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Serrin Surya wrote:
What does Keme, Alys and Geno look like in fox form?

Genosuke looks like a snow fox, but medium sized.

Sadie Jhiwoon wrote:

Djalos startled Sadie so much when he showed up, that she unintentionally put up a forcefield, pushing him back slightly. It took her a moment to get her bearings, but when Helena walked away, Sadie ran after her.

"Helena, wait! Um, the section you're looking for is over that way, two stacks in and one over. Also," she continued talking more quickly so she didn't lose her nerve, "there'sapartytonightintheSIMroomsIhopeI'llseeyouthere." She blushed again. "Umm....see you later...I hope," she added quickly before heading back to where she left Dara and Djalos.

Chasing her around the bend, Helena seems to have been whisked away by the library, as it's wont to do, as she's no longer there. The only thing she hears in response to her invitation is a quiet giggle from among the many shelves.

1d20 + 25 ⇒ (19) + 25 = 44

narrator wrote:

"Death is late," Love pouted.

Time snorted. "Death is never late. That's the nature of Death."
"Only because you keep helping him with extra time," Pride said testily.
Time shrugged, her expression as unruffled as always. "What are friends for?"
"Hmmph," Love said, unimpressed. She was in a bad mood after losing her Champion.
"Oh, hush you," Darkness said to Fear. "You've done enough damage already. Light might be back on his leash, but Hope is still running amok and now so is the other Kronos. Having two of them is not the solution we were hoping it would be," he said darkly.
"Which is why we're meeting in the first place," Mercy said placatingly. "To think of solutions. This doesn't have to end in war."
"Bet me," Wrath grumbled.

"Good day friends" Deception says as it appears, this time appearing as a well dressed drow male. "I trust everyone is in good spirits?"

Jacob Forgehand wrote:
Reminder: Jacob is nibbling on cookies in Ephebe's office, waiting to talk with her.

Oh yeah, Ephebe and Krays were gonna go talk to Death.

Heh, guess I should've picked black dragon for Ghalen too ;)

Fair enough :)

Skill checks don't auto fail on a 1...a 40 is insanely good.

narrator wrote:
Al'rqyq mn Al'kwabys wrote:

Looks around, as the lights brighten...

"Is that normal?" he asks.
The light effect was specific to Serrin. The lights remained the same. She is just perceiving them differently. She should probably invest in sunglasses. Light sensitivity is no fun. ;)

Sorry, didn't catch that. Disregard!

Ephebe can tell that Krays isn't upset that people will die. And there is a sense of relief regarding their children being safe for once. The underlying emotion behind the question is disappointment in himself that she doesn't feel she can trust him with details.

Damiani wrote:

Ghalen's plan at this point is to land outside of town and hoof it or fly to the factory/base by other means. His combat armor does have all the bells and whistles for visual enhancement, he'll make use of those on arrival. Waiting for confirmation from Jeran at this point, or any other suggestions from Elektra...I can wing a flyover post though just to keep things rolling...

I did all the things...

Forgot to mention Ryuzo's fur changed to white as well when he shifted to mole form...

While Jiminy watched the reports of the uninvited guests at Avalon, a staffer buzzed him on his com.
"Hey...uh...Boss. You have a visitor. Umm...should I let this guy in?"
On a small screen in front of him he gets a feed from the front reception area, standing there is a tall, red devil looking person.

I dunno if Jiminy has ever met Casseus, but that's who it is.

The Prismatic Band wrote:

a small black dragon and a much larger blue dragon (with fins) fly over Avalon academy.

"I told you we were lost."
says the black dragon.
"Mazia, would you just stop that? it's not like you have any right to complain, you're just as lost as I am. Probobly more lost then I am."
the blue drsgon looks around, turning to circle around the school.
"I told you this was a bad idea."
spouts the black one.
"You did not! you willingly tagged along! And you went out flying on your own just last week!"
the black one chuckles.
"But I still told you it was a bad idea. Just because I'm a hypocrite doesn't make me wrong."
the blue one pauses, a while.
"... I hate you, you know that?"
mazia smiles.
"Thanks pal. Means a lot."
the blue drsgon grumbles incoherently as it circles the school.

Queue Aananda freak out in 3...2...

Is that what Ghalen would get from his sense motive?

Oh...I thought her corpse was still lying there on a table. But, yeah then he'd've ported to the house and done it.

A message from the school came late last evening, informing you all that an audience with the deans had finally been arranged for this afternoon...

Mentor, City of Knowledge. It's beautiful white and gold architecture greets the dawn with gleams of hope for a better way, and a shining example of applied knowledge. Breaking the skyline of the city are the many spires of the mentor University, each of it's separate outlying spires dedicated to various branches and studies of magic. Water spray from the majestic fountain in the square in front of the school plays with the new day's light as well, shimmering like diamonds.

In market square, shopkeepers shake out rugs and set up their wares for a new day of commerce, either in their own shops and stores, or with carts along the corridor through the Market. Selling all manner of things from nick knacks to produce from outlying farms, the organized chaos of calls to buy or shouts or things for sale will shatter the morning quiet as the sun continues it's climb.

Nethyan hostels will open their doors, the priests begin their morning rites and summoning food and water and providing shelter for the homeless and wayward poor. Last night's visitors will be encouraged to seek their own way, but are never refused re-entry if they need shelter the following eve.

On the borders of the aristocrat and merchants districts, lies one of the cities most famous (if not the most popular) upper class inns. The Gilded Coach is owned and operated by Cordelia la Montez, widow of the former owner. Also here at the inn are visitors from the Avalon School for the Gifted, one particular one, her step-daughter, Kagiero. Cordelia has been gracious enough to provide room and board for their stay in Mentor, at no cost. They stay in one of the private wings, that used to house the family when they lived here. Cordelia is no-nonsense, and doesn't abide fools in her inn, but isn't the typical step-mother level of meanness. She has about 10 staff working for her, barmaids, cooks and house maids. Gurman, the head chef delights in cooking for permanent guests, and her major domo and hostess Leria appreciates work that keeps her and her maids busy. Cordelia runs the bar, waitstaff her self, enjoying the interaction with her patrons. (Cordelia is a little apprehensive about the sentient cloud of bees, and asks that he keep to the private areas as much as possible, and to come and go discreetly).

As the morning grows, calls from Leria will awaken the guests, and let them know breakfast is ready...

Sorry, Krays had teleported away after the conversation with the master and Lang to help with moving his eggs...

Not that I'm aware of

She was teleported away, forcibly, by her patron.

Florence Levitt wrote:

Florence just kidna stares, beating off zombies without ever really looking at them.


Hmmm, sorry I missed that. I suppose that would be the easiest, but as often as people die...unless perhaps the death of another Champion is stronger for him to sense/find?

A little while later, a small bird will flutter near Pyra and deliver the message that Kor agrees to meet with her over lunch in the cafeteria.

Most everyone should be in or getting to class...are there people in Kuros to hear them?

narrator wrote:
Al'rqyq mn Al'kwabys wrote:
Repp, the Bleached wrote:

Repp's eyes had narrowed suspiciously upon the maftet's arrival, and he had silently moved into a defensive posture. When the creature begins to make his accusations, Repp's eyes further narrow. "Be wary, Reviarti." Repp says quietly, his voice deadly calm and his eyes trained on the maftet's every move. "This creature has arrived just as we have, and has immediately begun to make blame-shifting accusations."

Is Al'rqyq carrying any visible stabbing weapons?

Nope 2 scimitars

He looks at Repp's feet.
"At the last murder scene the only foot prints that were found were small ones, my suspicions are justified... however, I'd like to look for tracks again, before the scene is too disturbed. Please stand back."

If they make no overt moves, he will do just that.


The only tracks that he can find around the body belong to Repp and Reviarti.

I completely missed this, sorry. Do the tracks Al found at the last scene match Repps tracks here?

Iolth Taknith wrote:

So, while reading the backlogs, I found this post. What's the status of the wards as of now?

They've been re-built from I can remember. Keep reading the backlogs. I'm kind of curious why you'd ask, though?

Don't Krays and Morrivan know each other already?

Anyone with Knowledge [schedule] will know that Krays only has one class, after lunch.

neither can I...ugh

Agarthian Storyteller wrote:
Professor Royston wrote:

Royston stops a moment wile the child vents, then after he stalks of in anger, Royston go's to his class, as unmoved by emotion, as uncompasinet, as unsimpathetc, as uncaring and unfeeling as ever.

I find the last bit interesting, since if he was uncaring and unfeeling... Why would he care about Ace's reasons and stop the duel because of them? Why care about what some Teachers would do in this situation and do the same thing?

Me thinks the teacher is about as emotionless Aya from the last few episodes of the Green Lantern animated series...

Have you seen the movie Equilibrium?

...and only has one mouth :)

Like a teen boy, yup!

Imperial Chronicler wrote:

Hmmm....will have to investigate this later. My guess (at least for this night) is that Fei will respectfully leave him to his work unless he did something to act out, as the young monk is quite focused (driven might be a better term) on his own work in there. On the other hand, they should be the only two 'gifted' folks in there...perhaps they can cross paths in the Cafeteria for breakfast?

Bottom Line: Anybody who is helping to get this place back to normal is okay with Fei right now ;)

No problem, just wanted to make you aware of the new face :)

Ryuzo will bid Nala a good night and go sleep as well.
Al'rqyq will make it back to his treehouse, but ignore the dwarf, and clean up after him when he leaves.
Mithros will continue to have fitful sleep.

Tyrrin Denulia wrote:

Tyrrin had just gotten out of the speeder herself when Fieri had come running up, and she smiled to herself at Fieri's lack of decorum. It was just a little touching, even if she couldn't imagine herself doing the same. Still... this is what they had spent the day working to save - a whole planet of people like this. It made it worth it. She tried to focus on the positive for a moment, not wishing for the cold fury over the lives that had been ended to return.

Her mind briefly plays over the political implications of Tamina and Dom's relationship, unable to turn off that portion of her mind - the analytic portion, ever thinking. The Speaker would not approve, she could figure that much. There would be heartbreak there, and for a moment she feels a pang of pity for Dom.

Not wishing to interrupt the happy reunion of lovers, Tyrrin glances at Dave before moving to go into the school itself. There were people she needed to see. Ghalen first among them...

The arrows will lead her to his room...

"It's a trick. Get an axe." - Ash

Jessa Mar'Niell wrote:
Nala Zamarosok wrote:
"I turned off the virus sentience. It was necessary. Three minds to deal with was too many. I do find your insistence that Jessa is the dream interesting. If you're the real one, why is she the one with the real name? All you have is a number," she said in a neutral voice, taking notes. She was currently playing the role of 'scientist' to the hilt since that was what this girl expected to find.

Her voice sounds a little confused, "Turned off their sentience? You killed them?" With a shriek of rage she launches herself off the table at Nala almost too fast for the eye to follow, metallic claws three times the length of her fingers flashing and reaching for Nala.

If you have some way of stopping her from reaching you, make a Reflex save DC 27 to use it before she does reach you.
** spoiler omitted **

You mean like the wards?

Lurch the Narrator wrote:
Nala studies the readings from the close scan, and the activity taking place inside Jessa is fascinating, and more than a little disturbing. The nanites are doing their job well in keeping the virus from being able to survive in an environment other than Jessa's body, and though the coordination indicative of sentience is lacking, the viruses seem to be trying to undo the changes imposed by the nanites. Once the nanites currently in her bloodstream expire, the viruses will eventually be able to undo the changes. A periodic reapplication of the nanites will be necessary unless a more permanent solution can be found.

Microscpic helm of reverse alignment!!

Nala Zamarosok wrote:
Lurch the Narrator wrote:
As the stasis field dissipates, the biohazard alarms start going crazy. The girl tries to draw in a ragged breath and immediately tries to scream, but only a ragged gurgling sound escapes her. Her wounds are obviously causing her great pain, and just as clearly incapacitating her; she can do little more than writhe on the table in agony. As Nala closes in with the nanite injection, the girl's skin seems to ripple, and her wounds start to heal with astonishing speed. Bloodshot eyes open and focus on Nala. Another gurgling sound comes from her gaping throat wound, and she tries feebly to move away from Nala, one hand raised as if to ward her off.

"I'm very sorry about this. I can only imagine this is quite traumatic for you, but I have no choice. I need to administer this treatment to you or there will be more deaths than there have been already," she said crisply.

Nala lunged towards the girl, grabbing her raised hand and attempting to plunge the needle into her arm.

Ryuzo-clone is still there, and will help restrain her if needed.

Agarthian Storyteller wrote:
I feel like I botched the interaction with Ghalen now. >.<

Bah, no worries. When the story slows to a crawl over a couple months then roars back to life, things get missed. I'll just roll with it :)

Headmaster Ryo wrote:
Ryo contacts High Seer Denulia and fills her in on what's happening in Kuros, asking for any aid she can provide.

Was this done telepathic like, or was it observable?

Ghalen's dreamscape appearance...probably looks like an amalgamation of himself and a red dragon. A really old one...like he flickers in and out, hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. His silver eyes are probably more intense or luminescent on his dreamscape visage...he identifies as a soldier or a knight, so his armor is orbably very visible as well, probably.

Two identical copies of Ryuzo appear in town, each on high ground observing the conflict, watching from different angles.

Ryuzo ports to his room, and sits in the dark, coordinating his clones...

π@®®@+0® wrote:

"Thas er? Ugh."

He puts his hand over his eyes.
"Now I gotta search out who's she left ta do it. C'mon er this is gonna be all night. Yous can follow and talk when e's done."
He motions towards the building and starts walking again.


Ryuzo and Nala are also associated with the elementary school, and Krays might fill in in a pinch...other than Ryo, I dunno who an actual back-up for Ephebe would be...

Ephebe wrote:
Krays wrote:

Says his goodbyes to his wife and wishes her a safe trip, and assures her the eggs will be looked after. She can tell there's worry over their bond, but where her well being in concerned, when is there not?

Is there a range limit to their bond?

No, there is no range limit. With increasing distance it communicates less, but it never cuts off. Except when she steps outside time. So I guess the range limit involves being in the same time stream.

Cool, thanks for the reminder

Embre is the firebird that was supposed to be betrothed to Fieri Del Sol. He made some disparaging comments about Fieri. Jiminy Sunwake took exception to this, gave him a black eye, then knocked him out.

Agarthian Storyteller wrote:
Agarthian Storyteller wrote:
Ghalen Kiln wrote:


"Possible. Risky. If anything were to go wrong with either the auto pilot or the remote piloting system, there'd be no one on board to bring the shuttle down properly. I don't think Jiminy would risk one of his shuttles in this fashion."
"It's okay." The young shapeshifter says after a moment. "it wasn't for anything important anyway.."


I don't think Nala has seen Ryuzo be this polite or formal to anyone. While there is no edge to his speech, she can probably tell something is up.

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