Style feats and vital strike


Is their any style feat options that work well with a vital strike build?

Startoss style, if you use it with a bigger thrown weapon than a starknife perhaps. Dwarven hatred style adds flat bonuses. Moonlight stalker is sort-of but not a style and it could possibly help, especially while you need a move action to feint.

Hmm well not a dwarf. Star toss isn't terrible but not exactly what im looking for.

Moonlight stalker is generally pretty cool actually.

Hmm yeah I didn't think there was anything that specifically worked with vital strike.

What I'm working on is a large sized (giant) brawler NPC who makes big single attacks using vital strike. Was hoping there was something that might have worked directly with vital strike.

I may end up making up something unique for him.

To help a little more the NPC brawler I kind of have Hercules or Gilgamesh in mind.

Hercules is more a barbarian I'd have thought; he certainly has rage. Gilgamesh could be a beast-wrestler brawler I guess. But no, I can't think of a PF style which would fit either particularly.

I'll have to make something up I think. Maybe something using awesome blow. Want it to have that I'm incredibly strong and can hit you with your buddy kind of feel.

I did find bull-catching style which is kind of in the spirit if I could just hurl the "bull" farther once I catch em.

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