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Does this spell make you immune to gaze?

It says you are immune to spells and attacks that change respiration or physiology

I would also read domains and spells as different and stackable.

The best part of those feats is they work for the guy beside you too.

Well. Literally one post above you mentions 6th level classes. So... people have.

It's where the games most fun is to be honest.

I wonder if a touch of Bolt Ace would help? You're only doing one shot and the best way to maximize damage is guarentee hits.

Climb? You can totally aid another.

Give them a boost, give them a hand up when you reach the top.

"I got no handholds. You see anything?"

"Yeah. Just step your foot out about half a step. Theres a ledge. You can adjust from there and lift up"

Climb totally works.

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If you're firing off one shot you'll likely have a move action. Freebooter ranger may work for you. Bonus to hit and damage group wide and stacks with bards... with no limit on use.

Scar hex may be one you'll get more use out of. Extend that 30 feet.

A ton. Even without investment, helping an ally with the best attack to gain a bonus to hit could overcome a great deal of defense.

With minor investment, you can boost allies ac for a full round against all attacks with an immediate action.

As it can be used to help people with saves as well, it could save a teammate.

If you're capable of moving 65 feet in a move action, its great. Otherwise... I dunno.

If it matters that much 2 4 6 would seem to be the math of it, at 13. Odd it wasn't adding in like that, though. Asking a GM to make the change could work but keep in mind that's just a suggestion (although one that's balanced in levels in powers and progression)

F@$*ing math.

It's important to get around rules, and not use the rules as a baseline for when people are looking for loopholes, no matter what the core book and common sense tells us.

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Senko wrote:
Anyway animal biology aside would the wish work?

How would I know? I'm just a giraffe

For the record what I was saying nope to was the entire concept and basic premise, not any individual part.

Its pedantic and of little use in the context of the game. As above, you will find little support on the opinion, and as I find the very idea wrong from the start, yeah all it gets is a nope. It just doesnt work like that.

If it seems dismissive I just honestly don't feel like typing out to the amount you did just to disagree with each thing individually.

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Suddenly Senko realized too late that wooly mammoths are quite furry.


MrCharisma wrote:
Theaitetos wrote:
Soothsayer merely changes the way in which a few specific hexes can be used - like applying a Quicken metamagic - but it does not affect these hexes themselves.
Wat?? 0_o


That makes zero sense.

Yeah... no.

ryanhilt wrote:

Too OP? Yes.

I’m running into this same problem now. Party is 11th level, playing Iron Gods AP. The witch gives everyone Protective Luck. Everyone hides behind the two high AC martial characters who are now virtually unhittable and absolutely un-critable. The other three non-martial characters can easily survive a round or two to escape to cover while the martials deal with a problem.
Yes, area effects can still affect the party, but because they have zero fear of melee, the rest of the party focuses on the miscellany. I guess it’s good party design, but it all hinges on that one two-hex combo that makes them basically immune to physical combat.
Combined with the party’s Investigator crushing every skill check, they are mowing through the AP fairly effortlessly.
It’s a bit frustrating, and almost unfun. Almost.

Well if it makes the group use the melee guys as tanks I'd say job done.

And if you want a real surprise... throw in a silence spell. Hard to cackle when you can't make a sound. They still will have it on them for a round or two... and that's it. Start over again.

Plus during that round or two have them make the saves... make them roll not the other way around. Should make for a tougher fight and decent surprise.

Arent all summoners 6th level casters?

I'm Male but my last group was all women.

I have at least 2 women in my groups usually, and often they make up 50% of the players.

Hunter has ranger spells, but gets them faster, has more and they are more powerful. Hunter gets free focus which is basically saving you from spending money on your primary stat to attack. Hunter gets free feats which can be used to maneuver around the field and free precise shot, which is almost a must. If you choose something like forester hunter archetype you'll get free combat feats and always on hunters focus in addition to min per day focus in swift action buff. Money saved means buying stronger bows not dex belts and always on focus means saving buff time.

Ranger gets full BAB and skips prereqs. Companion aside that alone is more than enough to qualify. However their spells are weaker and few. Skirmisher is a great archer archetype. Full BAB cant br ignored because more attacks means more arrows. That's your only job and both other classes fall behind on that. It's short sighted to ignore the best strength in the only job you'll have, shooting arrows.

Sacred huntsmaster has great buffs but trades off in delayed hunters focus. It makes the first few levels a lot tougher to live through but in the long (LONG) run it comes out ahead as it gains what the hunter has eventually and still keeps the good stuff. If you plan on a long campaign it's the best choice.

All 3 work, I prefer hunter forester myself but if you keep a companion I actually like compel hostility and share spells to make the pet tank for you.

We've always just given a level lower in gold to the WBL as a penalty for making a new character. Balances out the fact they can choose what gear they have. Qe also only allow one item per creation feat to be made (so one scroll one wondourous iten...) so there is balance there too but they arent punished for taking the feat.

I think the GM made the right call.

However you have options. Some spells or items allow you to share teamwork feats. Look into them first if you wish to that feat in play. Some classes like hunter can change the feat out as a standard action.

You're not out of actions, but a few days of retraining is still better than losing a character and having to rebuild the whole thing.

Additionally, you have your friends old gear, which will likely vastly exceed the costs of teamwork retraining.

It's not so bad. You're right, just chill.

Exactly. If it had said "can" it would have been an option, giving some room for a case. This says "rather than that you get this." Not "rather than that you can have this or this".

It doesnt. It says this is what you get rather than that. It's clearly written with no wiggle room.

Maybe read the first sentence you quoted over and over again 7 or 8 times.

Spoilers. No.

Spoke with paizo. It's a typo. Missing the 0 after the 6. Please adjust your books at home for doggo. Then give treat and walk your doggo.

Link to FAQ

You can hold objects but not use them as weapons. So you could hold a mace. But not "wield it" for combat.

A battle pot would be the same.

Gaining new ways to do something doesnt make the new ways invalid because they weren't listed from the start.

For example, grit and gunslingers.


If you've got a hand free, maybe yeah carry another whip with fortuitous and attack with it for AoO? You wont suffer TWF penalties and it may help.

I'd also reccomend Cruel on that same whip. Intimidate builds and Cruel weapons go so well together.

Id reccomend a fortuitous weapon if you're looking for AoO since you want have TWF penalties on an AoO and getting in a second attack could stop an enemy cold.

If they are shaken yes 100% you would. It's a decent archetype for that for sure, and one of the half dozen or so ways you can make sure you can sneak attack almost anything that the game provides.

Even a base 10 DeX, add 2 stealth for dex bonus 4 for class skill 4 racial 4 small... it's not even close.

Goblins are treated like a joke but the idea of them in the dark should terrify most groups

Rogue due to a bonus to stealth the even at one rank hovers around God like

Alchemist with bomb focus because boom

Bards because despite penalties to charisma goblins get behind a good chant more than common sense any day.

Fighter or slayer with a focus on killing animals like dogs and horses

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Episode one is full of racial stereotypes. The Asian "honorable trade federation" from the very start, and any one van see obvious Jewish ties to Watto, the big nosed penny pinching trader. Having jar jar voiced and motion captured by a black man is telling. (it is important to note the motion capture here, as many stereotypes come through. Lanky, lazy, clumsy...) Jarjar is even referred to as a useless creature by the 2 jedi he is helping

But dont worry the white boy virgin birth is here to save us.

Yeah. Theres some issues.

I've done a 3 man bard group.

He had to jump the cr up by 2.

I dunno man. Like... martials without spells don't really do much more than tie. Why even include them on a list. Hell a fighter could probably find a way to cast more spells than a samurai.

And what's the criteria? Are witches ahead of wizards because they have options both divine and arcane?

Just seems like most people will say wizard then other 9th level casters then 6th then 4th. Any other metric within that is done to taste.

A summon that takes a full round to cast and lasts a round, and any damage stops the spell? To cast what, a dog? Not exactly the best low level choice.

Summoners need a way to summon. With no tank to stop from being hit, all your doing is forfeiting your action. May as well lie down at that point.

Grab gives the bite damage as part of maintaining. It is automatic. I believe with grab you get the best of both worlds. Maintain, choose pin, do bite damage anyways and rake kicks in.

Wizards have few ways to heal at low levels and poor saves vs things that deal straight damage, whether fort reflex or straight ac. Their spells would last moments not hours so they would quickly run out of ways to shore those weaknesses up. They would also be more MAD than usual because they would need to take points into Con just to survive a single hit and not be negative. Hell a single poison or disease save would cripple a wizard in moments, less if they tanked something poisons hit often like strength.

If they made it to 5, they would be better off. But that's 4 levels of hell I wouldn't wish to play.

Most of the 6th level casters (hell let's be honest ALL of them) would do just fine. I'd pick any of those.

Rogues wouldnt suck either. The biggest weakness of the class is kind of nullified when you have 4 flanking partners and everyone has sneak. Investing into a single teamwork feat to make the highest sneak roll count would basically make them invisible on a semi permanent basis, and rogues get a lot of tricks to bypass traps and use items they find. Surprisingly an effective team.




This is correct. You would gain +5 to maintain (+4 more for having Grab, assuming that factored in already)

The bite gets auto damage.

Because you maintained the bite, you get rake.

That's all the attacks you'll get if you go this as grapple is a standard action to maintain.

There are other options you can get when you maintain a grapple. One of these is a natural attack, which would be a claw as the bite has already been used, or you could pin or move or other grapple options. I am fairly sure you may still do this as part of maintaining a grapple. If I am incorrect someone please correct me

Quixote wrote:

Yeah, the alchemist on its own is kind of dubious. Like a rogue. Wit better saves. And better abilities. And spells. And a significant stat boost. And a super easy way to get three primary natural attacks.

Oh, but wait. Rogues get more skills. So I guess it's all fair, then? Ouphe.

Well if it's just a dip, then going rogue would have whatever a higher level rogue would have such as skill unlocks or dex to damage, or based on the level a +1 bab which could even mean another attack.

We can't compare opening levels to continuing down a path, for the most part there is a lot of front loading on classes, even more so on the 6th level casters. Hunters, bards... lots of bonus stuff on all of them right off the bat.

Mutagens alone work for a dip. Increasing dex gets you a massive boost in AC for survivability and a to hit and damage boost. In fact the boost to hit alone totally offsets TWF.

I can't honestly see why a dip WOULDN'T be a great idea, if a touch more MAD, but not so much a rogue couldn't make it worth.

Honestly the cost is so high (a potion, a discovery AND a bomb) that allowing an extra few points of heals is no big deal. I let it happen because of the cost, and it had only the benefit of letting the group move along faster.

It's expensive, uses a precious discovery and 2 limited resources.

TheKillerCorgi wrote:
Cavall wrote:

Second: Rhino Charge makes you able to ready a charge. Now, readying a charge is a standard action and you can trigger readied actions while it it is your turn so this is essentially a standard action charge

That's a lot of research but doesn't work.



The ready action lets you prepare to take an action later, after your turn is over but before your next one has begun.

That's corebook.
Ok if so we just set the trigger for the readied actions to "when my turn ends" or something and take them once your turn has ended.

I don't think you can ready more than one action. Theres a style for that.

I just don't see this one working.


Second: Rhino Charge makes you able to ready a charge. Now, readying a charge is a standard action and you can trigger readied actions while it it is your turn so this is essentially a standard action charge

That's a lot of research but doesn't work.



The ready action lets you prepare to take an action later, after your turn is over but before your next one has begun.

That's corebook.

My only advice is don't put weapon focus on training enchant. You can't use that as a prerequisite for other feats and it may come up.

Try a feat later down the road.

Voodistmonk honestly gives some strong advice. Take notes.

You may refer to it in any way you want.

If you want to be a Trapper Ranger, a Trapper, or even call yourself a Hunter... it's how you represent yourself to the world and feel free to pick the nomenclature that suits it best in a sensible manner.

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