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Just making a free form chat thread. Talk about w/e just be polite. Yes it's late night for me but for you people in drastically different time zones just try to use your imagination.

Its on Netflix. Anyone seen it yet? Its surprisingly good.

Does anyone feel that we need more feats that bestow proficiency. I would say not up to legendary that should probably stay locked behind classes but up to just before sounds like it would be ok as long as the feats weren't to easy to acquire.

I've been sending out emails and trying to contact some third party publishers about a RPG book I've written. I was wondering if anyone knew which publishers are looking for outside work additionally I would need an editor and a illustrator (tentative on illustrator).
from what I understand most publisher prefer to use their own editors anyways to make it the format they are comfortable with?

Do you guys think jump checks should scale exponentially instead of linearly? so say a dc 10 would be 10 feet sure but a dc 20 for one is 20 feet for the other it would be more like 80 feet. (that might be to fast) I guess the ideal is that the effect of hitting higher dc's would be greater.

Hmm or maybe even better that the Proficiency would make all skill checks effect more substantial even without skill feats.

I also think some skill feats could be combined and have unlockable parts that are unlocked by higher prof.

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Why not just have armor mastery reduce any speed penalty from armor by 5 feet. Why is it just heavy armor? I'd like to see it remove speed penalty from medium too!

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versus flying in addition to the nailing them to the surface thing is has going. Something to make their flying harder and so that your bows crit isn't useless vrs flyers.

Been looking through the forums to see if anyone has done any calculations to what a good bench marking is for star finder characters? no luck so far. anyone?

If the Paizo staff were suddenly turned into divinities in Golarion what alignment and domains would you give them? (try and give some reasoning to its more entertaining that way!)

So I kind of wonder if we will be spending the class feats from wizard to gain spells or if they will just be built in on a chart to the side of the class like now. The class feats would probably be stuff like meta magic feats and some of the current wizard specialist abilities.

The possibilities if it is more of a spend a class feat to get higher level spells makes for some interesting possibilities. maybe not as much so for wizards but a cleric that didn't take as many spells but emphasize other things I know my idea for this spread from the druid who I thought could theoretically be a druid without spells but focusing on shifting or animal companion.

Even with wizard maybe their would be a way to not worry about higher level spells and kind of make yourself into a 1 (well a few anyways) trick pony. Maybe it wouldn't be great that way but would be an interesting option. Sure I can't cast 10th level spells but I can launch 30 magic missiles in a blink of an eye type thing.

I think I just am ready to see how a caster class is set up!

I heard a while back they were going to do an FAQ cause some of the DC where to high at later levels. Did anything come of that?

Wanna make that full metal alchemist character as close as possible.
How would you guys build this character in Pathfinder. I'm thinking kinetics earth of course take improved unarmed strike. Needs a high str score. Can this character work? Any other suggestions?

Can someone run me though the new SF death and dying procedure. how the fort save or resolve point thing works? I want to make sure I'm doing it correctly.

No I've just been reading a lot of comics lately and I want a place to go OH That is cool and fun! positive or neutral posts only yo!

So I was thinking about this and I guess it would take 2 rounds to charge someone grab something on your way to them (say a dropped sword or a chair or something) then hit them with it. you would have to stop and use a standard to pick up the weapon right? no way to grab it and use it on your way correct?

I can't seem to find it, but I seem to remember a rule or template of some such for an angry mob to work somewhat like a swarm? Am I Thinking of something else or is their actually somewhere?

Or is that gone now? IF you say had a hove attack or something like that it would be resolved as a normal attack still?

Read it recently. good read. especially liked the ending.

Super hard and a little stressful but it looks cool. I've temporarily given up on it. just on the second area. You have all been warned.

Ok so the scenario is you are a third level wizard in a narrow hallway your stopped at a dead end. Coming from behind you is a goblin running on the top of a large barrel marked TNT wielding a torch and a sword. You have one spell left to save your life. what spell can you cast to get yourself out of this?

Is their anything on any kind of improvised weapon rules at all in starfinder?

New X-men related show. Watched first episode. not bad. Anyone else seen it yet?

So first lets work under the premise that your not a cavalier or a inquisitor or any other class made specifically to work with team work feats.

Are they still worth taking? I've been looking through and maybe 3-5 are ok but still requires you and another ally to take the feat. unless your playing in a group with 2 similar classes I feel like you don't get much out of team work feats. They seem to situational.

Am I missing something? Can someone enlighten me on the trick to them.

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Anyone else watching this?

What skill or is their one that would cover investigation or detective work?

So say I'm wanting to home brew some shields. I think the way I want to go is have them give cover bonuses. what type of cover would you guys say for different sized shields?

So instead of making strength checks would making an athletics check seem more appropriate?
I think that is how I would prefer to do it.

Does grappling not do any damage? is their currently no way to deal any damage while grappling? If so I can't find it.

So opponent misses you you get to take a guarded step but you have to stay within their threatened area? so how does this help you if you can't move out of their threatened area? Just reach weapons maybe?

I've been looking over it and with 4 attacks and the trick attack it seems they have some potential to be pretty bursty in damage has that been anyone experience?

I noticed some people have mentioned something that gives those bonuses to attributes I've not found that yet what is it that gives that bonus?

Am I adding this up correctly and not missing anything?
at level 12 they add 1d6 per level right so starting at 4d6 at 12 then going to 20 they end up with a 12d6 blade then you can add the weapon crystal and do 18d6 (plus 6d6 crit bleed)? Then you get to add your level to the damage and your strength which could easily be another +5 you could use plasma sheath and add another +20? and deadly aim for another +10 then make 3 attacks if they all hit doing. 54d6 +165? so somewhere around 330 damage without a crit?

Only thing close to that I've seen is the heavy weapon doing 9d12 but has a lower minimum and will fluctuate a lot. does the soldier add enough to that to keep them on par with the Solarion?

To me this one seems pretty straight forward. The old 5 foot step which you could take when you hadn't move in the round and got you out of provoking. Versus the new guarded step which is a move action. I never cared much for the old 5 foot step rules but i'm not sure on guarded yet. what do you guys think?

in starfinder if I want to just place my hand on someone or hit someone with a paintball its against their full ac correct? There is not some weird rule hiding that gives me a bonus to hit or some such right?

Thinking about this.
If your trying to grapple a gargantuan creature If the check will still be KAC +8 assuming its not stated as impossible it would be just as difficult as grappling any other creature of its CR.

I don't think we will know how it will work until alien archive but I was just thinking about that. maybe there will be a modifier for size. although I feel they have hinted their won't be.

I hope it doesn't just state something like you can not use combat maneuvers against large or larger enemies.

If anyone has any theories I'd be interested in hearing them. OR you know some fact I don't know.

Alright My last two seemed to be in favor of the changes I think this one will be a bit more divisive. I think most maybe just some of us are familiar with how CMB and CMD work. I think it was easier then the 3.5 combat maneuvers. However the 3 feats to make it work well was a bit of a turn off. Plus how often could you use some of them unless your fighting against mostly not monstrous enemies. For starfinder we no longer provoke from combat maneuvers anyways. However to suceed on a combat maneuver requires some serious rolling or out bonusing of your enemy at KAC+8. If you need a 10 to hit you need an 18! to succeed on a combat maneuver. With the feat (at least it only takes the one per combat maneuver) you merely need a 14. More hp does mean that combat maneuvers may be more likely to be useful since you probably won't be just as likely to drop an enemy as disarm them. I think it could be improved more but at least KAC+8 its simplier however I wish they would of kept its own name cause typing KAC+8 every time seems silly.

What do you guys think favorite to vote your preference below. I will be making a third option for could be improved more for this one but still vote for the preference of the two and then throw an extra favorite into the third option if that is how you feel.

Is the improved critical feat just giving you plus 2 to hit whenever you roll a 20 or am I not understanding it. It seems like a poor feat choice if that is the case. I feel like if your rolling a twenty your probably gonna add up to a hit anyways.

The only alternative I can think of is maybe it treats your roll as 2 higher so if you roll a 18 it counts as a critical?

Don't take this to seriously its more of a conceptual question.

If you were to move the monk class into starfinder am I right in thinking certain parts of the unarmed and flurry description would no longer matter.
Such as

1. Full strength bonus to all unarmed attacks. that is just starfinder default now correct?

2. Flurry would need to be reworked so that it gave just an extra attack maybe even 2 possibly. reduce penalties as well.

3. The bit about not having an offhand attack doesn't seem necessary.

4. Anything else that might jump out at you.

Alright So going from hit points an abstract way to represent Damage.
with starfinder we have 2 abstract ways to represent two kinds of damage (however I don't feel like it is any less abstract). Some of the advantages Of the new stamina/resolve system is the ability to heal up between combat much easier and make it slightly easier to keep track of hp since you no longer have to track how far you go into the negatives.
No more need to have a cleric or some such running around with a healing wand.

I think I like the new way better so far. what do you think?

So with the new Star finder rules what are some of the advantages to having an extra set of limbs?

So I've got to read through the combat section and I think I really like the changes.

I was always slightly unhappy with the +20/+15/+10/+5 thing for one I had to calculate my to hit 4 times. minor really but the big one was how the die worked. lets say I need to roll a 10 to hit with the +20 that means that after my first two attacks the last two only hit on a 20. kind of a waste of time. vice versa if you can hit with your +5 attack on a 10 your first 2 attacks are guaranteed on anything but a 1.

With the new move attack or two attack at -4/-4 the bonuses are the same and completely removes my major issue.

I could go on but I want community's opinion SO Ill post the two options below and you guys favorite the one you like best and of course explain why below. :D

What type of damage would severe depths and gravitational forces deal?
Thinks like crushing forces.

So I was thinking about how water fire and wind elementals work. They are basically solid masses that have themed abilities.

One would think attacking a wind elemental you would just swing right through it and it would be naturally invisible for example.

A water elemental would be similar physical attacks would pass through it while fire damage would hurt it by boiling it off. It would be able to pass through any barrier that is not water tight.

Fire elemental is basically a plasma come to life. once again physical attacks shouldn't do much.

Basically I'm looking for ideas to make more thematically appropriate elementals. Thing that it would make since for them to have or do.

Any ideas?

Just curious I've noticed some people say sneak attacks damage looks good on paper but doesn't add up well over all. I realize some of this is the delivery mechanism. you have to catch your opponent flat footed or flanking etc.

Specifically for the rogue what is some house rules you guys use or maybe something we can come up with together to bump sneak attack without making it to powerful.

two talents I currently have in mind are

increase the die to d8's instead of d6's

Boosting the one that lets you reroll ones to rerolling 1's and 2's

Is their any style feat options that work well with a vital strike build?

I have a player that is trying real hard to avoid specializing in a weapon. now I know this is sub-par, but I want to try and help them make this work as best as they can.

They've been switching between a maul, two swords and a bow depending on circumstances. They took two weapon fighting double slice improved init, combat reflexes toughness dodge combat expertise improved and greater feint as well as power attack. So they have 2 feats coming and honestly I would like to talk them out of the feint line as well. So without specializing in a weapon what would be some of the best feat options for them. Oh their a fighter if that wasn't obvious.

Lets say i'm a 10th level monk wit a 18 strength for tiger claw from the tiger style form do I roll 2d10+4 (ignoring any other possible bonus for this example.) or 2d10+8? so strength for both hands or just strength once for the attack?

Also If I power attack do I think it is -2 for +6 total for the entire tiger claw attack right?

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