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How soon after release would this be made available on Roll20 like War for the Crown and Rise of the Runelords? I'm really looking forward to being able to run this, but my main playgroup is online-only due to living all across the coastal US.

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Looks much better at a first glance. I'm a big fan of the changes to consumables and magic items in general, *except* for Wands. As-is, Wands still use two relatively unique pools, Charges and Focus. I'm not a big fan of this in general, and them being more like single-spell Staves feels like it would play better.

Also, would it be possible to actually just combine Resonance and Focus together into a pool of 10+CHA+Other "Energy Points" or what have you? This change, while allowing for more crazy shenanigans (which could be a positive), could increase build diversity and would cut down on keeping track of multiple separate pools.

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Please tell me that Alchemists can combine the effects of different alchemical items ala the "Compound Bomb" discovery. That was one of my favorite parts of 1e Alchemist yet it was archetype-exclusive to the Saboteur. It let you make flashbangs that blind and deafen, or smoke bombs which also trap enemies in place.

It felt so cool and opened up so many options.

Will there be a Starfinder supplement which will include Pathfinder 2e style action rules as an alternative?

I'm currently running a campaign and from a quick glance, it doesn't mess up the math too much (it favors full attacks more which I've always felt were kinda weak) and seems to not be too much of an adjustment.

The Shobhad Warleader seems to be the only monster below CR10 with four attack multiattack, and it seems on the stronger end for its CR as well (CR 7), but the chain devil you listed has much greater defenses due to higher KAC, DR, and SR at the cost of weaker attacks (seriously that Shobhad warleader has insane damage).

Yeah, that's a bit much for CR 6.

I'd say that would probably be CR 7, mainly just due to it's offensive power. Also, it's KAC seems a little high? Not sure if I'm missing that one of the grafts increases it's AC, but it should just be 20 for it's KAC.

Plus it has several special abilities and no weaknesses.

Honestly, with the Archive out, I wouldn't bother with converting Pathfinder monsters using the rules in the Core Rulebook, but instead using the monster creation rules in the Alien Archive and then adding unique special abilities from the Pathfinder version to the Starfinder version. It will be more different than a straight conversion, but it will be more balanced for Starfinder and would probably be less of a hassle over time.

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I bought the PDF, and I like what I see. I bought it for martial options, but found something I've been looking for for a while now, which is simple monster taming rules.

Glad to see most of my favorite Luchador abilities were ported over as well.

I have another question about the book itself. Does it assume the reader is already familiar with Spheres of Power rules, or can someone new to them jump right in to Spheres of Might?

Okay, seems solid. This would be good for low-power settings while Path of War would be for high-power settings.

Though, at this point, it feels like all we need now (besides the Gish Spheres or whatever) is spheres for skills, then we have a brand-new system (or a really good base for one).

EDIT: Quick question: I absolutely adore DDS' Luchador class. How would that work in Spheres of Might?

I haven't used the Spheres system before, but how does this compare to DSP's Path of War in terms of style?

Like, for Path of War, you can get a stance that basically gives you a double jumps (up to ten jumps, actually) around 10th level, or right from the getgo you can have a character with a strong combat flavor (like a mutating shapeshifting warrior who can drain blood from enemies to heal allies). Is Spheres of Might using the same type of flavor or is it more of an elevated version of the present flavor (Fighters are still mostly just hit things hard and fast and don't have mystical Kung Fu powers or whatever)?

In theory, it's not, but in practice, it seems absolutely necessary.

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Except that in those examples, they totally could give you an answer.

A decently informed Rabbi in the 1940s could easily describe the Nazis and their agenda.

Sure, one Grey might not be part of the conspiracy, but they'd likely be more informed than someone of another species, mainly just due to cultural proximity to the group.


Your new dental hardware is self-cleaning, but the only toothpaste you can buy that works with it tastes like Kobold meat.

Your sensory upgrades allow you to smell everything within a mile radius.

And many things do not smell pleasant.

Oh crap this is PbP, nevermind. Rescinding interest.


Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 5, 5) = 19
Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 5, 1) = 14
Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 4, 5) = 12
Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 3, 6) = 16
Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 4, 1) = 13
Stat Roll: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 6, 4) = 21

I'm interested, but 3rd party products would be a huge plus, namely Psionics and/or Path of War. Haven't used Paizo's forums for rolls before though. How do I do it?

For archetypes to be used more, they need to be better than the current two and characters (especially Envoy and Solarian) need to be able to spend feats in order to make up for the loss in abilities they get. It sucks being an Envoy and only having one real combat trick until 8th level.

Just trying to figure out if it uses "hands" since it doesn't seem to have any way to grip a gun the same way the other races do, or if it uses special rules or something.

Sounds neat. Hope the armor is as cool.

After going through the First Contact PDF, it was the Haan I was thinking of. Glad to see they're getting official player race stats.

How do they wield weapons according to the rules? Is it as normal, maybe with an extra cost for adjusting to a non-humanoid form, or do they have special rules like needing a gun mount or something?

This is a game set in space. Lots of races, especially if they don't get along normally, is the norm for the genre. Especially when some of the races are not humanoid at all like those balloon spider things with flamethrowers in First Contact.

Speaking of those, do they have PC statistics in the Alien Archive?

It'd be nice if I knew what the heck those were.

I assume Ferrans are some sort of metal-based life form? Woiokos sound like Wuxia Wookies.

What are the two in the AP?

However, Pathfinder, at it's root, is a simulation-type game. Given that, shouldn't weapons like the Kusarigama at least attempt to simulate the actual weapon?

RAW and RAI are very different things. RAI is what matters most, since RAW can always be adjusted.

But with how things are streamlined in Starfinder with races being more standardized, it should be fine.

David knott 242 wrote:

My best guess is that they saw some issues with the Con-less races that they wanted to work out before they made playable constructs or undead.

They could just do it like the Dhampir and have them healed by negative energy and damaged by positive energy, and have them otherwise function like a living creature with a few caveats (like Androids).

Hopefully I can adapt player race statistics for Undead Minions because I need some spooooooooooky skeletons for the one-shot.

Darn. Was hoping for Elebrians for a Halloween one-shot.

Why aren't Elebrians (Eoxians) among the playable races?

Specific beats general, graystone. The Double Chained Kama is fine.

Meanwhile, the Kusarigama is a double weapon which, unlike similar weapons, lacks clarifying text to explain exactly how it's properties interact.

Well, there's the similar Double Chained Kama, which has the reach property, but its description has the following stipulation:

The wielder can attack as if armed with a single kama in each hand or extend the chain to make a single reach attack.

So, the double-chained kama can already do that, though when it's reach it no longer counts as a double weapon. However, it also counts as two light weapons for the purpose of weapon finesse and whatnot, since it counts as two individually wielded single kamas, which are light weapons. And, since it requires no action to change how one wields the weapon, one can switch between threatening adjacent or reach squares at-will, regardless of whose turn it is. Therefore, while the double-chained kama does not actually threaten both adjacent and reach squares, it effectively does the same thing due to the ability to switch.

Now, the Kusarigama's statistics (not its description, which is just flavor text and provides zero mechanical clarification) are identical to the double-chained kama save for the addition of the trip property and the damage change for one of the ends (One 1d6 kama is changed to a 1d3 weight).

master_marshmallow wrote:

I want to see some more books that follow the business models of Adventurer's Guide and start including fixed versions of old content that isn't OGL.

Advanced Multiclassing Guide: class guide supplement, with a focus on a more fleshed out options for Variant Multiclassing, and include newer options for base classes like Advanced Weapon/Armor Training, Druidic Herbalism, Bloodline Mutations, and other alternate class features; include hard rules on how these interact with variant multiclassing; and introduce a few classes and archetypes to round out the mechanical niches and gaps. Bring in feats that make multiclassing better like in 3.x where there existed feats that allowed one to stack class levels for specific class features.

Ultimate Exploration: Dungeons, Traps, Hazards, crazy structural puzzles, etc. I would love a codified dungeon builder that used rules to determine CRs of different dungeons and include rules for dungeons with different ecologies, themes, environmental hazards, mechanical hazards, and make the rules for creating and implementing traps and setting encounters much easier. This could include CR trees predesignated for you to mix and match different predesignated challenges, or could even use a point like system to allocate the more difficult rooms. Include a base class of the Archaeologist bard, with it's own mechanics. I like a full BAB 4/9 arcane caster based on INT that gets trapfinding. Of course, dungeon crawling archetypes and new options. Jason Bulmahn wrote Dungeonscape didn't he?

Rules Codex/ Spell Codex/ Magic Item Codex: duh

I really like the Ultimate Exploration idea, but I think an archaeologist would work even better if instead of normal 4/9 casting, would instead sort of emulate the casting of other classes (but roughly with the power of a 4/9 spellcaster). Like a Factotum.

Or just give us a Factotum.

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Okay, so looking at the official stats and description of the Kusarigama, it has the double (1d6/1d4), reach, trip, grapple, and Monk properties.

However, it fails to mention which ends have which properties.

Logically, the d6 is the Kama (following normal Kama stats) and the d4 is the weight. However, how reach applies to the weapon is quite confusing. Is it the same as the Double Chained Kama (Either two light weapons or one single reach attack), or does the Kama have normal range and the weight had reach (makes sense logically since the weight is meant to be swung from the chain while the Kama is always held in hand)?

Then there's the other properties, but those could just be extrapolated from the Kama statistics.

If stuff like Operative's Edge doesn't work with ship skills, how the hell are characters supposed to make their skill checks in ship combat?

The main reason behind these was to just give Envoys and Solarians more things to do at low levels and to make archetyping less punishing.

Also because it's more fun this way when feats can grant interesting, unique options instead of the current assortments of bonuses to perform specific actions.

I decided to change the Mystic feat due to it being a bit weak.

This is now the feat for Mystics:

Connection Aspects: Gain the 1st level Connection Power of another Connection. (This may be restricted to other Connections available to your source of power)

CactusUnicorn wrote:
Yes! The biggest thing I thought was missing from the feat section was the extra feats. They are incredibly useful for when you can't find a different feat.

Especially considering that each one adds an effective 8+ "feats" on it's own since there's a ton of options to choose from.

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After some play with the Envoy and Solarian at low levels, I am notably underwhelmed, and would be even more so if I was using an archetypes, since they get so few of what makes them unique. A 3rd level Envoy has up to three tricks that aren't skills and are only especially effective in up to three skills, at least, moreso than other characters (and even then its one or the other, not three and three).

So, to counteract this underwhelming phenomenon, I decided to brew some fast, easy feats that will also ease the burden of archetyping and gives some more feat options for characters who already had the feats they wanted.

There's a feat for each class, and while the stronger classes are buffed by this, the weaker ones are buffed much further since none of these increase power, but rather increase options.


Extra Improvisation: Learn another envoy improvisation that you qualify for.

Extra Mechanic Trick: Learn another mechanic trick that you qualify for.

Strengthened Connection: Gain an extra Resolve Point that can only be used with connection powers.

Extra Exploit: Learn a new operative exploit that you qualify for.

Extra Revelation: Learn a new stellar revelation that you qualify for.

Extra Gear Boost: Learn a new gear boost that you qualify for.

Extra Magic Hack: Learn a new magic hack that you qualify for.


While this could be exploited a bit, it's a simple change which I believe helps far more than it hurts, both by increasing the utility of less powerful classes and giving players more options for customization.

I've decided to add a feat for each class to lessen the pain of archetypes/multiclassing as well as let Envoys and Solarians not suck for the first few levels due to lack of options.

Basically, there's a feat intended for every class that gives a certain benefit:

Envoy: Learn another envoy improvisation
Mechanic: Learn another mechanic trick
Mystic: Gain an extra Resolve Point that can only be used with connection powers
Operative: Learn a new operative exploit
Solarian: Learn a new stellar revelation
Soldier: Learn a new gear boost
Technomancer: Learn a new magic hack

While this does boost the overall power of characters a bit, Starfinder was lacking in feat options already and this definitely helps Envoys and Solarians at low levels, especially if they archetype. Mystics don't have those custom options, so I just gave them a feat to give them more uses of their unique powers without increasing the strength of those powers.

145) Your aural implants allow you to hear a whisper from a mile away, but while it's active, everything is pitched up several Hertz beyond your hearing range.

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Dragon78 wrote:
I would also like to see similar books for other creature types though Ultimate Wilderness might already be the fey themed one.

Ultimate Ooze, coming to maybe one or two shops near you!


I'd love that though, to be honest.

Are there any character quirks in particular you want to have?

Your party could use pretty much anything, as long as its well-built, but seems to be most lacking in offensive support. Wizard, Psychic, Bard/Mesmerist, etc. would all be good options, but a Skald could perform pretty nice as well (they have a neat trick that can free up your Cleric to pull out the big guns instead of healing by using Lesser Celestial Totem + Path of Glory for 1+level healing each turn for up to five characters).

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Im excited. Can't wait for these new monsters so I can actually run some non-society stuff without killing my sleep schedule, plus the art for Starfinder has been really high-quality so the $10 for the PDF is worth it just for the art alone.

Give each skeleton access to one or two 1st level maneuvers, determined at random. That way they aren't too weak but not too strong either.

In addition, it adds variance to the skeletons so each encounter is different, representing the varied nature's of the skeletons when they were people.

Exact opposite of the country here.

Meanwhile I can't find a GM that has heard of it that allows it.

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Can I just admit that all I really want is for Paizo and DSP to work together to make "official" Path of War products for use in both PFS and those pesky GMs that don't allow good 3PP material.

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As excited as I am for this class (and the rest of the book), I know that deep down I'll probably be disappointed as I don't think this will be as mechanically or thematically interesting as DSP's upcoming Lords of the Wild (which has had an open playtest for over a year now).

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