Strength checks and athletics


So instead of making strength checks would making an athletics check seem more appropriate?
I think that is how I would prefer to do it.

.... for?

ever. all strength checks ever. (modify the DC's)

Hmmm, I'm gonna say no, maybe? Have to think on it.

Well Strength checks to me seem too swingy. too luck based. Athletic is a skill the represent physicality and it already adds str to it. So I could see someone who does a lot of athletics having an easier time lifting and breaking down doors. that way it would add something more to the die.

Well I like the idea.

I guess no one else does :(

That's pretty much the 5th edition method for skills. You only do an attribute check if there's no obvious skill associated with action being performed.

However, there is a much bigger variance between skill checks and attribute checks in Starfinder than 5th edition, so changing that definitely changes the balance.

Of course, althetics is made obsolete by level 5 when no one ever needs to climb, jump or swim ever again because of augments, items, upgrades, and spells available to every class. So allowing it to do all the brute strength checks seems like a reasonable way to make it suck less.

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