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I never really liked the favored soul : yeah, spontaneous Divine caster, equivalent to the cleric to what the Sorc is to the wizard is a fine idea, but sacrificing the undead turning/channelling ability in the transition just always turned me off the class

I know a guy who brags about ravaging a party with a small bunch of goblins... it was night, no fire, the party was all human, and the goblins had darkvision and bows and they kept moving... the PCs had a frog's chance at a snakes convention.

and yeah, I'm with Meirril: Stealth Goblin has to be a PC building exercise, NPC goblins are just too rambunctious to really stay stealthy for long.

and yeah, unusable link

blahpers wrote:
Is there a god of immortality? Because in a world like that, that would be the most "good" god.

What are the ways to immortality? I know only the magical discovery from UM, and that would come from Nethys...

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well, I have a tooth against Lamashtu and Urgathoa, oh, and Zon Kuthon...

I'm not sure I get Nethys or Irori

and Abadar makes me break out in hives.

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Given that the items within a BoH are in an extra dimensional space, and disjunction destroys the physical opening to that space, yes, all that's inside is lost... good luck finding the demiplane it opened on to retrieve the contents... maybe with a wish?

I've had one fight that lasted maybe 4 or 6 hours, involving, IIRC, a medium level party of F&D5 characters vs a horde of souped up gnolls... it started shorly after session start, andlasted nearly till session end.

It might, but only if you identify a Color Spray being cast before it takes effect... personally, If you make the Spellcraft roll to recognize it as it's cast, I'd give you a +2 to the Saving Throw roll, but that's purely my house rule... of course, you are blinded for the whole round... or for the whole next round if you took your turn before the CS was cast.

All my character sheets are handmate on paper, so are all my campaign notes, when there are any.

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Heresy rules... that's funny, the rules in 3.xx were so written that when I mastered it, I ruled that a cleric could not 'fall', if he got away from his original god's ideals, he would either be secretly 'adopted' by another deity, or simply be sustained by his (straight or twisted) ideals... of course, when it came down to shifting alignments, he could no longer ignore the fact that his powers no longer came from his original god, and always had the option to seekatonement, but he never had to, he could go on, on his own faith's power, and possibly worshipping a twisted form of his old god, possibly being supported by another deity compatible with his new alignment and ideals... and he might never care to know who was secretly powering him up (if anybody at all, deityless clerics being a thing are really an interesting feature of the game).

Yqatuba wrote:

A ray of frost a slap on the wrist. 20d6 damage is like a hellfire missile to the face (even a rocket launcher only does 10d6)

a what? RoF does an invariable 1d3 dmg, sounds like a regular slap on the wrist when applied to a mythic character...

What you describe resembles a Cone of Cold more, or a Polar ray (Dex Drain notwithstanding)

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*takes hugs and positive feelings, and channels some more*

I hope the weekend will be good, I got 2 games, including one that I have no idea what it will be like... I'm having to create a character in a system I happen to own in my collections, but with which I'm largely unfamiliar... so I don't know if the guy will be well made enough.

TOp of the day and excellent weekend to ya'll

Where I come from, 90% of liches are either wizards, arcanists, or sorcerers... and not necessarily specialists in necromancy (or undead heritage, though that helps), they still won't have necromancy as forbidden school.

Religious based liches (clerics, oracles, war priests etc) are a definite rarity, other classes even more so.

She is the Lady of the Valkyries, meaning she also has a finger in the war/death pie... but yeah, first and foremost, she is the goddess of fertility, love and beauty... I think a nature oracle might be key to that.

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1000 coins is 20 pounds of metal (50 coins per pound in 3.xx/Pathfinder)... requiring that much silever is impossible, maybe you could use that amount to garnish a fixed teleportation circle in your home, but to carry around, it would make the spell unfeasible.

At any rate, you won't want to have it in coins, ingots are much more practical, and if you buy enough you might get a bulk discount rather than having to pay the commission of a money changer... of course, if you buy that much silver, you might get in the scope of the Silversmiths' guild who might demand dues, if you you make use of your ingots rather than just storing them...

Derklord wrote:
Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:
Here's a nice chart from the 3.5 era

"Cure Light Wounds Clear" Stopped reading there. There's no way a health potion that doesn't look blood-ish can survive on the open market!

Edit: Potion of invisibility is also "clear". Yeah, when you're close to dying, and desperately need a healing potion, having to discern betwen one of those and a potion that prevents your teammakes from finding and healing you is exactly what you want!

Well, of course healing potions look bloodish, in the old times troll blood was the main operative ingredient....

and Elf blood was used to make longevity potions, but those disappeared in 3.00

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BadBird wrote:
Almond Extract. Try it, and tell me I'm wrong.

Dunno, where I live almond flavor/smell is indication of a most mighty poison.

THAT is something I could put in the "RAW you never see in use" thread... most DMs I've seen, including myself, seem to regard a scroll as a V component only spellcasting device, ergo, not hampered by stuff that meddle with somatic components.

The closest I ever had to a good necromancer was actually CN in alignment... and that was in 3.5.

Gyorvar of Stregoicavar is the 7th child of a cursed family where the 7th son (the 7th child is ALWAYS a son) has warlock powers. Given that the teenage Gyorvar was quickly acquiring a repute as an evil witch, his (evil, himself a 7th son) unclesuggested he was to be sent away for an apprenticeship to learn and control his powers... the Master was himself an Eldritch Theurge, with a specialisation in necromancy as a wizard, so gyorvar was trained as a Warlock/necromancer, xcept he positively Hated it. He took flight after his teacher made a demonstration of creating a zombie...

raising a human sacrifice? wouldn't that undo whatever the sacrifice was for?

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HFBD John.

"The Chaotic nature of orcs"... That felt strange, took me several seconds to remember that indeed, orcs have been Chaotic since 3ed... to me, they are nearly as orderly as goblinoids...well, hobgoblins since goblins are no longer lawful either, and bugbears have always been chaotic.

and a city where orcs ived as anything else than overlords to a population held in abject subservience, if not actual slavery, it would be a most unusual configuration, as orcs live to conquer, if not destroy, all that is around them.

Actually, orcs are so innately destructive that I find it stange they can live as anything other than small tribes of hunter gatherers... they have neither the skill nor inclination for agriculture and raising of cattle etc, which would be delegated to slave/serf populations.

LordKailas wrote:

Sarenrae, because the only reason people seem to pick her is because she's a good aligned deity that gives you the fire domain. Then once a player reads up on her they start playing their character as a homicidal zealot (which isn't an incorrect interpretation). She seems like she's supposed to be all about redemption but the reality is most clerics come across as bullies. "change your ways or die"

It's all because when you read about her everything seems fine until you get to the part where it says.

"Yet there are those who have no interest in redemption, who glory in slaughter and death. Sarenrae's doctrines preach swift justice delivered by the scimitar's edge."

Which seems to get interpreted as "well I tried to change their ways(by yelling at them to change), they said no and so now I have to kill them."

It's frustrating because you can't really even call them out on it.

Well, if you COULD get the Fire domain without having to worship either her or Asmodeus (I have access only to the basic pantheon, unless I'm playing a Dwarf), if might be interesting... let's be careful though, any Fire deity is likely to be highly destructive.

well, they'll still need to dip to get the heavy armor proficiency.

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Eff me up the A**e if you're not right, I'd utterly forgotten that.

and the fight with that ogre lasted 3 rounds... I was lucky and hit 3 times, and was not hit hard enough to get me down... granted, 1st round was not melee, I hit it with a javelin before closing to melee.
Our cleric soakedd up the ogre's first hit before I engaged it seriously, but nobody else than me actually hit it, I had bragging rights for having killed it virtually single handed.

Actually, , I don't remember ever seeing a housecat statted out before 5ed D&D. Then again, I've not DM'ed for nearly 20 years, so I may have missed something, as I concentrated on player only material.

ZOn Kuthon, I hate playing paladins, but I could create one dedicated to exterminating his cult.

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rather a good one, thanks
*channels more positive feelings around*.

problem is, he's a good friend, I still want to give him his chance... of course, if he does it again, I might get really tired of it.

Spacelard wrote:

The whole game has gone soft on PCs!

I remember when a fighter had less than a hundred HPs at tenth level and only did d8+5 damage and having AC -7 was *really* something.

Level Drain, pah! Only gain a few tempory negative levels now...Death is nothing just get raised and greater restoration...No CON lose, nothing...

*mutters and shuffles off to get pipe and slippers*

I remember a time when a 1st lvl fighter with 10hp or thereabout could do de 12 damages+4 for 18/85 strength and had a fighting chance to kill an ogre <ith only 4d8+1 hp and 1d10 dmg per blow that landed.

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Particularly nasty in the guy who's DMing, I mean, we would do things and work toward our goals during a session, and next session, he would set us back, put us into a changed situation, and generally get us PO'ed major way... plus, he would bypass stuff he had dangled in front of us, that we wanted to do, and that got relegated to the dustbin of game history... (like when we played Out of the Abyss He let us go to the surface, on a trip to go fry an NPC's called Gromph Baenre's ass... but after we had started things in Luskan and had been making way, next session, he decreed it had been a dream sequence induced into our brains by the MInd flayers who had captured us, never mind how they had done it, as we were already high level , able to take on a Death Tyrant, and more than able to resist arrest)

Irontruth wrote:
Klorox wrote:
I don't believe in good necromancers, necromancy spells are mostly harmful to others, when not inherently evil... I don't see a good person pursuing such a course, one that was somehow conned or forced into studying necromancy would likely turn neutral if they pursued such matters deeply rather than branching off into other endeavours.

I don't think that stabbing people with swords is a particularly "good" thing to do either.

Necromancy debuffs can actually be good spells for subduing opponents, rather than outright killing them (though a lot of other Necromancy spells are good for killing). This is a game that is largely about the various strategies and tactics around how you kill your enemies. Covering a person's body in burns is one of the most incredibly painful things you can do to them (until their nerve endings are destroyed), so if we aren't going to have moral qualms about Scorching Ray and Fireball, unless a spell is obviously torturous (like drawing out their death for a minute or more), I don't think "causing harm" is a good metric.

Let's put it that way, it's not the act, it's the tool... most magic, like the stabby pointy things of metal, is fairly neutral ande it all depends how and on what you use it, but Necromancy is working with the inherently destructive Negative Energy, many uses of which are by nature actually evil, so it's extra hard to remain Good while working mostly with such tools... (As for destructive nature, well, of course, a mage won't forge stuff with fireballs either, but using Fire as a tool can be used positively) .

BTW, beside ourtight healing spells, are there known uses for POsitive Energy?

Well, druids are essentially priests of Nature even evil outsiders are less unnatural than undead. Of course druids hate undead, they just are not ideally equipped to deal with them.

Though yes, Blight druids might be the exception to the rule.

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*Reflects the general good feelings around him*

Had a most sucky week, After years of being saved by vaccination, I got a massive flu, a very bad one... have been burning and shivering all week since saturday.

Feeling a lot better now, even though it's not quite finished, think I'll go through the week end's social engagements (basically, 3 games).

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actually, it's old fashioned, psychiatrists liked it back in the 1930's-60's... nowadays, it's fallen out of use... or I've not been seeing the right psychiatrists.

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I'm like that, I like big words.

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but evocation does not suffer from direct association with evil.
Though, yes, I don't think a wizard who specialized in evocation because he likes to see things burn would be good either, there's a reason many wizards gravitater toward LN and N alignments.

dour even compared to a normal Dwarf, likely abrasive, very task oriented/work focused, prone to turning into a slave driver (not that he'll be shirking on what he sees as his own duties)... and VERY hard to get close to, that guy doesn't trust non Duergar, period, becoming his friend would be a very hard, long term task, but if he comes to regard you as a true ally, you won't have many more faithful... of course, until then, you're just an expendable in his eyes.

I don't believe in good necromancers, necromancy spells are mostly harmful to others, when not inherently evil... I don't see a good person pursuing such a course, one that was somehow conned or forced into studying necromancy would likely turn neutral if they pursued such matters deeply rather than branching off into other endeavours.

one friend who's a complete cyclothymic and who seldom finishes what he starts (or worse, he sabotages the ending), and who never knows if he still wants to play with you... plus he's convinced that another friend cheats at dice (I've got no proof, but his defense raises reasonable doubt)

Andostre wrote:
Obviously there's a matter/antimatter reaction. All of their mass is explosively converted into energy.


Selene Spires wrote:
John Napier 698 wrote:
Today is the last Tuesday before I turn 51.
Wow...you are really old.... ;)

Thanks... if you'd asked the midwife when I was born, my odds of reaching such advanced years were slim to none.

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does the detect evil/good ability act as a permanent sense, or do you have to take actions and concentrate on it?

Odds are they wouldn't even know each other for what they are, unless other factors come into play.

If they know each other, and it's in the streets, glares are the most likely option, violence on the street is NOT something that is desirable, even if the antipaladin refrains from it only to avoid getting the authorities on his back.

Socialisation seems unlikely, unless it's required for political reasons.

DMs avoid showing me pics, due to a legend that I know alL the monster stats by heart and that showing me the picture, letting me know what beast it is, would give me unfair advantage... to be true, that legend was true in AD&D1 but I never renewed the performance for later editions, heck, I only have the 1st MM from 4ed, only the first 3 beastiaries from PF, and not even the 5ed MM.

Not hugging anybody today, I'm sick to the bone, even had to renounce going to a game. I hope ya'll are having a better weekend.

shaventalz wrote:
Mark Hoover 330 wrote:
So why be squirrely about your class? Consider: in The Hobbit, the main character Bilbo is introduced right off the bat as a Burglar. That wasn't even his profession! The dwarf he was traveling with was royalty, and here's this full-on thief walking around with them, for the sole purpose of stealing treasure from a dragon.

Exactly. That wasn't his profession. It wasn't what he trained for. It wasn't what he normally did. It wasn't his class.

It was his party role.

When Bilbo was introduced, he'd probably be some NPC class in Pathfinder terms. He might have taken later levels in a sneaky-stealy class, but he didn't have that training (those levels) when hired.

From what I know of the Bagginses, and their alliances with obviously aristocratic (by Shire standards) families like the Tooks (hereditary Thains) and Brandybucks (masters of Buckland), I always thought that Bilbo was a low level aristocrat, perhaps even Frodo too, whatever levels they may have acquired during their later adventures


Of course a bard fills adequately neither of those roles, it specific role is party support and Jack of All Trades... it's got access to some healing spells, if not to all of them, it's got fewer skills than the rogue, but it has other abilities the rogue can't emulate, it's not a front line fighter, but it doesn't fight as bad as a full arcane caster... its niche is that it covers all of them and none really.

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Brother Fen wrote:
"Better" than what exactly? My bard in AD&D was straight up awesome. Old school bards are the real bards. Fighter. Thief. Then bard.

Yeah, Cea, my AD&D bard was a real badass... I always regretted that none of the later editions could ever regain the feel of such a character... first the planning from low level on, then enjoying the fruits of that plan... even the 3.5 PrCs failed to give that kind of satisfaction... too much loss on some aspects because of the silly multiclassing rules and the way the PrC s are built.

IIRC, in AD&D1 followers, hirelings, henchmen and the like got half XP... what it has become since is beyond me, I never mastered that much in 3.5 to know the XP repartition rules by heart, and never mastered PF.

Never in PF, but in D&D5 one of my chars got to meet the whole Dwarven pantheon... it was impressive because he was there to see the gods and counsel the one guy in charge of choosing which one of them will succeed MOradin who is dying... well, unless we find a way to revive him, but given the guy's revolutionary tendencies, and my own character's proclivities... I have hopes for an... interesting succession.

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