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Nothing funny about Vid's beard.

IHIYC is banned for rooting for the trolls from the sidelines, instead of helping them.

KahnyaGnorc was last seen at the house of a certain political contributor having his [censor]Redacted[/censor].

By patience, he means waiting a couple of hours at the hair-dresser while they wash it.

Poog is banned for wearing clothes covered in hairballs.

The CLAW wrote:
*gags on hairball*

Wasn't mine. I deposit all of mine in Poog's laundry basket.

It was only on during my nap time, so I never saw it.

You don't look much like a cat to me.

Eye am!

Panther Flauclaws never uses a litterbox.

Mice to play with.: 1d100 ⇒ 26

Cat's Aye - High seas adventure with Captain Kit.

Pulg wrote:
Isn't that a film starring a koala in a tuxedo?

Isn't that the one where Kwicky Koala was trying blend in with the penguins while stranded in Antarctica?

What a nice cat nap.
Oh, how did I get in the back of the line?

I am a direct descendant of the great Puss-In-Boots.

The next poster wants to be reincarnated as a parrot.

What, you never once ate a mouseburger with cheese?

Lunch Time!

Pounces on The Game Hamster.

Filled with my finest hairball hacks, thank you very much.

Lunch is served. And some reading material to boot.

I went as a mouse trap.

The next poster likes a weird food.

Pulg waxes his scalp.

The inspiration for all the creepy clowns across America.

Mr. Too much lighter fluid.

the beginning of

of their sleep

KK is opening a opossum road pizza hut.


FB just flipped the bird.

KenderKin wrote:
That darn cat!

...KenderKin's rats constantly saying "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."

ZZZZ's: 5d500 ⇒ (293, 255, 114, 315, 478) = 1455

Damage to Bunny Slippers: 2d6 + 5 ⇒ (4, 3) + 5 = 12

Cat Naps per day: 1d24 ⇒ 20

...Bernard and Bianca


Hey, what are you doing to my bed?

I spy, with my little eye, and it begins with W.


...Pulg hunting truffles.

9. The Cat: Sleeps all day and doesn't care about you at all.

GoatToucher invented the chia-pets. The reason is better left unsaid.

Yes, you are.

Nectanebo did not see me, I was not there.

UltraGeek is banned for staring at me.

Ultrageek is banned for really being a cyclops. All the other eyes are glued on.

Banned for being a dog.

Hey, that is MY hiding place. Go find you own.

Gutting the chicken
Very difficult job, so
Don't cut off your thumb.

That is because cats rule while dogs drool.

The next poster has a foolproof plan of ridding the world of all dogs forever while leaving the cats alone.

Don't forget the streamers and Kat Nip.


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