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Bite Back! (A VTM 20th Anarch Chronicle)

Morgrym Black

A group of Anarch NPCs find their city deserted by the Camarilla higher ups who fled because of an oncoming Sabbat attack. Turning the tables, the Anarchs do a mass embrace themselves hoping to beat the Sabbat to the punch... some of those embraced will be the PCs (A few will be NPCs the PCs may know).

DDEP 10-01: Terror in Ten Towns

Nezter "Spleenripper"

A Four-Hour Epic Adventure for 1st through 4th-Level Characters

GM Spazmodeus presents Hell's Vengeance

EdelsmirgeJarithe the Hunter

A tale in which valiant defenders of the Throne of Thrune beat back the fires of rebellion!

Map of Longacre

Combat Map

GM Tarondor's Emerald Spire Campaign


Emerald Spire Documents and Images

Perception Skills:

[dice=Lilika Perception ]1d20+14[/dice]
[dice=Marcel Perception ]1d20+10[/dice]
[dice=Nycholas Perception ]1d20+10[/dice] +2 Initiative.
[dice=Wymond Perception ]1d20+11[/dice]

Lilika: 2
Marcel: 2
Nycholas: 2
Wymond: 3

New York by Night (V20)

Jericho "the Traveller"

A Push of the Fates.... Zakhara... You Jewel!

Maudril Sandcaster

The Free City of Muluk takes it name from the long, unbroken line ofrulers whose history predates the Enlightened Throne in Huzuz It isknown for its exquisite regal purple dyes produced from local indigo plants.Muluk lies along the shore of the Great Sea at the mouth of the River Al-Zalim. Like most of the Free Cities, Muluk is a fiercely independent martialstate, engaged in unrelenting, low-grade conflict with the savage hill tribes ofthe nearby Furrowed Mountains, the ravaging pirates from the Corsair Isles,and the hostile armies of Umara and Qadib, both neighboring Free Cities


Roads and streets of the Empire


A Warhammer 4th edition adventure

Konrad Wounds 14/14 Fate 3 Fort 3/3 Resil 2 Resolve 3
Brunhilde Wounds 11 / 11 Fate 3 Fort 3 /3 Resil 3 Resolve 3
Felver Wounds 15/15 Fate Fort Resil Resolve
Gottfried Wounds 12/12 Fate 3 Fort 3/3 Resil 3 Resol 3
Imrik Wounds 14/14 Fate 1 Fort 1 Resil 1 Resol 1
Udo wounds 15/15 Fate 3 Fort 3 Resil 3 Resolve 3

STA-Short Term Ambitions
Imrik:Succesfully use magic to defeat a foe or overcome a challenge

Udo: Meet the Master Mason and show your worth as apprentice (a +1 Sl on a skill roll) DONE

Gottfried:stay legit: Win money by honest work, and spend it honestly

Brunhilde: get in the good graces of someone in power (at least Silver status) (Charm SL+2)

Felver :Out perform your foe in single fight (deliver more damage than your foe-it doesn't have to be a fight to the death, a fist fight might do)

Konrad Show your skills as a duellist (defeat an opponent in a public fight)

[dice=Konrad ( )]1d100[/dice]
[dice=Udo ( )]1d100[/dice]
[dice=Felver( )]1d100[/dice]
[dice=Imrik( )]1d100[/dice]
[dice=Brunhilde( )]1d100[/dice]
[dice=Gottfried ( )]1d100[/dice]

Venice by Night - V20 Vampire the Dark Ages


Prince Narses Elysium

The Original Bloodlines Thread

Dramatis Personæ

Our Protagonists

Geoffroi de Clairvaux - Clan Salubri
Onfroi the Bastard of Burgandy- Clan Nosferatu
Lorenzo Cappelli - Clan Cappadocian
Bernardo Morosini - Clan Gangrel
Michele Querini - Clan Setite
Ranerius Bernerius - Clan Toreador

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