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Firebug wrote:

If its about usage, then Swashbucklers can Finesse a Warhammer using Weapon Versatility and get level to damage with Precise Strike. If its not about usage, then the same character can finesse a Gozreh's Trident and get level to damage with Precise Strike.

Take your pick.

YMMV really heavily, since you require fiat to suggest that Weapon Versatility changes the type of the weapon. X bludgeoning weapon doesn't -become- a slashing weapon just because you have a feat that lets you change its bludgeoning damage to slashing, you're not causally changing a property of the weapon.

Ryan Freire wrote:
Weapon versatility is the worst thing to ever happen to pf1

And *this* is sensationalist hilarity. Are you gonna backup that claim at all: That a feat that most see as 'not worth taking' from a splatbook is the single greatest tragedy in the system? It's a great feat, and is make-or-break for many low-level characters in specific campaigns. But even more ubiquitous is Power Attack, and this is the hill you choose?

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I'll throw in as absolutely despising Desna. No other deity in the pantheon is such a ridiculous Mary Sue. Her writing seems to just be the musings of an aroused 13 year old, turning much of the female deities in the pantheon into an absurd harem, even when it actively detracts from the mythology in doing so. Pharasma is a non-partisan element whose entire point is to be nonbiased in the acts of the Great Beyond, but nope, even she gets roped into the harem in Planar Adventures. Desna's shadow becomes an empyreal lord, and she bones Cayden before he ascends and gives birth to Kurgess which not only is absurd, but also steals from Cayden's myth (as despisable as he is, he doesn't need his toes tread on) and sours that of Kurgess. She's the ridiculous self-insert of 'oh I'm so attractive' when half of that behavior should belong to other, more fitting, deities, like Calistria or Nocticula. /rant

Oh come on.

Glass is silica substrate suspended in a fluid. Where does blahpers draw the line?

So only solid things break LoE, huh? Good, I was wanting to fire this scorching ray through this gelatinous cube, that belker, or that legion of Shadows. Neat!

I'm serious on the water question though-- a wall of ice blocks LoE, but if I disperse that same volume of water over a wider area, it suddenly doesn't block LoE? Seems suspicious.

How much water vapor needs to be between the caster and the target to break LoE? Would other sufficiently dense gases break it? What IS enough to break LoE?

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Captain Morgan wrote:
Rek Rollington wrote:
I was concerned when I heard you needed to know a spell at a higher level to cast it there so spontaneous heightening is a relief. But what is the logic behind them not being able to do this all the time? Is it too much of an advantage over a wizard or does it present too many options to a player when selecting which spell to cast?
In the internal playtesting, it did create some balance issues with the wizard, yes. But the other thing was that it essentially gave too many choices mid-battle for most players to be comfortable with, and made the sorcerer less fun to play. Considering the sorcerer is supposed to be the easier to learn caster with less book keeping, there's definitely some wisdom in that.

Who are you, exactly? If what you're saying is true, I'm suuuuuper irritated Paizo learned nothing from the Shifter debacle. But I don't know who you are, so your statement seems to come off official, when I don't think it should?

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Prestige Archetypes sound promising, I'm glad we're not completely moving away from the notion.

Swift016 wrote:
they will not FAQ Dreamed Secrets because it's not a core book.

This is exactly the sort of nonsense that requires us to pull a precedent from the core line to handle the material outside it. Absolute nonsense.

The prevalent ambiguity, and the frequency of the question, is exactly why it should be clarified. Is it more pressing than other FAQs we've been wanting for ages? Nah, but that doesn't mean it is any less valid.

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KitsuneWarlock wrote:
LeesusFreak wrote:
What happened to sense motive? What umbrella is it under?
If I had to guess, I'd say Deception.

Unless your Intimidation is your resistance to being intimidated, that doesn't seem continuous...

What happened to sense motive? What umbrella is it under?

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Holy crow, this thread is a piece of work.

If nothing else, OP is certainly zealous in his endeavor.

OP seems new here, unaware of how things work.

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Lawful Evil, especially in an all-good party. It drives my characters to exist in far more dimensions than just mechanically-- they need deep, nuanced reasons why this band of naysayers are his chosen companions.

Awesome, thank you so much!

One of my PCs is from the Nirmathas/Molthune border, and the Ironfang Invasion was presented as an early hook for the party's adventure to take. However, they went in a different direction for the campaign, but are now circling back to the region about two years later. Assuming a band of heroes stepped up, what would the likely political fallout be for the region? What about if no band of heroes rises to the occasion, what would the likely outcome be? Feel free to speculate, btw, I'm very well aware that while outcomes like these are suggested throughout an AP they're often left very vague/open-ended.

I suppose I could buy the entire AP to find this for myself, but that seems a wasteful endeavor-- I'm trying to meaningfully cater to the backstory of the PC and development that Paizo makes across the setting. All input is greatly appreciated!

Grandlounge wrote:

An option that is to good is labbled power creep, but you can opt out of taking a strong option or choose to use it to help make a bad build good. Some people will over optimize and make a game boring but you can solve this by having a conversation.

Most nerfed option are bad to the point of disuse. I have never seen a new jingasa. These just become bloat. They sit in the pile of "if my gm throws it in loot I will wear it until I sell it". They make resources harder to go through for gms and players while adding nothing to the game.

But your argument can also be used against you to an absurd degree. You really think that Divine Protection was fine the way it was? You think Pageant of the Peacock is fine in *any* game? What about Sacred Geometry?

You notice that the content that was nerfed rarely shows up because it was attacked too hard, but did you ever pay attention to the rest of the content that is in line with it? Like, say, Bulette style or something? No, you've probably never heard of them. There's a false equivalency in your argument that implies you're aware and regularly see all content in the system.

It seems too strong off-the-cuff, but I like where you're going with it. Dotting for interest.

Firebug wrote:

As far as "doubling hit points" that is misleading. If you aren't going to risk the familiar you only get about 50% of your max health split during a single combat. Otherwise, it runs the risk of dying (without extra shenanigans, like regeneration).

Misleading? Not really. Calling it "functionally limitless DR/5" or "DR(50%) with a cap" doesn't communicate the end result as neatly. FH5 is nothing to shake a stick at, especially not for an alchemist. Calling it anything LESS than a 1.5x HP multiplier is misleading, and I've certainly seen alchemists sponge their full HP into their tumor between rests.

Grimcleaver wrote:

Wow. This is a thing? I thought the OP was kidding, making a big deal out of some really obscure errata about some extreme corner case ruling that would never even occur to anyone.

Then the thread goes on and it's serious input from various different people who apparently are frequent partakers of killer tumor familiars and have weighty opinions on how that should synergize with different game options.

Welcome to Pathfinder folks.

The old Tumor/Protector build allowed Alchemists and Bloodragers to effectively DOUBLE their HP. This was a needed change, but folks aren't happy with it, for obvious reasons.

Looks essentially like another hybrid class, this one being the child of Druid/Monk/Hunter

The WWI stuff is all from an AP where the PCs end up on Earth in Russia (avoiding spoilers any further than this). There are settings like Pure Steam, iirc, and some Eberron airship conversions, but that's all I can think of.

Also, maybe backwards converting Starfinder stuff, if possible, but that's beyond my scope of caring.

There are bad or inferior archetypes for every class. I wish Elemental Ally for Druid wasn't hot garbage, for example. The fact is that some options and ideas function at different power levels. You want a melee psychic-casting spontaneous caster that's deep in flavor? Play the mutation mind. You want one that buffs themselves to the 9's and runs around with your proper beaters? Play a Psychic bloodline sorcerer.

Finally, titling a thread "Hey Paizo Devs, cater to me" isn't going to get any response, and I'm pretty sure that's basically unofficial policy at this point.

A few of these are cheating because they've been from gestalt chars, but I've played, in relative order of play*: Rogue (chained), Cavalier, Samurai, Cleric, Wizard, Sorcerer, Oracle, Druid, Monk, Paladin, Bloodrager, Magus, Inquisitor, Swashbuckler, Shaman.

*=Without counting the numerous chars I've created as a DM, despite recurrency.

Magus and Inquisitor are definitely my favorite classes, though I've gotta admit that Bloodragers are fun and Paladins with thematic Oath and archetype choices can definitely be a blast to roleplay. I'm generally less a fan of martial beaters than I am themed casters (I've also done a Shrodinger's wiz build, and while the char was successful, it ultimately wasn't quite as fun as flawed ones are).

Why not just wear boots of the cat so that you take minimum on the dice you roll?

Maybe indicate that you're crossposting both here and on reddit, next time? That way you don't get the same answers, and maybe better ones... Just a thought.

Never apologize for clamoring for something we all want so badly.

Because all of us still want it.

Secret Wizard wrote:

Ki leech through Qinggong Power at 10th level is PF legal.


Casting an evil spell is not an alignment infraction in and of itself, as long as it doesn't violate any codes, tenents of faith, or other such issues.

Committing an evil act outside of casting the spell, such as using an evil spell to torture an innocent NPC for information or the like is an alignment infraction. Using infernal healing to heal party members is not an evil act.
I can't possibly define what every evil act could be. That is why I rely on GM discretion. But simply casting an evil descriptor spell is not an evil act in and of itself.

Who or what are you quoting, here, out of curiousity?

vhok wrote:

immediate actions can be done at ANY time. if you dm needs official proof that u can do immediate actions AFTER you know that you have been hit point him to this

bloodrager archetype steelblood

Blood Deflection (Su): At 7th level, as an immediate action a steelblood can sacrifice a bloodrager spell slot to gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to the level of the spell sacrificed. The deflection bonus lasts until the start of his next turn. This ability can be applied after an attack roll is made against the steelblood, allowing the steelblood to convert a hit into a miss if the deflection bonus is high enough. This ability replaces damage reduction.

so yes you can legally wait till it hits you before you cast windy escape

Err, that ability specifically calls it out, and therefore is worthless as an example to your cause. FWIW, I think Windy Escape and Stone Shield can both be used as long as it's before you roll damage, but that's my table variation, and a gray area of the rules.

Gulthor wrote:
As a thought; considering that we've seen new casting components, such as Thought and Emotion, it's interesting to think if extracts and the alchemist could have been much improved had it simply been written that they work as spells with a "Consumption" casting component.

That would certainly make for an interesting houserule, though you'd have to attach extra weight and drawbacks to the consumption tag (so things like Haste are still as bad for the alchemist as they are right now compared to regular casting)

Snowlilly wrote:
Menacing Shade of mauve wrote:
BTW, while we're jerking around with the RAW, we *do* all understand that it's suppossed to work as a swift action, right?

Of course.

My table would certainly run it as such.

Oh yeah, that's definitely what I read the intent as, otherwise it's silly and so niche and obscure it shouldn't exist to begin with.

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Seen here on the PFSRD, or in your copy of the shiny new Magic Tactics Toolbox from last month.

As far as I'm aware extracts are always standard actions to draw/drink/take effect, and while this has come up before on swift-action spells that are cross-listed on the alchemist list, this one doesn't seem to work -at all-. While we'll never get an errata on Player Companion material, perhaps a FAQ to end all questions on swift-casting time extracts?

This is back with a vengeance with the new Bouncing Bomb Admixture. Someone either doesn't know or doesn't agree with Extracts being a standard.

Viva la revolución!

Honestly, I'd try posting in Reddit's Looking For Game subreddit, I don't think this belongs on this board, at the very least.

Dotting for interest

As long as we're looking for clarifications, the interaction with the Protector familiar archetype and relevant powercheese should be addressed, as well.

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Malwing wrote:
Sorry I've been silent for like a week. I have a very inconvenient tree that fell over from a storm and I am now a Comcast customer.

I'm... I'm sorry you're now a Comcast customer.

Circumstance? Dunno. The Cloak of the Yeti provides a competence bonus, but that's the closest I'm aware of.

Varies book by book, and definitely if the DM runs them as written or not.

It's not on the PFSRD, otherwise I wouldn't have asked. It's not like I didn't look there first.

A player showed me awhile back a book with a style feat chain using the Fire Lance. The feats reduced the penalties for using the weapon, and allowed it to be treated as a quarterstaff.

Does anyone know what book those might lie in? I want to say it was a Steampunk-flavored book, but I can't be certain of that.

Dotting for interest. I love the Clockwork monk and Fan fighter, excellent stuff.

Will everyone be playing a Summoner here? Because of not, they REALLY should be...

And now I'm sad, because I miss Digimon.

A word of caution, Heaven's Oracles are a great way to infuriate your DM-- Awesome Display takes problematic spells like Color Spray and Rainbow Pattern and rurns them up to 11.

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Gestalt also opens the door to a lot of concepts that would normally be terrible ventures-- A PC focused on throwing daggers (Flying Blade // Knife Master), an Arcane Archer or Mystic Theurge (the latter without actually needing the PrC) that doesn't completely suck, etc.

I mean, you could... Gestalting the other side as an Alchemist with a Tumor Familiar that has the Protector archetype and you've got essentially the same hit point battery concept.

The mythic tiers =1/2CR thing is ludicrous on its face though, and demonstrably so. That keeps being cited, but the only path I can reasonably see that for is the Marshall, and only if fought alone.

Edit: b+!*&&%s is a really strange word to filter...

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Mythic is certainly more powerful, imo. Gestalt provides more options in general, and makes characters more survivable, but they still have to obey bssic mechanical rules that make the system work and are extremely limited by action economy. Mythic tiers throw that out the window very quickly, even without some of the more absurd mythic spells/path abilities enter the equation.

Looking for anything close to an Oread. The closest I've found so far are some Half-orc sculpts from Reaper, but I feel like there has to be a close analog I'm missing. Any help?

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