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About DungeonmasterCal

I've been playing D&D since September of 1985 when I was asked to take over the character of someone who didn't show up for a session. I was hooked instantly. I started with 1st Edition AD&D and soon became enamored with the art/science/task/madness of DMing, and that's been my primary role ever since (at least with D&D and now Pathfinder).

I have only run homebrew campaigns, and my favorite was a 10 year long 2e campaign that those players still talk about to this day. I've also run several 3.x/Pathfinder campaigns that we've really enjoyed. Or at least, my players say they do and my ego demands I believe them.

I've only dabbled in other RPG's (not because I didn't like them, it's just that I rarely had time for anything else) but enjoyed Call of Cthulhu, Torg, Star Wars d20, various Star Trek incarnations, and the original Boot Hill and Gamma World games. I did play in a 12 year long DC Heroes campaign that to this day remains my all time favorite gaming experience. That game's GM no longer plays, and it's a shame. I'd pay hard money to get him to run a new DCH game again.

I'm also very fortunate that most of my players have been with me for nearly 30 years or more now and we're all friends from the get-go. We seldom get to gather much more than twice a month now (and even that's a challenge sometimes), but when we do we either play Call of Cthulhu d20 or Pathfinder. We looked at and some experimented with 4e but there was no interest in it from our group, plus we'd sunk hundreds of dollars into 3.5 and PF books and decided to just stick with them, given that get together so infrequently. In fact, PF has become our primary iteration of D&D. We won't be buying D&D 5e or PF2e for the same reasons.

Our games are fairly fast and loose, with lots of action and risk taking on the part of the players. I try to run a fairly cinematic game, with some of the rules altered or handwaved on the fly for the sake of coolness. We've also had whole sessions where nary a single die was rolled, just straight roleplaying sessions. We also joke and carry on a lot "outside" the game framework, but that's what works for us and we enjoy it. Our game nights are our "poker nights", and we're more about the fellowship and good times than hardcore "no foolin' around this is a game so let's be serious" kinda play.

I have a 26 y/o son who plays when he can find the time. His erratic work hours keep him pretty busy. He's also in a band that's on the road a lot so his gaming time is very rare these days.

So there...that's it. We'll take a break now. There are punch and cookies in the break room if you'd like some.

*Author's note: If you wish to reach me in person, email me at calvin.roach@gmail.com. I love to hear from other players. Also, INT score varies depending on whether or not I actually open my mouth to speak.