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Sovereign Court

I just find it ironic that vampires enjoy impaling things.

hmm... yeah... I mean I guess if you want something to stay dead go with what you know will work...

Sovereign Court

I believe that the saying goes: "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander".

Well, first I'll give you a little goose, then you can have a little gander, and you can see which you prefer.

Sovereign Court

Don't know how you got up here, and I don't care.

*Pushes Comte de Malodor off of the hallway, sending him back down to the ground.*

*ascending swannee whistle glissando*



Sovereign Court

*Goes to push Comte de Malodor only to see him get stabbed by his mother (who then pushes him off).*

OK then, guess that happened.

*Descending swannee whistle glissando*

Sovereign Court

*Shouts down to Comte de Malodor.*

And you're absolutely fine about being stabbed by your own mother?

He jolly well should be.

That was the Malodor Family Stiletto, after all, honoured by 10000 years of tradition, and cleaned at least twice during that period.

Sovereign Court

That wasn't the same dagger that I got stabbed with several posts ago, when your son got mauled by my tigerskin rug, was it?

Sovereign Court


Nice rug.

Sovereign Court

*Attacks Vidmaster7.*

*Shrugs nicely*

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Who keeps a live tiger skin rug!?!

What makes you think it's alive?

Sovereign Court

It was alive once.

Do it have undead-derlay beneath it? Hyuk hyuk hnuuuu!

Sovereign Court

*Sees Schism stab Chuck Les and then pushes him off the top step.*

The mauling... the mauling is what makes me think it is alive.

Sovereign Court

Remember, it falls into the "secret guardians" category of things.

Reiner's Tigerskin Rug wrote:

You need a name. I think I’ll call you Harry.

Isn't that one of Pulgs nicknames?

No, that is Hairy Beast.

Sovereign Court

Correction, it was. But I have since trademarked that particular name, so Pulg can no longer use it.

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O, that's OK. I always preferred Hoiry Boest, anyway.

Sovereign Court

Yes, you often go by that particular name when you visit the Malodor household.

Hemmingway wrote several books. So
everybody called him an author. But
last night I was
looking up at the stars, near
orion's belt -- that ain't no Hemmingway

anyways, what I'm
getting at is writing
allegories with deeper meanings of
interpretations are
no where near as inspiring as star gazing

The [ b] [ /b]'s are for the n00bs.

Sovereign Court


*Tries to eat High G.*

Norwegian Heuristic Search

I've heard of High C and you are High G, but what about High A, B, D, E, and F?

Sovereign Court

Like Vidmaster7, he killed them all.

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Hold on.


High G.

Vidmasters 1-6 - missing, presumed dead.
High A to High F - ditto.

This cannot be a coincidence.

These are not the droids you are looking for.

Sovereign Court

*Points to R2-FU.*

With THAT THING around, what other droids would we be looking for?

Sex dolls, of course.

I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.


Sovereign Court

Since you are back, please tell me if the dagger that your mother stabbed you with a few posts ago was the same one that I got stabbed with several posts ago.

It feels similar, but one dagger starts to feel like the next after the 450th consecutive stabbing, to be honest. Also, it was deeply embedded in my guts that I couldn't see whether the distinctive Malodor Pommel was present or not.

However, my guess would be 'yes'. Mummy is a thrifty sort, and would always re-use a weapon unless there was a jolly good reason not to do so.

cartoons > science

Horse walks into bar. Says “ouch”. Bartender asks. ‘Why the long face?”

Kong was an ape. He was a very fine ape. Everywhere he
went was full of light. Of course it helped he only traveled
during the day. He would look at the lush, green leaves.
The leaves where so large it looked like a field of green
extending all the way over to the tree line. The trees
were coconut trees. Kong liked to eat coconuts, so he walked
over to the tree line. The trees formed a stark line of contrast standing
next to a lush field of large green leaves. The trees were packed closely
together. So close, Kong realized it was dark in there. He walked right
up to the nearest tree and placed his hand on its trunk. Leaning slightly
as to put his weight on the tree and take the weight off his feet for a bit,
he peered deeper into the darkness created by the closely packed trees.
Kong wondered how coconut trees could gather such darkness at their feet.
He looked up and saw blue sky. He looked over his shoulder and saw large
green leaves. He looked into the trees and saw black. Kong decided to not
go in there. Turning around then, he walked down the gentle slope of the
land. Kong lumbered along giving no head to the siren squeals and bizarre
throat noises coming from fiends living in the dark forest of coconut
trees. After a while, always good to see something new, Kong saw the river.
The river meandered stoically forward. The rivers unending determination
reminded Kong of the army ants. The army ants would march along in the
curving lines and drive a lot of other animals away. The small ants would
chant their marching song with squeaky little voices. This sing-along
show of the ants always made Kong giggle. He would sometimes stroll along
the line of marching ants and talk to them. Asking a small ant here or there
what is their name, and mostly giggling at how serious they always took their
marching. As Kong got closer to the river, he looked to his right.
The river cut through the dark forest. And by doing so it left an open river
bank many feet wide. It made a clear and bright pathway through the
dark forest. But Kong didn't want to go that direction. It was almost
noon time, and he looked back up the sloping hill covered in large green
leaves. Gosh, he had not really wanted to walk this far down the slope,
because he was now a rather long distance from his house. He was
hungry because it was near lunch time and, as you know, apes don't pack
lunch before going out on a day's walk-about. Well, Kong mused, so be
it. It was the geometry of the surface topology and the rotation of the
planet, compounded with its location in orbit about a medium sized sun,
along with Kong's physiological function and neurological activity which
all fused into a point of consciousness Kong interpreted as deciding to walk
into the forest to fetch a coconut for his lunch. He waved good bye to the
river. He self-consciously looked around for any marching ants, didn't see
any of course, and then paced forward over the large green leaves to the
tree line. It was dark in there. And he was hungry.

Sovereign Court

*Goes rampaging through the jungle, looking for Kong, so to kill him.*

Sovereign Court

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OK, who was the idiot that let the monkey loose?

*Plays a sprightly rendition of 'Monkey On the Loose' on Mellotron, Nord Lead 3 and spinet*

Sovereign Court

*Briefly stops looking for Kong to attack Pulg's Fairy Monkeyboard trio.*

IF you look hard enough you can find vidmaster the first on this forum. The rest are a secret.

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