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Freehold DM wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
Right now all I know is Freehold and I might not be friends, but we're certainly not enemies. At most we're anime rivals.
you killed my pokemon you bastard!!!

You boys settle down.

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Night John is his super hero name.

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Yes thank you I have been upping my work out.

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
I love going outdoors. It's so much better than going outwindows.

No sense of adventure.

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
All you need in Wisconsin is a hound dog, a 22, some beer and the will to make it happen.
If you have enough will, you don't need the .22. Just throw the hound dog at the quail.

I can both confirm the accuracy and humaneness of this post.

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John Napier 698 wrote:
Season 2 of One Punch Man has been announced.

Heck yeah! super excited!

Yuugasa wrote:
So I just got a free funimation subscription, aside from catching up on Attack on Titan and Overlord can anyone recommend a great anime that might be on there?

I think Trigun is on funimation, That is one of my favorites. Hero academia of course, Assassination class room is good fun. Outlaw star, Soul eater, Yu Yu hakusho. I may have spelled that last one wrong.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

My Hero Academae is one of those shows that people love way more than they should.

I consider it passable at best.

OPM is orders of magnitude better, with a similar world.

OPM is an entirely different kind of story however.

You are in fact allowed to like them both. Plus at least MHA has put out more then 1 freakin season!

It was a short season too!


So I guess the dorm episode was the last of the season then?

Midoria you dang Otaku!

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I mean hes probably broken a lot of third walls too. Soldi third walls not just particle board but solid 2x4 walls with studs and what have you.

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Hero academia is good you kind of have to sit down and watch the whole 1st season. The main character starts out whiny but is very dynamic and progresses a lot in the series. Frankly I'm kind of tired of static characters that never learn in most shows so it was a nice change of pace.

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Yeah the comic medium and manga mediums tend not to worry about scaling and physics.

That said full power I would totes take Goku...

Superman Has demonstrated infinite strength so we will see.
Now one punch man could be interesting.
Of course Popeye beats them all. Punched so hard he broke the 3rd wall. That a serious punch right there.

Just to give an example of comic scaling. Smartest people in all literature TV and what have you pretty well comes down to comic book character first then you can spread to other fields. people like lex luthor tony stark Mr. fantastic set the bar so far above everyone else its just redicukous. The longer the comic line goes to the more absurd they get too.

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Guess that means its time to retire.

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To each there own!

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*watches deadman's cape gently waft in the wind*

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Weather Report wrote:
Hey, I wasn't having a go, just trying to get it straight in me ol' noggin.

Oh, I wasn't trying to be snippy, just provide information and clarify why I hadn't mentioned it previously. Sorry if it came across otherwise.

Tone is hard to convey properly on the internet sometimes.

I don't think I've ever seen deadman be snippy one of the reasons I gave him a cape!

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Mark Seifter specifically noted in one of the Blog threads (I forget which...maybe the Fighter one?) that there are too many people who like oversized weapons for them to remove it from the game.

I really feel like you should be wearing a cape.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Felinus wrote:
Looking at the Magic Missle entry this is the first time I've felt compelled to ask how the heightened spells stack up against their naturally higher level counterparts. Does 5d4+5 force damage compare with a level 9 spell? Using PF1 as a yardsick, this feels underwhelming, like the die size should increase at Heighten +4 or something.
Read marks comments on this thread he addresses that issue.

Short version:

You get Heightened versions of your existing spells without investing resources so they aren't as good as new spells of that level (which require you to spend resources acquiring them).

Secondly, in most cases, Magic Missile is 15d4+15 (for north of 50 damage) as a 9th level spell. That's not huge for a 9th level spell, but it's a bit more than 5d4+5.

Thirdly, Magic Missile has always been a mediocre spell at best in terms of damage. Its advantages are auto-hitting and being verging on unstoppable. It's just X unstoppable damage. That's not worth your highest level slots, but I could easily see a Wizard with 9th level spells keeping a 7th level slot filled with it. The ability to just do 42 damage to someone or something that they can't get out of no matter what is a very handy trick to have.

*Hands Deadman a cape*

Here you should wear this

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I suddenly sensed great necromancy and it lead me here.

I always felt like it would have a hint of purple.

graystone wrote:
All_might! wrote:
Ah but do you have a hero acadameia alias?
Revolver! A hero with the ability to make things spin. With the right equipment I can fly [spin the air], fire air blasts, power generators, power skate, torpedo swim, ect. ;)

... I approve!

graystone wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
I think its suppose to be more like exhausting yourself.

I'd buy that is you could rest/heal it. it's permanent until the next day though... it's MORE like fire starter brain damage/nose bleeds that's killing you. No matter HOW beat up you are in dragonball, you can ALWAYS somehow scream for an entire episode and somehow not only continue to fight but get to a new level of super saiyan while you're at it. ;)

Vidmaster7 wrote:
I probably watch more anime then you.
LOL I grew up an starblazers, robotech, Space Battleship Yamato, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and such. I've watched anime frequently since then and am currently watching the new dubbed starblazers remake, Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season, Persona 5 the Animation, Darling in the FranXX, ect...

Ah but do you have a hero acadameia alias?

Your right about the not being able to get rid of the non-lethal. Feel like that would be a good place for the PF2 kinestcist to go. Being able to heal the burn in between combats. (maybe even some of it during combat)

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Don't listen to him^^ he only wants to hurt you.

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confirmation roll: 1d20 + 35 ⇒ (10) + 35 = 45*

*Clearly deals so much damage to the area everyone's cloths explode off*

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*Throw Giant tomato at Gran: 1d20 + 35 ⇒ (20) + 35 = 55*

Hows that!?!

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Its true he is^^

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Trinam wrote:

And now for more Twitch jabber.

About a month ago, 12/28, I was talking about having 50 followers.

Now I have over 200.

/o\ I don't even know anymore. People like watching me play card games on the internet. This feels weird.

I kinda like it.

Tread carefully this is how they get you...

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
Just a Mort wrote:

And this ain't the first airship story I've heard. I've got a Dragon Disciple who's a pryomaniac, who sensed something with his dragon senses(Blind sense), in the ship's engine room.

His answer? I cast fireball into the room. Cue...ship crashing.

Once upon a time I was running a 3.5 campaign, and the PCs tracked a bad guy to a sawmill. Their solution? Burn down the mill. I told them "You can do that, sure. Of course, it's the middle of the day and there are a couple of dozen workers there who may die if you do this." Their new solution? Yell "Fire! Fire!" to get the workers running, and then set the mill on fire. It worked. None of the workers died. The bad guy also ran away in the confusion, which my players thought was unfair. Apparently they believed that the bad guy either wouldn't hear the panicked screams, or that he would choose not to flee a burning sawmill.

Darn villains fleeing with the commotion from a burning building Does their deviousness know no end!?!?!?!

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My God this is Madness something must be done to stop it!

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STOP! do not trust that lizard! he speaks lies!

Well I asked superman and he thinks it should work.

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
Un-Bear-able Puns wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Aww why didn't I think of that^^

Because rope and duct tape are much more effective?

Ha ha, just kidding. I wouldn't do that.

*attempts to hide box of assorted bindings behind the sofa*

I feel like that option is Bound to fail. Even though she has been all tied-up lately.
Don't constrain your thinking, or be enslaved to the old ways.

I'm just gonna go ahead and stop this oddly BDSM sounding conversation pun thing right here!

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It okay I'm my own hero!

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I think lawful evil fits. I think he thinks its a good action. Alignment I think might be easiest to determine if you look at it from a societal angle. It is also an artificial construct and not an absolute like math. So one would expect some variance. plus their is plenty of shades of grey. however lets not turn this into a alignment thread I prefer this thread to remain open.

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If you really wanna commit to it you have someone with a big piece of green poster board follow her around for a backdrop.

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Green body suit with the schoolgirl outfit over it. btw

That does sound awesome. I'm personally wanting to cosplay all might I need to start lifting lots of weights. I am broad enough at least. Been trying to find one that works for my GF but closet one to her body type and hair is Momo and she is not prepared to wear that costume. So where at igther 13 (which I imagine would be super hot temperature wise) or Toru.

I kind of respect some of his actions. The fight with Ochacho I feel like holding back would of been more disrespectful. Your right about the bully thing although he does seem to be doing it less he still comes off as a major jerk. I wonder what his family is like.

He's short-tempered but he is a lot more cerebral then he would let you believe.

I could see it. at first I thought that was gonna be katsuki but now I'm leaning more towards your friends theory.

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I appreciate that all the students in the class seem to have a lot of potential and each have their own stories. even the villains are very fleshed out.

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Yeah they definitely have the superhero genre with anime genre mix down. one of the 3 shows I am excited about when new episodes come out.

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Anyone else watching this?