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It would be simpler to use the sunder action on the ring.
I dont see an issue with just gaining it back again on your turn as a free action, and I agree it's not really coming up enough to worry about it.

You typed a lot. That's all. Ninjas sneak in that way.

The fact it has no arcane penalty should be all the info you need to realize it's made for wizards.

I never have much of an issue telling the 2 apart.

Hunter can heal. You have scribe scroll and cleric spells, just make a few and he can pitch in too.

If they spend a whole round to cast and then another round to do nothing but command it, they spent 2 rounds to do 4d6.


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"A raging song cannot be disrupted, but it ends immediately if the skald is killed, paralyzed, stunned, knocked unconscious, or otherwise prevented from taking a free action each round to maintain it."

However, guarded life seems to act before this.

"Benefit: While raging, if the barbarian is reduced below 0 hit points, 1 hit point of lethal damage per barbarian level is converted to nonlethal damage. If the barbarian is at negative hit points due to lethal damage, she immediately stabilizes."

Should be fine.

If you mean because it states you do acid would frost bombs do acid, no. It would change to cold.

A light pick isn't a lighter heavy pick. If they meant light picks too they would have simply said "picks".

So I would say no.

Yeah 100% ask the GM. Most dont mind, as it is magic after all.

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Roll with It! is a great feat. It can save your life at the cost of a turn. I'd look into it for sure. That being said your current line up of feats is rather full. You'll have to make that call if it's worth it to you.

An oracle of battle is a frontliner healer and support buffer, as well as having many options to tailor make a style of combat you like.

Normally I suggest bard but sounds like you like to get your hands really dirty.

I wouldn't overthink it, given it's written to work well enough as it is. Games never corrected it because honestly it may not need correcting.

They reach in to their pouch and cast before using their hand on the bow string. Could be just as simple as that.

Likely the only ones to require the actual perform skill check. Which for most bards are like...2. One visual and one auditory.

I can see more if theres some archetypes involved though. Rather than dig around the 50 or so of them, just assume if it involves a check you need ranks as the skill states. And for most it should be clear if its visual (eg dance) or auditory (eg sing)

I wouldn't get extra rogue talent until you've picked the others.

Also you're picking combat trick to learn a feat then spending a feat to learn a rogue talent. Seems redundant.

You've enough levels for shattered defenses. Maybe look into intimidate skill unlock and that feat.

Depends on the performance.

As per the perform skill
"Special: A bard must have ranks in specific Perform categories to use some of his Bardic Performance abilities."

Counter song and distract being 2 such abilities

And spells. Of which there are many to boost those rolls.

Thanks for the reminder Ryan. I recall now. That one seemed pretty clear to me.

Anyways, looking at this archetype of would actually work well with a rogue companion and a focus on feints. They delay until your turn, tumble in to get a hit in (which given your high dex should still be high enough to count as a sneak or better yet scout archetype to match your own style) then with a little spring and feint feats magic along with feinting partner... free hits. Feint with spring attack.

Throw in some combat reflexes and a weapon enhancement... a rogue moving into combat normally getting one sneak would work with his ally to gain many.

I dunno I just like the idea of a scout rogue and this archetype both doing the same thing visually and yet doing it both differently mechanically.

Hell at mid levels if the rogue is surrounded with twinned feint you could feint down the line of your improved spring attack and both chew up a massive amount of hit points just for moving towards the enemy. Pretty deadly.

It's rare to have feint focused builds so that appeals to me to try something new.

Which one Ryan?

I see this going badly and the sentence "I throw him off a cliff" being uttered.

I dont put all my eggs into another players basket without foreseeing my destruction. Which... well play Wraith. That's what Wraith was about.

The healers satchel is far and away a perfect buy.

Cheap and amazing.

The next sentence after what I wrote may help you though. Gotta keep reading. It's a direct quote.

A shifters can take feats and other abilities that require wild shape; for the purpose of qualifying for prerequisites, her effective druid level is equal to her shifter level.

I don't think the class can make it any simpler. It's written into the class.

You qualify as a druid for the feats. Your level is your druid level.

Even the throwaway sentence of "must be a druid"... you would be.

It's very cheap. Most towns and up should have it for sale.

I think the intention is you wouldn't even need the druid level.

"A shifters can take feats and other abilities that require wild shape; for the purpose of qualifying for prerequisites, her effective druid level is equal to her shifter level."

That seems to me to be enough to move on. The only thing youd need is multiclass and 5 ranks.

As Darksol points out the feat was made before the class.

It requires an item.

Theres a trait too but.. little late for that.

What I've done to keep from making classes with multiple archetypes or options and page flipping from being annoying is downs 30 minutes cut and pasting the original class.

I go to the online source, copy it, delete what's changed and paste in the new stuff. And while I'm there, paste in the scaling bonuses too.

The end result is a class layout tailored for me. No more flipping back and forth. You may find this helps you Sintog with your frustrations about 3 pages back and forth, just invest some time and never do it again.

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It's a scary thing that this stewed for a day under a year exactly, only to be misquoted out of context.

In all seriousness superman has combat training.

From Wonder Woman.



Mastered 2 different kryptonian martial arts

And... what a shocker... the Batman.

Hes hardly a slouch. Just when all you need to do is punch most things once you hardly need to "spend the swift action".

Greater greater.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:

I have to disagree with the idea that superman would have a high BAB especially compared to batman. BAB represents how skilled you are at combat. Batman is a master at several martial arts and is an incredibly skilled at combat among other things. Superman on the other hand is not skilled at combat he is simply stronger than anything else. All his combat ability is based on his stats not his skills. If anyone would have a low BAB it would be superman. Look at how they fight. Batman will hit a person multiple times to take them down, because he does not do as much damage. Superman usually takes most things down with a single hit. Which one sounds like they have a higher BAB?

Superman has way more BAB.

He just has greater greater greater greater greater greater greater greater greater vital strike.

I 100% agree if superman was just human yeah the only way to scale it would make the Batman lesser BAB.

And I also agree with the statement this thread agrees with it, since otherwise he must be a race with much (MUCH) more RP.

Superman is so far beyond the scope of numbers as to not bother with numbers. In fact all you've got is strength which while it gives the ability to lift something... didnt cover the con needed to do it for 5 straight days. Or the fact he could have kept going.

Dave is correct that if we are saying Superman is human RP level, the only way to scale back would be BAB.

Melkiador is entirely correct. A one handed weapon used in two hands wouldn't provide a bigger bonus than a two handed would. It gives the straight bonus, that is all. Agile is very clear and no wiggle room is there.

There is also kami, kaiju (which works for that massive snake in the game, though Ydersius' servant the emperor of scales could be modified), kitsune, and fox fae with that hollow wooden back.

I would honestly day start with the Dragon empires book and go from there. You'll find a mix of a lot of countries but... there is a lot for what you want.

You could even modify Boggards for those weird little guys in the game.

Kappa tengu oni are all in the game.

Just imagine every ally says "on your left" as he passes by. 5 feet is a lot of room to walk through. It isnt, however, a lot of room to bulldoze through which makes charging difficult without bowling over your besties.

Hmm yeah I'd think at my table that wouldn't fly. I think the line about "the wearer of a folding shield can change the shield from its current form into a buckler, heavy shield, or tower shield" is what convinces me. Well aside from the loophole logic exploit I've never been a fan of obviously.

But since it seems to lose it's current form (a shield with spikes) to a different shield, I don't think the spikes would stick around for bucklers or tower shields. I personally don't think I'd use that same logic to deny a player a heavy shield with spikes, however. Mostly I think I'd just shut it down.

That being said its certainly a creative work around, if a little bit of an exploit.

I still wonder if there is a straight across the board rule that would allow the OP to get what they want without any table variation.

blahpers wrote:
Cool, and that covers drain as well. Thanks!

Hey you had pretty much nailed it anyways!

Not the worst case of Necromacy, friend, though its usually frowned upon for long dead threads.

LordKailas is right it's pretty awkwardly worded.

If I had to guess I would say treat as natural attacks your can throw or attack with your choice. If you're using a weapon treat as natural attack with one hand occupied, but your weapon hand would get iterative attacks based on BAB.

But yeah that's a guess.

I don't think its allowing extra attacks in top of regular melee ones.

It is an issue more to do with enchanting something and modifying something that cant be a certain way, despite your character treating it that way.
I also can't think of a loophole. One may exist but not off the top of my head.

You could (assuming you wanted to expand the effort) combine 2 styles together to treat gauntlets like bucklers and bucklers like shields. This would have the benefit of enchanting gauntlets with no issue.

That's like... 8 levels of investment at least for a human fighter. Doesn't answer your question strictly with bucklers though

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So we arent even going to discuss the idea that Albert's dog take the star stone test?

Messed up.

I would have converted.

Yes. There is an archetype. Beast rider.

Gecko is cool as it solves a lot of issues with stairs and getting around friends.

Philippe Lam wrote:

Too many players are being insensitive with their own paladins to the point that roleplay tramples the other players. " That's what it should be done " is heard way too often when it should rather be " I won't yell orders to you, but I clearly won't help if you do bad. "

I simply don't think it's terrible that he's offering a way to add in some flavour. And I also said if that's not helpful to talk to the player, but not call him an a*!%%%# for trying something he feels is honorable combat. I feel its far more insensitive to yell at a player for this kind of thing than simply talking to them.

ErichAD wrote:

It makes me wish for the good old days where a paladin didn't have control of their character during combat and just charged things in order of importance attacking till they died. Of course, back then a paladin's code required he behave honorably only to those above his station, but was expected to be cut throat when it came to those beneath him. That includes people wearing leather or using ranged weapons of course.

Kidding of course. I think it's a bit odd that the paladin would have a moral code that involved game mechanics. "Won't help people flank" is beyond weird.

Well they already do. Can't use poison is certainly a game mechanic.

I rather think it's good roleplay to say what you feel is honorable combat or not, instead of following the minimum peices of flair.

I would talk with the player, but avoid conflict like name calling. It's a more reasonable solution. Just a game after all.

Yep. Just get the +2. Great feat for skull and shackles AP or sodden lands adventures.

Looks free. Just use the bonuses youd get for bull rush to make the roll.

I dont think confrontation with a paladin for playing what he has as an honour code is a good idea. That doesn't make him an a@%!@&~ for roleplaying his character the way he wants to. Hes absolutely right to say he doesn't feel his character would help someone stab another person in the back. Just make him stick to it and never help him with a flank.

There is plenty of ways to get sneak attacks off, OP. A little research and some focus and you will find yours. At this point in the games life span rogues should get their sneak attacks off 80% of the time at least. There is just too many options not to.

Besmara for one. Shes a goddess of strife and conflict. Perfect for a pot stirrer

If hes not keen on rogues I can only imagine what trying to bring an antipally is going to get ya. Even more so with a pally there.

Maybe ya just go with slayer or a ranger. Seems like few other options are going to be met with fun times.

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