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I have a player that is trying real hard to avoid specializing in a weapon. now I know this is sub-par, but I want to try and help them make this work as best as they can.

They've been switching between a maul, two swords and a bow depending on circumstances. They took two weapon fighting double slice improved init, combat reflexes toughness dodge combat expertise improved and greater feint as well as power attack. So they have 2 feats coming and honestly I would like to talk them out of the feint line as well. So without specializing in a weapon what would be some of the best feat options for them. Oh their a fighter if that wasn't obvious.

Have that player consider switching to the Ranger, Slayer, or Barbarian class.

None of their main combat-boosting class features rely on specializing in a particular kind of weapon.

That is probably the best option right there. ^ assuming he doesn't any suggestions at all?

Tell him to focus on shields. They're not weapons!

JDLPF wrote:
Tell him to focus on shields. They're not weapons!

Heh thats clever

he can always take the fighter archetype two-handed fighter, since its weapon groups is now two-hand melee weapon, so any kind of two-hand melee weapon, spear (Pierce) great sword (Slashing) earth breaker (Bludgeoning) or any two-hand weapon who have a combination of those, very good archetype

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If he's playing a human, Martial Versatility will let him take Weapon Focus/Spec/etc and apply it to a full weapon group - doesn't help if he wants to pick use a dagger and a spear in the same combat, but it might be a good solid middle ground between completely retraining and struggling.

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