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Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 19/30

About Vitaliano da Riva

Nature - Rogue
Demeanor - Conniver
Clan - Malkavian
Generation - 6th
Sire - Antoine le Fanu
Blood Pool- 25/30
XP Earned: 89xp
XP Spent: 75xp

Str - 2
Dex - 3
Sta - 2

Cha - 2
Man - 4
App - 2

Per - 3
Int - 4 (Analytical)
Wit - 3


Alertness - 2
Athletics - 1
Awareness - 2
Brawl -
Empathy - 1
Expression -1
Intimidation -
Leadership -
Carousing - 2
Subterfuge -2
Hobby Skill -

Animal Ken - 2
Crafts -
Ride - 1
Etiquette - 2
Archery -
Larceny - 2
Melee - 2
Performance -
Stealth - 2
Survival - 2
Professional Skill -

Hearth Wisdom -
Finance -
Investigation -
Law -
Medicine - 3
Occult - 4 (Vampires)
Politics - 2
Seneschal -
Theology -
Expert Knowledge -

Auspex - 4
Dementation - 3
Dominate - 1 (non clan)
Obfuscate - 5

Allies - 3
Alternate Identity - 1
Mentor- 1
Contacts- 1
Retainers- 5

Conscience - 2
Self-Control - 4
Courage - 4

Humanity: 6
Willpower: 4

Multi-Lingual 2=Italian (Free/Read and Write), French, Latin(Read and Write), Chinese, Spanish

Absent Minded: -3
Anosmia: 2
Intolerant: 1 (Sellers of the flesh on the street((Brothels are ok)))

Description:He is a lean man, of average height, five foot eight to be precise. He has long black hair he keeps free of greasiness and pulled back to keep out of his eyes when he works and generally out of work simply out of practice. He was born with the hands of a pianist or a surgeon. While a charming man, he is not what one would consider overly pretty.

History:Born of a gutter whore, he aspired from an early age to be something above the station he was born in. It was this that drove the boy into the world of medicine. He fought tooth and nail for everything he had to get into learning and struggled to be as high placed in every class he attended. But others found out about his past and reminded him of his place.

It was this that brought about the hatred of his mother and her kind. His past was what drove him and also what hindered him in his city, and so it was also what eventually drove him from it as well. The atrocities he committed in the city of Pola, his place of birth, he knew he could never fully be excused from. So it was that he fled from the city, taking all the money and possessions that he could.
He hired another to help him forge documents that were similar to his own so that he could keep the station that he worked so hard on, but throw away the past that kept creeping up to drag him back down.

In Venice was where he started afresh, working himself as his new name Vitaliano da Riva. But still his past crept up on him, every time he walked down the streets. He would see the beggers, the sellers of skin working on the street and it would eat away at his soul. How was it that no matter where he went, something reminded him of his old life, if only they would all just disappear. At least the ones in the brothels knew their place, hidden behind doors where their kind was meant to be.

Upon arrival in Venice, his forger had mentioned for him to speak to a man about getting the extra money needed for him to start up his own practice in the city. He didn't quite like the idea of owing someone he barely knew, let alone someone who might be able to find out about his sorted past in Pola, but he didn't want to start out somewhere he felt was too beneath his station. He took the man's advice and took council with the person provided, he was shocked when he saw the man. He was grotesque and maladied, surely the man was not well off and a good person to work with for money. But he put aside his disgust for the moment and spoke to the man about his desires. He wasn't turned down but the disfigured man asked him how good he really was at his job, he replied that he was well learned and well suited for the job but didn't like where he was in Pola.

The grotesque man laughed and put him to a test to figure out what was wrong with him and prove his ability. Vitaliano took his time, checking the man out and pulled out his books. The longer he studied him, the more disturbing he seemed to find him. He stopped after a bit and looked up at the smiling man with terrifying teeth and his color drained. He pulled out a black leather book and began to read, coming to the conclusion that he didn't believe but could only make sense.

He swallowed a bit and adjusted his attire before telling the man that he believed he was dead. He corrected himself shortly afterwards and pronounced the man undead. The Vampire smiled and told him that he was correct but that bit of information would cost him dearly. While he was unnerved to discover his hobby was indeed reality, he was quick on his feet. He stood up and backed up speaking quickly. He told the man that he had a proposition for him, one that would benefit the both greatly. The grotesque man stopped and smiled that wicked smile, asking his meal what he could possibly offer better then what he was about to enjoy. Vitaliano spoke quickly about how medicine worked today and went into detail about how it could benefit the both of them greatly if he told a little white lie to the patients. The man raised a brow and sat back down, he scratched at the desk for a minute before pulling out paper and pen and scrawled out a note. It looked like he was going to live still...but at what cost.

Personal Effects: Silver Scalpel.