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The City of Sasserine is recovering from a century of oppressive rule. The thieves guilds have been destroyed and many unsavory elements eliminated. It is a place of opportunity for the prospective knave and a heroic battleground for the prospective knight.

(1) You are recruited by a desperate noble of the city of Sasserine, one Lavinia Vanderboren. After her parents recently perished in a freak accident, she inherited a large number of debts along with the rest of the estate. Yet her real problem is not financial, but personal.

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Before there was Shackled Skulls, some of the best writers at Dungeon magazine put an AP in Dungeon magazine. It involved some pirate ships and, eventually, a trip to defeat Demogorgon, one of the ultimate bada$$e$ in D&D history.

The City of Sasserine is recovering from a century of oppressive rule. The thieves guilds have been destroyed and many unsavory elements eliminated. It is a place of opportunity for the prospective knave and a heroic battleground for the prospective knight.

I am recruiting a tight group (four -- maybe 5 PCs) to defeat the evil threatening the world.

Since the group will be small, players will be starting with 25pt builds and maximum wealth. No materials outside the Core Rulebook will be use to create characters (this includes archetypes and traits). No characters will be evil. Lawful good may be a difficult, you would have to be a flexible lawful good to succeed.

The players guide may be a $1 download. It will help, but not be essential, to make a good character.

The intent is to make this a long term campaign with characters progressing from Level 1 to Level 20. The AP comes in twelve installments. This will be a marathon and not a sprint.

Recruiting will close December 13 game will start January 2 with sufficient interest.

Dot for interest...

Silver Crusade

What pantheon are you using? I'm not sure how well Greyhawks Gods domains translate into Pathfinder.

Seriously? Lots of goodness in CRB!

Dark Archive

I'd be crazy not to at least try for something fantastic and good like this! =D

I've had experience in the Wold, so I've no problem with Core. But, odd question: Do you also restrict equipment outside of Core? I'm just asking because neat things like bandoliers and the masterwork backpack and wandermeal are in Ultimate Equipment.

Grand Lodge

I've been waiting years for someone to run this for me. I wanted to play it instead of DM it and so, as each month of Dungeon came in the mail I had to avoid 1/3 of the issue -- you can imagine how painful that was when WotC announced they were cancelling the mags. The last issues were coming in the mail and I couldn't even read them cover-to-cover.

I am REALLY stoked for this! I'll be making a Paladin for proposal.

Doting for interest. I will submit a rogue

dot. thinking paladin, or ranger or fighter. in other words likely a martial class

If we go (5) Characters I'm thinking a Bard. If we go (4) then a Wizard.

My PBP load is pretty full for now but should be fine by January, and I'd love to play one of the Dungeon mag APs! Heartily dotting. :)

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Dotting for interest - will propose a Ranger, I think.

Will you be considering unchained versions of the core classes?


Definitely interested in Savage Tide! I am working on putting together a wizard for your consideration. I'll post him as soon as I have him ready.

I'll work on something. Are you transfering the AP to Golarion?

And just to be sure, by Core Rulebook, you mean the very first book only, so no archetypes and no traits, right?

Thinking dwarf cleric of Torag. Good/Protection domains.

Liberty's Edge

Starfinder Superscriber

The player's guide seems to be available here. This is a link to a URL on, so I'm guessing it's legitimate....

Can we take the "District Feats" from the Player's Guide? (I haven't fully read it yet, so I don't know necessarily if I'd actually be interested in any of them.)

I am also interested, and will probably submit either a wizard or a bard.

Hello all! I'm a big fan of the Dungeon APs. I'm interested in submitting Isadriewen, a half-elven sorcerer (arcane blood-line). Her profile needs a bit of work.

Link to Greyhawk Deities

We will be using Greyhawk deities using the link above. As we are using CRB, that means no archetypes or traits and all equipment, spells or races not listed in the CRB will be available. If you are using the online reference documents, CRB denotes Core Rulebook content.

As we will not be using traits, a district feat will be available to everyone.

GM Tribute wrote:

Link to Greyhawk Deities

We will be using Greyhawk deities using the link above. As we are using CRB, that means no archetypes or traits and all equipment, spells or races not listed in the CRB will be available. If you are using the online reference documents, CRB denotes Core Rulebook content.

So, I am a bit confused, are we using CRB only for everything?

Or are we using CRB for classes/feats only?

^ Phrased a bit oddly, but I'm pretty sure he meant that if it doesn't come from the CRB, then it's out, whether it's equipment, feats, races, etc. archetypes, core classes and races only, no traits, etc.

Okay, I presumed that was what the GM meant, but the phrasing threw me for a loop is all lol


Full Name : Dain Bramage

Race: Dwarf

Classes/Levels Cleric

Gender M

Size M


Special Abilities : Darkvision 60 ft

Alignment: NG

Deity Kord

Location :

Languages : Common,Dwarf

Occupation : Cleric

Strength 14 (+2)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 16 (+3)
Intelligence 14 (+2)
Wisdom 16 (+3)
Charisma 8 (-1)
Height: 5' Weight: Hair: Black Eyes: Grey
Favored Class: Cleric (hp)
EXP: 0
Hit Points: 15
Spd: 20
Init: +2
AC: 19(5 armor 2 shield)/ 12 Touch /FF 17)
BAB: +0
Saves: Fort +6 (+8 poison/spells/SL)Ref +3(+5 Poison/Spells/SL) Will +6(+8 Poison/Spells/SL)

Warhammer +2 1d8+2 x3
Dagger +2 1d4+2 19-20
Lt. X-bow +2 1d8 80 ft.

Skills: 4/level
Perception (1+3) 4
Swim (1+2) 3
Know-Religon (1+3+2)6
Sense Motive (1+3+3) 7

Feats:Toughness +3 hp and+1/level after 3,
Special Abilities:+2 Appraise for Metal/Gemstone. +1 attack orc/goblins.+2 vs poison/spells/spell-like abilities
Darkvision 60 ft.+4 CMD vs. Bullrush/Trip.+2 Perception vs. stone traps/doors Auto-check within 10 ft.
Proficant with battleaxes,heavypicks,warhammers
Channel 1d6 3/day DC 10
GoodTouch of Good +1 attack/skill/ability/saves for 1 round 6/day
Protection+1 Resistance saves +1 5/levels. Resistant touch. grant saves to another for 1 minute 6/day

spells per day Unlimited/2+1////
0.Stabilize,Light,Detect Magic
1. Bless,Divine Favor(d)Protection from Evil

Scale Mail (50)
Heavy wooden shield (7)
Warhammer (12)
Dagger (2)
Light Crossbow (35)
Cleric Kit
belt pouch
candles (10)
cheap holy text
flint and steel
iron pot
mess kit
spell component pouch
torches (10)
trail rations (5 days)
wooden holy symbol
10 bolts (1)
117 gp

History:Dain grew up in Sasserine with the misfortune to be inept at the forge and thus unable to take his place in the
business with his father and brothers. Normally, this would end up heaps of scorn inflicted upon him but his father new Dain
had an aptitude with clerical matters and had him sent to the temple of Kord for his acolyte training and thus Dain found his calling.
Dain has taken to supporting himself with bodyguard work, his keen eye and senses turning out to be quite valuable on the
streets of Sasserine.

Submitting this character for selections. Made her for another campaign, but never got to play.

Sorry, probably should have had a not in there. Core classes, Core feats, core equipment only. No archetypes or traits.

Greyhawk deities and world. Characters probably have ties to Sasserine as that gives them a free district feat.

GM Tribute wrote:

Sorry, probably should have had a not in there. Core classes, Core feats, core equipment only. No archetypes or traits.

Greyhawk deities and world. Characters probably have ties to Sasserine as that gives them a free district feat.

Sorry for my insistence but I just want to make sure.

Core classes does not mean unchained versions of core classes (i.e., unchained classes are NOT allowed).

Silver Crusade

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What about animal companions for druids? The core rule book has a list, but it states that the list is not exhaustive, and references the bestiary. Are you limiting choices to only those in the list, or only those in the list and from the first bestiary, or some other choice?

Here is scranford's submission.



Attikus is a member of the Scarlet Brotherhood, sent to Sasserine as an infiltrator to keep an eye on things. He is a member of the Farseekers faction, and much more interested in gathering information instead of conquest... or at least before conquest.

Attikus is very fair skinned, with very light orange hair that he keeps shaved close. He has light blue almost white eyes, and keeps himself covered in loose fitting, mostly red robes when he is exposed to the sun. All visible areas of his skin are covered in tatoo's many serpent themed. His ears, nose, and lip are pierced with brass jewelry, and his tongue has been slit at the end like a snakes. He keeps quiet, and many find his unwavering gaze unsettling. Still he is a skilled sailor, and has no trouble finding work. He is often referred to on the docks as "White snake".

No unchained + no animal companions outside core unless specifically mentioned in players guide.

Only source books should be core rulebook and players guide.

But, 25 pt buy!!

Love the hard-core, all-core, Greyhawk. Would be the closest thing to playing 2e that I've done in ages.

Classic half-orc thug rogue here.


A few layers of ratty clothes and the old, worn hat would be enough to make you wonder if this hulking beast of a half-orc was a beggar. But seeing the solid, sinewy bulk on him, its clear that he’s too well fed for that. Also, he doesn’t stink. And there is nothing about him that has that cowering, beggar-feel to it. He doesn’t slouch, that’s a crouch… intentionally balanced that way, like a coiled spring. Still, with that nasty red scar down his left cheek leaving the eye cloudy white on that side makes it a bit hard to look at him. Its all twice as nasty with his green orc-skin. You notice he keeps his head cocked to the right a bit, either he’s trying to hide the bad eye a bit or looking for a better field of vision with his one good eye. As he turns, you two hilts, almost big enough for swords but each is gripped like a big knife hanging from under his thready coat, the look set to grab quick and inconspicous. Definitely not a beggar. Definitely something more dangerous.


Garnstn did’nt know why he was called Garnstn. Just what they always called him in the Crew. White-eye, he knew why they called him that… it was what most who knew him called him around Shadowshore. The guard who kicked him in the face enough times to break his eye for no good reason than he was in the way. Iron-shod boots tore him up good, red scars, torn lip and all. The Crew took care of him then, got him healthy enough to earn again. He was little enough back then that sneaking was the main thing he did, snatch-and-grabs, break-ins. He was good at that as the dark didn’t bother him. Even now, big as he was, he could move quiet and quick enough to do a second-story job. He liked those old jobs. Kord knew the folks in those fancy houses could afford what they snuck out, probably barely even missed it. And it brought food for the Crew, food for the kids and that was worth it. It was fun. F@*% those rich folk, anyhow, they should get better locks and keep an eye on their sh!t...

Now that he was big and just as quick as always, the jobs were different. Bloodier. He was good with the long knives he always wore behind him, and a White-Eyed-Stare often made it so things didn’t have to get bloody. But when they did get bloody, he had proved his new value to the Crew. The Shadowshore had been brutal to him since he was a pup, so he just gave some of the brutality back. There was a lot of brutality to go around the ‘Shore. The guard had been brutal to him for no reason – and at least Garnstn always had a reason to be brutal. He used to think that anyhow. He kept the crew safe. Kept the kids safe. But it was starting to get too bloody. The Crew was different under Redlif. The people they went after now were usually just in different Crews. Different but the same – just trying get by in the Shadowshore… and that meant they were hungry and tired. Not like the old second-story jobs. The people they took from lately would miss it… would miss it dearly. Especially since they took it brutal now, most always brutal now. And you can’t be brutal to the rich folk. The guard comes then. So you’re brutal to those who the guards won’t help.

Garnstn looked down at his bruised and cut knuckles. He picked out a bit of white from one cut. A bit of tooth. That kid would never talk right again. Never eat right again. Just like Garnstn would never see right again. The kid had just been hungry, swiping a bit to eat. But he did it in the Crew’s streets. And Redlif wanted Garnstn to make a lesson outta the kid. Maybe like that guard with the iron-shod boots wanted to make a lesson outta Garnstn once upon a time. Then Redlif told Garnstn to use the Big Axe on the kid. Reflif wanted to make real a lesson of the kid. Slice and dice. But the kid was already done, broken teeth and bleeding out. More than brutal, that. Even for the ‘Shore.

So Garnstn stopped and walked away. Redlif called out, cursed, swore at him. Garnstn kept walking. That was that. No more. He was getting old for the crew now anyhow. Older than anyone but Redlif. The kids could start doing second story jobs now, get enough to eat… to get by. Maybe Garnstn could sneak back and help them out from time to time when Redlif wasn’t around. Maybe. Garnstn stopped back at the Fort. Said goodbye to the kids one last time. Grabbed his gear, his best best picks, and his coin-stash. Left a few silvers and coppers for the kids. Redlif would be pissed. Best the kids have a little to tide them by.

Time for something different, something new. He could be still be brutal when needed, but Garnstn would decide for himself when to be brutal now. He walked out of the ‘Shore looking for the next thing. Hopefully a better thing. Kord knew it would be hard to find worse. Maybe back to second-story jobs… or at least being sure that if he was going to be brutal there was a reason for it.


Gruff, mean, difficult, and sometimes brutal. Garnstn White-Eye made sure people knew that was what he was like, always made things easier when people saw what they wanted. Loyal, kind, caring. Only a few knew all the things that he keeps in his core. The ratty clothes are good to keep people from seeing the mail shirt and long knives hiding beneath. The gruff, mean, difficult, and sometimes brutal are good for keeping people from seeing the loyal, kind, and caring beneath. People see those things, they might try to take advantage. But Garnstn was the one who took advantage now, if an advantage needed to be taken. Though if someone really needed help… deserved help, well things could get brutal for the right reason.

I shall be submitting Jerrick Jonder, a low life rapscalian who always seems to find himself on the wrong side of the law lest his best intentions.

I will make an alias if selected

Jerrick Jonder:

Jerrick Jonder
Human rogue 1
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +5; Senses Perception +5
AC 19, touch 16, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +5 Dex, +1 dodge)
hp 10 (1d8+2)
Fort +1, Ref +7, Will +1
Speed 30 ft.
Melee dagger +5 (1d4+1/19-20) or
light mace +5 (1d6+1) or
rapier +5 (1d6+1/18-20)
Ranged shortbow +5 (1d6/×3)
Special Attacks sneak attack +1d6
Str 12, Dex 20, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 17
Feats Dodge, Weapon Finesse, Child of The Shadow
Skills Acrobatics +8, Bluff +4, Climb +4, Disable Device +11, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +5, Knowledge (local) +5, Perception +5, Sleight of Hand +8, Stealth +8, Swim +4
Languages Common, Elven
SQ trapfinding +1
Combat Gear potion of cure light wounds; Other Gear studded leather, arrows (20), dagger, light mace, rapier, shortbow, backpack, belt pouch, masterwork thieves' tools, torch, waterskin, 12 gp, 9 sp, 9 cp
Special Abilities
Sneak Attack +1d6 Attacks deal extra dam if flank foe or if foe is flat-footed.
Trapfinding +1 Gain a bonus to find or disable traps, including magical ones.


Jerrick grew up in the slums of Shadowshore. His father an injured miner unable to work and mother too weak from desease to work. Jerrick learned to steal early and grew up as a pick pocket stealing enough to to feed his family. After they passed, Jerrick continued to scrape by, somehow barely avoiding the grip of the guard or any of the newly formed small thieves guilds that have begun to take root.

Jerrick is plain, but he knows how to throw a smile when the need suits him. He prefers to work alone and unseen, but those who have spent time with him say he gas a morbid whit which contrasts with his optimistic approach to jobs.

He has brown hair and blue eyes, stands just under 6 feet, and wears well worn leathers. He keeps a number of different colored scarves to hide his face should the need arise.

Call me interested!

Paizo actually seems to have an available web pdf of the AP's Player's Guide. So, you're welcome and stuff.

Hey GM, how extensive of a background do you prefer from your applicants; are you the kind of person who wants a three to five sentence blurb or would you like a novella?

Here's a gnome druid if you like. the important stuff's all finished, and the extra's will be done well within time.

D'veetch was known around the docks as, if not one of the best shipboard cooks around, at least one of the most creative. That can mean quite a lot to a bored crew toward the end of a voyage when stocks are running low and variety is worth its metaphorical weight in gold. That was just fine with D'veetch as it made him a popular commodity and that kept him working which in turn kept him riding the salt. He loved the ocean, the ceaseless motion, the unending expanse and the animals which grew more and more bizarre the further from shore he was, and each had such stories to tell.

It's true that not every voyage revealed some oceanic wonder or mystery to him, in fact some voyages were just plain boring no matter what, but it's at those times it's still always at least interesting to speculate about how long it will take that one sailor who inexplicably finds himself tasting horse piss at five minutes past midday every day to go mad.

Do you have alternate stats for a grugach elf....or just use basic elf?

Silver Crusade

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I would be interested in trying a paladin in this adventure path. I noted what you said about LG being a hard alignment here, and was thinking of aiming for a character who hovers right on the LG to NG border. Also, I'm hoping that you'll allow an alternate paladin code, perhaps one that emphasizes teamwork and second chances over the law of man. In other words, I want the 'lawful' to refer to a divine law or set of principles, rather than the local human laws.

Also, are paladins in this setting/in your game supposed to choose specific deities, or just general principles?

All elves use the same template. Maps will be using google docs, first combat map appears at top of page as all combat maps will. Players will move their icons by cutting and pasting their avatar to the map. Campaign Tab has begun.

Bad guys will be on, at most, two initiative numbers to make combat easier. Bolded text by your name will indicate you have an action due.

Backgrounds should be detailed but not too long.

Daily posting is expected. And, players will be expected to track their own resources such as wand charges and potions. I am hoping players will track their own treasure found.

Party will have a standard procedure for moving around so I can move the party from encounter to encounter.

Good to know

Sovereign Court

Throwing my hat into the ring.
Cassandra Taskerhill, at your service.
Human Female Barbarian. Black well gray shee, well lets just say she doesn´t care much for needlework and fancy dancing and it is known that she has some anger issues.

Katharina barbarian (human)
Clubsen druid (gnome)
Garnst rogue(half orc)
Attikus monk(human)
Isadriewn half elf sorcerer
Cain = dwarf cleric
Jerrick Jonder = human rogue
Radelia = possible paladin
Alchemists are not CRB

Paladins will serve a diety and are expected to uphold the laws of the land. As paragons of their faith, they are expected to avoid deviation toward neutral good. Deceit and trickery are not part of the paladin code, and would be options a party with a paladin will not have. Lawful neutral characters are expected to uphold the laws of the land too.

Submitting Tasarla Babik of Shadowshore for consideration.

Honestly, I would be intrigued to see how Garnstn might interact with a Paldin. I don't think he would even understand the concept of telling the truth because you're supposed to. Nor the idea of obeying the rules when no one is looking. I don't know if it would ever come to blows, but I don't know that Garnstn would ever act the way the Paladin would expect. He would likely just be really confused.

Sovereign Court

GM... can you give me a bit more about the family Tuskerhill?
I picture her as the shrew from taming of the shrew, the shakespeare play.

Silver Crusade

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I think my idea of paladin and yours are different enough we would clash and not have a very good time, so I think I will make a ranger instead. I'll start work on the character tomorrow.

I won't be able to present an application after all. Happy gaming!

I've been considering a ranged focused ranger, possibly going arcane archer, but I was wondering about how crafting, or the access to purchase magic weapons, would work. It seems to me if I could get my hands on a decent bow, going full ranger would be best, but if not, the abilities of the arcane archer could be useful. Will we be limited to items the AP has to offer or ones we can craft, or will we be able to pay an NPC to craft something?

Here's the submission for markofbane. Mahath Kishion is a human wizard (evoker). His background and stats are in his profile, and I've copied his background here as well for your convenience.

Mahath’s time in Sasserine is approaching a decade, and it is troubling him greatly. When he came here in his youth, he was excited for adventure. This city, on the edge of the mysterious wild, seemed the perfect place to find power, wealth and (most of all) adventure. As a lowly apprentice and scribe in distant Greyhawk, he read stories of great men, powerful and daring, that defeated evils, founded great nations or rose to great levels of power and wealth. To follow that urge for something more in his dull life, as soon as he was old enough, Mahath made for distant lands. He worked his way as he went, until he reached Sasserine.

Once in the city, however, he did not find the adventure he craved. He settled in the merchant’s quarter and sold his modest arcane abilities and lore to make a living. In the mornings and evenings, he would wonder the city looking for the unknown that would draw him onto an exciting path, but nothing seemed to materialize. As days turned into years, he never forgot his desire for adventure and a place in the history books, but he started to wonder if such opportunity would present itself.

Each day as he leaves his small, tidy room at the inn, he looks at the backpack there, which is ready to grab at a moment’s notice. He has long since stopped carrying it with him each day, though he makes sure to put in fresh food, water and spell components periodically. He refuses to give up on his dreams, but leaves the pack because he’s sure today won’t be the day ‘it’ happens.


Interested, let me see what I can come up with.

Storyteller Shadows' submission.

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