What is your favorite alignment to play?

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First of all I know alignement is personal. The point is not to argue about your opinions but just to exprim your personal preferences, maybe sometimes with an example or a funny story. It will allow us to see what each players see in each alignment and I think it could be an interesting exercise.

And secondly do not hesitate to precise what is your favorite alignment to fight against, with maybe an example of a great vilain or opponent from one of your adventures?

Ok here I go. My favorite alignment to play is Neutral Evil in a mostly good/neutral group. I like being the guy who got no loyalty whatsoever for anything or anyone except those he considers family or friends (so the group, so no betrayal). It allows him to do what the good members of the group would not do like intimidation or torture that push the adventure forward and can create complicated but interesting discussion in the group on what is acceptable or not. However as I am partisan of an Evil PC I always have a strong connection with the group and I firmly believe that Evil people can have loyalty and friendship towards the one they cherish (but some could disagree!).

I played a Tengu Unchained Rogue Rake in Skulls & Shackles Neutral Evil who finished quarter master in a Chaotic Good/Neutral group. He was a little bit mad scientist with poison alchemy and nautical creatures and a lots of skills points in Alchemy, and was the one who delivered discipline to the crew and questioned the prisonners. He was a blast to play roleplay and gameplay wise.

As for the opponent there is no one more satisfying to fight than a Lawful Evil arrogant noble or bourgeois or Cleric. The one who taunts the group from the top of his golden castle and is an *** with everyone just because he can.

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Lately, I've had surprisingly much fun playing a Lawful Neutral character. There are many different takes you can take on that, besides the age old Inspector Javert trope.

But still, more than specific alignments, I do have a tendency for playing characters that start out neutral and end up gradually moving towards good as they get more and more involved in the broader workings of the world. It makes for interesting role playing with a goal of an alignment shift in mind.

While I've played mainly these antihero-to-hero characters, I guess the most important thing I'm trying to say is that alignment isn't static nor does it exist in a vacuum.

I play anything from lawful neutral to chaotic neujtral, goods are not necessarily my favored alignment (unless something in the character's makeup or backstory warrants it), and I have enjoyed playing evil alignments a lot, just not stupid, murderhobo types of evil types... my all time fav character was actually a LE wizard... and the CE Drow magic user/Assassin does not go far behind... the closest I ever played to a murderhobo was a CE 1/2orc priest/assassin of Arioch... problem of course is intra party disputes which can escalate pretty fast when you involve inter evil or evil/good enmities.

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There's a Deadpool/Spiderman comic where Deadpool pulls out his smartphone and says, "let's give the moral compass a spin" and the app lands on Chaotic Neutral, Deadpool says, "my favorite, I get to do whatever I think is best"...

Chaotic Neutral is where I usually play, unless I have to pay lip service to a specific deity for a feat my character needs. I'm never the guy preaching about law and order. A lot of lawful characters seem to find salvation in civilization, and I've been known to go a little native once in a while.

I sort of view lawful alignment as synonymous with tyranny, and that just doesn't fit me or any character I want to play.

I usually play Neutral Good.

I struggle to actually play as anything but True Neutral. I _think_ I've managed to make my current caracter CN at least. I hope.

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I play the Good alignments almost exclusively, and probably split one-third each LG, NG, and CG.

And, yes, I play non-cleric/non-paladin LG characters.

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Lawful Evil, especially in an all-good party. It drives my characters to exist in far more dimensions than just mechanically-- they need deep, nuanced reasons why this band of naysayers are his chosen companions.

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1) Lawful Good

2) Lawful Evil


126) Lawful Neutral

And those are the only three for me. None others ever get close to my PC sheet.

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N, CN, NG. That's "I'll do anything I want." "I'll do anything you pay me to." and "I'll do things that help whomever I want." Respectively.

90% of the villainy in Golarion is LE. If it is your favorite to kill or not, it glows when you detect evil... so... murder hobos unite!

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I think I trend towards NG - just plain heroic and if they care about something other than helping people it's nature, art, or knowledge. Second favourite is LG (heroic and honourable) but I'm not a big fan of LN - my less heroic characters tend to be more free spirited or at least more invested in their own goals than some sense of law and order.

Villains... probably LE because it's easier to do a multi-layered and organized treat that will appear throughout a campaign.

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Neutral Good, Lawful Evil.

Lawful Evil for more than outright villains, too- they can make fascinating team players while being awful people.

I play Most of my characters as Chaotic Neutrals, it just fits my playstyle and who I am best. an Example? My Ratfolk Rogue/Alchemist, wound up following an alluring scent(to her) to where she thought there might be food and alchemical supplies, but was instead a monster. She also almost got turned into food more than a few times herself, because of not paying close enough attention, a giant spider in a pantry, a snake under what amounted to a picnic table, etc. x3

I think my favorite thing to fight against is probably Neutral Evil. You know why Lawful Evil and Chaotic Evil exists, one wants power the other destruction, but Neutral Evil? They're just evil to be evil >.>

Admittedly I also tend towards Neutral Good, occasionally dipping into Chaotic Good, Mostly because of the idea that... Well admittedly for the same reason that a lot of people like Chaotic Neutral... Thanks to someone for getting this quote for me.

VoodistMonk wrote:

There's a Deadpool/Spiderman comic where Deadpool pulls out his smartphone and says, "let's give the moral compass a spin" and the app lands on Chaotic Neutral, Deadpool says, "my favorite, I get to do whatever I think is best"...

I like the idea of characters that... Well they don't flagrantly disrespect authority (which is why I tend more NG than CG) but is still ready and willing to yell "Screw the Rules, I'm doing what's right!" whenever he feels it's necessary.

In terms of villains, You can probably tell what I'm about to say. The Tyrannical bastard Lawful Evil that either uses the system for his own power, or seriously believes that harmony can only be reached at the expense of the individual. It's an interesting dynamic.. And it's better that generic "Rawr I'm Chaotic Evil, f!$* you, f!&+ you, and f*** you too". there are chaotic evil villains that can be done well of course (Joker anyone?). But you can't really make any sort of ideological conflict with that (which mentioning The Joker, Bats, you know that he can't be negotiated with or redeemed, You can get a lot of people out of danger by letting him die.)

I really like Lawful Good because that aligns with my personal beliefs the most. You help people, but there is a right way to do it. It is important to be consistent, reliable, and accountable.

Although my number two favorite is Chaotic Neutral. Weird I know, but it's just something different. Not the "Chaotic Evil but my GM banned it" type, but the free, self-serving, and creative soul that follows their passions.

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1) Lawful evil (especially in good aligned groups)
2) Lawful neutral
3) Lawful good (the shady ones, like a spy or a crimson templar)

There are different ways I play lawful evli in good aligned groups. If there is a paladin or something very good, I try to be more paladiny than he.
Or I do my usual trick and pretend to be both good and evil at the same time (for example wearing a shining white paladin armor and a unholy symbol). If you show all the virtues of your lawful side (loyalty, truth, honor et cetera, and your evil deity is legal in the land), you should get away with this.
I really like the "absolute loyalty" aspect.

I am really starting to favour lawful neutral and lawful good characters.

In rise of the runelords my LN hunter managed to capture most of the bad guys... to be tried and hanged for their crimes.

It felt good. Like.. really good.

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CG or within a step of it. I'm being the big damned hero and like hell I'm going to let something like "laws" get in my way of doing what's right.

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Some evil so I don't get dragged into the 30 min "discussion" about morality.

UBR is a pretty easy alignment for adventurers: Care about yourself, personal freedom, growth and knowledge while opposing the status quo. White is also easy with the right patron/thing to save, but is comparatively boring. Green is the hardest to murder hobo as unless you're fighting something that wants to destroy the world/nature.

For the two axis alignment: If the character has no alignment requirments (not a divine class), start as true neutral and let the GM decide what it shifts to instead of picking and letting it become an argument. Friends don't let friends take alignment seriously.

Anything but CN or CE.

I will go CN if it makes sense, like I had a character that was a bit off because he had essentially baked his brain from being in the open ocean alone for too long. So he was a bit too odd to be consistently Moral or Immoral.

In general I would try to avoid the "Edge Zone."

As a player, I prefer NG - that's the closest alignment to my real life personality. Hence it's easy to play: Usually you can just act like you would in real life and be automatically consistent and believable. Playing a different alignment is a nice change, but more difficult to pull.

The hardest alignment for me to grok is NE.

I have more fun playing along the Chaotic spectrum. I think the the most fun is a CN character who is just one bad day away from CE. I feel like it sets up a character development arc where the party slowly bends them towards good, but there's always a chance of slipping.

So, to amend my statement, my favorite alignment to play is Character Development Arc.

I dont always get to play because im often the GM, but when when I do I play Chaotic Good. I like to play robin hood types that challenge authority and help the oppressed. I love facing maruts because they are like pure forces of law.

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Whatever the rest of the party isn't.

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LE. I am righteous and I know it. You can't handle the truth.

I am more the Good aligned PC.A bit easier to plan around for adventure design, and most of the group I play with are f***s with their Neutral and NE playing styles. I just honestly prefer to be the hero and the guy who can be trusted.

I love DMing with LE villains. So much wonderful complexity to their designs and motivations.

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Chaotic Good, Neutral Good and Lawful Evil are my three favorites. Neutral Good can be a little bit exhausting/frustrating, at times (particularly if the GM doesn't want you to save everyone or change the world for the better and keeps misery-porning you by killing off anyone you save), so Chaotic Good is my fallback. Lawful Neutral and Neutral Evil are next on my list, but both also take a little work to function well within a team and not be conflict magnets.

I want to like true Neutral, but I'm old, and remember the 'must switch teams regularly to maintain the balance' version of true Neutral, and never quite got over that nonsense.

Probably my favorite class is Paladin, so, by default I would say my favorite alignment has to be LG. Even with non Paladin characters, my preference leans towards LG. I guess I just like playing the embodiment of goodness an order. My favorite enemy is the one attacking me.

I love to play Lawful Good, and Neutral Good to a lesser degree. But, most often, I tend to play more in the True Neutral range of the alignment pool because of the campaigns we are running, and for party cohesion. I like to battle any of the Evil alignments, but it is Lawful Evil that I get the most enjoyment out of defeating, for the same reason that I like to play them (on occasion). They are willfully evil and actively use it to their advantage.

You see, I like campaigns were Good vs Evil are opposed to each other and there are clear goals and consequences. Moral greyness seems way too bland and real-life-like to me for really enjoy too much. I like my fantasy to be fantasy.

Neutral Good. To me it's the alignment that most embodies the classic fantasy hero that rises above and wins the day. It's the kind of character I grew up reading about and loving, and it just feels right.

Lawful Evil is probably my favorite villain to fight against, and to GM as. They can be so downright reasonable with their evil that it can make for tough moral choices, which allows the heroes to, again, rise above. Plus, more than the other two evils, I feel like LE villains have a real shot at being redeemed.

In 'serious' games, I really like playing my character as Lawful Neutral. It gives the other players a sense of knowing what to expect from me, while still giving me some wiggle room when tough moral choices come into play as they usually do for my group. My LN character usually have an unspoken code of loyalty to the group above the law of the land, minimal collateral damage, and avoiding deals with the blatantly Evil.

My next favorite alignment to play has got to be Neutral Evil. There is just something so appealing about being the charming guy with no moral compass who just does whatever he can get away with.

I have the easiest time with Lawful Good and the second easiest time with Neutral Good, NG being slightly harder because it's sometimes difficult to differentiate from CG purely on the basis of conduct. Coming in at #3 is true Neutral, which I enjoy a lot.

I write "chaotic good" on the character sheet, try to play it neutral good, and it ends up chaotic anyway because that's how I tick. In any way, I like playing good characters that will help anyone they can just because they can.

I don't intentionally play chaotic characters. If I do, everyone suffers... or has fun with the slightly insane joke character. I have to correct my aim towards lawful, the chaos comes on its own.

That being said, I do like adding less-good "additions" to my good characters - like a chaotic neutral shadow eidolon to my chaotic good summoner. ("No, you can't eat the prisoners.")
Or the true neutral cohort that keeps getting annoyed at my characters lack of planning and willingness to help others without bothering to at least ask for some reward.

...Why, yes, I do talk to myself a lot. And now that you mention it, that might explain the chaotic tendencies in my characters...

(I alone outnumber the rest of the group 5 to 4 if we count talking familiars and similar... But it's okay, so far people seem to enjoy the jokes I make with them and I'm still not the slowest person at the table...)

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Chaotic Good.

I tend to play serious characters who tend towards Lawful Good (my default role-playing personality) and fun characters who tend towards Chaotic Good (when I want to relax). That said I'm presently playing a fun character who's Lawful Good - a gnome paladin.

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My favorite will always be chaotic neutral, because most of my best ideas are selfish idiots who need to be saved from themselves sometimes.

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