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Can a Sohei monk who specializes in archery use many shot, and rapid shot with a flurry of blows?

Would a lizard folks rending claws racial feat stack with the rending claws combats feat?

Can an animal companion like a roc take the powerful wings feat without adding to its intelligence first

If a oracle of the lunar mystery had the lycanthropy curse, could he/she cancel the effects of the curse by taking the immune to lycanthropy revolution?

Thanks for the information!

As a Druid, you can always do the 24 hr ritual and call a new companion.

At 9th level, animals that don’t qualify for multiattack get a second attack with their primary weapon at a -5 penalty, in order to qualify for the feat, you have to have 3 or more natural attacks. Ponies only have their two hoof attacks, but hooves are secondary weapons, not primary, so thus the question.

IMHO, a cleric is probably your best bet, and as for domains, I recommend the animal domain, you get an animal companion at 4th level, which is always a boon! So your companion can still attack the baddies even if you’re busy healing the party.

Would a pony get a third hoof attack at 9th level, even though hooves are considered a secondary attack?

It says sorcerers normally take spells from the sorcerer/wizard spell list, but can learn other spells with some study. How does this work, and what is ment by study?

I love teiflings followed by aasimars. My favorite is a small sized teifling hunter with the over-sized arms trait. He wields a large sized bastard sword, which is bigger than he is. Love the image of a dude the size of a halfling wielding a sword built for trolls

Probably my favorite class is Paladin, so, by default I would say my favorite alignment has to be LG. Even with non Paladin characters, my preference leans towards LG. I guess I just like playing the embodiment of goodness an order. My favorite enemy is the one attacking me.

I also have a build in mind for a tempered champion Paladin archetype. I read a some of your game posts, and it looks like a lot of fun. If you e-mail me, let me know which build would be most advantageous to the party.

I would be interested, depending on when you play I have an idea for a cross blooded halfling sorcerer that I’ve wanted to build. Never played an online game before, but am interested in giving it a shot. Please send me an e-mail with any pertinent information, such as time and days, character requirements, ability score generation type and so on.