Kingmaker: The Stolen Lands [Gestalt]

Game Master Æroden

Progress of Exploration, Map.



Kingdom Stats

Here is the battle map.

Here are the Create a Nation
Ruling a Kingdom
Building a City

Character build info:

I am not a fan of the buy out systems, so roll 5d6 seven times. Taking the three highest of the 5 rolled and adding them together. Six of these will be your stats. Please show the dice rolls on the recruitment page.
One more twist to help your characters to have that little boost to be excellent in what you do. You may take away from one stat and give it to another. But the top stat cannot be more than 18. But only one time.

So for example you have 11 and 15. Take 3 away from 11 and give 15 those 3. So the 11 becomes 8 and 15 becomes 18.

2 Traits, and one campaign trait...

3,000 gp but your background story is where you can gain more!

Create a quick blurb about your appearance.

The more interesting your background story the more bonuses you might stumble upon or requests granted. Make connections between yourself and other NPCs and PCs. After all you will be carving out a kingdom together. Such connections could be nobility, guilds, entities, dragons, magical beasts, gods, societies, towns, the townsfolk, the people in charge, or the simple 'I know you from...', etc.

I've long thought that character backgrounds are where players should offer plot hooks to the DM instead of the other way around, you then have more buy into the campaign.

Make 3rd level characters, with max hit points for 1st level and rolled hit points from 2nd level and on. I reserve the right to have you re-roll your hit points, just work with me.

You might be asking yourself, "Hey where is the gestalt information." That is a valid question. You can be a multi-class and eventually develop into gestalt that way like our Monk/Shaman. Or be one class and wait for an instance where you gain power to gain another class. I am a very logical DM and hope to have some very magical events with the players. Suggestions are always welcome. You may come in gestalt if you have an 'event' for that reason.

Develop your character...

Look at your character sheet and ask yourself: Did I explain why I have that skill?
Why I have that feat?
Why I have a totem?
What have you done which has allowed you grow into the level 3 rogue that you are. True, you could say that it is implied but right now that is all you have.

Or you could explain how you got to the Stolen Lands, who did you travel with, make some contacts, maybe connect with a few of the other applicants or just make some up. Did you discover anything on your way in? Did you fight anything, did you save anyone? Why do you have that MW WarAxe? why do you have that mystical item that sprouts flames once a day when you sneeze?

Let your imagination go wild, then once you stop having some ideas, go through them and get rid of the Trolls, Ogres, and Dragons at least the slaying of them. A dragon you met would be fine, though if you fought it you got stuck in a magical gem then. Still temper the imagination with logic. You can run from trolls all you like, but you won't be gaining any XP that way.

What to expect...

Well look at my Alias for GM Wolf.
Then check out the gameplay for the game.
I did have a bad stent of depression and that is the main reason the campaign died for a few months. I am better and back to the game and my life is getting back on route.
I try to post at least once a night, work sometimes takes up my free time as a teacher but that is RL and it gets in the way sometimes. ;)

Opening info/Maps:

The stolen lands south of Restov. A land untamed that holds many dangers waits to be conquered. The swordlords send forth many to chart and to claim these lands, just like many have in the past.

The first Charter: Exploration

Map of this region, mostly the Narlmarches, not the whole of the stolenlands.

Also here is the Narlmarches

Progress of Exploration, Map.

Exploring (Time to fully explore 1 hex)

Party Speed - Plains - Forest or Hill - - - Mountain or Swamp
15 feet - - - 3 days - - - 4 days - - - - - - - 5 days
20 feet - - - 2 days - - - 3 days - - - - - - - 4 days
30 feet - - - 1 days - - - 2 days - - - - - - - 3 days
40 feet - - - 1 days - - - 1 days - - - - - - - 2 days
50 feet - - - 1 days - - - 1 days - - - - - - - 1 days

Traveling (Time to cross 1 hex)
Party Speed - Plains - - - - All Other Terrains
15 feet - - - 11 hours- - - - 16 hours
20 feet - - - 8 hours - - - - 12 hours
30 feet - - - 5 hours - - - - 8 hours
40 feet - - - 4 hours - - - - 6 hours
50 feet - - - 3 hours - - - - 5 hours

It will be easier if I keep track of the hexes that you travel and explore, and I will update it in the campaign info each time.

Oleg's Map

Thorn River Camp

The Canyon

Upper Floor

Stag Lord Fort

Basement of Stag Lord Fort

Dragon Hunting, side quest.:
Here is your map. Dragon Hunting.

Water Cavern

Elves in the group were a wizard 3, Ranger 2, warrior 2, warrior 2, and Arvangail.

At Oleg's, Wanted Board/Quests:

Spider fight and Underground complex...

The New Charter 2: Rulership

The Rune Fortress

Frog Fight..

At the ruins...