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Great PbP DMs - IMHO
Overall = GM Blood
Most Passionate = DM Grimmy !!
Pathfinder Society = GM Lithrac (Feral and Baerlie are good too)
Rescue DM (took over others games and did great) = DM Camris
Kingmaker DM = GM Bloodgargler
Best Dungeon crawl DM = Zesdead

Best Face to Face DMs = Gary Gygax, Tracy Hickman, Kevin Kombrink
Best Fantasy Series = Wheel of Time (Jordan) Runners up = Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), Amber (Zelazny), Belgariad (Eddings) Dragonlance (Hickman) - Drizzt(Salvator) is not on the list
Best Sci Fi = Vorkosigan Saga (Bujold) Runners Up = Foundation (Aasimov) Heechee (Pohl) Too many to list (Niven)
Most underated authors = Philip Jose Farmer (Lavalite Worlds/Riverworld) Philip K Dick (Now they do Man in the High Castle)
Lawrence Watt Evans (Lords of Dus and Misenchanted Sword Saga)
Best Movie Everyone has seen = The Usual Suspects
Best Movie No One has seen = Who is Cletis Tout?