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I, for my own personal thematic tastes, never play non-core. I just ...don't...feel..inspired to. It's kind of one of those things, like where you can explain to me how awesome anime is, or Nascar, or GoT tv show (I'm the book reader); I simply don't care. I just can't be made to invest in it.

I’ve changed Ironfang, as I’ve made it into one large campaign with Giantslayer (I’m using the Forgotten Realms as my setting, but using all the names from the APs). Phaendar actually is the outpost town that feeds into the main settlement of Trunau in Giantslayer.

Phaendar was interesting. I gave up on the provisions gathering angle, as I wasn’t going the route of the AP and lose Phaendar to the Ironfangs. Nope; the hobs came in to destroy, get resources, and march captured people back north to use as slaves. With my Heroes in Phaendar, their mission was to rescue as many people from all the building instances, while also not getting eradicated by the hobs themselves.

In the end, Kining was saved, Rhyna was saved, but Oreld died in his shop, and Aubrin wasn’t found early enough to be sufficiently healed at all. (the group at this point figured they could retake the bridge, and forgoed searching more buildings than what they did. So, consequences! Aubrin is permanently disabled, and Oreld and his contacts for supplies is a hampered and broken chain. Which, if anything, leaves Kining more ability to take over the town financially-should people live to see the future after all the invasions!

My heroes retook the town, and in the aftermath, a large council of power players was created to hear the Heroes stories of what they saw, and to share info. At this meeting, the Black Tower of the hobs was discussed. Missing people from Phaendar. Other references to Giantslayer 1.

So, I helped create an open world/sandbox play of my merged worlds of Giantslayer & Ironfang Invasion.. The group agreed that going into the Fangwood across the bridge from Phaender to search for slow hob patrols and missing people is the first order of business (which are most of the forest encounters from Ironfang book 1.) They’ll search the woods, and end up tracking and getting leads to go to the troglodyte caves-which I’ve changed to be a site the Ironfangs are trying to search through, using Phaendar captured slaves as people digging out the site, with bugbear slavemasters driving humans through the caves into lots of traps.
(I’ve made both these APs into relic/artifact hunting from the past, due to the nature of found dwarf/giant items from history). So, the trog caves are actually an old dwarf ruin, with the same final boss, and just a lot of traps to get through.

Still play 1e. My group and I didn’t switch to Pathfinder until they were 4 years into their publishing cycle. We had 2 different 3.5 campaigns we were finishing; didn’t make sense for us to switch.

Currently, I am our only DM, and I’m running 2 campaigns with the same group of friends-one on roll20, the other face to face, both set in the Forgotten Realms. I’m using a merged version of Giantslayer and Irongfang Invasion for one, the other is a home brewed campaign set in the Sea of Fallen Stars.

One group is a Human Shield Champion, Drow Arcanist, Dwarf Stone Oracle, Dwarf U-rogue, Half-Orc Druid, and Human Fighter.

Other group is a Half-drow Swashbuckler, Samsaran Blackblade Magus, Human Wizard, Aasimar Cleric, Kobold Rogue.


I still have Shattered Star, War for the Crown, Return of the Runelords-and this is all dependent on whether or not my one friend pulls himself out of ‘retirement’ to run Rise of the Runelords. I’d also like to play Crimson Throne too. As of right now, I can’t see doing the work to convert to 2e for any of those; we have plenty of home rules to try and ‘fix’ various 3.5 faults to keep these running.

However, I do want to play 2e-and will. I love hearing about the 3 action economy, the ease of conditions and labels, and fun in (re)building my first ever character in the 2e fashion.But it won’t end up being a full conversion for a while. I’m okay with that.

I so really want to adapt one of my campaigns to the Unchained style of combat. Tusk, you should come back and give an update to how it's worked it for you.

Hiya! I’m still playing my Giantslayer campaign. Kind of thread jacked this thread for my own purposes, but I figure if I’m keeping this story going on my own roll20 site for my players, then I’ll just copy it over here to continue the thread and have it all in one place for myself to read.

Sessions 6,7, & 8 all diverted into Ironfang Invasion Book 1, as I’ve talked about in various places. To keep things quiet on that end,

Ironfang Invasion Book 1:
I’ll chat briefly here about it.

What I did was to use Silvermane as a narrative plot hook to get the Hero PCs down the mountainside from Trunau to Phaendar, which is their settlement for receiving and sending goods. Silvermane also gave out the Plot knowledge about the Vault of Thorns and a weapon cache to battle this rising evil. Yes, Silvermane broke his vow of silence. During the raid on Trunau, from the walls and battlements, fires could be seen all across the land-in all the small settlements and logging camps in the Fangwood, near areas that could be the Rangers’ Forts from Ironfang; everywhere!

So, Silvermane used some trumped up story versions of Tree step, as well as that fast camp/rest spell, got the PCs back to ‘full’, and had them step out down around Phaendar, and begin to scout ahead, as Kurst actually asked the group to do, since they could move faster ahead.

Phaendar was interesting. I gave up on the provisions gathering angle, as I wasn’t going the route of the AP and lose Phaendar. Nope; the hobs came in to destroy, get resources, and march captured slaves back north to use as slaves. With my Heroes in Phaendar, their mission was to rescue as many people from all the buidling instances, while also not getting eradicated by the hobs themselves.

In the end, Kining was saved, Rhyna was saved, but Oreld died in his shop, and Aubrin wasn’t found to be sufficiently healed at all. (the group at this point figured they could retake the bridge, and forgoed searching more buildings than what they did. So, consequences! Aubrin is permanently disabled, and Oreld and his contacts for supplies is a hampered and broken chain. Which, if anything, leaves Kining more ability to take over the town financially-should people live to see the future after all the invasions!

My heroes retook the town, and in the aftermath, a large council of power players was created to hear the Heroes stories of what they saw, and to share info. At this meeting, the Black Tower of the hobs was discussed. Missing people from Phaendar. The geode from Urskroth’s skull and Grenseldek’s letter were made known. Information is missing about what has happened to the Chernasardo Rangers of the Fangwood (a larger force than what the AP would lead me to believe is there; had to increase their numbers). Even curiosity of nearby Dwarf allies in the mountain forge home of Khundrukar (the module ‘Forge of Fury’ from 3e that may friends and I have always joked about running, so we bought it upon release but never played it; I’m bringing it back!).
So, I helped create an open world/sandbox play of my merged worlds of Giantslayer & Ironfang Invasion, with my Forge of Fury thrown in for good measure. The group agreed that going into the Fangwood across the bridge from Phaender to search slow hob patrols and missing people is the first order of business (which are most of the forest encounters from Ironfang book 1.) So, my sandbox looks like:

‘Trail of the Hunted’ IF1
-Dwarf (trog) caves
-Go to Red Jaw Camp
‘Hill Giant’s Plege’ GS2
-Knight Rescue & Orc Ambush(s)
-Drake cave
-Hag & Vault of Thorns *
-Red Lake Keep
‘Fangs of War’ IF2
-Fort Ristin
-Fort Nunder
-Fort Trevelay
Forge of Fury
-Rescue captured dwarves, as they will supplant and take over the Minderhal forge after GS3 is completed

And from this, my campaign will continue and grow, with the group deciding when and where to go to next. I will use geography to keep the harder venues further away, and adjust CRs accordingly. As I’ve said elsewheres, I’m skipping the boat trip of GS 2 and the whole love interest revenge nonsense.

Also what is with this group needing to eat all their downed aberration or animal enemies?! Lol

Ep 1 is just taking me forever.

Personally, I always found this adventure trope frustrating to play (investigate and try to earn a spot in a Thieves Guild), since the groups are never set up to actually work as infiltrators, and right now (like I said, haven't finished Ep 1), it's all really silly about trying to look 'mean' or 'rough.'

Also, Tauriel just coughing and not saying a damned word to the shopkeep to keep up the illusion of the character frustrated the hell out of me.

It, unfortunately, wasn't a moment of fun for me to watch; it just dredged up bad roleplaying sessions where our face/lead didn't have a clue about what to do when put into the face/lead spotlight.

Definitely not giving up on this! I'm curious if the group will just end up slaughtering Lucky when they actually do find him. :D

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What do level 20 wizards or warlords know about balancing tax levies or increasing tariffs on goods? What would they do when famine takes all their lands wheat? What to do when farms go fallow when people leave?

Why would they want that headache? Sitting on a throne proclaiming yourself ruler of the world like a 60's Dr Doom villain monologue accomplishes nothing. It just gets you poisoned by morning.

The unfortunate nature of an aired ‘show’ about roleplayers is that it isn’t a movie where the plot, narrative, and rising action are all constructed by a singular voice. This is a game of several individuals going at the same goal; but an open ended goal. So, in that regard, I’ll watch and, unfortunately, judge, and give my own opinions.

I’m at ep 20, in Tymon, and I’m super weirded out by the 1) avoidance of the suggested adventure plot hook, and 2) no sympathy or desire to help out a refugee like them.

This dude was stealing food for his 2 young kids! He was on your same boat, he too lost everything, has less than the group, and only wanted to feed his kids! Yes, he stole, but is that a death sentence? And wasn’t the point of getting on the boat was to flee something that was utterly terrible?

I just didn’t like moment (need 20 more minutes to finish the ep), and also, the utter ignorance of the key, or it’s effects. I mean, it’s the ONLY reason everyone has stayed together, and then MIkah burying what happened away? I mean, that’s an acting motivation, but in a roleplaying situation...roleplay it to the group!!

Someone said it right; it’s like you want to yell at your tv when the people go into the haunted house and don’t check behind the doors! :D

But I'm going to keep watching. I want to know what happens! And to see if they ever make level 3! Lol

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Quandary wrote:
But AD&D 2e weapon speed will forever be missed. /s


Crap! Do I need an Omelette baseball T?!

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Rhiani32 wrote:

Hope this time around Rachel lets others get some more talk time in. I liked her character but she was jumping in too much on others. Might just be them getting used to playing with each other.

Unfortunately this is just a little too prevalent in ep7.

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And I'll be ready to start by then: only got the final episode to finish!

I'm running a mixed version of Giantslayer and Ironfang Invasion APs together in the region of the Forgotten Realms between Narfell and Samara, which is coincidentally the Giantspire Mountains. It's my original setting where we've been playing in for 28 years, so everything comes back to this setting.

However, I do intend to run the 3 Rune Lord APs as is in Golarion proper.

Not in the slightest.

My games are about the hero (or bastard) acting as they do to change the day! All rules are just hard wired mechanics to resolve a game ruled action.

If the rule set is just junk, there's a different story. (That's not even a slight against 4e;I just wasn't going to buy a new different edition considering how much was spent in a short time on 3/3.5)

Does Iculas ever get a hot dice run? Because, if there was ever a character doomed to perpetual crap dice rolls, it's been him! (Finished with ep 4)

That's super awesome to hear! I look forward to someday sharing this same hobby with my own children!

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The body of the OP's post makes so much more sense when I actually read it, as opposed to glancing at it and believing it states 'Count me unlikely to convert to 2e.' lol

Great post, though!

I feel like I read a lot of people starting this path in the last year. How is everyone's campaign doing?

I'm almost finished with the first arc, but with my own twist. Looking forward to so much with this series!


Worldmaker wrote:

The game takes place in my own homebrew campaign world (information for which now fills a literal wall of bookshelves and filing cabinets). The players ran the same characters every week, for about six hours each weekend, from 1981 until their characters got too high a level for it to be feasible, and then switched to new characters who were often children or apprentices or friends of the old ones. They've done that three times now.

In that manner, we've continued the continuity of the campaign since 1981, with older characters showing up as NPCs (for example, one of the local kings used to be a PC paladin, while the sage the group regularly visits was the original party wizard).

Ah!, that's great. In that definition, you still got my group beat; we've only been hammering away in the same world with characters and events setting the stage for each new campaign since '90. 'Youngins', I know. ;)

And I just got the email this evening it's arriving next Tuesday or Wednesday. So, no big deal at all.

I pre-ordered it in May from Amazon with birthday gift certs. No, I haven't got mine either. I'll just wait.

My group; we didn't switch over to PF from 3.5 until 5 years ago. I can't imagine we'll switch to PF2e anytime soon either. We've been playing the same group together since 1990.

Oh, I think we'll do the free adventure from the blog yesterday just to try the full rules; maybe even run Plaguestone as some fun game testing since we couldn't do all of the playtest.

But if what you got works, and thinking of changing is a headache; why bother? You're having fun and enjoying your own system? Then wait a couple of years to take in what Paizo continues to do before jumping forward if that's what you want.

I'm back trying to finish ep 3; turns out life really interferes with this kind of thing!

For one campaign, I had NPCs that met the group and later became 'addable'for adventures, much like KOTOR and Mass Effect where you built the group you wanted.

Some NPCs were chosen for utility, others for personality too. Having them along did affect experience given out as well.

I long ago gave up trying to make story reasons for why PCs weren't there, or worrying about how they 'caught up'to the group. Just play. We're all in our 40s with families. Trying to shoehorn the story angle in isn't worth it.

Session 5

Oh, but now times would turn! Just having LEVELED UP at the gates, fighting alongside Omast Frum, group went to sally forth to the Lower Quarter as gate control returned to the Trunau defenders.

Going forth and through, the Heroes found tons of smoke, carnage, death, and fires. Nearby, an incredibly wizened elf was attempting to shield some citizens from an orc attack, while the source of the bellows was finally seen; a cave giant, stunted as it was, bound and restrained by manacles and chains by his 2 orc handlers. The giant, 'CRUSHER ...CRUSH!' threw a white painted bolder at part of the low stoned hillside, also marked with the white paint, and KABOOM!, the stone blew apart, to reveal a tunnel within. A blonde haired orc (or so it appeared) dashed through the low waters of the Hopespring, with 2 dire wolves and other orcs in tow.

Standing there gibbering, Crusher awaited orders.

Our Heroes lept forth, attacking from a distance and closing melee to the orc pillagers. Others with spell and range, attacked the giant. Pretty good combats. I ignored that stupid trap of the exploding beacon, because it just seemed petty.

Chasing into the caverns, they following a trail to a series of dead orcs-all at the feet of several giants' cairns. One of them was restless, and had risen to defend the area. A skeletal giant! But again, he didn't proved to be too much of a threat. Weakened, tired, spent, exhausted in body and skills, the Heroes continued forth.

It seemed silly that those living creatures were in the caves, so I ignored the birds, ignored the spiders, and had only 1 dire wolf involved with the fight with Skreed. These PCs were spent.

To the final cavern, a large carven deep under the large hill that Trunau rests on, is a burial site for a grand giant, a huge warrior in life, now a large pile of bones and waiting treasures. Yet, the blonde..half-orc, he is, was not looking there, but elsewheres in the spoils.

It was a good fight, of doing the splash damage of thrown bombs in a precise manner with the dire wolf hitting hard, but getting hit back just as hard. Skreed joined the physical fight after his wolf went down (and he was starting to get chased, even as he kept starting people on fire). He drank up his mutagen and waded into combat. Sadly for him, no crits fell with the use of his falchion.

And book 1 came to an end! Now onto my bastardized merge with Irongfang Invasion book 1!!

If every battlefield is a flat, level plane, advantage is always to the PC. Always vary the fight; uneven terrain, heavily wooded, enemies have the high ground, add concealment, poor vision situations, spread the fight out and have enemies do other things (attacking PCs, raiding a house down the street, groups moving on to a different scenario).

Have ranged and melee attackers, use reach, add teamwork feats.

Enemy spellcasters! So many options with them. I mean, can your PC do anything against a levitating/flying wizard?

Again, if you set up all the scenarios for your PC to excel without any facing any of his drawbacks, then he'll always faceroll and you and others could get bored playing.

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Everything seems right to me.

Discuss your personal play reactions, current and future releases, ideas and wants for future releases, and podcasts - done by or for Paizo-, blogs etc.

17 less pages arguing about armor on the main page is welcome by me.

Great read, thanks for sharing!

Looking forward to more posts like this. Glad to hear!

The mythic tier for the first Pathbuilder app was best money I've ever spent on an app.

I used the play test app, and was excited looking forward to him making the 2e app. Not disappointed. Help him out and put some money towards his work.

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Loving the reading of this 'adventure.' Thanks for taking the time! Rather see more of posts like this than another 7 page argument about wizards in full plate armor.

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I can ONLY run an AP after I've changed, adapted, and rewritten parts of it.

For me, I think one small part is that it has to 'flow' in the manner in which I think, collect, and process. Not calling myself a genius or anything, as I mostly run homebrew adventures all the time for the past 28 years. But for me, if the outline I perceive of the book I'm reading makes little sense to me if I start asking questions (Why would that villain do that? How does the PC come to know the adventure background at all? Why would the NPCs presume that an event has 'ended'?) then that's where I start changing things.

Giantslayer Book 1 is fun, but honestly, the prescription Stupid Pills one must take to assume why the leader of the guards does what he does in part 3 is ridiculous. So yes, to maybe add onto point, I believe that all Paths need to be seriously gone over and adapted and edited as needed for each table.

I still read this page. Good job keeping it up!

Bardarok wrote:

You have a few things turned around.

Yeah I do.

Bardarok wrote:

Secondly ranger dedication does not mean you can just take ranger feats instead of fighter feats. Ranger dedication lets you take all the ranger archetype feats which includes basic hunters trick: which gives you a single level 1 or 2 ranger feat. And advanced hunters trick which lets you get any ranger feat equal to half your level or lower.


What I was reading into the line from d20 of 'Once you have the dedication feat, you can select any feat from that archetype in place of a class feat as long as you meet its prerequisites.' -was me reading the bolded part as 'the ranger class' itself.


It just wasn't clicking.

JackieLane wrote:
The limit is that you must take at least two other feats from that archetype before you can start going into a different archetype (for example, multiclassing as monk as well).


Thank you!

Hey all, feeling foolishly confused. I haven't bought the books, but I'm just trying my hand currently at character creation, in trying to recreate my first ever character, an elven fighter, and throwing in the ranger archetype to get all that 'nature' type skills with the build-just to experiment.

In looking at things, I have questions. So, I would take the Archetype Dedication at 2nd level.It obviously states
"Special You cannot select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the ranger archetype."

So, cool, whatever, you get to choose a Ranger class feat at any point in leveling your Fighter class, which means 4th, 6th, 8th, etc.

So, say I take Scout's Warning at 4th, and Skirmish Strike at 6th. That means I've picked up the 2 ranger feats, so I can pick up the next Dedication feat.

The next dedication feat is Basic Hunter's Trick (which I have to take at 8th level). It gives a 1st or 2nd ranger feat.

...what? Why would I need this dedication feat? Can't I just take a ranger feat for my class feat at any point? This seems like a step backward in leveling. What am I reading wrong?

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They are simply hit points to represent you are a living creature.

Any common butcher, baker or candle stick maker in an elven village will have 6hp.

Any dwarf walking home from work in the mines with his pals singing "Heigh Ho" has 10hp.

That's all. You don't like it? House rule it out. There is nothing to really understand about it.

OP; glad to hear about your game! Looking forward to more of people's experiences (and maybe less complaints on theory craft and builds).

I've quite enjoyed the entirety of episode 1. Not knowing my Golarion all that well, now I have to check out the sites they've mentioned to see if it coincides with Tyrant's Grasp and Plaguestone.

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Slyme wrote:

1e had 41 classes (most of which had a huge variety of archetypes), plus 4 unchained variants, plus I don't even know how many prestige classes...even with the new multi-classing and archetype rules, it is going to take years for PF2 to come close to the customization options available in 1e. My question is, just how many years before it stops feeling like a kids bicycle with the training wheels still on.


You say it's going to take years to get to 1E levels of customization?

It took years to get there in the first place!

Chill out. Play some more 1e. Expecting 10 years of play at the first release date is asinine.

keftiu wrote:
So I’d heard the mask guy is an Iruxi, and I think the spooky one with the beetles is a duskwalker. Anyone else spot any sneaky new material?

I wondered if he was a half-orc, myself.

Duskwalker is probably a better guess than an albino dark elf.

I've really enjoyed the intros and the acting so far. But I'm not that much into my viewing yet.

Day-um! Nice movement. It's an online campaign for me, first ever, so it's been a slow burn, but each time has been faster.

I'm enjoying my time so far.

Ah thanks, that's right you can watch it live as it happens. Since that's never an available option for me, I forget to mention it.

Squeakmaan wrote:
I think the problem lies in thinking that one's opinions on a system, or subsystem, are objective truth rather than just opinions that not everyone will share.

Ye gods, this distillation is genius to mine eyes.

I may just keep re-quoting this every 15-20 posts in this thread.

GM Aerondor wrote:

Is there a link to see the recording of this available?

Once one week has passed from the original airing, it'll be available on youtube. So..tomorrow night, presumably, we can watch ep 1 there while subscribers to the Twitch channel can watch part 2.

Great thread; loving the ideas and discussion. Cool stuff!

Of course, my 3-4 hours of play every 3-4 weeks will take FOREVER to get to this point...especially with mixing Ironfang Invasion into this AP, but hey, I love long drawn out things!

Sessions 3 & 4

Pretty straightforward with these two sessions. Return Othdan, (again emphasizing the terrible overcast weather), and wake the next morning to all the changes in news. A little info spreads fast, right? So, half-orcs have been attacked, or at least had more fights occurring in streets and bars. The populace had swelled with the hopeknife ceremony/midsummer celebration party, and no one was being let out of the city while hunting for conspirators. This led to the pot boiling over and the fighting and antagonism coming out against the half-orcs.

In any case, moving the adventure along to the funeral at night. Weather worsens, soldiers come to pay respects throughout the day (explaining why the whole of the town wasn’t at the actual ceremony in the evening; I mean, why wouldn’t Sara and Agrit be there; they are town leaders! Instead, they are in their home to get bombed by a boulder. This is where I digress, because after the fact, hindsight 20/20, backseat driver; yeah, all of us can find issues with this printed work. Now, I think there are a lot of cool things to happen, a lot of cool events, fight scenarios to carry the adventure along, but the nitty gritty planning? It’s just not sharp.).

Ceremony goes off, and my hitch to the adventure is that the graffiti markings is that they glow faintly to darkvision/lowlight vision, so the catapult can sight and aim for them. I had graffiti on major towers/buildings, and also that the graffiti is one half of an alchemical explosive agent. The other half would be on the catapult boulders. Once the 2 struck-KABOOM! Towers explode, chaos ensues.

My group helps after Kurst enlists them, they direct people, make sure that this is beacon is going well, start to head out to see the encounter with Brinya. Stop that, get the dagger , make their way to Inner Quarter. Only after Kurts had rode through did the half-orc saboteurs make themselves known. Rescued Agrit and Sara, fought a lot of people (and even with Orc Ferocity, my group was waxing through numbers. I had a group of 5 PCs, and they just were handling them no problems.)

So, I decided to up the ante at the gate. Kagak of the Rolling Thunder was here. Just made sense in my head. Him, along with his orcs, and half-orc saboteurs from inside the gate, gained control of the gate and tower (with Kagak to use his Charm scrolls and spells to incapacite the guards). Omast Frum, and guards of his own, rallied to fight back against the enemy here, but lost the tower control (with the gates still down). As orcs/half-orcs worked to get mechanisms working, Omast and his limited men worked to set up the barriers (taking from someone’s else’s advice, the barriers and logs are always on this side of the wall to be set up, should a raid like this ever occur).

Kagak starts playing to signal the raid should progress into the inner quarter, and the PCs arrive to help with the waves. Their are 6 GM PCs soldiers with pikes and glaives to help with the waves, but they are squishy! I also altered this even to have Urnsul and Vorom attack during the second wave, attacking from behind the combat with sneak attacks and having Vorom be a destablizer of the soldiers’ line. So yes, I merged 3 encounters in the battle of the wall.

The group did great (initially). Set their polearms for charges against the first wave, a small number, waxed them. Kagak was giving the waves bonuses as well. Even had his orcs come out from the tower to attack too (they had the portocullis up on side for the waves to enter). However, at round 6, once I had Urnsul arrive, things started going down hill. The unerring grenade did a helluva hurt to a group and the barricade (because the orcs were attacking that as well). A critical against my Oracle and Shield Champion slowed stuff down. Kagak doing spells to the only 3 closest PCs; things looked dire! So, I slowed down the 4th wave appearance. It was my intent after the second wave, and Urnsul/Vorom going down that they would suddenly LEVEL UP. It’s an easy enough narrative explanation to me “All your practice, in spell study or weapon, come easier to bear when your life is on the line. Studied techniques become practiced and understood opposite the blade of the enemy. Your confidence rises, and your belief in your ability to conjure the magics you have been pouring over in tomes and scrolls becomes easier; for failure doesn’t mean restarting a lesson; it means dying.”

It’s all narrative anyways. Any hp they would gain as their new max hp are also just added to their current total. So, no one is healed to max, and if any spells were gained, you get those, but not the full complement of a rested caster.

Then it was on to the final wave. And the next session….

Temperans wrote:

Umm, it was quite possible for a character that wanted to carry absurd amount of stuff to get more than 1 ton carry capacity. At which point carrying a house on your back becomes very possible. As for its weight, it was easy to determine (basic algebra) since you have the dimensions of the building and usually a description of what it's made off, which can be used to approximate a weight value.

Ok, I love how far off track this thread is,

But cars on average are 2 tons. Good luck carrying a house of any size.

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