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Late Afternoon
7th Day of Readying (Early Spring) of 570cy(Day 5) Freeday

The year is 570 CY and it is nearing the end of the month of Coldeven and Spring is starting to see the winds change from the north to the south and the cold air turn to warm air. There are three more days of Coldeven and the start of the Festival week of Growfest to bring on the Spring. With it comes the warm winds and rains from the Southern Seas making the lands of Southern Keoland a vibrant green and washing away the brown of winter. The winter has been harsh in many places as the Black Plague has taken a monstrous toll on the population of humans and demi-humans for the last five years it appears the winter seemed to have slowed the deadly plague and with it hope seems to be building. The Southern Keolands and especially the Viscounty of Salinmoor has not seen the horrible effect of the sickness like so many places have due in large part to the Viscount ensuring that leadership took care of the sick and didn’t allow them free access into those towns until they were healed of the black sickness. Rumors and news have passed along from many of these places telling of dark witchcraft, possession, and demons running wild throughout the plagued cities and towns. People tend to distrust strangers and more often now and more than ever they tend towards violence when it comes to the lone stranger wandering into town. Churches have sent missions to many towns and cities with inquisitors, clerics, as well as companies of war priests looking to end the plague (both the sickness and the black arts). With the plague has also come profiteers and those willing to make their fortunes on the sufferings of others. Slavers, smugglers, pirates, and bandits alike have increased in numbers so that even the healthy are not safe. Humanoids, giants, and other foul monsters seem to sense the change and have also begun closing in on the once civilized communities. The roads and seas are no longer as safe as they once were, and a hired sword is far more important now than ever before.

You are veteran of conflict and adventure in a world that is in the midst of a plague and the danger that has infested the land. It has lasted nearly five years with the winter ebbing many hope it also brings an end to this foul plague. Death has overwhelmed so many places and with this death has come other things in the night feeding off the agony and misery of those in suffering. Some are supernatural, others are of the living bent on profiting from the misery. You are in between jobs and looking for something new to quench that thirst for adventure.

You find yourself in the town of Burle in the Viscounty of Salinmoor. Each of you has come to the Fallen Oak a local tavern at the northeast outskirts of the town and staying at one of the many lodgings surrounding the large tavern.

Story Background for Recruitment
You are walking from your lodgings in Burle to the local tavern called the Fallen Oak when, without warning, something soft and light drops from the sky and lands on your head with a "plop." You look up to see a crow 10 feet overhead. If crows could smile, you'd swear he looks
very pleased with himself. Reluctantly, you raise your hand to feel
the top of your head. To your surprise, it is dry. The crow laughs raucously and turns off toward the east. Looking down, you notice a rolled parchment tied with a stout cord. Picking it up, you break the string and read it.


Are you bored, listless, unappreciated?
Looking for just the right quest to suit your finely honed talents!

See Demetrious the Sage.
One and one-half miles east of Burle just outside the town proper.
Apply in Person!
No magic messages accepted!

Greyhawk Campaign Google Drive
Greyhawk Old School Campaign

You can find many important documents that you will need to submit a character for this campaign:

Greyhawk Deities and Religions (Greyhawk Deities and Religions)
Greyhawk Modern Races
Fighter Variant Class (replaces core fighter)
NPC Classes (replaces core NPC classes)
Greyhawk Languages (a reference to all languages (ignore game rules on this doc and use rules in the HOUSE RULES DOC))
Greyhawk Calander
Network of Contacts for Rogues(addition to class)
A Modified Guide to the Viscounty of Salinmoor 570 CY
Greyhawk Flora and Fauna Notes 97

Player Creation (See House Rules Doc)

Make sure you use the HOUSE RULES as there are many changes in things that you will need to be aware of so make sure your character conforms to them.

Character Creation:
Point Buy: 25 points buy – no attribute can be below 9 and no attribute above 17 before racial adjustments. These are exceptional and heroic individuals in an epic fantasy setting. Well-rounded characters will survive much longer.

Two additional Racial Traits are allowed. No other traits or flaws will be used in the game. The traits are drawn from Pathfinder material as well as homebrew traits tied to the campaign.

Alignment: Any Good (Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic) and Neutral (Lawful).

Classes and Archtypes: All Paizo Core and Hybrid classes (see House Rules for details) or allowed. If a class has an Unchained verison it is to be used. Only the Alchemist, Cavalier, Magus, Unchained Summoner, and Witch are allowe from Base classes. Archtypes are allowed with DM’s permission. (Please make sure you check the House Rules)

(I am specifically looking for at least one FIGHTER (variant), one CLERIC (see house rules), and one ROGUE (see house rules). Multiclass is an option and a good one if you don't want to use the Hybrid classes.)

Hit Points: 1st level and 2nd level you receive max hit points per hit die + CON bonus + FAVORED BONUS HP (if taken). Every level thereafter is ROLL HD + CON modifier + FAVORED BONUS HP (if taken). Reroll all 1’s once, second roll you keep what you roll.

No Favored Classes: Instead you receive a FAVORED BONUS each time your character takes a new level in the form of 1 HP or 1 Skill Point or 1 additional Hero Point for all races.

Background Skills: Each player gets 2 skill points for either Craft, Knowledge, or Profession at 1st level. These are considered class skills. These can be used on one specific skill or on two individual skills. No additional background skills are awarded past 1st level.

Caster Bonus Spells: For all casters with a list of ‘known’ spells: Bonus spells gained from high ability scores, apply to both number cast per day (normal), and known spells. Despite the versatility of the spontaneous caster classes, the number of spells per day and known, is a little low in my opinion. A slight bonus to known spells for characters with a good ability score is a relatively minor gift.

(Note: Clerics now use Prayer books and Druid/Rangers use Ritual Books see class descriptions for details)

Hero Points: Hero points are in use with these caveats. At creation the character receives 2 Hero Points and at each level 1 hero point is gained as well as an extra if you take one as a FAVORED BONUS. DM can award Hero Points as well.
Rules for Hero Points – see D20PFSRD: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/gamemastering/other-rules/hero-points/

Exceptions – Characters can have no more than 5 hero points at any one time. Excess hero points are lost.

No Hero point feats, spells, or magic items are in use except of the Elixir of Luck or Luck Potion as some call it.

Cantrips/Orisons (O level) spells: O level spells now receive an Ability Score bonus for number of spells known/cast per day and the table below is amended to show this change. This gives the spell casters more low level spells to utilize during the day. (See Table in House Rules)

Money & Equipment:

9,000gp to outfit your character. One outfit, two weapons and if spell/prayer/ritual book need they are free. Please check House Rules on Armor and Shields.

Age & Experience:
All players are young to middle-aged for their race. They have life and good deal of adventuring experience and are from common, artisan, or merchant class stock.

Make sure you understand the rules for Wound Threshold and the changes in Poison (hint we are in a marsh for the entire module - part of it is a wilderness (outdoor).

Big reduction in FEAT TAX please make sure you review that in the House Rules.

A good example of Character setup:

Character Setup Note the Wound Threshold addition.

Rules (as they are):
Have fun. Seriously let us have fun. I don’t like dealing with rules lawyers and anyone out to simply to cause problems or make life difficult. I will give a warning once and then you are gone. I am willing to listen to any suggestions and I am pretty open-minded. I believe the game is ours, not mine.

I expect three to four posts a week (meaningful posts related to gameplay). In the event you must take some time off please let me know when and how long in advance (if possible). I can bot your character for a brief time (1 to 2 weeks maximum). In the case of being botted, you only receive 50% of the total experience during that period if it lasts one week or more. Otherwise, you will receive full experience as long as it is not a repetitive thing.

In the event a player stops posting and I am not contacted I will remove their character from play by role-playing them out of the storyline. This way it doesn’t disrupt game play or interfere with ongoing threads. I don’t want to hurt the players posting due to a no-show/poster.

I don’t expect us to all be experts in writing; if I and the rest of the group can understand what you are writing I am good to go. I am not a great writer and I have published several books (albeit technical) and editors were often my best friends at the time. Use the guidelines for In Character, Out of Character, Thoughts, and the use of different languages. As long as we are all consistent it will streamline the story. Personally, I love PBP because of the depth of the role-playing you can get in the story with both the PC’s and the NPC’s.

I prefer to use Google Drive and Google Draw and will keep maps in a folder on the Campaign Google Drive. Combat maps we will simply have one map.

I will have one file that allows us to post the party images, NPC’s, and such.

I plan on this being a moderate experience rate and at the end the party should have advanced to 8th to 9th level.

Any questions feel free to PM me or post in the recruitment thread.

Party Notes
I plan on having all characters selected by August 11th. I am looking for 6 to 7 characters of 6th level (36 to 42 character levels). Looking for a well-balanced party with a good deal of martial skill (At least two martial types or more).

If you would like to see an example of my DMing you can go to my currently running campaign - Saltmarsh Campaign 570 CY

Keoland: Town of Burle and Surrounding Area

Adventure Folder:

Baltron's Beacon I7

Old School Greyhawk Folder (House Rules, Fighter Variant, NPC's, and other documents):

Old School Greyhawk Folder

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