters are from the small town just knowing that life in the outside world was hard. Your parents tell you tales around the campfires. some parents pass on knowledge of gods, others the sword, and still even some spells. until one day the town hears about another town just a day away being attacked by goblins, and that's when a few days later a man rides into town on a horse and with several attendants. After a few moments he pulls out a scroll and begins reading a official decree.

" To the towns under the most honorable Baron Felldane. It is decreed that all the most able bodied men and woman of town need to be gathered to the center of town and chosen to help the barony in this most difficult time. the rumors are true that a town was attacked by one of the most feared and vicious creatures in the region and it is up to us to pull together to assist against this menace. It is a honor to be called to help. The bearer of this letter has the right to choose as many as deemed able from each town. Thank you. signed Baron Felldane."

and with that the small group of attendants call a gathering of people, and the rider points out each person saying, " You, you , you.........." and so on......

- free bonus conscript feat
- Characters are level 1
- minimum starting wealth per class
- All Classes allowed; and unchained classes, core races only (some races will be harder than others for why never left the area or been to any grand cities.)
- NO third party publishing sources allowed!
- All other Paizo books will be allowed
- any two traits can take drawback for additional. (no more than one of each type, not campaign traits.)
- 20 point buy with no stat above 18 or below 8
- Recruitment will be based more on RP than class preferences
- We will be using background skills.
- Hit Points max first level, 3/4th all subsequent levels.
- Please pay more attention to your background than your build. I am far more interested in who you are than what you are.
- evil characters will even be considered but only in terms of evil greed, lust, power, etc. not betrayal to your group. your character must be loyal to his friends in town even rivalry is friendly.
- Will be using escalated Fear rules in Horror adventures.
- your characters must have a rank in linguistics to Read and write. , you only start with native tongue (if non-human) and common.

1) I'd like 5+ points that capture the concept and story of the character. More are welcome, but no less than five.
2) Two goals that you'd like the character to accomplish in-game.
3) 3-5 people that are tied to your PC by blood, love, rivalry, honor, etc.
4) Finally, I'd like you to include with your submission a fear or paranoia that causes your character to shiver, cower, or panic. or more than one.

thread and submissions will need to be completed by jan 5. feel free to ask questions.

I will be pulling my submission, thank you.

Just off the top of my head I could play any of these just spitballing. I could modify any of these in history to be appropriate. some are more ambitious than others.

Elaith Craulnober- In his fall from grace. he will start out LG and change to CN throughtout the campaign. never beyond. Right after leaving the evermeet guard. mwk longsword is a dormant elfblade that wont be used.

Erevis Cale- the start- currently butler, LN work for the Ukraven family in Sembia need to complete the task set before him to get into better graces. Slayer or a rogue/fighter before coming to mask. work for nightmasks but is uncomfortable because he is just beginning to like them.

Bidderdoo Harpell- before accidently turning himself into a dog during the time of troubles.

Caledan Caldorien- Oricle of shadow or summoner (shadow ediolin), learning to use the shadoweave while working for harpers.

Talbot Uksraven- (skinchanger race, werewolf, not evil) a sembian noble actor.

would you be opposed to people playing Iconic characters out of any books? Or submit or turn in characters that would fit even if it is not on your class list because it would fit thematically. Like a slayer, Skald, or Investigator "harper".

And can you use campaign traits and rename them to make them fit also.
example would be Sword Scion from kingmaker, you could say Purple Dragon Knight (sword scion).

I don't mean to be difficult, I'm under the impression if you don't ask you wont know. I wouldn't necessarily use any of the examples. I'm doing research and want to know all options. I'm a big fan of Forgotten realms, so its not for power gaming its for flavor that makes sense.

I'll vote for LoF.

I would like to Dot, I had a question however. would you be opposed to me playing a semi-Iconic character. I have always wanted to play Tup the Terrible in a campaign and would think he would fit in good in this one. It would be my own take on him. a little less evil more misunderstood.

I am going ahead and closing the recruitment thread, I will not be going through with this AP. I was hoping for more interest. like what was suggested, my letting everyone know that I would need at least X amount of candidates might have scared a few people away, and for that I apologize. This was not my first Pbp I was just under a new alias. I am very picky about my group.

To give everyone a example I choose your top five Aliases on everyone (the most posts) and look towards posting habits and if you bail on a campaign or try your best to post almost every day. (I also allow up to 2 spots for newbies) and just look at their posting habits. from that I make a decision. because I believe posting habits are the number one thing I cant control. Tonyz said it best on one of his posts. "general slowdown -- it fed on itself. When there are no new posts, and you are waiting a week for any response to what you said, it sort of kills the momentum all by itself. I realize that real life takes precedence, but inaction begets inaction. Once the cycle starts, it's hard to summon up the initiative to break it, and if only one person tries and there's no response, it just discourages them more... and apathy begets apathy."- remember that even though this is for enjoyment, people also look for commitment.

I will probably look towards opening another campaign thread in a few months, but for a more traditional AP. With less restrictions. I appreciate everyone's time and effort, and I really enjoyed reading several of the backgrounds, and I hope you enjoyed making them.

I second that, the single most important thing in the PbP is the DM's interest. lol.

3 days before I close recruitment....

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