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May be late, but GameMastery Map Pack: Magic Academy?

PFS has a few mandatory pseudo archetypes. The one I recall of the top of my head is that Alchemists trade Brew Potion for Extra Bombs and Wizards trade scribe scroll for... something I forget. Should we rate these?

Thanks. That confirms Cheliax's halfling slave thing isn't a post Thrune invention.

Why predicate the enemies recurring on them surviving the first encounter? Surely there's some necromancers in the enemy ranks.

One bit of detail you can include during the rural travel bits is, if you have a PC that's a noble, mention the that they're traveling through the lands they (or their family) own. That has the benefit of making the character's nobility not totally off screen ("Where does your family's money come from" "We're nobles!" "But where does it come from?").

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Having had a big temple to Aroden in it, I'd imagine there's a decent number of people in the city with some old dead guy's Arodenite vestments in an attic somewhere that see this as a chance to use it for something, then learning their clever idea was thought of by about a dozen other people. This can tie in with the next book.

I'm leaning toward yes since Andoran broke away and explicitly abolished it, but is there anything more definitive?

avr wrote:
I imagine <b>you need magic to make them</b> since alchemy is not purely mundane chemistry, but they don't need magic to operate.

Wasn't that rule ditched in the 3.5>PF transition?

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Loved: Customization.
Wanted: A Rogue archetype that trades shortsword+rapier for handaxe, light pick and light hammer. Support for undersupported classes.
Hated: As mentioned above, stuff that was useless. Biggest problem was excessively harsh restrictions and unneeded once per day.
Miss: Everything except the problems.

Kurald Galain wrote:

deuxhero wrote:
The familiar boosting is also an option for capstones, but it takes a wizard/sorcerer/arcanist to utilize the full potential (Wish as SLA) of that.
Case in point. Yeah, that probably wasn't intentional.

At this point this use is so infamous that "Can I pick a spell with expensive components with this?" is the default question that should come up when giving an ability that offers a choice of SLA.

Maybe they'll include guns, just make them less of a mess mechanically (crossbow like) and be able to include them in a small equipment entry?

Magic Trick for Prestidigitation (Thaumaturgic Aesthetics) lists Deceptive as a prerequisite. This doesn't appear to be a thing. What's the correct requirement? It doesn't have any reference to a book or page so I'd assume it's a core feat. I'd guess Deceitful since that's the nearest name in core that makes sense (can't be disruptive) and it's also used for Conceal Spell.

Familiars share your skill ranks. You can have them buff people with Use Magic Device. One thing that can't be underestimated is having a flying familiar at early levels give a literal bird's eye view of areas you're going to be attacking. While this is dependent on the dungeon having above-ground features (castle and bandit camp vs. a cave) but even just ahead of you on the road tells you important stuff like that there's some ogres waiting to ambush you.

While you're playing an Alchemist, they're really good for Aberrant bloodline Bloodrager who get them through Aberrant Tumor. When they bloodrage they get their reach increased by 5 from their bloodline ability, 5 from automatically activating Longarm spell and increase in size by having their familiar hit them with a (UMDed) item of Enlarge Person.

avr wrote:
blahpers wrote:
Core Rulebook wrote:
Studded Leather: Similar to leather armor, this suit is reinforced with small metal studs.
People have pointed out just how bad this would be as armour - worse than leather alone. I think the equivalence to brigandine is headcanon to make studded leather make some kind of sense (the studs are just holding the plates in place), plus of course there's the lack of other brigandine in PF.

It's more knowing D&D's weird understanding of historical arms and armor. I've seen a joke that they had a book with pictures of weapons/armor without names and a book with name of weapons/armor, but such a joke being true would actually explain a lot.

If spells stopped when the caster died, there wouldn't be all the ancient magical effects around would there?

The malconvoker prestige class from 3.5 was a good only prestige class focused on summoning evil outsiders to fight evil with.

I'm pretty sure silken means out of silk.

Yeah, Celestial is the only one where the actual power is any good, and that's just because Heavenly Fire is such trash and being able to heal 28+ HP a day, especially at low level, is decent enough.

As mentioned, non-lethal on a PC under some kind of mind control is acceptable. If a character has (Improved) Evasion and a good Reflex save, including them in an AoE might be acceptable, though if they get unlucky with their save neither of you will ever forget it, so check with them first. Technically summons are party members, and they're totally expendable so including one in an AoE might be fine.

Aside from that, there's at least one module/AP I can think of that has a joust as part of a social event, and it's possible for PCs to "fight" each other there.

Do you have an approximate age for Yoon?

"Studded leather" is a D&Dism for brigandine, which is leather (or something else) that has metal plates in it. The leather is just to hold the metal. It is absolutely treated as metal armor.

There's actually a special material for silk in Sunsilk, but that gets its benefit when applied to clothes and the rules tend to imply armor is worn over outfits, so you can have both.

When the duration of the spell ends, creatures within the hole rise up with the bottom of the pit until they are standing on the surface over the course of a single round.

So what happens if the top of the pit is covered somehow (With Wall of Stone being the first method that comes to mind)?

In Gestalt you only have one set of actions, one set of ability scores, and one set of feats. Thus the best option is always to pair an "active" class with things that give good passive bonuses, work out combat and don't require their own feat support while either using the same or no attributes as the other class. Wizard is absolutely an active class.

Slayer or Ranger give d10/full BAB, all good saves, bonus feats and 6 skill points per level. Slayer is likely better for Wizards since Sneak Attack is passive while Ranger spells are based on Wisdom (normally of low importance for wizard) and Favored Enemy is situational.

Unfortunately adding your intelligence modifier to things is in short supply. Substituting intelligence is less rare, but still not common outside of spells. I can't think of or find any methods of getting intelligence to things that aren't something a single class wizard could already take.

Honestly, Wizard is probably the class that benefits the least from Gestalt in first party PF only. Wizard is still good in a gestalt game, but ultimately you're still "just" a less squishy wizard.

Going by the title and description, PFS module 3-15.

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Cats that are simultaneously dead and alive.

The familiar boosting is also an option for capstones, but it takes a wizard/sorcerer/arcanist to utilize the full potential (Wish as SLA) of that.

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Leap years exist in our world because the time around the sun is closer to 365.25 than 365, so logically Golarion having one every eight would mean the number of days it takes to fully revolve around the sun revolution ends with a ~.125. That won't meaningfully effect the cycle of seasons.

The above post is accurate. 0 ACP for wearing armor without profiency is also often seen with Mithral Chain Shirt, Mithral Kikko, Mithral Breastplate of Comfort and, for humanoids, mithral buckler (in increasing expense), but Masterwork Studded Leather is the cheapest by far if you don't need to worry about arcane spell failure.

If it's not banned (and it's a very sane ban), all Bloodragers are Primalists since they lose nothing and gain everything.

Stranding them on a dead magic permanent demiplane is my prefered method.
1: Make permanent demiplane
2: Make a non-permanent demiplane
3: Case Create Demiplane on the permanent plane to the non-permanent plane
4: Kick the spawn into unconciousness
5: Planeshift to the permanent demiplane
6: Set up a way to keep the spawn KOed for 6 hours (keep it underwater, keep hitting it, whatever)
7: Cast Create Demiplane on the permanent plane to make it have dead magic trait.
8: Enter the portal to the non-permanent demiplane
9: Destroy the non-permanent plane or (if you're sure the spawn will be KOed long enough) just let the duration run out while you're on the prime material.

Now big T or whatever unkillable monster is stuck on a plane that can't be accessed from the outside, can't be destroyed short of "limited wish, mage’s disjunction, miracle, or wish" while on it, and can't have limited wish, mage’s disjunction, miracle, or wish cast while on it. Nothing short of direct intervention by a deity (read: GM Fiat) can free it.

And note that Adept, the NPC class that does have daily choices is considered to be, at worst, equal to all of those.

Note that the 3.5 version used body type, not creature type. I have no idea why this change was done since tiefling disguising as a human makes much more sense than centaur disguising as a minotaur or pile of slimey flesh disguising as a helmet.

All the shifter archetypes except Adaptive.

There's a handful of archetypes that can be fixed by restoring unnesiscarily nerfed features. The various druid archetypes no longer gimp wildshape (If it can't restrict the druid to a certain set of forms, don't touch it). Crusader would soley cost a domain (and it still wouldn't be a good option, but it wouldn't be a total trap).

All the archetypes that share names would likely get name changes. Ninja would be compatible with Unchained Rogue (if not be the Unchained Rogue), and all the old Monk archetypes would be Un-monk compatible. Primalist wouldn't exist.

As for tweaks I'd make personally, I'd strip a lot of the random minor and uneeded changes that make some archetypes that would otherwise be a great start. I'd also make it so archetypes that just add options are still compatible with other archetypes. Same with the same feature getting two "this functions as ___ but..."s that are reconcilable.

There's Ancient Lorekeeper, the elf Oracle one. Give up your bonus spells in exchange for picking every one of them from the WIzard list. This means you'll always get a spell you couldn't otherwise pick, but it will always be above the Wizard's normal level. The quality of this trade varies depending on how good the mystery's spells are, but it's never a bad option.

I was surprised that Spiritual Companion didn't require a familiar. It is nice though since not being 4 talents into a tree is nice and Minor Magic+Major Magic are both kinda terrible.

Shabti work, but Yaddithian is just really long (but finite) lived.

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Is there a list of all the ways to live forever without the GM handing it to you (i.e., artifacts, mythic)? Undead don't count. Ones I know of

Immortality: Take Wizard all the way to 20 and pick this as your final bonus feat. Easy.
Eternal Youth: Alchemist Grand Discovery that's largely the same. Can be obtained ECL 15 via Natural Alchemist.
Forced Reincarnation: Resets you to Young Adult, but randomizes your body and carries negative levels. Wish or Miracle could restore your body, but neither is on the Witch list. You could use the Arch-Familiar as your capstone to get a familiar with once per day Wish/Miracle SLA (no components needed). Can be taken at level 18.
Contingency+(Cyclic) Reincarnation: Largely the same as the above, but requires finding some way to get them both on the same list (none come to mind).
Many Lives: From Reincarnated Druid. Earliest by far at level 5.
Immortal Legend: The 20th level bloodline ability for the Imperious Bloodline. Can be obtained as early as level 16 with Robes of Arcane Heritage.

Celebrity Perks (Ex) (Ultimate Intrigue pg. 11): The vigilante is a celebrity in his area of renown, and adoring fans are all too eager to shower him with the fundamental necessities. While within his area of renown, he can always receive common meals or lodging (worth up to 1 gp per meal or night) for free, and can avoid paying taxes or bribes of 1 gp or less. If he wants a particular nonmagical item worth 1 gp or less, he can spend 1d10 minutes interacting with people in his area of renown to receive the item from a fan (if he ever sells such a gift from a fan, he loses this social talent permanently). If he has the great renown social talent, he can receive gifts of up to 5 gp, receive fine food and lodgings (worth up to 10 gp per meal or night) for free, and avoid paying taxes or bribes of 10 gp or less. If he has incredible renown, he can receive gifts of up to 25 gp, receive exquisite food and lodgings (worth up to 100 gp per meal or night) for free, and avoid paying taxes or bribes of 100 gp or less. A vigilante must be at least 5th level and have the renown social talent to select this talent.

Can this talent be used to obtain services? Can the "gifts" include animals?

For that matter, is a slave a valid "gift" (Your evil vigilante is so famous people will willingly enslave themselves to you just to serve under you!)? They're under "Black Market Items" in Adventurer's Armory.

An archetypeless vigilante must rely on magic items or allies to fly.

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VerBeeker wrote:
I also noticed that it appears Cannons have become widespread looking at the ships heading away/toward the city.

It's like the universe realized the official naval combat rules were too slow in 1E and needed to be sped up.

I'm not sure if the Secure Paypack's increased hardness was acknowledging that rule or not.

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In updating the setting for the Age of Lost Omens World Guide, we looked at scores of sources that fleshed out the vast city, incorporating events, locations, and personalities that grew organically over the last 12 years. Many of these sources were Pathfinder Society Scenarios, and players of the largest Pathfinder campaign in the world will notice a lot of their efforts represented in the current state of the city. Slavery has been abolished

Was the bolded bit in a PFS scenario? If not, where from?

Thanks. The first sentence is what I was looking for.

I recall reading the bloodline arcana actually appeared in a PFS module before it was published in full and "stand in Flaming Sphere to heal" is actually one of the printed tactics for that fight.

On your favorite thing

Sounds neat. One thing I have to ask about this: You say the talent gives "physical" Disguise Self and follows with physical changes while the social talent gives different physical forms? Does it change how Disguise Self is illusion based (like 3.5's Changeling did) or will a handshake destroy your disguise?

PFRPGrognard wrote:
Pathfinder adventures are generally designed for four players with characters built from a 15 point build following wealth by level.

More recent ones (I think Skulls and Shackles onward) are made for 20 point buy. PFS used it for even longer.

In general I'd recommend 20 PB over 15, since it benifits classes dependant upon multiple attributes which are always weaker than those focused on a single attribute. The difference between a wizard with 9/14/14/16/8/8 (before racial mods) and a wizard with 10/14/14/16/10/10 is negligible, but for a Paladin, Warpriest, Magus ect. this extra point buy is much more important

Faerie Dragon. Actually having spellcasting allows it to do all kinds of nifty stuff. This includes no UMD checks for sorcerer/wizard spell items and Page of Spell Knowledge to cast without blowing money.

Do the Rogue/Cavalier/Paladin capstones support Ninja/Samurai/Antipaladin or are they forced to go with a generic one?

Is the wizard capstone nearly as cool as their current option of Immortality?

I don't think it's possible to make a spontaneous caster got to tier 1 without overshooting it and hitting tier 0.

I'd love to see more filters on spells. The only other option to sort spells I know of is several years out of date.

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