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So opponent misses you you get to take a guarded step but you have to stay within their threatened area? so how does this help you if you can't move out of their threatened area? Just reach weapons maybe?

Would it really be to good if you moved you out of their threatened area?

Maybe it's for things like moving into cover, or moving out of one enemies threatened areas while staying in the threatened area of the attacker.

Very environment dependent then? I guess that falls in line with a lot of other feats. Still not very satisfying.


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Xenocrat wrote:

Yeah. This. Flanking and moving out of the way of shooters on your side are both amazing advantages this Feat basically gives you for free. It's an excellent thing to have.

Soft cover from other shooters, yeah, that's a good one.

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Pair it with Coordinated Shot and your party will love you.

Ah ok I see.

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