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Scarab Sages

*quite suddenly rolls out of Your Closet wearing skates like non-Euclidian tank treads*

Did somebody say ROLLER DISCO?!?!? *lights go dim, other lights nobody knew were even there turn on, all funky hell breaks loose*

Oh ho clown your not the only one ready for some disco!

I am ready to bring it with my butterfly collar and bell bottoms.

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I shall bubble-perm myself all over and hang a gold medallion around what is probably my neck, and then it is time to get GROOVAY.

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I feel like you would look like a pimp Chewbacca if you did that.

I hear music, real music.

*starts swaying*


Sovereign Court

Oh dear, what have I done?!

*Despite being in another universe (so safe), starts to dance and roller skate.*

Sovereign Court

Wow! It brought him back to life!

You gotta bump hustle and funky chicken.

Boogie Wonderland

Sovereign Court

*Discovers a magical vortex that (whilst leaving IHIYC unaffected) can be dispelled to save everyone.*

I'm sorry Jurassic Bard, but you'll have to go in there.

*Tosses Jurassic Bard (somehow) in the magical vortex, getting rid of it, re-killing the dinosaur, saving everyone from having to boogie forever and ripping a whole through reality so now Vidmaster7 never had a beard (because he can't grow one) and Sissyl never wore her iconic hat (but I am still trapped - not that I mind - in the Spyro universe).*

Maybe we wanted to boogie forever.

*Casts Travotto's Irresistible Strut*

I don' t think it works as well when you do it. maybe try wearing something more fashionable.

Something like this?

Sovereign Court

And I thought the Nosferatu were scary!

Yes something just like that.

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I've always discoed down to check out the show in my deep sea diving suit covered in imitation cabbage. I don't see what the problem is.

It's the cabbage. Attracts locusts.

Only imitation locusts.

Sovereign Court

Did I hear someone about the Nosferatu? Probably my crazy, Moroi, neighbor Count Reiner Heydrich. Odd, I thought he was stuck in an alternative universe.

Sovereign Court

So sorry, I ment to say: "someone TALKING about the Nosferatu" these clawed fingers of mine can be quite annoying.

But darling, your talons are simply divine! Such glitter! Totes jelbo!

Sovereign Court

*Bows graciously.*

You are too kind my dear lady, but tell me, what became of my wacky neighbor?

I'd like to be under the sea
In an octopus' garden in the shade
He'd let us in, knows where we've been
In his octopus' garden in the shade

Liberty's Edge

Tako sunomono...

Tako sunomono as far as the eye can see....

Isn't that like a cucumber salad? ah cucumber slaad Ha! I get it!

Sovereign Court

And I thought Count Reiner Heydrich was a weirdo!

Sovereign Court

I heard that!

Count, should you wish to teach this pasty bounder some manners, I will gladly stand second for you.

Alphonse, really!

Sovereign Court

No, no, it's quite alright my dear Lady Blackmoor. I was curious about his (Heydrich) whereabouts and I asked it in the wrong way. Besides the Moroi vampires (classic vampires like Heydrich) and the Nosferatu (my species of vampire) have been at odds with each other since time in memorial.

No no he still is.

Has the inheritance issue been resolved yet?
I would like to get back to WINNING.

Sovereign Court

Congratulations, you've just won! How do you feel?

I feel GREAT.

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder LO Special Edition, Maps, Pathfinder Accessories, PF Special Edition Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

Congratulations on your win. What was the prize?

He won free tickets to the 48 Hour Non-Stop Accordion Marathon.



Sovereign Court

Great Scott! We have to help this unfortunate soul!

*Goes to perform CPR, only to start drinking Schism's blood, quickly gets upon realising what self has done.*

Terribly sorry, that was most inappropriate of me, I'll let someone else save Schism.

*Goes to the restroom to wash face, feeling utterly ridiculous and ashamed.*

The lesson of the night is vampires are terrible at CPR.

Sovereign Court

*Tiptoes onto the thread, looks around apprehensively.*

It seems awfully quiet here. Did everyone else just die?

Sovereign Court

Get back in your cage, you unwanted misfit!

*Scares Yorg Warp-heart away.*

I don't know HOW he shows up unexpectedly!

wakes up

Why do I feel woozy?

Yorg Warp-heart wrote:

*Tiptoes onto the thread, looks around apprehensively.*

It seems awfully quiet here. Did everyone else just die?

Pretty much.

Sovereign Court

Ah, I'm afraid my dear Schism, that as I tried to revive you I succumbed to old habits. I'm truly very sorry about that.

Sovereign Court


*Punjab-Lassos Vidmaster7*

Wait why am I being lassoed now? also SO MANY UNDEAD EVERYWHERE!

I bet it's because we can now buy adder's balls on a line without predictions, apparently.

my long hiatus is over, winter is over, and your king has returned.
Or, your Game Hamster anyhoo.

Lunch Time!

Pounces on The Game Hamster.

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