The Tion Cluster Gambit (Inactive)

Game Master Dennis Harry

Confrontation with the CSA

Stand Against the Swoop Gang

CSA Administrative Building

Overview CSA Compound

Popara the Hutt has navigated safe passage through the Indexu Spiral a mass of protomatter, cometary debris, and asteroid fields that snake through the Tion Cluster.

Popara is willing to sell this information in exchange for a “favor”.

Roan Fel

Darth Wyyrlock

Jedi Master Wolf Sazen

Imperial Initiative:

Garrett [dice]1d20+14[/dice]
Errin [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Gunnar [dice]1d20+11[/dice]
Kaldo [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Rennah [dice]1d20+12[/dice]

Imperial Perception:

Garrett [dice]1d20+11[/dice]
Errin [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Gunnar [dice]1d20+13[/dice]
Kaldo [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Rennah [dice]1d20+9[/dice]

Sith Initiative:

Cardis [dice]1d20+11[/dice]
Noss [dice]1d20+13[/dice]
Taras [dice]1d20+13[/dice]

Sith Perception:

Cardis [dice]1d20+9[/dice]
Noss [dice]1d20+12[/dice]
Taras [dice]1d20+12[/dice]

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