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Meow. And have a Happy New Year...

Last Child
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (Aerosmith)

rashly5 is banned.., for... looking... delicious....

smacks chops

swats the vicious chicken for the win.

Really? Check again. Inside editing for the win.

Look at SnowJade

We cats must stick together for the win. I mean a group win is as good as an individual win, right.

The Vicious Chicken of Bristol wrote:
You'll need to fill out form 34b in order to compete here.

Devours form 34b

I ate one-half of Siegfried & Roy. Delicious paperwork BTW.

Yup. It's NO skin off my back, that for sure.

The next poster has contracted lycanthropy and turns into a weretiger every 28 days.

I'm not going back and I win.

*Slaps the Vicious Chicken with his paw*

I win, easily.

No, I win.

I've eaten ankles. I win.

I play with a ball of yarn and chase mice. I win again.

No, it's all the years I worked of those two stage magicians in years, the stage fright, the poor quality buffets, and the beating on my nose with a microphone. Frickin' Germans. So I took my frustrations out on one. That's how I win.

What's the last thing anyone says before they are eaten alive by a tiger?

Answer: "Help me dear God! I'm being eaten alive by a man-eating tiger!"

and I win.

SnowJade is banned for maiming Las Vegas stage magicians.

baronbloodbath is banned for shedding too much and taking my job. That my job dammit!

B.S.M. is banned for being historically inaccurate. The war was in 1988 and we lost.

SnowJade is banned for leaving cat hair on the floor with the lich bits and again for not sweeping up after himself.

Feed me. I'm hungry.

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Hungry Jack wrote:
Your family is the most important thing to our family. So make tonight’s meal special – make it a Hungry Jack® night! Your family will thank you for it, and so will ours.

Pile it my kitty dish, with a second helpings!

Jumps on Frat Jack

Welcome back!

Roar, I'm hungry. I need a bowl of milk and 25 pounds of red meat.

Yea! Feed us more! I prefer red meat.

Sharoth wrote:
~starts clawing at the carpet and furniture~

Lends a pairs of paws to expedite the process

Jack the Stripper wrote:
I'm not.

There are some things an angry tiger should never see.

Jack Hammer wrote:
Huginn wrote:
Jack Hammer wrote:
Beer battered chicken!

*drinks a beer, pulls out a baseball bat and a chicken*


I'm soooooooo glad you didn't beat your meat in front of us.

Jackalope wrote:
*waves tazer*

Watch were you point that thing!

Jack Hammer wrote:
Callous Jack wrote:
Jack Hammer wrote:

The aftermath of pony spam Hitler, on Pony Spam

Some text profanity, but what do ya expect?

Did you just Godwin us?

It was better than this one Renard

I need a beer, or twelve, after that one.

Crap. My ears hurt. What was that!

Sara Marie wrote:
Lissa: I second chopping off extremities.

Well That's bloody good.

Uh, hello? I sure could go for some Hungry Jack products right about now.

Hungry Jack wrote:

Smoked Pork Chops and Potatoes

• 1 (4.9 oz.) package Hungry Jack® Sour Cream & Chives Potatoes
• 2 cups frozen cut green beans, thawed
• 2 cups water
• 2/3 cup milk
• 2 tablespoons butter
• 6 boneless extra ­lean smoked pork chops

Hot Damn! That's gonna be some good lickin'. I better break out the catnip after I'm done.

Hungry and not-so-peckish. Anything made of steak or sirloin in the clubhouse refrigerator?

Mind you, I may have to hit Hungry Jack up and see if he's procured any streak or hamburger dinners. Chicken would good right about now. Slow tribesmen too.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Hey! I just noticed I cracked 20K posts! Must have happened yesterday.

I helped.

Callous Jack wrote:
Roy-Jack the Angry Tiger wrote:

"Hey, everyone I'm back. Sorry about the extended absence."

I'm heading out the Gen Con this year. Anyone else going and want to meet up? I have a Droid and mobile cell number.

Who knew tigers liked cell phones?

Heh, that's I said. I also told them if I didn't get a cell phone I would take a colossal dump in front of their store. You know, it worked.

"Hey, everyone I'm back. Sorry about the extended absence."

I'm heading out the Gen Con this year. Anyone else going and want to meet up? I have a Droid and mobile cell number.

Cultist of Jack wrote:
Any way we can bind and gag her before we jackapult her?

I can maul her like a certain stage magician and make her cries.

Beer and raw steak. Can't beat that combination.

Just saying...

No, that was me leaving the beer bath. I gonna lick myself clean now.

Callous Jack. wrote:
Crimson Jester wrote:
Callous Jack. wrote:
Jack Hammer wrote:

Why is the boss' brain in a jar?

Wait. I get it. It's floating in Black Seal Rum. Smart boss, bypassing all that piping and nourishing straight from the source.

Yes, so stop putting straws into my jar!
JACK WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks. :)

What did I miss?

Not much. begins shredding the furniture

My alter ego Jeff turned 40 this almost two weeks back and he would llke to know if Hungry Jack has any birthday recipes.

Oh wish him a happy birthday too.

Can I be head of company security? I maul gently.

Stride into the clubhouse and finds a good place to nap for the evening

Might as well watch the show.

Devlyn, Jack o' Nine Dales wrote:

[Shadow Jumps in, looks down at all the beer cans]

'Sup folks. You didn't break the Jackapult while I was gone, did ya?


No, but I used it as a scratching post. Mmmmeeeooowwww!

lynora-Jill wrote:
Jack's Right Hand Man wrote:
Jack Hammer wrote:

Hopefully that is pillaged alcohol. It tastes so much better than store bought booze.

And yes. I think that's a peasant carcass stinking up the basement. Darn things get in everywhere.

I'm not so sure about the identity of the carcass. It might be Cousin Joe, one of KC's relatives. I had him down there in the electric chair and I forgot about him.
Well, that would explain why Spike won't eat it. He doesn't like the taste of kobolds.

:::Comes strolling into the thread:::{/i]

"I just want to let everyone know I keep my kitty-litter box down there, and well I haven't been around change the kitty-litter if you know what I mean."

[i]:::Puts paw over nose:::

As Callous Jack so orders, I shall eat anyone who molests the Brain-in-the -Jar.


Hhmmmmm, I haven't had brain lately.

Jack's Right Hand Man wrote:
Callous Jack wrote:
Jack Hammer wrote:
Jack's Right Hand Man wrote:
Callous Jack wrote:
So who wants to help me go steal all of Hugo's Confrontation minis?
Sounds like a plan to me.

We can form our own J-Team. Like the A-Team but even better!

Colonel Callous Jack. Has a nice ring to it.

Whoa, I like the sound of that.

Does this mean we'll flip cars and harmlessly shoot the ground at everyone's feet?

You know that we'll do a lot more than harmless violence boss man. We enjoy breaking bones. Just ask the local peasants.

Thank Jill, for the whiskey and cream. You're the greatest.

Hey Guys, can I come along. I have Jack in my name and I good at scratching people, er, things.

:::Wanders in...:::

I need a Jack -n- cream, Maybe a hungry jack meal too. This weeks hunting on the reservation has been meager

Slumps down somewhere in the clubhouse...

Fishick wrote:
Roy-Jack the Angry Tiger wrote:
Fishick wrote:
Wat be happinen!
Hey, nice teeth.
Herree Kitty kitty

:::Bats the ugly shack away with his very large paw:

Back off or I'll use your fin for my Cadillac. I'm not just a Tiger, I'm a Tiger Shark.

Fishick wrote:
Wat be happinen!

Hey, nice teeth.

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