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Eye-X:es means you died.

Scarab Sages

It can just as soon mean 'eyes are clenched,' such as when laughing hard - OR it can mean 'Scott Summers.'

Uh-oh look ou-*KABLAM!*

Nah. :)

Besides, Smiley Satan has my back.

Sovereign Court

I hope you asked him to return it.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:


Smiley Satan would disagree with that assessment.

What do you mean I'm less than D?


Very poor. See me after class.

Just keep swimming
. <>< . <><
.<>< .<>< . <><
. <>< . <><


Liberty's Edge

*begins calculating probability of advent of the dreaded JTD-DCCC*

I have no idea what artoo is saying most of the time. ^





Liberty's Edge

*deploys Tommy gun arm*


Who installed a tommy gun arm on that thing? -_-

I'm looking at you sissyl...

Sovereign Court

Actually, this has nothing to do with Sissyl what so ever, behold!

*Shows Vidmaster7 the video tape where it proves that he (Vidmaster7) built R2-FU complete with Tommy gun arm.*

By the way, I wonder how Doktor Verruckte is doing? I can't remember if he's been in GoatToucher's workroom for two weeks or not. I suppose that I can give him an extra week.

The degree of dilation is normally a good indicator.

Everyone knows that dilation is an urban legend told to frighten children into eating their vegetables.

I thought dilation was what happened after you took the pickle out?

Darn my self-destructive urges!

Dilation is a funny thing: You have to be aware of it, but you can't let it stand in your way when there is a job to do.

Essentially, the opportunity to dilate is a privilege, not a right.

Sovereign Court

Ah, GoatToucher, I'm so glad to have bumped into you again. How goes the experimentations? And how long has Doktor Verruckte been in your workroom?

This isn’t the questioned thread, Count.

This is the “I win” thread. Because I win.

No no I do.

Scarab Sages

Not with all those double-negatives, you don't.

I win.

(Damn.. feels good to say it...)

Technically their was only one.

Scarab Sages

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Oh sorry

Technically they're was only one.

I didn't know you were a barbarian, VM7.

Even with this beard?

Could be a druid, or an enchanting courtesan.

enchanting courtesan I like that is it to late to change classes?

Vidmaster7 wrote:
enchanting courtesan I like that is it to late to change classes?

I'm sorry, but once you're involved in Buttronomics with Prof. GoatToucher, it is entirely too late to change classes.

I feel like that is something a enchanting courtesan would know more about then me (of which we have established that i'm a barbarian.)

Now that Pathfinder has set the multi-classers FREE, there is no reason why you can't be an Enchanting Courtesan/Barbarian.

Your rage powers will be interesting, I imagine.

Courtly outburst. Once per rage You can insult a noble putting them in their place. dc 15 will save or their embarrassed.

Sovereign Court

*wordlessly stomps up behind Vidmaster7 in gleaming mithril full plate, hits him over the head with large chicken inked in large letters with the word 'THEY'RE'*

There Yonder chicken has thered to stike me! their was no warning. They're is really no excuse for such an action1! >.> dare

Silver Crusade

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*appears behind Vidmaster7, breathing heavily; grabs him by both shoulders, drags him to a small room...and gives patient lesson, utilizing flash-cards, on intricacies of 'there,' 'their,' and 'they're'*

*concludes lesson with hug, and request to see if Vidmaster7 has any gold teeth*

LOL ok Koko so they are is they're of course but there is like "look over there." but their is possessive right? so that is their place. Koko why does the English language suck?

Ventnor wrote:
I'm sorry, but once you're involved in Buttronomics with Prof. GoatToucher, it is entirely too late to change classes.

Ugh. I despise that Introductory Buttronomics is a requirement for a post-graduate degree in Violation. Certainly, one might study buttronomics for its own sake: it's a worthy field, and the faculty has some internationally known experts in research and theory, or one might study violation with a specialty in buttronomic sciences. Making it a -requirement- just pads the program so the academy can gather more tuition, and wastes the time of professors and their aides.

I would much rather see the buttronomic requirement replaced with "The Music of Suffering" which will be much more valuable when young Violators enter the workforce.

But that's the University System for you, I suppose.

Sovereign Court

Good news GoatToucher! I've just taken over the University System and the buttronomic course is no longer a requirement. In fact, I will put you in charge of the Violation degree course thus allowing you to make appropriate changes.

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:coolly: I am already Head of the Violation Department. Course curricula are approved by the Dean of the College of Unwholesomeness: AoZ-K (those positions are -so- political. Nepotism, patronage, and favors.)

At any rate, I am a field researcher: Imagine Indiana Jones, but instead of swinging a whip and gathering ancient treasures (which he then steals from the natives), I swing a whip and [REDACTED]. I have no time for administrative duties: I'm expanding our knowledge of Violation and associated fields through practical application.


... Okay, got that evil proclamation out. You know how it is.


As well as the lord of Malodor and all its associated parts, I am the Count of Mouldy Crisco and a research fellow at the Ouchibuns Institute of Manual Correction Studies.


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