Forged in Steel - Chicago & Gary by Night - A Second Edition Vampire the Masquerade Story (Inactive)

Game Master Dennis Harry

Map Outside the Sears Tower

Forged in Steel - Connections

Lodin's Haven

Below are the NPCs of Forged In steel or at least what is commonly known about them.

Who's Damned - Gary by Night:

Modius - Prince of Gary - Clan Toreador
Allicia - Childe of Modius
Juggler - Clan Brujah
Evelyn - Childe of Juggler
Lucien - Clan Gangrel
Alexander Danov - Clan Nosferatu

Whos' Damned Chicago by Night:

Lodin - Prince of Chicago - Clan Ventrue

Criatas the Elder - Clan Brujah
Inyanga - Clan Gangrel
Khalid - Clan Nosferatu
Annabelle Triabell - Clan Toreador
Nicolai - Clan Tremere

Lodin's Brood:
Ballard (the big fat bastard)

Damien - Clan ?

Other Denizens of Chicago:

Sir (Clan? Frequents the Succubus Club)

Horace (owns the Cave)

Tyrus (Biker hanging out in the Cave - Clan?)

Greer (Biker hanging out in the Cave - Clan?)

2 Other Bikers Both Female (Clans?)

Ehrich (Houdini?) - (Clan? The guy that got staked and locked in a box then escaped witg teh stake pulled out...)

Kate - Toreador

Sheriff (Balthazar) - Brujah