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I have attained the catnip-covered bacon-tuna treats! I win!

Achievement Unlocked!

I am the winner! 100G

Oh yeah!

Oh, give it a rest, you radioactive pile of bones. I use your tarsals as play-toys. And I win!

No, I win.

Sing a song of sixpence,
A pocket full of rye.
Four and twenty kitties,
Baked in a pie.

I win.

*Slaps the Vicious Chicken with his paw*

I win, easily.

Get back in your pie!


Mmmm...kitty pie.

At least we're in agreement there.

I'm not going back and I win.

Yes, you are and no, you don't.

"Four and twenty chickens" sounds much tastier. And yes, I am.


No, no, you're still sitting on the couch. Come on, now.

Matt Damon?

Me Win again.


Losers. I win

That's just mean. Calling people 'losers' and all.


No, I'm a winner because my name does have vicious in it.

No, my name has 'vicious' in it, so I win.

Viscous is a pretty sad descriptor for a chicken.

Don't think you are going to win just because nobody poster here for 5 hours.

It was the middle of the night, so they were asleep and I was on watch.






I Win! Banzai!

Geez, you have more aliases than gran rey de los mono.


Fear me.

Only if you're listening to Miley Cyrus.

Maybe I am Miley Cyrus.

I sort of always suspected...

Ew, gross.

Sovereign Court

My dear all these lost souls in need of therapy. Please do come in and sit down the doctor is in.

I'll pass, doc.

Dr. Sigmund, you're a fraud, and I win.

Sovereign Court

A fraud indeed sir. I am 10 times the doctor you could even imagine to be. Just look at my frontal lope and marvel at my intellectual superiority.

Imagining is the sign, nah the foremost symbol of one's over inflated ego and slippery slope to neuroticism. Perhaps psychoanalysis is called for, then perhaps we'll know the extend of your intellectual superiority.

Please lay down on the couch and tell me about you're childhood, your father and your mother so that I may win.

Sneak away while they're arguing, Chicken.

Yeah, I'll just take this win with me.

Well, I'll take the win, but you can have some of my nice, yummy markhor. Go ahead, it's fresh; I just killed it. I owe you for the bacon.

Sorry, I'm dieting. I'll just keep the win until you buy me some more bacon.


*slams its head into the table*

Sovereign Court

"No Matt you cannot snot lines of coke off of my belly."

"Now lay back on the couch and we can talk some more about your issues with your sister."

I win !

Analyze that !

Muahahahahahahaha !

(Sometimes gnomes like it simple.)

I thought you were a deformed dwarf.

0-0 !

The audacity !

I am a pure-bred gnome !

I have a better pedigree than Carl Glittergold !

And the foremost thing is... that I win !

Don't cry: it was always meant to be !

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