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I heard a while back they were going to do an FAQ cause some of the DC where to high at later levels. Did anything come of that?

As far as I know, it was solely about the DCs in Starship Combat which were ludicrous. Those have been fixed.

If you are talking about Starship Combat, the FAQ has been updated, yes.

"Are the DCs of various crew actions in Starship Combat correct?"

has the relevant stuff.

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Yep. Starship Combat DCs are the only super necessary changes anyway, IMO.

DCs cap at around 45 in the vast majority of cases, and Skills get to the +38 range (higher with stuff like racial bonuses) if you have a Class-based Insight bonus in it (ie: Mechanics with Engineering or Operatives with everything), and a +35 with just maxed stats and Skill Focus. Or +32 with just maxed stats.

A few things are DC 50, and those are tricky unless you're a specialist, but there aren't all that many of them except for opposed checks (where NPCs max out right around where PCs do).

A very few are higher than DC 50, but Diplomacy with CR 20 Hostile creatures (or Unfriendly ones with maxed Sense Motive) and hacking Tier 10 Computers without assistance of some sort, are pretty close to it outside of starship combat.

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