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My personal vote would be for a Dungeon World chassis for this. Of course, we'd need people interested for it! But I love me some Dungeon World.

I don’t have time to offer my opinion at the moment but I am super interested. For Analand!

@mott- I drive about an hour each way twice a week to visit girlfriend/friends, so I listened to the Oathbringer audiobook, and it was spectacular. 10/10, would recommend.

I don't know if PF is the best idea but I don't know what other system would best emulate it.

I suppose you could make the orders of Knights Radiant like free Bloodlines added onto existing classes? Have powers take X "Charges" of Stormlight? It would be hard to make it so that it was accurate to the books I think.

Hopefully this is still happening!

Sounds good GM! I decided not to anyway :p

I kid.

DM Rag is pretty rad so if he puts something up jump in on it. I'm in a ton of games already so one more is probably not reasonable but +1 vote for peeps to apply to this if he runs.

Well, I got something up. Here is Meridas.

Half-Orc Spirit Guide Life Oracle. He should have plenty of healing pop, and his Spirit Guide stuff will give a lot of versatility and access to hexes. Conceptually, Meridas was once a paladin of Iomedae that has forsworn violence for personal reasons. He's a realistic pacifist; he doesn't believe that enemies will just roll over and talk because you ask them nicely, but believes that if he truly follows his convictions he can inspire otherwise.

If anything looks janky or you want something expanded on just let me know!

Quick question, is VMC allowed?

If I am not selected for the current Kingmaker recruitment (and there are many solid applications) then I am quite interested.

Do we get any traits?

Interested. I’ll get something up.

Shadow; what classes are still present in game?

A LE/N character, given Thalion’s emotional state, would serve as a rather interesting goad, either to give rein to his darker, more violent impulses or guide him towards a more ordered path.

Thalion has no qualms with Necromancy.

I will also note, while Ivory Songbird mentioned duoing with a friend or family member, I’m not opposed to pairing with someone here if the GM thinks the characters would be interesting to explore together.

Added Equipment Wishlist. Certainly I don't expect to find all of those things, it's meant to just be a pass at items the character would like to acquire.

All right, GM! Per our conversation I've put up the first draft of Thalion Medyved. I have full crunch, appearance and personality, a full and a 10-minute background, and have noted the optional house-rules that I would like to partake in if selected.

As far as build goes, Thalion isn't particularly min-maxed. I could have gone that route, but I felt it was more interesting to go for a variety of options. Thalion can attempt damn near any skill check (except for Craft and Appraise, for now). He has a respectable AC that can be pumped higher with spells, and hits quite hard. His saves are all good, he has a full BAB, and will be quite proficient as a blaster, especially when his Wizard VMC really starts kicking in.

Roleplay-wise, as we discussed, he's sort of struggling to figure out precisely what type of person he is. There is absolutely a nobility in him...but there was once nobility in Morgoth and Sauron, before they turned to darkness. This trek into the Stolen Lands will define him.

The 10-minute background includes several NPC's that can be woven into the tapestry of the game as you see fit and offers some ideas for plot hooks for you. I tried to come up with stuff that I feel might fit a game called "Kingmaker".

If you have any questions or require me to make any changes, please let me know! And good luck to all! This game sounds like it will be rad as hellllllll

Another round of questions! Apologies for the metric ton of them;

I am taking Wizard VMC. I am also a bladebound magus, which specifically states that I cannot have a familiar, which is what you gain from the level 3 Wizard VMC. Instead of that may I forge an Arcane Bond with the black blade? I realize unless significant things are houseruled, I won’t be able to add further enhancement bonuses to it, and that’s quite all right. This way though I would at least have the “floating spell” ability from the bonded object.

No worries if not! Again, just figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

The more pressing matter pertains to background.

I’m pounding away at it, but though I quite enjoy Pathfinder as a chassis, I’m not overly familiar with the lore of Golarion. Am I to assume we have a fair bit of latitude in interpreting what you listed above? Specifically the ancestral deed to land that we start with. I have a definite plan in mind for that, I just want to know how much freedom we have to sort of play with the extant lore, like creating a character that’s the scion of a fallen and forgotten kingdom swallowed by the Stolen Lands.

Two further questions; are the NPC's we team with going to be created and controlled by you?

Similarly, you mentioned that we cannot purchase stat-increasing items and are using ABP for that. Are we using the full ABP rules (Deflection +1, Resistance +1, Armor/Weapon attunement, etc) or only doing so for stat-increases?

Most excellent! Thank you for your answers. I have to go to work in a couple of hours but believe I'll have a good chunk of my character completed by then. Hopefully I'll get something done once I come home for the evening. I'm aware that there's still plenty of time but I like to get things up in case you have any feedback.

As far as my pedigree, I'm a pretty active member of these boards; I think I'm in about 10 games right now? I would enjoy a game with a higher posting rate; I totally understand why combat takes a long time over PbP, but due to how long it takes I can sometimes sort of stop paying too much attention and just whack something with my sword. I'm most keenly interested in simply roleplaying instead of using social skills. It's often been frustrating when giving a particularly impassioned speech and the dice just making me blow a Diplomacy roll!

Couple of queries for you, GM!

I'm considering an Inspired Blade Swashbuckler on one side of the gestalt.

They gain Inspired Finesse, which gives them Weapon Finesse when they wield a rapier as well as Weapon Focus (rapier). Clearly that Weapon Focus will be changed to include the entire group (light blades); however, granting weapon finesse under the feat tax rules is a null bonus. Instead, would you consider allowing Inspired Finesse to instead add Dex to damage for Rapiers only? Quite fine if not, but I figured I would ask.

Next; Inspired Blades get Rapier Training, which is Weapon Training but only for a Rapier. Will you allow that to function as Weapon Training for the purpose of Gloves of Dueling? If not, if I decide to multiclass Fighter, will Rapier Training and Weapon Training Light Blades stack?

Thank you for your answers! I look forward to making a character for this game; I'm sure whoever gets selected will have a grand time!

Dotting for interest.

Also, stat rolls!

Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 5, 6) = 17
Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 3, 2) = 11
Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 4, 4) = 14
Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 3, 6, 4) = 16
Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 6, 6) = 17
Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 6, 4) = 17

Wow! I'll take it!

Or perhaps Path of War?

I'm interested but I don't actually see a class list to pick from!

Updated my character with a bit more flavor.

Re: optional stuff- sounds good to me! I'm up for whatever.

Current list of submissions;

rungok- Pato Bendo (Ithorian Force Prodigy, missing background)

Jesse Heinig- Kon Laan (Kel Dor Jedi, complete)

GM SuperTumbler- Ean Flennic (Human Noble, complete)

william Nightmoon- K1-3I9 (Droid, complete)

Saashaa- unnamed Human technician (missing background)

The Lion Cleric- Temil Androti (Human Jedi, complete)

JASON RODARTE- Quen Pah (Human Jedi, missing re-build and adjusted background)

PirateDevon- Irina Kayzeld (Human Noble, complete)

Dodekatheon- Draylin Thul (Human Jedi, complete)

Havocprince- Lost Pearl (Shard Jedi, missing background]

Dots/Interest; PixelsAreGod, Vrog Skyreaver, TheoreticallyYours, Redac

That should be everyone, let me know if I missed you!


I really, REALLY liked the character I made for the DoD game.

I really did not like him for this game. I couldn't think of ways to tweak him to the current galactic climate without fundamentally changing certain elements of the character that I really enjoyed.

So I did something a bit different.

Presenting Draylin Thul.

I have written this character as the son of the character I created for the DoD game. He's sort of bright-eyed and bushy tailed and in love with the idea of being a Jedi Knight. He has a wicked sweet tooth, a weakness for HoloDramas and will probably try to put together "Bad Holo Nights" for the group (his favorite is "Order 9 from Outer Rim");.

Mechanically he's a pretty standard Jedi right now, with an emphasis on melee damage with a lightsaber.

As the character levels up, that will go into overdrive.

I plan on leaning into saber combat pretty hard. Eventually I'll take Juyo and Vaapad and several Lightsaber Form Force Powers. If the build goes the way I want it to, Draylin will be the backbone of the party's assault, dishing out tons of damage and making a fantastic target while being able to avoid a lot of damage himself.

If I missed anything, let me know.

If anyone wants some character links, please let me know and I will happily expand my background to include those.

K1, lemme throw an idea your way.

You could have been a droid that served double duty; protocol droid and sparring partner for Jedi in training. You could be the property of the Praxeum, so any of the staff could give you orders, including "X person is your master for this mission". That would give you instant connections to any Jedi characters...though they may become troubled by your maiming of enemies. You can always chalk it up to being a reflex from learning lightsaber moves that remove limbs though!

@Jesse- Normally I play a caster-type Jedi, but I’ve been thinking about playing more of a lightsaber specialist. Going the melee route might be fun; I could whip up a saber-master that could act as more of a protector type.

Hm...if you’re going technician maybe I’ll retool my concept...


What's up.

Going to submit, but don't know if I should throw in my Scoundrel or try for something else. For sure will get something up though.

Flavor is what I savor!
...I’ll let myself out.

Wild Talent: 3d8 ⇒ (1, 6, 2) = 9

9, which is...Ectopasmic Trinket? Well that sounds sorta funky.

I unfortunately do not possess Ultimate Psionics so I will rely on other people to tell me what exactly my power does. I think I will see what Wild Talent I get and build off that. Also if anyone has any Dark Sun resources for a total newbie to get better acquainted with the setting it would be appreciated!

Dark Sun was a bit before my time but it always seemed a super interesting setting once I learned of it. I'll try to get something up.

I believe the DM means that these optional rules are NOT in effect.

I didn't go bizarre.

Here's Sterling Walker, Human Musket Master.

Mechanically he's straight-up ranged damage. He has a couple of non-combat abilities to help out in other situations but mainly he's focused on wrecking shop with his favorite weapon.

Story-wise, he's a former lawman trying to find ways to cope with his pain and continue, somehow, to honor the post he once had despite failing to keep his people safe.

I was feeling a sort of western-y vibe, I guess.

Also could you clarify that I am correct re: feat tax, good sir?

Class HP Rolls: 4d10 ⇒ (7, 10, 6, 8) = 31

Also any restriction re: races?

Well I'm your huckleberry.

By "feat tax is not", that means you are running with the normal prerequisites for things and not giving Point-Blank Shot and Power Attack for free, correct?

I will get something up in a few hours, or tomorrow afternoon (depends on how the ol' insomnia treats me tonight).

*eyeballs DM Rag* yassssss....

I will juat quietly be excited, then.

You know, I don't want to point out to other DM's that there are more than enough players here to run another DoD game for those of us that might not make it in buuuuut....wait. That's exactly what I want to point out.

On a different note I just bought FFG's Imperial Assault. It had some good reviews so hopefully it's enjoyable! I tend to enjoy crawl-y board games.

There's also the fact that as level 1 Jedi, unless there's some wonkiness, you have not made your own lightsaber; they are training blades so would be the common colored ones.

Never forget the Wookie.

+1 for Canon colors (even though this RPG is by definition non-Canon).

Hope everyone has had a great holidays and congrats, F. Castor!

Special thanks to GM Phntm888 for getting back on the recruitment so quickly; I know what a drag it can be to get back to a game after the holidays! Eyes will definitely be peeled on the 1st and 2nd :)

Galatea Rayven wrote:
Kevin O'Rourke 440 wrote:
I haven't got a chance to sit down and nail down the character

This may be a good thing. Whatever your character's defects I doubt they deserve to be crucified.

You’re fired.

Re: Saga vs 4th/SW Revised- 4th was a miniatures tactical board game wrapped in DnD. Mechanically the game was built with less depth in large part to appeal to the booming MMO market at the time, and the game suffered for it.

SW Revised is a d20 base but suffers from some design flaws. One of which is Vitality Points/Wound Points; conceptually it’s a cool conceit but mechanically flawed.

VP were your endurance and fueled Force Powers and other special abilities, and if you received damage you would reduce your VP as your character strains to dodge and avoid truly bad damage. WP were your characters actual HP.

The problem; WP didn’t scale with level and were directly damages by crits. So a mook stormtrooper could one shot crit kill a max level Jedi.

One of the things I love about Saga is that you get something cool every level. I don’t think I would enjoy the game less were it not Star Wars. It very swiftly makes you Big Damn Heroes, which is not appropriate for every setting. In Saga, it fits like a glove.

Welcome back!
Shadow has had some stuff to deal with, so we've not progressed far. Hopefully our fearless leader will be stress-free soon!

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