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Afraid yes. Neck slot disguise magic item. Secret identity. Hence why if its removed in a public setting it doesn't actually matter if we recover it.

Edit: Not trying to start a discussion on disguise. Its a polymorph disguise not illusion. Layering illusions wouldn't be helpful.

DeathlessOne wrote:
Easy enough. Cast a permanent invisibility on the necklace and have a duplicate made that looks just like it with a fake magic aura on it. You look like you are just the right level to pull it off.

Thats actually fairly perfect. Forgot invisibility could be made permanent on objects. Guess I will have to see if the DM will let me fudge the permanency level.

An NPC wears a Necklace that if taken would be an absolute disaster. We will be attending an event next session that also has a thief attending who has tried to take it before. What can I do to protect it? I'm specifically looking to prevent it from being taken NOT recover it after it is.

I'm a mystic theurge with lv5 spells and can invest theoretically invest up to 30k

Found Theft Ward which while nice only gives a bonus to notice it being taken. Similarly for Stone of Alarm.

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Working on a magus character who for flavor purposes needs to be wielding a scythe. I need either a way to remove the penalty for wielding an undersized weapon or another way of wielding a scythe one handed. All the ways of removing size penalties are for oversized weapons not undersized. I would strongly prefer to remain a magus but dips are ok.

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Balanced. Going all in on one is inefficient pointwise and paladin gets a lot out of both stats. Either being slightly higher is fine but they should have roughly equal investment.

3 possibly 4 players. Custom campaign focused on how such powerful individuals can change the world around them for better or worse. Not set in MTG verse. Just borrowing the concept and world building around it.

We play gestalt pretty regularly, usually at 20pt buy. Usually end up with 2 good stats and a couple of decent ones. I wanted more for this campaign so 30pt is definitely worth considering.

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Oozemorph. I love oozes. I want to play an ooze. I just wish it worked at all

Planning for my next campaign. Trying to come up with how the players can be roughly speaking fledgling planeswalkers as per MTG lore. Here's what I have so far

  • Gestalt. Required to have at least 1 Lv6+ caster class
  • 25pt buy
  • Rapid leveling with level > 20 allowed. Probably level 10 at the end of session 1 where their spark ignites. For Lv > 20 I will probably just extend existing class features and allow level 10+ spell slots for metamagic use.
  • Mythic. Free dual path. Free Mythic Spell Lore
  • Extra mythic ability Planeswalk. Can spend 1 mythic point and 3 full round actions to change dimensions. As per plane shift except it goes to alternate dimensions as well, can only target willing, and user must accompany. At tier 4 can do so as a standard action for 3 mythic points.
  • Automatic progression bonus. Universal rule but planeswalkers get at accelerated rate. Probably 1.5 * Level
  • Going to cap non planeswalker levels at 12. Gives a more reasonable power ceiling than p6 but also makes planeswalkers relatively very strong. Similar to the show overlord where the highest level spell anyone outside protagonists group can cast is 6. I intend for the primary combat challenges to be epic monsters and other planeswalkers.

Anything I need to modify/add/remove? Anything you would dislike as a player? Anything to make it closer to MTG lore? I have run high level/power games before so I don't think there will be any issues with that.

Edit: Formatting

81) Trueman Commercial
The characters experience a commercial break featuring themselves as TV stars. They then arrive at their destination unclear how real their lives are.

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270. Grade
School Divination
Level: Bard 0, Wizard 0
Casting Time: Full Round Action
Components: V,S,M(Splatter of red ink), F(Grading Rubric)
Range: Touch
Target: 1 Object
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Grades the target assignment as per the grading rubric. Whenever there is vagueness encountered encountered the caster may choose to mark points off or spend another full round action to resolve it as per their personal judgement.

271. Distance Sight
School Divination
Level: Wizard 2, Alchemist 2
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V,S
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: 10 Min/CL
Saving Throw: None
The user becomes able to instantly know the exact distance between any two visible points. By spending a move action, the user gains a +2 dodge bonus against ranged attacks and a +1 dodge bonus to cmd and melee attacks until the beginning of next turn.

272. Calculate
School Divination
Level: Wizard 1, Alchemist 1
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V,S,F(a sheet of math problems)
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
The user instantly computes the results of up to 10 simple numerical calculations per caster level. These calculations can be used together to solve more complicated problems that can be broken down into simple ones. The caster can remember the results long enough to record them or recall them with a dc 5 + days since spell was cast intelligence check.

273. Tell Time
School Divination
Level: Wizard 0, Cleric 0, Psychic 0
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V,S,F(pocket watch)
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
The user becomes aware of the precise current time

274. Trace, Lesser
School Transmutation
Level: Wizard 1
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V,S,M(Quill, Paper)
Range: Close
Target: Writings or drawings up to 5ft^2
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will(if held)
Precisely copies the targeted writings or drawing onto a prepared sheet of paper or similiar material. This can only copy simple drawings and in monotone. Anything excessively complex will be depicted in a simplified form. Anything in color will be done in monotone. The caster may pick the final color although by default any work created is done in black. The copy is of the same size and aspect ratio

275. Trace
School Transmutation
Level: Wizard 2
Target: Writings or drawings up to 5ft^2 per cl
As per Trace, Lesser except as described. Caster may create copy at smaller or larger sizes between 1/8th and 8x as large. Aspect ratio must remain the same.

276. Trace, Greater
School Transmutation
Level: Wizard 3
As per Trace except as described. May choose any aspect ratio and size.

277. Predict
School Divination
Level: Wizard 1, Bard 1
Casting Time: 1 Swift
Components: V
Range: Personal
Target: Personal
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
With 60 + 2*CL % accuracy learn the next result of target game of chance such as dice. On a failed % check you instead learn the wrong result. This spell fails for any game which has a component of skill.

278. Predict, Greater
Level: Wizard 2, Bard 2
As per predict except as described. Use a 80 + 1 per CL % chance roll to determine the results. This spell does function in games of skill but it will only determine the results of the luck portion. For example, who has a stronger hand in poker.

279. Recall
School Divination
Level: Wizard 1, Psychic 1
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V,S,F(Journal)
Range: Personal
Target: Personal
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Recall a broad summary of what you have forgotten recently. This does not give specific details or allow you to remember anything you didn't previously particularly notice.

280. Timer
School Divination
Level: Wizard 1, Psychic 1
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V,S,F(pocket watch)
Range: Touch
Target: Up to 1 creature per CL
Duration: Up to 1 hour/CL
Saving Throw: Will(willing targets only)
You may create up to CL mental reminders, similiar to alarm, to occur after a specified amount of time has passed. These may be divided among the targets as desired. The reminders do not need to be for the same length of time. This spell is dispelled for a target after their last reminder occurs.

Yes for a blood arcanist. Otherwise would require a 1 level dip. By RAW a blood arcanist couldn't but I see no balance issue in allowing. The sorcerer dip works by RAW and a losing a full CL really hurts. Also your no longer growing your pool and losing access to greater exploits. Your trading a lot for a fun but at best only decent gish package

As per subject I am looking for ways for my entirely noncaster character to gain arcane sight, preferably constantly. Only options I can come up with are a 60k custom item and exalted of nethys boon(doesn't work for rp reasons).

Wayang is the best race. From experience flat dc bonus is the most important thing for a shadow caster

Crook of Cidhureen is your new favorite item

Wizard or Arcanist are your best bets for class. Debatable whether the spell level or Arcanist dc boost is better here

Remember to check out the Shadow spells guides for ideas on spell uses

I ran a campaign like this fairly recently. This was my solution.

Firstly I didn't change the religions. Unless your world normally has gods running around doing stuff greek style, the gods not existing doesn't change much by itself. There are still philosophies that develop and myths that crops up to express that philosophy in story form. Divine magic is easily explained as strong belief acting upon the world in a very similiar but distinct way to arcane casting. A loss of faith can result in a loss of powers because they now lack the requisite focus/will required.

The biggest world change is with the cosmology. After all if there are afterlives that people can visit, the absence of gods would be quickly noticed. Firstly establish what planes you want to exist. Based on your description you probably don't want any of the major aligned planes existing. The other major categories would be the elemental planes, demiplanes, the first world, astral plane, shadow plane, and the ethereal plane. I would recommend keeping the ethereal plane at least because it is well tied in with game mechanics. The rest can be removed without problem. Now we pick which of the displaced outsiders to keep around and where they lived. Elementals and fey are fairly easy to place due to their strong ties to nature. Aligned outsiders are tricky because they form societies. I ended up creating their own homelands in exotic but fitting locations. Treating them the same way I would any native but powerful race. For instance angels had sky cities and demons came from the bottom of the underdark. The standard Pathfinder pantheon is actually pretty easy to separate from outsiders as only a handful are directly connected to them. However this isn't necessary. For example, Dragons are beings that exist in the material plane but are still central in Kobold religion.

Lastly remember that if you remove something from the world it should generally not remove player options. For instance bloodlines can easily be reflavored.

I have a divination focused wizard about to go into Pathfinder Savant. What spells do you recommend getting with esoteric magic? Lowering the level of spells already on the wizard list is allowed within reason. Divination or book/scroll/potion related spells are strongly preferred. Its a mythic campaign so anything with a good mythic version is a plus. Being strange and obscure is also a bonus.

Occultitist or Arcanist. At lv11 you can get Greater Metamagic Knowledge which gives you a flexible metamagic feat that you can swap each day. Occultist can take the Mage's Paraphanelia Panopoly allowing them to spend 3 points of arcane focus as a standard action to gain a metamagic feat. Silksworn Occultist archetype recommended

Also the Half-Elf spell Paragon Surge. However it is broken and I wouldn't expect it to be allowed

So my dm sprung us goin mythic on us. I've never really looked into it before and was hoping for some guidance. Playing a gestalt spell sage wizard + mindchemist alchemist going into Pathfinder savant and Pathfinder chronicler. I also have Homebrew archetype on the wizard side delaying spellcasting for a ton more spellslots. Generally he is a support caster and skill monkey with an unhealthy love for potions and other consumables. Archmage seems the best path but I can't decide what to dual path into. What are the best abilities for my character? Are there any good feats besides dual path? What would be a good second path? Any guidance would be appreciated.

So after last session a player of mine decided to redeem himself. Problem is we are going into the last stretch. Literally 5 sessions left. Considering he is only doing this because he went REALLY REALLY far into the evil spectrum, I simply don't think he has time to redeem his character within that time frame. Possibly neutral if he truly goes above and beyond heroic. I am planning on giving him opportunities for good and a few temptations to revert. So how would you handle the situation? How have you handled similiar situations previously? Should I be more lenient on redemption?

So a player of mine has found himself owing a favor to Calistra's high cleric. She is the crime lord of a metropolis who has managed to eliminate every major enemy. He is a very capable warrior occultist that can probably complete any type of task. Problem is I have no idea what she could want from him. As he is a significant person she wouldn't waste his talents on something trivial

Most sessions after ending an arc start with a couple of hours of misc downtime nonsense before diving back into the main plot. I need something that I can weave in and out of while rotating between the different players. Anything that would require violence would probably get the other players involved or be trivial enough to just skip over. I would like a moral quandary of some sort but he's playing an Asmodean

Ideas- debt collecting, stealth mission, make an exchange

First I would have a conversation with both GM's at once. Make sure they agree that your character is broken and make sure to get them to tell you exactly what they think is broken. Then I would request to try and play the character as is to see if its a big problem in game with the understanding that you will change it if it is. Its difficult to say without looking at the other characters, but your monk while optimized, doesn't look like a problem character. Damage(particularly melee single target) is probably the least problematic thing a character can do well. Frankly out of the rest of the party, the magus is probably the only one who can do good single target damage, which is something a party needs. Everyone else probably does much better with groups of enemies and far exceed you in utility.

Question. Can bards use types of performance other than instrument playing in place of somatic/verbal components? Comedy, sock puppetry, a cappella, dance, oratory, miming, etc.

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I would say that it depends on how good your gm is at adapting. If they run things exactly the same way every time then a balanced party is a good idea if not required. If their willing to adapt the game then everybody wins :)

So I get how it works in general. My question is how it works when the sides are enchanted with different utility effects. For example if only one side had called would I be able to summon the whole thing, split it in half, or just be unable to use the effect? Anchoring and unseen are also good examples of this type of effect.

Can a polymorph spell let you assume a form allowed by an earlier version? For example can fey form II allow you to turn into a small fey? Correct me if I'm wrong but if so I assume it would use Small Fey for statistics(+2 dex +2 con) and fey form II's list of special abilities I can gain

Why should they be separate classes though? What is wrong with having a single class with different archetypes for each alignment. Say a "Crusader" class that has the base mechanics which are then modified to match the particular alignment. This would allow overlapping abilities with minimal writing.

If I had to kill you?

Planar Binding Greater

Pick your death

Gate Archons- gate, gate, gate, gate, gate, gate, gate, gate, gate, gate, gate..... gate, gate

Caller's Feather->Pit Fiend + Army of hired lv1 commoners with slashing weapons

Timeless Demiplane + Astradaemon + a lot of pigs

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"An attempt to subvert the paladin code by engineering a situation allowing you to use a higher tenet to ignore a lower tenet (telling someone that you won't respect lawful authorities so that the tenet of not lying supersedes the tenet of respecting lawful authorities, for example) is a violation of the paladin code."

This particular bit is going to be a headache.

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You have officially made good > law..... Paladins are now Asimov robots free of making moral decisions. Great....

I would like the option to choose law > good. Otherwise we are just Good kinda lawful not Lawful Good.

Glad to know other paladin alignments will be considered. Asmodean Paladins ftw(a great example of law>evil).

The alchemist discovery Vestigial arm.
A) does it give me a limb in oooooze form
B) does it give me a ring and hand slot in oooooze form

A) as before

Alchemist Extracts
A) Are they considered spells or not for purposes of being able to use them in ooooooze form

High Guardian Fighter. Mobile Bulwark Style. Cut from the Air. Smash from the Air. Adopted trait for the halfling helpful trait. Living bulwark for your other trait. Max UMD and pick up some good scrolls/wands. Dip Master of Many Styles and go into Archon Style. Dip a level of Brawler. Martial flexibility->Advanced Weapon Training->Item Mastery->Profit. Get a bodyguard familiar. Note this isn't in order. Just a series of suggestions

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Ring of Invisibility + Mindblank. You will literally never find me good sir.

I suppose I could ruin your life. Make everything in the multiverse want you dead, alter the laws of physics to make your abilities worthless, and remove your afterlife. But why would I? There is no threat

Can you give us anything about Asmodeus? :)

Can't confirm or deny Vancian casting. What I can say is that 5e(which much of 2e seems inspired by) uses very similiar language to what has appeared in the blog posts so far. 5e uses arcanist style casting. Prepare spells to spontaneously cast

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Logan Bonner wrote:
Bardic Dave wrote:
I like most of this. I was surprised to see that Channel Energy and Spell Points are not connected. I was expecting them to draw from the same pool. My knee-jerk reaction is "don't like!" because I thought the whole point of Spell Points was to get away from having to track several different resource pools. I'll wait to see how things play out at the table though.
Spell Points are used for abilities unique to their pool and to the class. The spells from channel are essentially more prepared spells per day.

So in order to make them simpler you removed bonus spells per day from wisdom and added them from cha but only as heal/harm spells?

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Lv5 party. A huge size red dragon lands in front of the party and demands tribute for passing through his lands. Everyone in the party pays except for the party monk.

Monk:"Guys I'm broke"
Fighter: "Here I'll pay for him"
Monk:" No that's alright". Drinks potion of enlarge person. Runs up and attempts grapple
Dragon takes attack of opportunity from not having improved grapple. Crit. Max damage. Monk dies. Party buys the dragon's lunch for 2x the tribute cost and drags it to town so they can then pay for raise dead

Tribute was 500gp

Can you warn the dragon and give it a chance to get away. Sending would let you do so right after your done fighting. Perhaps gift it a scroll of teleport.

Perhaps you can help the dragon fake its death. Illusion spells would do so pretty easily. Pretending to shoot it down so that it falls into a lake, bottomless pit, or deep ravine works.

Is there any locals that can help? Kobolds would definitely do so provided you could convince them there was a dragon in the area. Good folks in general would probably help a good dragon. Most dragons can shapeshift. Add in a few more illusion spells to block divination and the word of some of the locals and it can hide in plain sight

You could kill the hunting party while in disguise. Perhaps just kill them and blame it on the dragon

If you have anything with the dragon's scent you could probably lead the hunting party in the wrong direction

Fake a copy of the note or modify the original. Use invisible ink to add extra text to make the note something more agreeable.

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Fighter- I jump in the water after them!
DM- Your wearing full plate.
Fighter- I'm jumping in
*Many rounds of failed swim checks later
Party Rouge- Dibs on his bow

What skinwalker trait is that? Seconding witch as best. A bad touch cleric also does well.

My Favorite Curse Spells
Best Curse Spells
Lv0 Brand
Lv1 Ill Omen, Hex Vulnerability, Night Blindness
Lv2 Blindness/Deafness, Arcane Disruption, Brand of Hobbling, Disfiguring Touch, Mathematical Curse, Violent Accident
Lv3 Bestow Curse, Accursed Glare, Hag’s Seasoning, Calametous Flailing, Curse of Dragon Flies, Curse of Befouled Luck, Cursed Treasure, Flexile Curse, Mark of Obvious Ethics, Open Book, Puzzle Box, Spell Curse
LV4 Brand Greater, Brand of Tracking, Curse of Burning Sleep, Geas Lesser
Lv5 Alzanist’s Distruption, Beffudled Combatant, Conditional Curse, Curse Major, Mark of Justice, Old Salt’s Curse, Rest Eternal
Lv6 Geas
Lv7 Bestow Curse Greater, Pox of Rumors
Lv8 Curse of Night, Life of Crime, Prediction of Failure, Rotting Alliance

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LE. I am righteous and I know it. You can't handle the truth.

Its trying to lose weight. After eating most of every race it decided that it would look better minus a few thousand pounds. As such it has since been on an all vegi diet. But nobody tells rumors about giant vegitarians.

Check out Owlbear Blinders on the PFSRD for an item specific to owlbear riding. Also here is a quick owlbear song

Witch lv7+. Need to take diehard or equivalent. Start off with deathless(extended if possible) as your first action. Next cast bloodbath. Now spam Shared suffering. Heal yourself once they are all dead. I recommend keeping scrolls of deathless and heal on hand

I play full casters. Their fun. I like having options in and out of combat. Full casters do that quite perfectly. But full caster doesn't fit every character concept, table, or campaign. Got a game coming up in a couple of weeks and I want to play a martial character but I don't want to be stuck as a 1 trick pony full attacker. All I've come up with is Brawler and batman quiver archer. Is there any other builds for martial characters with options? Partial caster is ok so long as its meant for utility/buffs.

Campaign Specific Stuff
1 Free feat lv1
Wild West Themed

If your allowed to cheese the craft rules to reduce costs, yes it would be worth it. Otherwise just grab some scrolls.

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Warped Savant wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
there's plenty of reason to not play it like pfs.

Would you mind expanding on the negativity?

What don't you like about PFS?

No houserules. Limited rewards. Limited materials for use. Limited to campaign modules. Alignment restrictions. Restrictions on possible player actions. Forced use of all official interpretations. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of those. Not entirely sure on all the rules. Not hating or saying badwrongfun but there is definitely reason

@OP if still reading this I also recommend plot XP. Swapped over 4 years ago and it is so much better than encounter based. Also have a current game with roughly 4 players that can't attend often. It helps them out a ton.

Kobolds. Loved them since Races of the Dragon. So devious. They love dragons. I love dragons. Also they are classic tinkerers which is always fun to play.

Lazaro wrote:
Dastis wrote:
I love goblins. Their so much fun. However their not core race material. Guess 2e wanted to copy 5e's core drow scandal.
Drow scandal?

When 5e announced core drow a lot of people posted against it similiar to this thread. While it doesn't have a formal name Drow Scandal seemed to fit best

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I love goblins. Their so much fun. However their not core race material. Guess 2e wanted to copy 5e's core drow scandal.

If you want a character who can do any spell play a spell sage wizard. Then ask to research spells for other spell list. Also might want to consider the feat Eldritch Researcher. While I'm at it infernal healing and celestial healing do allow a wizard to heal anyway

Think the worst non Homebrew I ever fought was an unnerfed Cthulhu. 2 man party with cohorts. Lv21(used normal advancement + 10th level spell slots) arcanist blaster and a martial build summoner. Cohorts were a home brew dragon and a full class wizard. Lasted around 6 rounds mostly because the dm multiplied the HP by at least a factor of 10.

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